Beach Cottage Object of Desire

Thu 28th, Jun, 2012

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I was, the other day, at the mall, I went there for kiddos trainers

Blech to that.

I very nearly turned into the mall witch.

I left the Beach Cottage Crew unsupervised and went housey browsing.

To run around the mall irritating other women without kids.

In Bed Bath n Table I nearly spent all the money for my children’s food.

I spied some pretty bedlinen for Miss Beach Cottage.

She likes vintage but with modern thrown in.

Little Mr Beach Cottage likes sleek and modern.

And asks why can’t we live in a normal house.

Like everyone else.

I thought Miss Beach Cottage  would love this range.

She does.


But I couldn’t find the pillowslips in the shop.

So I asked the assistant to help.

She told me to do it myself.

I wondered if I was in Bunnings.

She was too busy to assist me.

Folding towels.

She told me they would be right down underneath.

I would need to get down on my knees and look.

Behind all the other stock.

That’s the way to make a sale.

I put down my coffee.

Knelt down.

Started pulling things out.

Dumped them on a nearby bed.

Nearly walked out.

Found them.

On sale.

Took them home.

Opened Miss Beach Cottage’s door.


Shut it quickly.

Went to my own room.


Tidied up.

Changed the bed.

Added pillow.

Will keep until bedroom situation of middle offspring improves.

The end.


[nggallery id=57]

bedside table : thrifted & upcycled BC style   lamp :  IKEA         
bed : repro from Sleep City   oar : side of road & upcycled
linen/doona : c/o Adairs (Marais Range on sale & free shipping)   
dress cushion soon to be Miss BC’s : Bed Bath & Table Alexis Range on sale.




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30 Responses to “Beach Cottage Object of Desire”

  1. Janet says:

    Feeling your pain there. I have two teenage daughters and they keep me at the doors of their rooms in case I go ape-s–t when I see the state of them. During the day when I find myself alone and they are at work and school I sometimes contemplate having a look but I very quickly talk myself out of it.
    Let’s hope they grow out of it.

  2. Barefoot Liz says:

    My son can take a clean room and completely demolish it in about 15 minutes. Scary.

  3. Sounds like me with my niece…. I too find something she AND I would like BUT usually when I look in her room I too take it for myself. TOO BAD SO SAD for her! he! he!

  4. Selby says:

    Hehe yes my two tr old makes all my pfoofing diss appear in two mins :)

    Besides surely mummies rate extra linen as a make up for the 24 hr on call?;)

    I say this as a mummy who’s about to go linnen shopping:) I do have a pretty good excuse- when I got into bed the other night the sheet literally shredded yes really don’t know why but it gave & ripped beyond repair- clearly time for nice new sheets right? Good I thought so too!


  5. Nst90 says:

    Too funny and yes I’ve had that same experience at bed bath and table ! They come along right behind you neatening up the ‘mess’ you’ve made of the store trying to find stuff lol…

  6. bec says:

    Oh dear!…and retailers wonder why they are doing it bad!…
    I can totally relate to the ‘gasping’ at the teenage bedroom and I have even broken down in tears on those hormonal days! ha
    It’s the teenage boys that are worse as there is that sweaty, stale, dirty sock smell that just lingers no matter how many windows you open and squirts of ‘Ocean breeze’ you spray!
    Ah new linen…nothing nicer!
    Bec x

  7. Karen says:

    rude service yes…cute pillow, yes…kid’s bedroom messes drive me crazy…oh yes!

    BUT..since this comment invitation says to speak my mind…I am wondering why you went into a shop carrying a coffee (I read it like you put down a takeaway coffee, my apologies if you meant a sack of coffee beans!). My mum taught me never to take food or drink into a shop, it is plain bad manners. Maybe the shop girl didn’t approve and took it out on you? I find that our attitudes reflect others attitudes back to us…just saying… :)

  8. Di says:

    I love that white quilt from Adairs, just been to check it out as I have been looking for something similar, plain but with a bit of interest, and will be off to buy it later on this afternoon, thanks Sarah!

  9. decoguy says:

    this looks really nice, great job! how did you get the inner frames of the night stand to be a light blue tint?

  10. Oh dear. Well at least they were on sale?! You’re bedroom looks so pretty and white and bright. I believe I NEED more white and texture in mine. Best be off to the adairs sale then……xx

  11. alison says:

    Little Mr Beach Cottage will look back when he’s older and will be in awe of his “not normal” house full of love, caring, positive energy, spontaneity and creativity.

    I used to say to teenage Ms alison no. 1 that I wouldn’t lower my standards of tidiness to match her room. I just shut her door. Now she has a generally very organised and tidy home of her own. Both Ms alisons never left mess around the house as everyone just knows it’s NOT allowed in my house. Yes, I’m a very happy neat freak. As a teenager I was tidier than my parents. Go figure.

