Beach Cottage DIY Painting – The Free Crate

Mon 18th, Jun, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage friends, an update on the painting / DIY on the old crate that I found (for free) recently.

So after quite a bit of debate this is actually going to be a table/bench for the deck – it is perfect for the space on the other side of the deck to the table and chairs.  Back in the Summer we bought a small Weber BBQ and I didn’t want the stand that goes with it, so up until now it’s been sitting on an old trunk that really didn’t have enough space either side of it for bits and bobs plus, it was a little bit on the low side for working on.

This crate is just right for this job – it’s a perfect size for this space and the right height.

So this weekend, with a lot of sport cancelled because of soggy ground, we did some painting and thrifting  (I found a dining table – think big old timber farmhouse style, ooh yeah – I have been on the lookout for ages – soon it will be more coastal with whitewashed legs and a scrubbed top – will show you pics soon)

The crate went white




– we used outdoor paint for this and it got two coats

…even though it will be under cover it is more open to the elements on that side of the deck and we wanted the paint to hold up – plus I have noticed with other furniture that I have painted with this stuff that it cleans up pretty well which obviously will be needed here…

we used and recommend Dulux Weathershield



There were these batons on top of the crate that could have proved to restrict the working area but the Weber is the small one and when we tried it the batons were fine even with a couple of chopping boards and utensils in the area too…


The paint went on really easily and didn’t take very long at all…after all it is a square box!

Some things that I have given a wash of  white for beach decor have not been anywhere near as simple – some of the trickiest things to paint are chairs – some can take ages with all their different sections – guess what I found while vintage treasure hunting this weekend?  Chairs!  Painting chairs with a coastal white is one of the budget ways I got this cottage filled with beach / coastal decor without breaking the bank.. . so, the chairs I found? … a vintage Bentwood style and a lovely old outdoor cane one, both in some serious need of love…and some patient painting…



On the first coat, with all but the top done it was starting to look pretty good,



I wanted all the nails and markings to show through and they do which is good, and the stamping too is coming through the paint which I like, only wish there was more of it for a bit more of an industrial / been-on-a-container-ship-over-the-high-seas kinda feel…


I was hoping to have the ‘after’ shot blogged here today but not sure if I will have time this morning, I have a school thing to go to… but I’ll pop some updates on Facebook – have you come over to say G’day to the Beach Cottage Facebook page yet?   We’re over here!

Adios then my friends, oh yeah, Barls just blogged over here, he has been getting cheeky in the garden this weekend and I am guest posting over here today at this blog.

What do you think of the crate so far – not a herb/veggie planter in the end (on the look out for another one for that re-purposing) but looking good so far don’t you think….and for zero dollars not too tough on the old pocketbook ;-)


p.s.   if you subscribe to the Beach Cottage Newsletter I’ll put a few sneak peeks of the finished crate in there today… ;-)


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17 Responses to “Beach Cottage DIY Painting – The Free Crate”

  1. Love it! It now has that Beach Cotttage touch!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Shirl’

      I just moved it and put some pretty flowers on it and wow it looks good out there in the Winter sunshine! xx

  2. Bev says:

    Love it…. I wish I know of a paint from US that would match !

  3. What a great idea! Looks fantastic! I am doing something similar with an old dark wood Balinese day lounge. Really enjoyed your ikea story too.

  4. Liz says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I live in the sane area of Sydney as you and was wondering where you do your thrifty shopping? Any particular favourite places you’d like to share??

    • sarah says:

      well Liz I mostly just stay over here on the beaches and just regularly treasure hunt! I think that is the way to do it!
      I frequent Vinnies often but to be honest the op shops are now more exxie than buying new sometimes so less of that nowadays – I also love garage saling and sometimes do a bit of Ebay when I am in the mood


  5. Janelle says:

    Not bad for a free box!!! Doesnt white just make everything work?? Your table and chairs finds sound fab! Cant wait to see!! Have a fun week….xx

  6. Rukmini Roy says:

    This a winner Sarah, I am telling you. A beach cottage planter this will be? Can’t wait to see.

  7. Alice says:

    Excellent Sarah!!! That’s the perfect use for it I reckon and it is looking fantastic! I can’t wait to see your dining table and chairs! I have to admit I am obsessed with dining tables and chairs… I think they are my fav. type of furniture. I don’t know but I just seem to be really drwn to dining tables and chairs! lol Really can’t wait to see your find!

  8. Motherofluvlies says:

    thank you very much for the replies….i still find it all so exciting ,don’t you think …AMAZING that I can see your life if rom the other side of the world! We had Fathers day here on Sunday and my daughter rang from USA on Sat and Brussels on Sun and then my emails from Oz from yourselves…..but my 16 yr old just laughs at me .We didn’t even have mobile phones when we grew up Nor y ou I,m sure in ‘the old country’ at primary school.Anyway I,m rambling…it,s about the newsletter.I haven’t ever received one ,although I have subscribed twice.I don’t want to miss anything .looking forward to seeing the end results….and believe it or not….it’s still raining!Have a gd sleep.we are just up and going here.xxx10am. And not doing housework cause I,m addicted to your blog.My triplets are not even dressed yet.:)

    • sarah says:

      oh my lordie you have triplets! and you get time to read blogs!!!!!!!! ;-)

      yes the power of the internet is staggering…

      errrm the Newsletter has had a few hiccups, it’s going out shortly so if you don’t get it, leave me a comment here and I will look into it



  9. Hi Sarah,
    Love the crate, but be careful about using the mini Weber on it, we just used ours on top of the wood retaining wall in our backyard, and much to our horror discovered that the wall was actually ON FIRE, smoldering and finally flaming up. Guess the little bbq got a little too hot, the moral is next time we need to put something non flammable under it (a metal tray? I don’t know what!) Anyway, now you are warned…and we have a charred retaining wall to repair! (I’m just thankful this happened in our temporary home, and not on the new deck!! lol!)
    PS. I enjoyed all the ocean shots, don’t you just love those giant waves?!xo

  10. alison says:

    I love the way you wish things into your life.


  11. DeAna says:

    I love the free crate! I have a love affair with free or really really really good deals. I’m afraid that I may love the deal more than the object sometimes. What do I do about that? It gets me in trouble sometimes…:)
    Great job as always Sarah.