Beach Cottage Blog gets a Mr Teenage BC Guest Post

Fri 15th, Jun, 2012

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Hello all you Beach Cottage friends, it’s Mr. Teenage Beach Cottage here with my first guest post on the blog!

So here’s the story, the surf here on the beaches is huge and wild at the moment and for me that means I can’t wait to get out in the surf, though sometimes I get told that isn’t happening by my mum – these waves like those all through this post to her look scary!

So along with being in the surf, I am beginning to enjoy taking photos of it and have found some great coastal and surfing photographers through Facebook and some guys in Australia who shoot the surf and capture all that I feel about it.

So, yesterday me and mum (Mrs. Beach Cottage) were on our way to drop me off at school after an appointment at the orthodontist. Knowing the surf was big, she said how about we go the coastal route and we went the headland way to get that million dollar view of the ocean.  It was so fantastic we got out of the car and just stared, and then I grabbed her camera and we ended up stopping for ages.

I took many photos of the surf, though being on a board and taking some point-of-view shots when in the water would have been much better.

I really enjoy taking coastal shots and most of these were taken by me (tomorrow morning I am going out early with mum’s camera gear to get some early morning shots – she would NEVER get out of bed early to do that) and I am starting my own Facebook page too of Sydney coastal stuff.


Look at the raw power behind this monster!


Mum took this one of course!

20120615-03-IMG_0182 20120615-04-IMG_0214

Some nice grass (she took that one too!)



Take a look at this one bombarding the cliff.


Almost got wet by this spray.



Mum, working her magic with the iPhone.



Another monster hurling towards the cliff.



Look how crystallised these droplets look.



This one’s my favourite, look at that right hander!



Yet another one crashing against the rocks.





Later on that day, after school, I was so up for a bit of action in this surf, not alongside it….and so I headed out ready to go.

I think it’s safe to say, ‘I am lucky to be alive’ after my eventful surf late that afternoon though.

I was out for a surf in these harsh but rather enjoyable conditions catching up with my old surf patrol captain. After some great waves and fun and with the sun quickly setting, and that ever present thought of sharks in the back of our minds (evening is their dinner time too!), we decided we’d best be heading home.

All of sudden, out of nowhere this 20ft bomb set (or, a very VERY big wave) comes charging towards us, me on my small and light body board duck dived through thinking I’m safe, but all of a sudden get thrown 20ft down to water level landing with an excruciatingly worrying impact and pinned deep underwater not knowing which way was up for a long lasting 10 seconds.

Finally I find the water’s surface and filled my empty lungs with the sea air, then I hear my friend shouting in despair, I don’t think mum would have liked the language too much.  I turned around and saw only the bottom end of his board attached to his leg rope!

Then came 2 more of these monstrous waves, pinning us again underwater.

In this sticky situation I decided I needed to take action, I grabbed my board, held onto my struggling friend and caught a wave back to the security of the shore.

By this time we were exhausted, every bone in our bodies were sore, and not to mention our lungs!

Standing there, hands on our knees still trying to catch our breath (it had been a good 5 minutes since that 1st big wave by now), the rest of the surfboard just casually washed ashore right at our feet.

That surfboard looked as though it had been driven over by a truck, hit with a hammer and then thrown off a cliff! So with one 10th of the board in one arm, and the rest in the other, we headed for the change rooms, had a shower, and went our separate ways.

I phoned mum she picked me up from the beach and I told her I had a story to tell!

It was a good session lol!  But I told her the abridged version!


The wave about to hit the rocks in this one was HUGE!


Almost ruined the camera again! Got too close to the spray!




OK, I hope you enjoyed my first post here on my mum’s blog, she took a read through of this and gulped at my surf story but seeing as most of these photos are mine she thought I should be the one to write it.  I am going to be working on my surfing shots and will be getting my Facebook page going and then posting here if there are any that are good that you might like.

apparently you visitors don’t comment much but what did you think of my guest post?

