this beauty soon to be beach cottage coastal table

Sat 23rd, Jun, 2012

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Hellloooo, I know you love some beach decor & you love Beach Cottage classic vintage treasure finds – well this is one seriously good catch and will soon be coastal and beachy….right now this old table is getting ready for a makeover and is a very very good find…

I have been on the lookout for a table for a while now, we are not desperate for a new dining table, in fact the one we have from IKEA has done us so well, indeed it is still in great condition and it wears many hats – it fulfils tablescaping duties quite beautifully, helps with homework, can be found weighed down in various arts and craft supplies and to be quite frank you can do the spray and wipe and it’s as good as new.


Firstly it was a meant to be a short-term dining solution (I zipped to IKEA when we first moved to Australia and had not a stitch of furniture and bought it because it was good value, the right shape and could be extended if needed) and secondly I really wanted something a bit more rustic, a bit country coastal, scrubbed top and I wanted CHUNKY that would go beachy coastal chunky….

and I am telling you people, this is one CHUNKY leg…


So I have been on the vintage treasure hunt for an antique / vintage farmhouse / country style table for a while, and in my travels around these beachy parts looked at many a table.  Or six.

I did not rule out a ‘new’ old looking rustic, farmhouse or beachy coastal table, but to be honest I quickly went off that idea – if you have, lately looked at dining tables, you will know that anything with decent timber, in Australia at least (and we all know how inflated Australia’s retail is), is knocking on $5000, yes that said five thousand.

I scoured the beachy boutique shops here too and did find a couple that tickled my coastal fancy, but while aesthetically having my name all over the them, I just found the price tickets so very over the top.  I found one in a local-ish shop to here – faded wood planked top, coastal white legs, an ok size…but the quality was mediocre at best – I lifted the corner up in the shop and it nearly hit the ceiling, that light – I turned the ticket over $2250.   Hmmmm,

I won’t even talk about the Frenchy shop.  That was an eye-opener.  There must be people around here with a lot bigger pocket than mine.  Or a bigger credit card.  Not that I do credit cards.



So, I went back to my original idea of finding one that ticked the boxes that I wanted ticked…that would be

1. chunky legs

2. big old timber solid top

3. heavy

4. rectangular

5. preferably vintage / old (to go with it’s new owner Winking smile )

6. ready for a makeover or as they say showing some love

And recently I found her…with a lot of love on show Smile

She’s big and chunky and ours!  (I put the old white chair there to show you the proportions)

A vintage, Farmhouse style,  old extremely solid timber table that was in need of a new home…hello lovely, welcome to our tatty old cottage!

How sad and un-loved is she feeling, I mean ladies, does she or does she not need some extra special, oh so coastal, Beach Cottage treatment????

Can you not see that this lady is gonna rock this cottage?

Can you not see me dancing on her with a Peroni, or perhaps modelling my new oh-my-god-I-heart-you baby blue ballet flats???


…actually she is not in too much of a bad way, I wish some of my ahem, problems, were as easy to fix….nothing that some white paint, some sandpaper and some serious elbow grease cannot make right, I have done a similar smaller coffee table that was worse than this and it turned out fab

Here’s what I am going to do with her

1. strip her top of her varnish / stain

2. paint her legs in my famous hand-mixed beach decor white

3. possibly distress her legs for a country coastal look

4. oil her top to smooth out her stains & wrinkles and possibly limewash her


What do you think of this new addition to Beach Cottage Land?

And do you think she was a score?  How great that we have saved her!

Oregonian timber that my two lackies, oooops I mean Mr Beach Cottage and Mr TBC could barely lift for twenty dollars short of a ton?

You beauty.

See you next time my Beach Cottage lovelies


p.s Barley just blogged here too – he is having one of those mad puppy hours, so funny, check it out here! 

oh & I love this shot!  updated daily coastal / beach / seaside pic here from this arvo x



I’ll be updating the progress on her on Facebook tomorrow, if you haven’t checked out the Beach Cottage Facebook Page yet, stop by and see!



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32 Responses to “this beauty soon to be beach cottage coastal table”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you do to her, Sarah. She is very big!!! That will be a fun dinner party you have around that table! x

  2. Kim says:

    OMG Sarah, you have no idea how close that table is like the one I have (and I’ve had mine for over 15 years) … mine was made from recycled oregon from a Sydney warf …. I have matching chairs and also a dresser … I am painting the bases white and leaving the tops of both the chairs , table and dresser in the natural stained wood … so loving it … great find Sarah … would love to send you my pics of the before and after shots … living your blog and Barls xox

  3. Kim says:

    OMG Sarah, you have no idea how close that table is like the one I have (and I’ve had mine for over 15 years) … mine was made from recycled oregon from a Sydney warf …. I have matching chairs and also a dresser … I am painting the bases white and leaving the tops of both the chairs , table and dresser in the natural stained wood … so loving it … great find Sarah … would love to send you my pics of the before and after shots … lo
    ving your blog and Barls xox

  4. Kim says:

    oh dear tried to fix my typo and it posted twice … my bad :(

  5. 80 bucks? Saweeeet! I recently scored a table like this after hunting for ages too. Mine came with 6 chairs that don’t match the table but are perfect for the plans I have for them (gelato colours). I paid $81 for my ‘suite’. I am hoping to get started on the table tomorrow, ran out of time painting bedside cabinets today.

