Meal Plan

Mon 18th, Jun, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage friends, it’s easy Meal Plan time!

Meal plans are life savers in this old cottage, though, I think it is probably the case that really I like to think that I don’t need them in my life.

But oh I so do.

When I think Meal Plan, even though I have been doing them week-in, week-out for years, even though I have blogged them, even though they are a no-brainer, it always seems to me to mean complication.  Know what I mean?

It doesn’t mean that though – it doesn’t come with anything that is particularly taxing on the old forty-is-the-new-thirty brain power.

No, Meal Planning doesn’t mean you will be weighed down in plans, it does not mean that you have to start some huge fandangled, long drawn-out, colour co-ordinated thing, all singing, all dancing perfectly perfect housewife – nope a scrap of paper on the fridge works for me, a KikkiK pad works for me, typing it out on my phone ever-so-quickly works really well too.



What is key, is to actually do it, it takes not more than a few minutes and saves me about a million times that in stress and whitewash broomstick-ness.  ;-)

This week, I ain’t messing around with things people, so this needs to be done and done and very much dusted…it needs to be things I know how to throw together, this week does not call for new things to try and definitely no exotic ingredients, this week needs to be simple, easy and already very much up my sleeve.

I will be winging it on Friday and Saturday, which actually probs means Friday night pizza… but the main four nights, I hold no prisoners, they are so done

Monday : Pea & Ham Soup + French Bread (will be blogging this soon, it’s easy & Yum!)

Tuesday : Crock Pot Fish, Potatoes, Herbs and Lemon

Wednesday :  Twice Baked Potatoes  { Recipe Here }

Thursday :: Forty Garlic Chicken { Recipe Here }

BAKING :  These Chocolate Chip Muffins from Katrina (not cookies as the picture says!)  { Recipe Here }

                 Beach Cottage Super Easy Banana Bread  { Recipe Here }


If you need an easy meal plan, of course, feel free to steal mine…

If you would like to share yours, please leave it in the comments for all of us reading here



p.s. I will be back soon with progress on the crate, looking good baby, make sure you check back to see! x


more Beach Cottage Meal Plans here


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23 Responses to “Meal Plan”

  1. Deanne says:

    I have actually just done mine and printed it off, will do a quick blog post and come back with the link.

  2. Selby says:

    Looks delicious!
    I’m feeling pathetic this morning with a bad cold so all the more reason to get in gear & make a plan so we actually get dinner hehe:)

    Mon- chicken sntiz & salad
    Tues- pumkin soup
    Wed- omelette
    Thurs- fried rice
    Fri- rissoles

    Thanks for the inspiration to get sorted for the week.


    • sarah says:

      Yes it’s a life-saver when you are not feeling good, even though it feels like the last thing you want to do!

      I love fried rice, haven’t had it for ages…

      hope you feel better…

      • Selby says:

        Hehe yes fried rice is a staple at our joint- feeling happy- fried rice
        Can’t be bothered- fried rice
        Feeling sad- fried rice
        Hehe reckon I’ve got a fried rice for every occasion:)


  3. After a rushed weekend I haven’t written mine down properly – its scribbled in shorthand on a note in my back pocket!! :D
    Now I just need to set a reminder to take the chicken out of the freezer in the morning or we will be eating chicken icepops for our main meal tomorrow….

  4. As hubby gets paid late tuesday afternoon, i do a Whats on the Table Wednesday
    - This is for two weeks of meals – http://thebeltanedaily.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/whats-on-the-table-wednesday-3/
    Rather than have a set meal plan i have set out 14 days meals and then i can decided either the night before or that morning what we will have.
    Most of it is made in the Slow Cooker (I get the new Secretchef one, that slow cooks and sears), & one pot meals all made in the slow cooker.

    • sarah says:

      wow Nicole, great plan I like the look of it!

      I am about to buy a sear and slow cook one too – what’s your verdict??

      • The initial expense is hard to take, but we are on gas bottles here so not using the oven for every meal i have noticed its last longer. It really is the best thing we have ever brought. i did this review on it a few days ago http://www.productreview.com.au/r/sunbeam-secretchef/245797.html it pretty much says it all. I used it four times yesterday and the only other product i own that i use that much is my Kitchenaid. Still toying with getting a thermomix but for now the secretchef is my new BFF.

        • sarah says:

          mmm looking good, great review, thanks for linking, this is the model I have been looking at plus another couple too…I thought they would do all the things you noted – I don’t use my oven much either now – except of course on Sunday’s for the roast!

          you lucky girl with the KitchenAid, I am pretty envious and I couldn’t even think about a Thermomix! xx

          • i have a Kitchenaid Stand mixer, food processor & Blender :) i heart my hubby :)

            The brevill Slow cooker one you can take the pan out and put it on the oven and back into the slow cooker, i read a review for this one on the stay at home mum site and after that i was sold, but it does so much more. Love the keep warm feature and that its digital too. best investment for a busy family.

          • I could not live without my Thermomix but I think I need that new slow cooker!

          • sarah says:

            oh you so do! no-one would get food here without mine x

  5. Megan says:

    What amazes me is that not only are you so fabulously organised to do a meal plan, but that you style it up for a photo shoot, photograph it, upload it to your biog and write a note to us all!! What a superstar!

    • sarah says:

      haha well actually Megan I am finding that making it pretty actually means that it is getting done!

      …I don’t need many excuses to get the camera out and shoot lol xx

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the inspiration. I did my 1st ever meal plan and so far have stuck to it. It goes something like this:
        Mon: sticky lamb shanks (9mo baby loves this too)
        Tues: Neil Perry BBQ chicken and tabouleh
        Wed: chorizo and vegetable soup with crusty bread
        Thurs: fish and salad ( whatever fish looks good at the market and salad from the vege patch)
        Fri: thai chicken curry.
        Weekend: tbc….

  6. Janelle says:

    You have so nailed it re the way meal plans work! The last thing I feel like doing on a Sunday morn is thinking up a weeks worth of meals BUT I know the pay offs if I do it and the horrific feralness of us all midweek if I dont!! I’m finding its helping keep the groc budget down abit too. Bonus! as it seems such a waste of $!!?!! I’m off to chk out the crate now!…xx

  7. Poppy says:

    Meal plan day for me to! Tho one my daughters has already chose weekend food. Yay!

  8. syrahsuzie says:

    Just finished my plan for the week:
    Monday: Vegetarian Moussaka
    Tuesday: Smoked Salmon, Peas and Pasta
    Wednesday:Aubergine and Green Bean Curry
    Thursday: Paella
    Friday: Pizza and Salad
    Saturday: BBQ
    Sunday: Roast Lamb and Ratatouille
    Lots of aubergines to use up!!
    As a treat I made Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls yesterday – yummy!

  9. Jen ( SE Qld) says:

    I really must get my you know what into gear and start meal planning again. Have had a few stressful weeks with lots of travel away from home and I have kind of fallen off the meal planning wagon and left my DH and DD to fend for themselves poor luvs. I too am really loving the look of the Sunbeam slow cooker that does lots of other things as well , just not sure where it is going to fit in my teeny tiny kitchen cupboards unless I throw something else out to make room for it :(