Beach Cottage White, Crate, DIY and Flowers

Tue 19th, Jun, 2012

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Good morning Beach Cottage people, the free crate for beach decor with a little bit of coastal white paint and DIY is here with us today in this old cottage!


So this one turned out better than I thought it would, to be honest though I loved coming across it and saving it from landfill, I wasn’t sure, as you know, how it was going to go or what it was going to be…

But, really, who cares, have a go and see that’s often my motto to living life more beautifully Smile



I do know that I want another one (or three) to turn into raised beds for my herbs and veg, but for this one it was in such good condition and also just such a good fit for where the little Weber BBQ sits (it’s picture here on the the side, I couldn’t lift it on my own today) that I went with that.  So glad I did.


I’m not sure if you have noticed, but I haven’t painted anything for a while around here, and doing this was good – there are therapeutic properties to the up-cycling, the sprucing up, the saving from landfill and the washing with white.

I could do it all day too I think, but lately it hasn’t been top of my list – lately I have been doing lots of other things that have been tickling my fancy more than chasing things that do and don’t move with white paint – cooking, trying to improve my photography and food styling and doing lots of foofing, been mad on flowers and vintage accessories and linen, oh linen, oh linen, I heart you… and I think that has been evident by what I have blogged…don’t you..

So a Beach Cottage reader emailed me and said that could I do a furniture makeover because I hadn’t done one for a while and they loved seeing that.  It was a nice email.

But you know what, actually, I thought, I don’t have anything in the pipeline to paint…and I won’t be donning the painting clothes unless something really gets my little beach decor head going…  And this did.

And then all of a sudden in the space of about two weeks I went from nothing and no good thrifted finds and nothing to paint white or whatever colour, to two vintage chairs, a farmhouse style table and a new but not new if you see what I mean very beachy sofa to give a new home to …funny old life eh?

Call me rose-tinted, but in my veil of white and pops of vibrancy by the way of lilies, I am liking how this was once a packing crate, found by me, given some love with Dulux white paint and up-cycled for a bit longer in its life by way of holding a BBQ on the back deck of a tatty old, far-from-perfect, cottage very much on the wrong side of town…




I get asked a lot how I find the time, the energy but more the inclination to get out a paintbrush to paint things for that beach decor look, but here’s the thing: this is the sort of hobby that you just can’t do once, it seems that after the first time you are hooked.

Because, really, ladies (any guys out there apart from Mr Netherlands?) it is so beautifully easy to do this : you just get a can of paint, a few dust sheets, a paintbrush, a willing piece of soon to be under the ground or very un-loved piece of furniture and a little bit of elbow grease – and even that on a lovely sunny Winter’s arvo under the Australian sun, is hardly what they call taxing.



(sorry I couldn’t resist the Hunter’s thing Winking smile)

And the wonderful thing about this hobby is that you turn something old and useless into something with a life and for your life – and it kinda doesn’t even matter if it isn’t perfect (this isn’t – I think it’s a bit bare – it will be getting some stencilling) – it’s just, well just immensely satisfying to watch it get transformed to something in your home that isn’t MadeinChina.com

And with that little bit of DIY white paint, coastal beach decor wisdom, I will hop on a white-washed broomstick and be outta here Winking smile

What do you think people?


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37 Responses to “Beach Cottage White, Crate, DIY and Flowers”

  1. Kim H says:

    Love it! What a fantastic find. I sooo get the painting thing. It is so very therapeutic isn’t it? And I love the quick reward it brings of bringing life back into something and helping it fit into new surrounds. This crate is so cute and I love the idea of using more as garden beds. looking forward to seeing those when they’re done:)

  2. Candy says:

    Well, I love bare, white and imperfect!! Very cool piece :<)

  3. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I think there are worse things that you could be doing with your time than turning ugly into pretty, right?

    I don’t bother with any dust sheets – you should see my garage floor – it’s a lovely mixture of blue and white paint :)

    Have a wonderful week, Sarah!