I hope you liked the surf and where we live from a different perspective?

Mr T Beach Cottage

(edit from Mrs Beach Cottage : ladies did you see that ‘right hander’?  how about we ride that baby, yeah?  ;-) ;-)

p.s I would love to see what the surf looks like from this birds point of view.

more images here for you to have a look at

[nggallery id=50]


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124 Responses to “Beach Cottage Blog gets a Mr Teenage BC Guest Post”

  1. Kim Buca says:

    wow! i really enjoyed this post i think you did a great job! bc teen!!! those waves are amazing but i too am a mom(mum) of 2 teens and i too was a little worried when you posted you were gonna surf those waves! they scare me my son learned to boogie board this past summer and i fretted the whole time he just wanted to go farther and farther out!! i was like nooo way!! so do be careful out there! the way you caught the waves and water spray and droplets is amazing! keep posting every now and then!!! I love looking at all the beautiful sea pics!
    stay safe!
    Kim from mi!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! Well tell your son to start surfing small waves, and slowly ride bigger waves until one day you or him won’t be worried. :)

  2. Lynne says:

    Wow! I can see why you love surfing — the power of those waves is unbelievable. Great shots!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! They are powerful, and heavy, which hurts a lot when it hits you in the head.

  3. I’ll be sharing this post with the surfers in my family in the morning – awesome stuff!

  4. Melinda says:

    Hey – I remember learning to surf and was playing in some post cyclone swell – I may not have broken my surfboard but do remember getting pinned down and seeing what felt like 20ft of whitewash coming toward me feeling like I had been sucked out about 1 km. Well done for surviving – mother earth sure knows who is boss

  5. Rob says:

    Hi Mr T (BC),

    Here a note from one of the few male followers of BC Blog…all the way from The Netherlands. Thanks for your nice blog post. I love to see the pictures of the powerfull Ocean. Especially from Down Under…the country I love so much!
    Nice to hear that you’re are searching on FB for nice wave photos. I do the same for mine!
    Unfortunately the sea is less impressive down here so pictures aren’t that spectaculair as yours.
    Take care with surfing

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks man! Well where you are you don’t have to get up at 4am to watch the Netherlands vs. Germany EURO game.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Totally rad dude!! But please be careful!!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks!! I’ll try to be careful but part of surfing is not worrying about being careful. :)

  7. MJ Krech says:

    Thanks for visiting, Mr. Teen! Fun to hear about Australian waves from your point of view! Although I have to say, I’m with your mother! Be careful! But keep taking photos! You’ve got talent!

  8. Donna says:

    the waves are awesome! great pics! love australia, have always wanted to go there. thanks for sharing your view. keep on taking pics you’ve got talent there Mr. T BC. (and sarah, i would have been freaking out reading that story!)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great post Mr. TBC! I have to admit, my heart did stop a bit there in the middle. I suppose I should get used to it though, being the mother of an adventurous boy and all though… I remember getting pinned under the waves when I was about 8 or 9 (we lived in Hawaii at the time), it seemed to go on for quite a long time and I remember thinking, “better stay calm or you’ll drown yourself!”. Glad you and your friend made it out safely – the stories are always so much better if you come out the other side! Great photos too!

  10. HRH Sarah says:

    INSANE waves! Mr. T BC, you have got a great eye- those pics are fantastic! So glad you came out of that crazy ride unharmed… Looking forward to more guest posts, and seriously that first picture took my breath away.

  11. Mandy says:

    Great Post teen B.C. Although if I were your mum I would be terrified! The surf does look incredible tho – some great photos – you obviously have your mum’s talent for taking pics.

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! I used to be scared too, but I’ve overcome that fear (only to a certain extent).

  12. Mary says:

    Somebody has been paying attention to the lovely photos Mrs. Beach Cottage makes. These are really powerful – I think that they show the completely different relationship the Mr Teenage BC has with the surf – excellent and beautiful!