    Can’t wait to see yours all prettied up!
    xx Karen

  6. Kat says:

    Absolute bargain and I can already imagine how gorgeous she will look once you work your magic.
    I seriously cannot believe you got her that cheaply!! :)

  7. Selby says:


  8. Nicola says:

    Wow, so cheap, I can’t wait to see what you do to it!

  9. Janelle says:

    Is it odd to be really really excited for somebody who I’ve never actually met to have scored such a great bargain??!!? That chunky old table has potential written (in white!) all over her! Looking fwd to seeing her ‘after’ pics, particularly the top. Our old timber table currently has a varnish on the top which I’m not liking at all, would really love a raw look. And yes you are so right about the new ‘old looking’ tables! Some of the prices are just insane considering the crappy quality. You’ve done well!! Again!! xx

  10. Surely Sarah says:

    Cannot wait to see the transformation!

  11. smithshack71 says:

    Whoa… $20? Did you say $20? That is freaking awesome. I love that table, and like reading a good book, I’m ready to turn the page and see the results. There is an old, old town 10 minutes from here, and the little street I need is lined with antique shops. That table would sell for no less than 2-5 thousand dollars. No joke. I love looking through those shops, and every once in a blue moon I’ll find something that I love and can afford. The last time I was there I found an old pulley. Just an old pulley but I love it. I’ve learned that you can’t go to an “antique shop” looking for the antique because they will kill you with the prices. I need to find someone with an old barn that I can go sniffing around in. ;) I’m really stoked for you and that table. A good find with an awesome price just makes it sweeter.

  12. Oh she’s a beauty Sarah. And to seat eight! What a find. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I can totally see her with white legs and rustic aged top (I think that’s what it sounds like you are doing?)

  13. Lynn says:

    She is magnificent, Sarah. Your patience paid off. Looking forward to seeing her loved and in place.

  14. Debbie Panton says:

    Love it!!! Great find. There’s an art studio/store down the road from us that we visited last weekend. They have some of the coolest things and the most beautiful landscaping. Anyway, while there we saw some furniture pieces that were made from old dories ( little fishing boats). You could see that they sanded the wood in places but also left some of the original colours. They made tables, chairs, benches, etc from the old boats. They were very cool… but the prices definitely reflected that. Well have fun with that… love to your table after you work your magic on her.

  15. Sarah I SO LOVE that it is made from Oregon wood!!! A little bit of MY piece of heaven there with you!

    I LOVE the table!! Exceptional find my dear!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


  16. Candy says:

    Unbelievable find (cheap) for that much chunk and heft! I like the idea of painted legs (distressed) and leaving the top natually oiled. We did that to our table legs then cleaned & oiled the pine planked top.. It adds just the right amount of warmth to an all white room. We spent $150 on the whole thing and thought THAT was a good deal. You hit the motherload!!! :<) Can't wait to see the finished project!!

  17. Kim Buca says:


  18. LUUUUV it, Sarah! I know you’ll make it a BC beauty!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. Alice says:

    Excellent! But then again I am biased as I have the square version of that same table lol! Mind you; you totally scored with the 20 dollar ticket!!! I paid 100 bucks for mine and thought that was a steal(no regrets though it has served us well)!

    I too painted those gorgeous chunky legs in white but haven’t done anything to the top yet. I was thinking grey stain (you can buy grey stain at the dulux paint store – I didn’t know it existed until recently) and depending on how that turns out I might do a coat or two of white wash (lime wash is good too) and see how I go…I let the legs distress naturally as I have kids that like to bang up against the legs with chairs and toys etc)… I was thinking of adding some apliques to make it look more frenchy but I am hesitant because of the small space it is in… It might look even more cluttered if there is too much pattern going on if you get what I mean…

    I can’t wait to see it restored and in it’s coastal glory in that cottage of yours! Well done! Pat on the back to you lol… I can’t believe how excited I am (does that make my life seem a tad sad? oh!! Who cares!)

  20. Tammi says:

    I have been dreaming of such a table for yonks Sarah! :)
    There used to be one in a second hand shop that I used to frequent (now closed) that was used for displays. I was cheeky enough to ask one day if it was for sale, sadly it wasn’t, however a few weeks later it was gone so I enquired and was told that indeed it had been sold and for the measly amount of $40…eek! I was totally bummed out.
    It was the perfect timeworn farmhouse table…you would have loved it :)

  21. Barefoot Liz says:

    I’d love to have a dining area big enough for a table like that! Great find, Sarah!

  22. HRH Sarah says:

    Whoa, can’t wait to see the finished product. What a great find! Seriously chunky legs- amazing how that becomes a compliment when discussing furniture ;)… You have some serious skill or serious luck, my friend!

  23. alison says:

    BTW, love your front fence.

  24. how2home says:

    What a bargin! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it! What color do you have in mind? A light teal/turquoise would be adorable!

  25. alison says:

    I saw a really similar table in one of my favourite Salvos today. It was in much better condition and slightly bigger but $200, not $20.


  26. Rochelle says:

    Luvvve that table!

  27. Tricia Rose says:

    Would you consider a zinc top on it Sarah? It is ridiculously easy to do (sheet zinc and roofing nails). I have lusted after them for years, ever since I saw a whole selection in Petersham Nurseries.