I’m lovin’ it

Sun 10th, Jun, 2012

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G’day sweet Beach Cottage friends!

 Come on a walk with me won’t you?

A Winter’s walk in Sydney town…



shall we take a puppy?


gaze at trickling water

20120610-05-IMG_5721 20120610-06-IMG_5632 20120610-07-IMG_5713

wonder at man and nature

20120610-08-IMG_5628 20120610-09-IMG_5645

squeal at scary things

20120610-10-IMG_5744 20120610-11-IMG_5624

let’s sigh at the sparkles


marvel at the light


smile at silly puppies


wonder at reflections


look out at the view


revel in the colours


and look up at the sky


Did I tell you I love Australia?

I didn’t think so Winking smile

If anyone has the right to blog about that, it’s me I believe

When we first moved here to this country they call the Lucky Country, our first Winter was a big big old shock to this Pommie girl’s system…it seemed that almost overnight we went super swiftly from lazing around on the beach and sweltering in temps over 30C to the weather getting much colder for the Winter months…with no heating.

But, it’s not like a Northern Hemisphere Winter here in Sydney and it has taken us a while to get used to that…in its own funny little way the cooler Winter months of Sydney are some of the best, they lull you with divine warm sunny, clear sky days, they cosset you in a sunshine whose intensity has faded but is just as sweet and they make you look around with eyes that see things differently.

Eyes that see Winter things…

The last few weeks have been pretty busy for us, we have had some serious sporting events in this old cottage, I have had good things to be busy about with blogging, Mr Beach Cottage has had a few knocks in his business…there is the broken arm….the putting up of cupboards and the replacement of all the internal doors here and a birthday in the middle of it all…nothing amazing, just busy with life….you know?

And so this weekend it’s a holiday weekend here, and much welcomed

….Mr Beach Cottage asked me what I fancied doing?

I replied not much at all, so we planned to catch up with friends, went out for drinks, popped around to to other friends for dinner for mussels and beer and good conversation…

…but most of all I said to Mr BC that I wanted to walk, in a new place, not on the beach…

So yesterday we walked….in a new place…a place not on the beaches, a place just over the bridge near to Mr Teenage Beach Cottage’s friend’s house….a place not so far from our front door…

…a place that as we walked past people sitting on picnic rugs in the sun, as we chatted to other Sydney-siders with dogs and as we looked out over to the boats on the water, we pinched ourselves

This is Winter

It has us under its spell.

This is Australia.

This is it.

We made it.

This is our


We love it here.



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23 Responses to “I’m lovin’ it”

  1. Zoey @ Good Googs says:

    Oh I just love Winter too! I love the crisp air, I love the morning light and I love wearing boots!

  2. Janelle says:

    As a born and bred aussie may I say a big fat Thankyou to you Sarah for constantly opening my eyes to appreciating how very lucky I am!! So easy to take all this beauty we have for granted. May I also say Barls is looking his super cute self. Oh and you too of course!?! I Especially the scarf!! Happy long w’end…xx

  3. Rukmini says:

    Loved reading your day sarah..what a lovely road u have taken. Its grey and wet here in India-the monsoons has set in full swing and so are powercuts. Maybe i should do a rainwalk…its been a while i did something like that.

  4. Cee says:

    Stunning photos once again Sarah, ty for a lovely read from up in NY, USA :)

  5. Oh that pic of the boats on the harbor there……. so lovely….

  6. So how cool is a cool winter’s day in Sydney?

    Lovely pics and ramblings as always :)

  7. Beaytiful pics Sarah! So nice to wonder away some days isn’t to places diffferent than our everyday life. I saw your back page in Flea Market Style magazine here in the states yesterday. The entryway. Congrats!

  8. Fleur says:

    Looks stunning! Love winters here, just the right amount of coolness to warrant getting rugged up. We went for a walk in the National Park here yesterday and ended up getting lost and wandered around for 2 hours with a 13kg toddler being carried between us, trying to find a way out!
    Have you been watching Dowton Abbey? I am really lusting after the “servants” quarters furniture. Saw some lovely hooks in the background last night and thought of you :)
    PS did you get my email about us coming to Sydney? xx

  9. Kirsty says:

    Lovely to have a peek at Sydney in the winter, it looks a little like ours here in NZ but I’m sure you day time temps are a bit warmer! That Barley is the cutest wee thing, I bet he attracts lots of attention everywhere he goes! Keep warm this winter BC’ers :) xo K

  10. Deanne says:

    I am so glad you love Australia! I do too, I love that I was born here and that I live in this beautiful free lucky country. Have a beautiful day,

  11. Melissa says:

    We live up on the Sunshine Coast and its been cold wet and windy but nothing like our winters in London. I am an aussie girl through and through and love living here but only after living in other parts of the world have I really begun to appreciate Australia. Having said that my time in England was one of the most memorable and fondest ever. THankyou for you blog, it is so very inspiring to read.

    • sarah says:

      yes I hear that from a lot of Aussie friends how coming back to here after living oversees they see it with very different eyes!

  12. Gorgeous, Sarah. Simply gorgeous! You’re a lucky girl living in that beautiful lucky country! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Meghan Grace says:

    Your blog truly makes me feel happy! Australia is very high on our bucket list of places to visit and get to know. Don’t be surprised if you get an email from me saying we are in the neighborhood and want to stop and say hi!-joking!!!!-well, maybe! Thanks for sharing your life with us all! Meghan

  14. Manda says:

    So very glad that you love my Australia too, and so very glad to have you here.
    To look at my home through your eyes have provided me with a new appreciation of what I take for granted…the light, the warmth of the sun on a sunny winters day, life in the undergrowth, and the ease by which we can live our lives here.
    Thank you for coming to live with us in this beautiful country of ours and for sharing your life with us every day.
    x manda

  15. Kathryn says:

    Hey Sarah, welcome Aussie girl, you are such a delight. I love reading your blog and looking at your fab photos of eveyday things where we seem to take everything for granted. Happy holidays, keep warm…..

  16. Catherine says:

    Oh Sarah, your pictures are outstanding! The one with you in your green wellies walking your cute pup just makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. Sarah, you are so so lucky to have found your place.
    Its wonderful that you are so happy there.
    Your story makes very good reading – especially for those of us who haven’t found their place yet.
    Keep smiling!! :)

  18. Pearl Maple says:

    Winter down under is just magicall isn’t it!