    Mary in MN

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! Well I think surfers have a completely different perspective of the ocean compared to non surfers.

  13. Hollace says:

    Wow, great story telling here. You may end up as a surfing photojournalist! I was totally captivated by the threat of those waves holding you under–I almost lost my breath myself! I am glad you are okay and that your friend is, too. I can’t help but say (as a mother myself) “Listen to your mother’s caution. She may be right! Be careful out there!”

  14. Nst90 says:

    Wow, totally awesome pics! You have some talent and your mum must have a really awesome camera it takes some great shots! Love the post and your point of view. Gee Sarah, can we get his point of view on the “putting in of the cupboardS” too? ha ha Eye-rolling included please….. :)

    And yeah, that ‘right-hander’ was a.MAZ.ing.

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Haha thanks! Well, I can’t put the cupboard up and take the photos at the same time! :)

  15. Krisztina says:

    Absolutely amazing pictures! I’m sure your Facebook page will do well! Some of the pictures you took would make awesome posters!

  16. Karen says:

    Fab pix, looking forward to your FB site. Good angles and nice and sharp, keep up the good work!

  17. I SO want to visit Australia! I am from, and live in Canada, in the Maritimes. I am a swimmer. It’s my “me time” first thing in the a.m. The alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m., and I head to the Y for my laps. I think it would be SO cool to be in those waves! Heck, for that matter, just to do my laps in salt water, as opposed to chlorinated water would do it for me, lol!

    Amazing pictures. Loved every one of them! Good job, Mr. Teen Beach Cottage!!!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! And I can assure you swimming in the sea is a lot more exhausting than in the pool!

  18. Gem says:

    Hi Mr Teenage Beach Cottage boy. What a lush post (I am from Somerset, we talk like that a lot). We recently moved to the coast in West Sussex and the sea and the waves amaze me, so the photos you’ve taken for your first ever blog post are amazing. I could have looked at them all day.
    Here in West Sussex, the boys go MAD for kite surfing. I will write a post about it sometime this weekend, so look our for it. I’e never seen it before and it is so incredible to watch. They leap 70ft in the air. Surfing with a kite. Mental!!!
    I backpacked round Oz with my boyfriend (who is now my husband) in 1999 and we loved living in Sydney. I loved Kuringai national Park, Bondi (although though it was a little overrated), Manly etc etc. Oh what a brill year we had!
    Enjoy it all!


  19. sue austin says:

    That was a fun read! A bit scary, but fun. . . Does your Mum surf? I look forward to your facebook page.

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Well, it was a fun surf, a bit scary but still fun! :) And no she doesn’t unfortunately.

  20. ComfyChair says:

    Beautiful photos, and wonderful first post! Talent certainly runs in the Beach Cottage family. Looking forward to more piccies and adventures.

  21. samantha says:

    Fab waves! Very scary story, you are so lucky to escape in one piece.
    I can’t help but notice, but if looks like Mrs Beach Cottage still has the price tag on her scarf, :-)
    look forward to seeing your surf page.

  22. Catherine says:

    Great post!! Amazing photos – will definately be looking out for more. And I loved the story – we live near the coast (on the Central Coast) and I watch those surfers go out in big waves (just like you) and think ‘what are they thinking!!!’

  23. Corie says:

    What a great story, really looking forward to your Facebook page. Love a great surfing session, and love Big waves only a surfer knows the feeling lol
    = )

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! I’ll share the Facebook page once I get it up and running, and yeah it’s an unforgettable feeling, especially in a tube.

