PhotoadayJuly Instagram Challenge

Fri 29th, Jun, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage Dudettes, well it’s PhotoadayJuly time, yes sirree another month rolled around, so here we are again talking getting those photos snapped!

Join me this month for Instagram PhotoadayJuly Challenge…it’s fun, creative and makes you see your little life through new interesting eyes!


Now June’s Challenge on Instagram was a good one, I didn’t quite make them all and some of them I wasn’t feeling it with, but that’s ok, indeed that in itself is interesting..

…if you are doing this, as I am, for a little bit of creativity in the humdrum of daily life as you go about doing the laundry, running kiddos all over the beaches, and of course taking pictures of your shoes, the challenges make you think just a bit outside of the box, but not so far out that it’s way over the top and all very artsy fartsy and un-attainable…

So here’s one Photoaday instagram challenge that had me stalling, big time – it was what’s in your bag and people my bag was looking scary…so I didn’t do it, put it off and off and off, until I took the plunge and purged its little Beach Cottage heart out…

Here’s the edited version minus the stinky soccer sock, arm bandage from the broken arm we had in the house, various half-eaten going mouldy things, an empty bottle of Dettol (will never live that one down with Mr Beach Cottage) and other un-mentionable on this here blog things..


Of course the obligatory beach shots are a big part of my Instagram feed…and no doubt will be weaved into PhotoadayJuly too..


this was where you like to shop, mine was flower shopping…

Here’s a beaches special from down my way, a bursting pink flower sun, a surfer just walking out of the scene and the ocean when it is glassy.  LOVE that.



gardening, Beach Cottage style…I enjoyed that day so much, getting my hands in the earth, and smelling the roses that are actually hibiscus and camellia…minor technicality due to coastal air (I can cope with that)


20120629-06-71d8d3f8bd9811e1af7612313813f8e8_7 20120629-07-8be7cfc0b9a011e1ab011231381052c0_7

…of course, has to be a shoe shot, right now it’s all about the boots, baby – boot wearing here is much shorter lived than it used to be in my life back in the Old Country, so now I take great pleasure in Instagramming the life out of them wherever possible.



So here’s the list, red hot from Chantelle Ellem over at FatMumSlim, this girl is rocking the creativity with this and I love it.

It’s simple, doable and fun.  My kinda challenge.



So, if you haven’t joined in yet but have been thinking about it, hop in, it’s a fun photo challenge open to all and great for a bit of, I dunno, just zapping and loving your life, know what I mean?  And I am so all about that.  Egotistical?   Own it baby.

There are no rules with PhotoadayJuly, you don’t have to be in with the cool crowd, you don’t have to like anything or comment or have any pressure, just shoot and go!

Once you have taken it, share it with the hashtag #photoadayjuly and then go see what others are doing on the Instagram challenge…

That’s it from me for now and PhotoadayJuly… I will leave you with one of my favourite photos lately from Instagram…snapped on a walk just recently…it’s kinda different for me, the sea, air, clouds and even the sun are not all bubbly and happy but were kinda moody and antsy as I walked along by the sea…and sometimes I think I love it even more when it’s like that.

See you next time….

I’d love to see you over on Instagram & PhotoadayJuly – I am just ‘abeachcottage’ come and say hello




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8 Responses to “PhotoadayJuly Instagram Challenge”

  1. bec says:

    ok! I’m up for it!
    bec x

  2. HRH Sarah says:

    That last shot is amazing! I love a storm or just a bit of moodiness in the weather! This will be my first photo-a-day challenge, indeed my first structured photo activity ever. I’ve been intrigued with the idea of actually completing something like this, but thought it was for those ladies who actually have blogs… and good cameras… and talent. Going to try it anyway and see what I get! Thanks for the inspiration, and the lovely photos.

  3. Sarah, I just joined the instagram brigade and love it, I instagram and blog as raggygirlvintage.. This may be a sillly question, but what’s the easiest way to get your photos from instagram to blog? Do you just email them to yourself then save them to your computer? Or is there an easier way?

  4. I always love beach shots, but for some reason, I really like the boots shot. It seems simple, but then so many of the details start popping out.

  5. Kirsty says:

    I loved doing June’s photoaday and am looking forward to July’s. It’s so much fun seeing what others are up to and it has opened my eyes to what’s around me a little more. And your right, the photos don’t have to be perfect or all artsy for them to be enjoyed :)

  6. Diann says:

    Hello Sarah…I found your blog awhile back and visit often. I am going to have to figure out what “Instagram” is and how to do the challenge but it sounds like fun! Thanks for such an inspiring blog.

  7. I’m like you sarah, I just jump in when I can. Your bag looks like a well edited one, I fear my contents would cover the whole kitchen table.

  8. I’m going to try and stick out this challenge. I had a go at June and failed somewhere around day 10. I’ll have fun while I’m at it, and be looking out for yours too.