  4. Selby says:

    Looking great! Are you using it to hide things? I know at our house I’d be finding plenty of guff to conceal in one hehe: )

    love love the lillies-one of my all time fav flowers- your inspiring me to go get a bunch to cheer up the house which is a bit lonely in the flower dept just now as most of what we have is dormant just at present, thanks once again for the inspire: )

  5. Selby says:

    ps and appologies bc I cant work out where to send this to- even though this probably isnt the right spot- for some reason the lower case letter ‘b’ in your title bars like in ‘about’ are suddenly not displaying on my laptop…not sure if its just me but incase it isnt i thought youd probably want to know.

  6. Hannah says:

    I love this post! Mr BB and I often go head-to-head on this subject because he just doesn’t get the whole ‘buy something old to make it new’ mindset. All our furniture was bought new (though much of it was made from reclaimed Oak and vintage castors) and I have added lots of random little secondhand finds to give it all heart. The difference it makes in making a house into a home is unbelievable! I have to keep my projects small as I don’t really have a space to work in as we live in an apartment with no garage – but gosh when I do get crafty it is satisfying. I also agree that creativity breeds creativity – one projects leads on to another!

    The crate looks fab x

  7. annie says:

    Bare, white and imperfect! You could be talking about me right now! It needs nothing. I love what you have done and totally get the husband resistance to up- cycling too. It is just SOOO hard to resist though!

  8. Shannon Fox says:

    It sure looks pretty. White paint. The cure all ;)

    I get keeping it out of that landfill. Every little bit helps!

  9. You did good with that crate! I’d love to see a pic when you get the grill on it though, I am having a hard time visualizing that…. The lilies are killing me… so gorgeous and mine are just wee little buds still. Suppose I could buy some.. but keep forgetting!

  10. Alice says:

    Oh how I love inperfect pieces… I find them most charming of all! I am loving the crate well done you on your find. I am really looking foward to your farm house table and the bent wood cane chairs (love those)…. The stenciling may be tricky… By that I mean the contrast will be heavy (some prefer it that way)… I personally love it when whatever is written on things is faded or chipped or lightly rubbed away… Anyway very excited and well done you…

  11. Janelle says:

    Love love love painting things white. You just can’t get it wrong really can you?!? Another job well done Sarah!! Now where’s this farmhouse table and chairs???!…xx

  12. Kathy says:

    Wow – the crate looks so good!! It seems that it is made from just plain pine, ie not treated pine. Just make sure if you do find another one for the vegies and herbs, that it is not treated pine. Not good to grow things to eat in treated pine containers. Great idea though and if it is just plain pine, I will look out for one in my area too as that would be great for vegies in my garden too.

  13. Sarah says:

    I think I have a love affair with a paint brush covered in white paint. I have only one piece of furniture in my home that hasn’t been painted white and I think it is only a matter of time, probably spring time.
    I find it quite therapeautic. Mind you, after painting a lot of scrolly iron work, I am often happy to see the end of the project. xx

  14. Oh I totally and utterly get the painting/upcycling thing. After my first attempt at a makeover (which turned out very well I might add) I was hooked. So much so that I turned my little furniture painting hobby/obsession into my at-home business 3 years ago. I have a studio set up in my home (white walls, white floor painted by me!) and I have such fun playing shop in there. Once a month we load it all up and take my painted furniture to the market where it sells very well. I still cannot quite believe I get to play with paint, and hunt round op shops, in the name of ‘work’. In my old life I was a banker. I only unleashed my creative side (which I hadn’t listened to for probably 15 years!) after my children were no longer toddlers, and it was time for me to find ME again. Glad I did…making things pretty is a world away from approving mortgages, thank goodness, and oh so so much more fun!
    xx Karen

