Beach Cottage Decor ~ Coastal White & Layering

Thu 14th, Jun, 2012

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Sometimes I think my life is boring.

Like today.

I took a teenager to the dentist and took a billion photos of the surf (will blog soon)

Came home.

Loved a puppy (will blog soon)

Tidied the bombsite.

Ate special porridge.

With raspberries (will blog soon)



Walked around.

Stroked cheap new white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors.

Which may seem like cheap new white-with-a-touch-of grey doors to you.

Multiplied by ten actually weren’t that cheap.

To me they mean home.

And the more setting down of zee roots.

Australian roots.

Decided to blog cheap white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors.

Confirmed my life is boring.

Decided to foof.

With shells and stuff.

In fact with more than one.

Was not bored.


Stuff the cheap white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors.

I’m blogging the foofing.

And then.




Your new little life on the beaches?

Your pointless foofing?

Your cheap white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors.


I mean.



And then I remembered seeing this on the way to the dentist.


The little things.

The layering.

The vintage.

The white

The coastal.

The mundane.

The cheap white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors.

These are my big things.

The little things that keep me sane.

Well, on the outside anyway Winking smile

What about you?

What are the little things that keep you sane in your life?

I wonder, do they include layering, pops of vintage blue and the stroking of Cheap-not-multiplied-by-ten-white-with-a-touch-of-grey doors?



a few more pics here, just click and scroll

[nggallery id=49]

oh and Barley blogged today, too funny what he was up to!




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38 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decor ~ Coastal White & Layering”

  1. <3 this post.

    i often think the same thing.

  2. HRH Sarah says:

    No, ma’am! Not boring at all… Every little thing you do to make your house more of a home is BIG stuff. Besides, none of your readers can get enough of your foofing and puppy stories and BC cookery!

  3. Kerrie says:

    I bought that exact wall hanging the other day to remind me to keep everything in perspective. Love it!

  4. Oh your life is not boring. You were just having a “moment”!
    I love that sign you spotted – the sentiments are very true.
    Keep up the foofing – its lovely to see the results.

    What are the little things that keep me sane? At the moment, getting 5 minutes to myself to have a coffee! :D

    • Nst90 says:

      + 1 Ellie at Emerald Pie……

      Mind you, the idea of a secluded bath is growing on me…… Would never happen though, so my bit of sanity is.. sitting up at .. oooohh.. 3am? reading a lovely blog :)

      Cups of tea also…………

  5. Verna says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Many thanks!

  6. Karen Llyn Milholland says:

    Since I think you’re a kindred spirit, you’ll probably identify with this. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just do the sensory checklist. What do I most like to see, hear, taste, smell, feel in the current season or holiday? Summer would be:
    See: Blue sky and sunshine
    Hear: Waves crashing in to shore and shushing out again
    Taste: The freshest fruit and veggies
    Smell: Salty ocean air
    Feel: The freedom of lighter clothing – shorts, short sleeve or sleeveless shirts, flip flops and sandals, sun dresses…
    Since I’m in Greensboro, NC, our seasons are reversed, but your blogs show me that you know what I’m talking about. My problem is that I’m landlocked. I visit your and other beachy sites for a virtual ocean/beach visit. And I decorate with beachy things.
    But we both seem to enjoy the simple things. Nature is a free and abundant source of joy. And your puppy is adorable. Dogs do try the patience occasionally (stealing food – our dog was a notorious thief – slobbering, chewing…), but they are such a source unconditional love and such a joy to pat and cuddle.
    Hang in there. At 55, going on 56 Sat., the things I remember the most are the simple things – life’s little joys. And so many of them are FREE!
    Keep on blogging. I’m a big fan.

  7. Motherofluvlies says:

    maybe some voluntary work ….helping othersalways brings great joy.