  24. Selby says:

    Gorgeous shots tbc:)

  25. Trish says:

    Hi Mr Teen B.C. That was a great read and the photo’s are amazing. We are very lucky to live in such a magnificent country as Australia. I’m glad that you love your surfing but please be careful the ocean can be a very scary thing. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and good luck with that blog. Trish xo ;)

  26. Great post! What a story! As a “mum” of a teen boy and a tween boy myself (except they call me “Mama”), that really gives me the gulps and shivers. Very well told… and I’m so glad you were able to tell us about it! You take care out there on the waves, and keep the gorgeous photos and stories coming : )

  27. Cris says:

    So glad you are alive and well to tell about it! The photos are great . I am glad that you shared them and your adventure.

  28. jan says:

    Great post MR T..thankyou…….please do it again sometime in between surfs..

  29. Janet in Kentucky USA says:

    Great job. I was holding my breath that there wasn’t a shark that got the board! I was at the beach today in Florida and our waves were nothing like that, but still beautiful.

  30. Pam says:

    I have only been reading this blog for about a month now and love it! I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and moved to my own “beach cottage” two years ago. I am loving all your ideas and projects, giving me lots of inspiration and things to try! I also surf in my backyard, so this blog just got even better with this post! Combining all my loves!
    Thanks to you both, can’t wait to read more!

  31. Lynne says:

    I loved, loved, loved reading your post. I do admit felt very nervous for your escapade on the board and thundering waves. Do keep the enjoyment factor going but please be careful . . . I am feeling the mum thing big time!

  32. Jan says:

    Really enjoyed your guest post. Great photos. You’ve obviously inherited your mum’s talent. (Tell your Mrs BC that I love her blog. Should have told her ages ago!)

  33. Welcome to blogland, Teen BC! It’s so nice to see you here! I loved seeing the photos of the surf. Amazing power and strength in those waves. I just can’t even imagine being on and in them! Thank goodness you conquered them! Keep up the good work – and keep on blogging! You tell an amazing story! :)

    xoxo laurie

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! They really are powerful, and can literally knock your teeth out if you get unlucky.

  34. Jenny says:

    Those waves are amazing! I tried surfing and it’s a lot of fun but I’m not ready to tackle any major waves. We invested in a beach cottage and we’re still renovating it. The beach is so alluring we’ll probably hire someone to finish the work so we can play.

  35. Tammy says:

    I love the shots u took with your camera! Looks like u love that place,sharks or no sharks! I’m trying to talk my husband to move to the water here in the USA! Looking forward to more posts from you!

  36. alison says:

    Mr T BC
    Wow, I like your photos. I can’t believe how your collection of photos has its very own personality and style, completely different to mum’s.


    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! I think it’s because I take photos from a surfers perspective and mum does not.

  37. Manda says:

    Nice one Mr teenage BC, I see you have inherited a talent for photography from your mum.
    Thanks for sharing your day in the surf with us.
    x manda

  38. Rukmini Roy says:

    Good Work Mr. Teen Beach cottage. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and sea rush :) I see a landscape photographer in the making? Indian Ocean has some gigantic waves that you might like to capture if you ever come on this side of the planet. Huge is the word.

    Love from one coastal city to the other. Keep writing :)

  39. bianca snow says:

    Really loved reading your post.. even though it did make me hold my breath!! Great photos too : )

  40. bec says:

    Sick post Mr T BC, sick waves and sick photography. You have a talent for capturing the raw beauty of the surf. We watch the waves here up at Noosa and lately the swell has been wicked.
    Look forward to another post from you dude!
    Bec (mum of teen boy who skates and off snow boarding next week in NZ). x

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! Yeah I’ve seen pictures of the Noosa swell, I’ve surfed there once, when it’s big you can ride it in all the way along the cliffs.

  41. Tiff says:

    Given the choice between going to school even later or taking shots of the amazing surf, I’d choose the surf too! Nicely done on all counts Mr T BC.

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thank you! If I could I would surf all day, an old teacher at my school tells us that back in the 80′s and 90′s, only 20% of the school would turn up if the surf was good!

