and that is that

Fri 22nd, Jun, 2012

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Someone told me your phone pics are a window into you…interesting


So, today in Beach Cottage Land….

What My iPhone Photography Says About That


Blue sky Winter days, perched birds & oranges garden style

warm layers pretty views & ocean pools

20120622-02-the-beach-cottage- 20120622-03-beach-cottage- 20120622-04-beach-blog_thumb

waiting for the ferry

 just colours…


boats on the sand



city lights, Sydney buildings and going home

20120622-09-the-beach-cottage-blog 20120622-08-IMG_6017_thumb



So that’s some of mine from my iPhone, a few more here…


[nggallery id=55]



Happy Friday ladies!

Next up in Beach Cottage Land I have the table to show you, errrm it’s a real before shot, but I can’t wait to get started on it..




What does your phone say about you?

Bye for now!

Sarah x

p.s. all photos via my iPhone 4 & edited in Windows Photo Gallery 
(for the BC look I saturate, adjust the Histogram, add contrast & play with the tint)

Daily Beach Cottage pic is up here 


& Barley blogged today here xo


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19 Responses to “and that is that”

  1. mom2ashley says:

    Hi Sarah
    I have been following your blog and I enjoy reading what you have to post everyday! Love the pictures and am soooo envious of where you are!!!
    I also love your BC fashion! May I ask where you got that pair of flats from? They are lovely!!! My kinda style !:)

  2. Gorgeous clouds. Summer’s barely started and here you have me drooling over a winter sky ❈

  3. alison says:

    Ooo, that photo of your feet looking into the Harbour water from the wharf took me straight back to my childhood. I learnt to swim in a salt water pool at Gunnamatta Bay in Cronulla. Looking into the deep water scared the cr*p out of me but strangely it never stopped me from getting in and trying to swim. To this day I love swimming but I stick with olympic pools…no sharks. (Cue: “Jaws” music)

    Since my stay at Q Station I can appreciate the photos of your part of town so much better.

    I’m happy to let you to saturate, adjust and add while I just enjoy. Thanks.


    • sarah says:

      thanks Alison, errm funny you should say that when I took that shot I thought

      1. I could so easily drop my phone here and
      2. I coul so easily fall in here & make friends with a local shark


      Yep it’s a pretty nice place to have as your local town :-)


  4. loulou says:


    Your photos in general are a window to your (beautiful) soul.
    Whether they come from your normal camera or your iPhone you make the best out of a situation and I think that is reflective of your delicious blog and personality (even though we haven’t formally met).

    Great work and I love the simplicity of photos and todays post – well done (again chickky) :)

    x Loulou

  5. Alice says:

    That last photo with the seagull flying past and the one with the orange tree… Really speak to me…Love them. ummmm…. My phone is really basic and the camera really bad quality… The few photos that are stored there are just cute moments of my kids (I didn’t have my camera, so i reached for the closest thing).Hubby actually wants to get me something better and he is working on it so he tells me, it has now been six months. Sure I could go out and do it myself but he seems really pleased that he is doing this one thing for me that I don’t have the heart to hurry it along…

  6. Angela says:

    That third photo down… man, that sky. Eye-candy, that’s what it is. And I love the circle around the post on that pier, the colors of the water. Nice shots.
    My camera says that I’m addicted to taking photos. Pictures are a precious thing.

  7. Motherofluvlies says:

    What can I say….torrential rain and wind and I thought …..just a peep before school….Sarah might have something to motivate me and cheer me up…….AND DID YOU!A window indeed…..all were an insight but visually when I step away the couple that my memory retains is the deep water shot,oranges and strangely that amazing vibrancy of the rope on deck.of course it’s very exciting to see city shots and that flower shop took my breath away.Do all those flowers smell?Thank You so much.now on with the day ,a little cheerier for having sneaked a look.Dont tell anyone.

  8. Karlee says:

    Hey Sarah. Beautiful pictures as always! Your pictures show us your creativity, love for your life and your family. Always nice enjoying your blog on a quiet Friday night cosy on the lounge xo

  9. michelle says:

    my iPhone pics show what horrible, cold and wet weather we are having in England.

    Its mid June and I am still in jeans, long sleeved tops and BOOTS! Occasionally I manage a sandal for the odd day of sun and my toes dont know whats hit them :-)

    So jealous of your gorgeous weather and photo’s.

    Please send some of your sunshine this way. Pretty please!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Michelle

      Yes I was on the phone to England on Thursday while I was on the ferry and heard that Ladies Day wasn’t exactly warm :-)

      I must say this Winter is the best one so far for me, I have FINALLY got it with the night temperature dropping quickly and now rug up accordingly – it was 20C on my car thingie today – I am thinking that is more than you guys in Summer right now?

      How are you and how is the business going?


  10. You never fail us Sarah! Thanks so much for making my Friday more enjoyable with these gorgeous pics!

  11. jan says:

    oh dear Sarah..I hear in these comments the love for your pics and writing that gives many of us a pickup/smile/blog hug that helps spur us into the rest of our busy days..Thanks for the joy!!

  12. Kat says:

    I love the little glimpse into your day.
    Would love you to do a post about “a day in the life of me” just out of interest.
    Hm, well my pics on my phone are mostly taken when out walking with my youngest, or at the beach with all four of my gorgeous kiddo’s, or scenes that I capture simply because I love them like you do.
    I have seriously got to get into this instagram business, but still need to find out if I can download it onto a smart phone that is not an iphone. Do you know?
    Where were you off to on your day out Sarah? You look all dressed up and like you were off to something exciting :)

    • sarah says:

      I went to a press/pr event overlooking Sydney Harbour, so for me pretty special as the sun went down!

      yep I have had a few people ask me to do a day in the life post – I never think my life is exciting enough though…

      I am not sure about instagram on other phones, sorry x

  13. Shar Y says:

    just now catching up after traveling a bit. love the iphone photos. i still have the 3g and waiting til later in the year to upgrade. based on your photos, looks like it will be worth it. the quality is soooooo much better. and those blue skies, and blue waters: to. die. for.!!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Shar

      I have used the iphone4s and the camera on that is much better than on mine, good quality – I am waiting to upgrade to it too…x