  8. Mariaelena says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself…as they say….I totally get you and by your post even though we don’t know one another, you totally get me too…:)…I think this post may be my favorite blog post of all time!!….Happy foofing, enjoy the surf and have a wonderfully boring weekend!!!…I’ll be joining you…:)
    xo, Mariaelena

  9. ComfyChair says:

    Excellent post. Foofing is the foundation of a happy life! Well, that, and chocolate. ;-)

  10. Your life is not boring. I have told you before and I will continue to tell you, you have helped me through some rough days since my Mom died. She was always the one to encourage my creative side. You are such an inspiration to alot of people. You were having one of those moments. I had one just a few days ago. I think we as humans do that ever so often. That is what makes us human. Keep on inspiring and FOOFING my dear Sarah!

  11. Karen from Greensboro N.C love your post. I am from Fincastle, VA right outside of Roanoke and I know what you mean about so many things from nature being free. Sometimes we need a shake up to realize how many things actually are free.

  12. Candy says:

    Well, if your life is boring, so is mine cause I enjoy the same things….white, foofing, layering, thrifting, pops of aqua, my dog (even tho he sheds like crazy and he’s NOT white). Living kinda sorta near the beach (little over an hour away and we’re going next week for vacation) my church and faith and all the other little things that make life worth living!! Love your photos today and am feeling some inspiration coming on!

  13. Please don’t stop.

    Today it was watching My Best Friend’s Wedding with my best friend after running all of our errands, together since we needed to do all of the exact same house running chores. The day was full of giggles and it was wonderful. Sometimes you just need to play hooky. Especially when the kids will be out of school and you won’t really get to hang like that for the next ten weeks.

  14. jan says:

    aaaah perspective…..being grateful..thankful and loving the simple and the small really is the big…As already well said..you inspire and bless our sensory /creative sides that in a busy overstimulating , often negative world can get easily buried…..so you and your blog are so far from boring.. but we get ya to and hear the routine and stuff that we all deal …Happy Aussie Foofing x

  15. Lassiegirl says:

    Your blog helps keep me sane…it is a nice escape from the everyday that I get to do just about everyday so thank you for that! Our two sweet Collies that are my gentle friends. Our backyard, secluded with big, beautiful trees for shade and gardens to pretend I’m not stuck in the middle of suburbia. My morning English toffee coffee and my afternoon English toffee coffee. The occassional glass of red wine and a soak in the tub. Calm Celtic music. A small TV in the kitchen so I can not think about having to make yet another meal. A comfy bed. Pretty tidewater color paint in my bathroom (finally painted). Soft towels. Beautiful blue skies, puffy white clouds, pretty sunsets and all the nature gifts from God. So many little things that are Big :)

  16. Hannah says:

    Love this post! I have to admit, I find myself going ‘wtf am I going to blog about, I am so boring’. Then I realise that the blog is my space and appreciation of the little things is part of that. If people find it boring, so be it. I know I don’t find it boring reading about the vicissitudes of other peoples’ lives! x

  17. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah

    I think everyone must have those days at some point where we think ‘my life really is just boring’ more so I’ve noticed for us stay at home mums……but then when we stop and think it is those little mundane things that make our day….like colouring in with my little one and watching her ‘draw’ her first person…..or getting outside with my can of spray paint for all my crafty projects I love to do….even taking my son who has Autism to work every Friday seems mundane but when I think about it I am so proud of him, I mean he has Autism and goes to work….not many Autistic kids will ever do that…..so yes although the little things seem boring, mundane and even drive us crazy at times it is nice to stop and reflect about how much we love doing them……have a great day and enjoying your white doors with a hint of grey and all your foofing……I love your foofing and I love foofing myself too…..take care…xo


  18. Janelle says:

    Well thank goodness your life is so boring because its gorgeous places like your blog that keep me sane some days!!!…xx

  19. Sandra says:

    The little things that keep me sane…drinking my tea from vintage cups, enjoying a weekend bonfire as Hubby works clearing our three acre yard, my five year old silky x maltese boy, knitting, admiring and stroking the fabrics I will (one day) create heirloom quilts from…breathing in the crisp Mountain air every morning and giving thanks that this is what I dreamt about all those years ago..Thanks for making me stop to remind myself of all of the above.xo

  20. christie says:

    I am grateful that the silly little things make me happy. The dog, good books, flowers , the kids … I can’t imagine how difficult life would be if you needed things to be new or trendy to be happy.