  15. Rebecca says:

    I love this! My hubby has a HUGE aversion to anything found on the side of the road (anything second hand actually) which really bothers me, because so many lovely things can be found. I don’t know what to do about it, but I suppose in the meantime I can enjoy your lovely blog and wish everything in it was mine haha

  16. Doortje says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Here’s another follower from the Netherlands being absolutely in love with your beach cottage and your DIY skills. Ran into your blog two weeks ago and I must say I’m hooked! First thing I read in the morning! We share the same habit of turning old stuff around and giving it a second chance by using some white paint and sometimes a little patience. So… keep up the good (paint)work and enjoy your lovely crate

  17. Sharon says:

    Looks fabulous and I want one (actually, I’d like about ten). I’m in a white phase and currently painting our verandah and some furniture white. After seeing one of your recent posts about a crate you found and wishing I could find one too, lo and behold, I found a beauty sitting at the side of the road ready for council chuck-out (how I adore chuck-out time). It needs a foot replacing, but I love it. I love reading your posts and always come away feeling inspired. Thank you!!

  18. Emma says:

    The level of character that this has is off the scale compared to all that ‘MadeinChina.com’ stuff! Go Sarah! An acquaintance commented the other day about how the ‘old’ furniture in my home just made it, and yet their house is full of streamlined, square, new furniture. I was surprised and realised that there are probably people out there too scared not to have the current trend. Poor things! ;-)

  19. bec says:

    I was kinda wondering where you were going with this one.. but now I can see. This really works! Sort of like an outdoor buffet. Some cool old letters and/or numbers stencilled on would look great. Oh and I smuggle my hunters into some of my photos too. lol
    Bec x

  20. alison says:

    Ahhh, you make life fun.
    I look forward to seeing the webber all set up. We are thinking of buying one.


  21. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love how the crate turned out and l love the Lillies, too…My fav. Can’t wait to see the farm table! My downstairs furniture (kitchen table and chairs, buffet, and hutch) and my daughter’s bedroom have the white furniture…With a vackay coming up in July, I hope to tackle a few more “white” projects, too!

    Have fun, Sarah!

  22. Deco says:

    I love alive flowers. What’s Your photo gear btw?

  23. Love this piece! I totally understand about the painting thing! I used to paint a lot of furniture but had to stop because I was having a hard time finding pieces around here. I spend most of my time painting canvases now…so therapeutic!

  24. Tanya says:

    Love it – I want one! I’d also like a whitewashed broomstick to match!! You bring such joy to very dreary days here in Washington:)

  25. Barefoot Liz says:

    I’d love to find some ‘old’ furniture that’s in good condition. It seems that everything I find has mold in it! I am so not going to attempt cleaning mold (I was told that it’s very hard to get rid of permanently and keeps growing back.) I saw a gorgeous painted old desk/dresser last year that I drooled over. Sadly, it was almost $400!

    • sarah says:

      just keep looking, you will find stuff I promise x

    • Rebecca says:

      Alcohol kills mould! I had a dresser from my parents i wanted to use in my babies nursery and it was all moldy at the back and inside the drawers and it stunk! I took it outside and used alcohol wipes, once a day for four days and 9mths later it’s still mould free and doesn’t smell :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am afraid i missed out a bit on some of your posts Sarah, but my oh my, is your home prettier than ever?! Everything looks so dreamy and this transformation of today is just fabulous. I agree with you on the ethics of transforming something useless and by breathing some freshness into it, give it a brand new life…

    You’re such an inspiration!
    xo, Erika


  27. Maddy says:

    I have just discovered your blog – love, love, love it! I am looking at undertaking a few DIY projects, and I was wondering if you could suggest a white paint I could buy to re-do a few side tables?

    • sarah says:

      Hi Maddy

      Good luck with it and thanks for the blog love!

      Most of the brands are good nowadays, I go for Dulux or Taubmans or British Paints, all much of a muchness – I like the Aqua enamel for good results but easy clean-up, hope that helps.