Beach Cottage Decor We Call it Gingham

Fri 29th, Jun, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, near, far and hello males from The Netherlands :-), today we are talking about Ging Ham, love me some Ging Ham for beach cottage decor – a little big country coastal, oh yes I do think so!


noun /ˈgiNGəm/
ginghams, plural

  1. Lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold color
    • gingham curtains

Now, Gingham is widely known for its check of white with often a bright colour, like red, hello lovely red & white classic picnic gingham items…but, as you can probably guess, I am a bit more of a neutral Gingham lover in this old cottage.

I love it for it’s kinda hint of summer, laid back, sandy toes, wooden floors, throw the windows open, informal feel and a tiny bit of whimsical thrown in there just at the end – yep one can, if one concentrates, get that all from one simple piece of fabric.

and here in this old cottage – putty and white Gingham in the house?  Check.  Dusky blue and white Gingham?   Check.

But grey?  No, I didn’t have any grey.

Now let us rewind a bit to about a year ago, I am in the Frenchy shop, lusting after lustworthy things for my old cottage – some which I might indeed need to rent out a room in my old cottage to actually pay for (anyone like to come for a stay for a week – you get free use of a whitewashed broomstick thrown in for good measure?).


…and in that Frenchy shop came across the most adorable mushroomy grey Gingham, only it was not on your Nelly, any kind of normal Gingham, no sirree Mr President, I do believe this particular Gingham was spun with gold deep down in the depth of Provence or at least something like that, because ladies, it was way outta my price bracket, French, beach decor, oh-my-god-I-lurve-you or not.

…and so, of course, wanting my kiddos to eat that week, left without it and since then that Gingham in grey has sat in the back of my little white stuffed, tinged with pink spectacles head and I have been on the lookout for an alternative ever since.

And in my duties as Editor-in-Chief of this Blog and the purse strings of Beach Cottage Land I decided to make it my mission to get and show you, a Frenchy Gingham Tablecloth turned a bit beach decor / coastal style by way of this old cottage filled with white and nautical things…

It took a while.

But I did it, came up trumps, got the goods baby, ticked the grey Gingham box.

Ooooh yeah.

And do I ever love it?

I do.

And I hesitate to actually tell you that it came from another little Continental Boutique, this one just a tad bigger though and perhaps a bit more achievable on the pocketbook and a bit more accessible to many of us than the fields of Provence.

Ladies, IKEA did it again

(no they do not sponsor this blog, hello IKEA if you are reading feel free to sponsor me, for you cost per wear is very low or you know what, do you need a girl from the beaches to pop over and come and play An Iqkea Cottage for the day?  I would totally do it for the love ;-) )

So, this fabric is from the Iqkea Boutiqe ladies, it had my name about all over it, did it not?…and to make into a beach cottage decor tablecloth set me back the grand sum of 30 bucks – just about 420 smackers less than the other one.

It’s not woven, or French, but I can just about cope with that.

What do you think?  Do you love Gingham too?

Run to the Iqkea Boutique, don’t walk.



p.s. new post from Barley up here

and a pic from down my way here  in Beach Cottage Daily pics

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21 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decor We Call it Gingham”

  1. Miss Sew & So says:

    Oh Miss.Sarah-

    How did I spend soo many hours at that boutique (ikea!) and NOT see these!!?
    I knew my bill at the end was too little-I knew I was missing something!!

    I always get a shock at Ikea when the total is less than I estimate!

    Obviously I was missing some Gin-Ham in my trolley!!

    Looks lovely-a little country for Autumn…

    Melissa x

  2. Letitia says:

    I love gingham! Always have always will. Beautiful images.

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve had blue and white gingham in my kitchen 14 years now and still love it. When we bought this house, my aunt told me that every kitchen my grandmother ever had (she was a mom to 16 kiddos!) had blue and white gingham curtains in the window. I absolutely LOVE the sense of roots and continuity that fact gives me. Bring on the gingham!!!

  4. Is there no problem, big or small, that ikea cannot provide the answer to??! If only it wasnt a 4hr drive away! I shall live vicariously thru you and your gorgeous finds for now though! And keep adding to that ever growing Ikea list!! Go the Ging Ham…..x Oh and p.s Is your e-course for blogging still available? I would love to do it but am having a little trouble at the ‘add to cart’ section. Or is that just me and my computer ‘skills’?!? Very possibly!! Thanks Sarah…x

  5. alison says:

    Just love how you dream things into your life.

    Gingham always makes my heart go pit-a-pat. I’m always drawn to it. It also takes me back to primary school days when the girls had sewing lessons. I loved them.


  6. Love, love, love all gingham! I applique it on the children’s t shirts, have it on my dining room chairs and even made myself a scarf with red and white gingham. Ooooo, I also love some of the IKEA tickings. Sarah, I would also love to show you all the bottles, that I dug up in my garden…. Keep motivating us with your beautiful posts. Love Annabelle xx

  7. Now if only Ikea would make a burlap runner….

    • No, actually I meant a linen runner, you know in that soft worn burlap-y color?

      • HRH Sarah says:

        They do! I have it on my table at this very moment… It’s in the fabric section, and it’s 18 inches wide. You cut it to whatever length you want, and finish the ends at home. In my case, I pulled out a few threads, and threw it in the washer so it would fray a bit. When it came out, I trimmed up the stray longer threads, and popped it on the table!

  8. Alice says:

    Love it Sarah… I am due to go to ikea actually so very timely – thank you. Now to convince the hubby to go tonight…

  9. Aisling says:

    Oh janelle if only ikea was only a 4 hr car ride away. Mine is a 3 hr plane ride! No ikea in nz. However, I am going to Europe on Monday for 5 weeks and might just have to slip into one while I am away. There is one not too far from where I am staying in the uk…..

    I love that tablecloth Sarah. If it is available in blighty I’m avin’ it!

  10. Susan says:

    Very pretty, Sarah!

    I have an IKEA one hour away, and have visited it exactly zero times since living in Texas (three years this week!)

  11. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I love gingham!. I just purchased at a thrift store 2 king size pillowcases in blue and white gingham. Small pattern like your tablecloth. I think it’s fresh and summery and fun while being traditional at the same time. Wishing you all a great day! PS Kim I like the description of your kitchen curtains!

  12. Oh my goodness I just bought 2 of these tableclothes at a yard sale last week for $1 a piece. Going to finally get to move a few things and get them on the kitchen and dining room tables this weekend! it’s already 100 degrees here in Fincastle,VA. so inside is where I wil be….fluffing!

    • alison says:

      LOL. Oh Shirl, “fluffing” means something else in Australia. LOL.
      Enjoy “foofing” with those bargain tablecloths.


  13. Love the daisies in the bottles too. Im into gingham too. I scored a lovely one at Bed, Bath and Table a while ago but it does need ironing. Fiona

  14. Sallie says:

    Oh my, I wish Ikea were an open 24 hours a day store. I would be on the road tonight!

  15. HRH Sarah says:

    Ikea does it again! They saved me last summer with the linen table runner- made it look like I had some style. Then, the putty and robin’s egg blue bowls and small plates… Heading over to Ikea website to find gingham and put it on my shopping list… must go with a shopping list, as it’s months between visits, and I can’t focus otherwise! Too many goodies and gadgets.

  16. Thanks Alison! What does fluffing mean in Australia?

  17. Keren says:

    I likey very much!