  42. Motherofluvlies says:

    FANTASTIC FANTASTICFANTASTIC!!! I live in England but am Irish and used to holiday on the West coast of Ireland waves but grey you have….Blue sky And waves.Fab shots .Oh I love those.I am pining for those waves but teenage BC please take note…you surfers are Not invincible but I think you have had your scare.Your poor mother.I envy your courage and what a joy to be able to see through Mrs BC and yourself.Oooo more of that please.Thank you ,you have cheered me up immensely.I will definitely be sharing these with my boys.
    Nb to Mrs BC if you keep up this wonderful blog you had better be careful we don’t all up and come visit as we sit in rainy England.
    Lovely lovely thank you both

  43. Motherofluvlies says:

    Of course now comes the dilemma.Which new board ;)

  44. Louise says:

    Great job, Mr Teen BC! So glad you made it back to tell the tale!

  45. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Great post, Mr Teen BC! Love the pictures! I don’t surf, but when I was in my pre-teens, I would body surf in the waves off the beaches of Newcastle, just a little further north of you. It was awesome!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! I’ve surfed at Newcastle once, there are some great reef breaks up there apparently.

  46. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Dude. Gnarly waves, man. Great post and great photos! But be careful out there, Grommet. That was a hiddie time you had out there. Can’t wait for more sick photos and posts from you!

    Best from Laguna Beach, California

  47. Angela says:

    Good job, kid! I love how when we are all kids, we never tell the whole, true, version of a gnarly story to our parents at first. We let a little more of it come out here or there. It sounded pretty epic. I hope you catch a ton more of waves and always ride ‘em safely to shore.

  48. Celeste says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Horrifying story!! If I were mum I might never let you out of the house again. ;) So glad you shared your story and I hope you share more with us!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! I think the story sounds worse than it was, and hopefully I’ll share another story next guest post.

  49. Lark says:

    Great pictures and writing! You remind me of my brother when he was a teenager going surfing when a big winter storm came in here in Southern California. I don’t think he ever let my mom know he was out surfing on those monstrous waves. What a great place you have to grow up and have fun!

  50. Motherofluvlies says:

    Oh it’s me again.I am totally addicted now.i,m the one with the wardrobe dilemmas.We are finished it now.My lot(8 of them although 3 are gone…..uni,jobs e.t.c.) think its hilarious that I keep showing them your photos…..not the house ones of course,I keep those a secret so they don,t know what’s coming!!Did you sort out your wardrobe dilemma?

  51. Susan says:

    Very well done Mr. Teen BC! That is quite a story you have to tell, I’m glad you and your friend came out of it ok! Your pictures are great and I can tell you have a love for life, photography, sports and communicating!! (kinda rare with some teens :( ) Keep following your passions and sharing with the rest of the world…..we really love it! And by the way….you have a great role model :)

  52. Brilliant!!
    Mr.Teen BC you are the BIG version of my littler guy…he bought his first fibre glass board the other day (he’s 11) after living in Ol’Blighty (your mum and dad’s old stamping ground!) for the last four years…
    I guess once beach life is in your heart, it doesn’t matter where you live for a while, you still need to be part of it every day!
    Fab photo’s- Sol loved them too!!
    Looking forward to the next istallment..and a FB page of them!

    Melissa :)

    PS_ Sol says “G’day, might see ya in the surf!” (bless him!!)

  53. Twexploits says:

    Fantastic work! Love the teen perspective on beach cottage life. My son does not surf, but uses an SUP and adores and respects the sea. Cheers from the.chilly North Atlantc.

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks heaps! Well I must say I don’t blame him for not surfing the North Atlantic sea.