    As for poor service in retail, I vote with my wallet and support shops with good service even if the prices are higher. I still look out for sales and bargains and shop wisely.


    • Alice says:

      “Yes, I’m a very happy neat freak. As a teenager I was tidier than my parents. Go figure.”

      Me too!!!! Especially around exam or assignment time I would go on a mad cleaning spree not just of my room from top to bottom but the whole unit or house! My mum LOVED it and always knew that it must be exam time lol! My mum used to say I was a very neat child right down to the clothes I wore…

      My daughter is showing signs of being the same she told me the other day… “Mum you didn’t make my bed so I had to make it (and she did as good as a job as I do…I was impressed for a 4 year old)… It looked so messy mummy…”Lets hope it is a phase she will nomt gorw out of… Fingers crossed lol. My little 4 yearl old miss tends to also gravitate to the whole vintage with a bit of modern thrown in too… Funny that… maybe it’s just that bit more girly?

  12. the freckled minx says:

    Don’t start me on people with barely if any manners! Did the Bed Bath & Table creature not realise that she is there to assist as in shop assistant! You should have slapped her and brought her to her senses and then pushed all her neatly folded towels on the floor! Because I endorse good grace and manners I usually think these dreadfully things in my head and store away the fact that next time I will be dragged by horses to re-enter the particular shop ;)

  13. Catherine says:

    It does look beautiful…. but I can tell you where I wont be spending money! I can’t stand people who wont help! And what a perfect sales opportunity! Someone who had decided to buy!

  14. A White Life says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for the link to the doona cover, I love it and as it is on sale I am going to have a look at the weekend, love the lamp too but I won’t be going near an IKEA for a while.

    I cannot believe how some sales assistants behave either!

  15. That is hilarious! But frustrating for you at the time.. it’s in those situations that you think to yourself.. the only thing that gets you through those moments is thinking “this will make a funny story later”..
    Good on you for pushing through the frustration and coming out with a fabulous item. :)

    Nat – The Writer’s Ink x


  16. Neen says:

    Teenage bedrooms……not toooooo bad in our house, ;) today !!!
    (By the way just noticed the lower case ‘b’ in your titles is not showing up on my screen. )
    School hols, full of soccer, start tomorrow, yay!!!

  17. Samantha says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your blog. You have great taste and a fantastic knack of putting things together. Pity about the bad experience you had at BBNT, sounds like you encountered a cow. Next time you are in Melbourne, I highly recommend the BBNT outlet store in Brandsmart. Everything is dirt cheap, and the staff there have on several occasions transferred clearance stock from other stores so that I could match pillowcases to covers.

    • sarah says:

      thanks that’s two of you who have recommended this place to me now, sounds like my cup of tea!

  18. HRH Sarah says:

    This post had me rolling! We have a couple of those shops here, the “find it yourself” stores…
    I bought my tiny teen (13) a new duvet cover and pillows a few months ago, but the way her room looked, she didn’t actually get to use them for weeks! She did finally do a major overhaul, so now we’re happy again ;)

    Lurv that pillow, BTW! You may not want to give that up for awhile :)

  19. lol! I’ll bet that that clerk didn’t have a clue that the Mall Witch was lurking…..! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Linda jenkins says:

    Hi Sarah, that was terrible service! Next time you are in Melbouren, there is a concept store called The Works that is bed bath and table but stocks alot of other ranges and has a cafe upstairs. It is one of my favorite places to shop.
    I have always found the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. also I got lucky one day when shopping for cushions for a new couch and the store stylist eloped me out which was fantastic. Burwood rd Hawthorn.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Linda, I hope to check it out, I will be in Melbourne at the end of the year.. x

  21. Catherine says:

    Sarah, another great blog post. What is it with store clerks? Their job is to assist, not to expect the customer to crawl around looking for merchandise.

    P.S. – I take my coffee into stores, too!

  22. Susan says:

    I really don’t like being treated like that in stores. Really.Don’t.Like.It.

    Good for you for taking the high road and getting what you wanted even if it became a self service job :)

    I don’t open the door to my teenage boys room. If he wants his room like that…. well, let’s just say, it won’t stay like that long if he has friends over who are girls. He had a newish girlfriend come over and he did an awful lot of airing and pulling up doonas before she arrived. So funny.

    My teen daughter just steals all my nice things.

  23. Samantha says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Where did you get the ruched coverlet from ?
    I’ve been trying to find one like that.

  24. Clare says:

    This made me laugh as I can totally relate. I only have 2 of my girls living at home now. The youngest is pretty good at keeping her room nice but her older sister is quite a different story. Some days you can’t even get in her room!!!!! I keep threatening to post a pic of it…… She would never speak to me again lol!
    Love the photos Sarah :)