  21. decoguy says:

    I know how you feel, its one of those days when all the weight just bombards you and are stuck in a rut. In my opinion your life is not boring at all =) (its always nice to have a little bit of reassuring). Aside from that, the room you shoot is beautiful, i love how the dresser has many inspirational piece. My favourite would have to be the clear lamp stand, its beautiful. where is that from?

    • sarah says:

      it’s from my fave little Nordic boutique – IKEA haha :-)

      thanks for visiting decoguy ;-)

  22. Emma says:

    Boring, schmoring! Loving this post and am loving the comments. We’re all in it together even though we often feel alone in day-to-day routines. Please keep being ‘boring’ Sarah, I can relate to you just as you are! Have a great w’end…

  23. alison says:


    Foofing is the fuel of a contented person. You’re allowed to get excited about your doors. Nice door knobs BTW.

    Your blog has kept me sane during my midlife crisis. What I’ve learnt is that our “mundane” is a most precious chunk of our lives. There seems to be such emphasis on doing spectacular things and being high achievers at all times. The mundane gives our lives rhythm, character, joy, focus and serenity.

    I’m about to start another chapter in my life with a much clearer perspective after having the luxury of being able to take time out. I will still read your blog to keep myself grounded and real.


    • sarah says:

      oh wow Alison good luck with the new chapter of your life

      thanks for always taking the time to comment here… xx

  24. Norell says:

    I poofed and foofed most of the day. Glad I managed to finish some laundry, dishes and a yummy pot roast for dinner. I think I spent at least two hours staring at one chair trying to decide if I should change to a different color of slip cover & another hour looking at my living room rug knowing I want a new one. Hubby would surely notice a new one and would never believe my usual, “this old thing” excuse!! I guess I have to wait until he is distracted with something else before a new one magically appears.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. It’s my daily bit of relaxation and spark of creativity. Of course Barley always makes me smile. As the owner of two large black dogs, be happy you did not get a black dog. I vacuum almost every day………………maybe good exercise, but I’d rather be gardening.

    • sarah says:

      hahah you are so funny I have done the same

      you are welcome, thanks for commenting!

      Barley makes me smile too and I am so glad I didn’t get a black dog lol x

  25. Selby says:

    Not boring to me:)

    I foof
    Go on coffee outings by myself
    Plan an adventure
    Make some cards
    Plan to do ” nothing” which always turns out to be something just not what I expect.

  26. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love this post, and love how “boring’ you are!! Beautiful foofing, and I also love the new interior doors…I have done that here in my home as well, and it really upgrades the the house. Can’t wait for some more “boring,” Sarah!!

  27. Jan says:

    Everyday is special …some merely move at a much slower pace than others ;)

  28. Mog says:

    I miss the shore, the salt water smell, the beach, the little shops we visited, the antiquing back when it was affordable. I have my shells, my turquoise and white, flowers. Used to foof before the cats foofed the stuff on the floor and broke my stuff. They do a job on the white sofa with their dark fur too but give back in the love. BTW, Barley is adorable. He makes for excellent foof too. Now that I have found this site, it is my favorite beach fix. Here’s to lots more foofing.

  29. Alice says:

    You! A boring life? Not from where I am sitting girly… I know though what it is like to forget about the little things that make ones life wonderful… They can be taken for granted so easily and too often… I have been feeling much like my life is dull and boring lately too… Then I remember that this is exaactly what I wanted… I want an extrodinary life where I can look back and say… I have not had any dramas… No tragic deaths (apart for what is normal i.e old age), no serious illness or injuries… No addictions or abuse/violence of any kind.. Peace…Every body that I love dearly is happy, healthy and safe…A life with out drama usually equates to boring I am told by many people…. Then a give me a boring life… I’ll take it!

  30. Vitoria says:

    I think is normal fell like this sometimes, but come on…a boring life? Really? I don’t think so…You do such amazing things with your house and your blog. This post is an example of this. I love your images and your posts.
    See you :)