  54. Alice says:

    My gosh! I love it when the surf is heaving like that!!!! It’s my favourite time to watch the waves (just before or after a big storm), the sea comes to life with a vengence but I wouldn’t be gutsy(though in my mind I think CRAZY!) to go into it! I would agree, taking some photos from the surfers point of view would be real nice… I quite like all those barrel (?) shots that I see in surf mags or photos… Quite beautiful tunnels of water… I remember as a kid being smashed by a wave ( I think I was 12)… I still rememeber the pain… Not fun.. I am glad you had the strength and endurance (as well as quick acting skills) to help your mate and yourself out of the surf… If it was my boy I think I would have gone weak at the knees with horror I can’t imaging what Mrs B.C was thinking or feeling(probably the same).. Just take a little more care out there… You obviously know what you are doing but man the sea… she can be moody and do some crazy (read dangerous) things.. She is glorious but still scary… Though the thought of sharks (and rips) keep me on the sand and shallow end of the sea :) Great photos BTW… Keep at it…

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks! It’s taken a long 6 years of fear full training to overcome the fear I used to have.

  55. Jacey says:

    Well done, Mr. T BC! I really enjoyed your blog, and your pictures were fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to your next guest blog. In the meantime, play safe. :)

  56. Susan says:

    Sounds to me, Mr Teen BC……. that after THAT surf experience you can now truly call yourself a beach dwelling Aussie. We all gotta get scared to death out there {more than once} to show the surf the respect it deserves and demands from us every once in a while……. and maybe you better move up to a bigger board! Glad you could help your friend in! sounds awesome and I like your pics :)

    Susan :)

  57. Susan says:

    Okay, Mr. Teen BC, I’m from the Florida beaches and your story scared me. Between the sharks and giant waves your poor mother is going to be a nervous wreck. Your pictures, however, are gorgeous and I look forward to future posts. Be safe!

  58. Terrie from Atlanta, Georgia USA says:

    Wow! Just…Wow. Amazing post, from the nascent photos to the story-telling, the honesty and raw emotion in your “voice.” As an English teacher and water-lover, I can tell you that you caught my mind and heart with this post, TBC ~ how great to find your passion and be able to not only follow it, but share it with others. A true gift. Keep us posted…if this is truly your path, mentors will come from places you’ve never imagined! Peace & Love from American shores xoxo

  59. LOVE this post! Love it! Well done. Can’t wait to “Like” your Facebook page. xx

  60. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures you have your mums eye !!

  61. Sarah says:

    Great post Mr Teenage Beach Cottage and beautiful photos. My husband would be love to have your ocean as his backyard.

  62. Susan says:

    Good job Mr. TBC…and I can’t wait until you get your FB page up so we can see some shots from the ‘inside’. Nice pics and what a story…gulp. We used to live close to the Texas coast and while the waves can be that big during storms, etc. that was pretty scary. But I used to love watching the guys surf and always wish I’d tried it then.

  63. Cristiana says:

    Wow Mr. TBC, that was quite a story!! You really captivated my attention. Glad you came out good!! I dream of going to Australia one day! Your pictures are so beautiful!! I am from Costa Rica, (Central America) and we have some beautiful beaches there, I now live in Texas and I long for a pretty beach! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  64. judy says:

    omg! you are one lucky boy! please as a mum i say please dont risk it again lol! great photos i really enjoyed looking at them.you have your mums talent! I dont get to the beach much these days as i live at Nundle so i really enjoy the ocean shots.I grew up in sydney and spent much of my teenage years at the beach especially Manly.thanks again for sharing they are truly amazing photos

  65. Emma says:

    Hey Mr TBC, somehow missed your post last week, your photos are brilliant! You really captured the power of those massive waves. Let us know what your facebook page is… and we’ll be keen to see your next post here. Keep clicking, and surfing!

  66. Shar Y says:

    wow, i am so impressed! awesome photos! they really show the power of the water. i have tried so many times to capture waves; you nailed it, spot on! Good job and keep them coming!

  67. Sabine says:

    Wow. These photos and the story are very impressive! Congratulations.

  68. Angela says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Thanks all BC crew for joining in. I’d like to hear & see more!

  69. Jennifer says:

    I loved your post Mr. Teen BC and the shots too :)