A Sweet Vintage Find & Wasting Money

Tue 5th, Jun, 2012

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Hellooo, just checking in with a latest Beach Cottage thrifted find, a shabby old crate no less.

I found this recently at a local secondhand market, it was a bit expensive so I had to walk around a bit and mull it over…not really it was $5 and a no brainer – however, it did cause some controversy in this old cottage.

You see, Miss Beach Cottage is serious about finance…I don’t know where that girl will end up but I know that she won’t be wasting money along the way…this is quite interesting to me and it will often pop it’s head up at the most odd of moments, like this one…

We had arrived at the market, en famille including having the lovely Barls in tow, we did a bit of walking around, bought some food and then Mr Beach Cottage, Barley and Miss Beach Cottage went off one way to look at vintage clothes and tools and I had scarpered to look at vintage linens and grab a coffee… about half an hour later, after much perusing of lovely things I bumped into them at this particular stall with the old crate…there I spied it on the side in the ‘Specials’ section for 5 bucks….

I made a bee line for it, did a double take for any other shabby coastal chic buyers who might have spied it at the same time, then steamed right in for the famous Beach Cottage grab ;-) …at which point someone hissed

“what are you doing with that???”

This low pitched hissing  came from the mouth of a beautiful girl who has made my life very happy


…confused and frowning I replied that I was jumping up and down in vintage-blue-crate-with-shabby-patina-heaven and buying the old blue crate to bring home to our old cottage and fill with more old vintage things…

“don’t be ridiculous, you are not paying FIVE DOLLARS for that??!!!!”

errrrm, Miss Beach Cottage I love this, yes I know that it is a little old crate and not even that good of a one but it’s five bucks, we are at a vintage market, this lady has the goods, I have the dough and that’s the way of the world

more low down hissing

“PUT it back”

errrm nup, that would be a no I am buying this…and so I did, I handed over my crisp $5, smiled with the lady, she smiled back, it was a very nice exchange, I was happy, she was happy, a deal was done and I was one pleased little Beach Cottage vintage-secondhand-market-thrifter.

Hsssssssss.   Hsssssss.

“How much did you get it for?”


“What did you bargain it down to?”



“Did you knock her down?”

Errrrm, nup, it’s five dollars, kinda didn’t have the heart to offer less…


“You mean you didn’t offer $3?

No I did not!

some guttural sighing

and eyeballs in back of heads




OK Miss Beach Cottage how about you buzz off back to your vintage fashion and leave me with my 5 dollar crate?

And with much indignation at my frivolous ways she did.

And this is now the $5 crate in our house, on the coffee table, it is about to be re-housed in the study with my, ahem, large and growing and out-of-control stationery collecting habit, but I thought the blue and the sweet pea this morning in the wonderful Winter Sun that is streaming through the windows of this cottage would be just right to show you how I waste our money when I go out to a vintage market.

Good lord I am so pleased she hasn’t yet noticed my new shoes.

Tell me Beach Cottage friends, what little frivolous habits may you partake in at the weekends?  For your sake I hope Miss Beach Cottage doesn’t catch you…

See you next time.



p.s. Barley updated his blog here, come & see what he has been up to!


and a few other pics of crates in this old cottage here, just click the pics to open

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38 Responses to “A Sweet Vintage Find & Wasting Money”

  1. Alyson says:

    $5? I think that’s a BARGAIN!! I love it, and I’m glad you’re finally getting the ‘tude my buggers give me, although there’s is more “Mum Come ON, we don’t need an old box!!”…I know – it’d break your heart wouldn’t it? They never let me do anything!

  2. Hahaha, we seem to both have hissing daughters, but I fear mine is starting a bit young, hopefully that means it will be over earlier!!!
    I used to trawl our local market on the first sunday of every month and pick up china and crystal and old wares, but then we were grabbed for jobs with various community groups so it became very hard to go and not be stuck at a stall- and my cupboards had filled up, especially with my mums estate!! Nowadays I like to hibernate on weekends, I just seem to like that no pressure, no timeframe bit as opposed to weekdays, getting to work etc. I try to do everything during the week and leave weekends completely free. That way if we want to trip around like visiting our son at boarding school- Or getting him home(as we are this weekend) we have no commitments to disappoint others with too. So the kids don’t play team sports on weekends either – just travelling to whipcracking stuff.

  3. Kirsty says:

    haha I don’t have any little ones yet but this made me laugh! I have the opposite situation with a mother who is against ‘investing’ in anything vintage whenever we do mother-daughter shopping trips…I find I always get the best deals at thrift shops, that crate for $5? Bargain!! xo Kirsty

  4. Deanne says:

    Sounds like my B2 – his wallet has moths living in it I am sure!

  5. Deanne says:

    Forgot to say love the crate!

  6. Your post makes me laugh. I visited my parents last weekend and my mum had a lovely wooden box (used to hold two wine bottles) left beside the bins ready to throw out. I rescued it and she kept asking “WHAT are you going to do with THAT?”.
    At the time all I could say was “Put stuff in it”.
    As it turns out, it is the perfect size to take 10 IKEA spice jars. OK, I admit, at the moment I only have 5 IKEA spice jars……but thats hardly going to stop me is it?!

  7. Ok…… but no pic of the new shoes? You’re slipping….. ❈
    The crate does induce feelings of calm and happiness though!

  8. Lesa says:

    I laughed all the way thru this post …. lol … that’s the conversation I have with my daughter every time we shop – even in the grocery store she asks me if I’m sure I “need that”!! She is definitely the money hoarder .!. But I really laughed at the Pepsi crate from Louisville KY in Australia …. ! hehehe

  9. Alice says:

    hahahaha…. That was so funny! Loving the crate BTW… I didn’t think $5 was a bad price to pay considering how handy they are at keeping things tidy…

  10. alison says:

    The trick is not to give a flying fig what any family member or friend says about your purchases. We all get our thrills out of different activities and buying different things. ;)

    Only this week I dug out from a cupboard a little wooden crate that I need to transform. I thought at the time, “I need Sarah here for advice.” Because I couldn’t get inspired, in true Sarah form, I foofed my balcony instead and WOW it felt good.

    As I’ve posted before my house is officially full and I have pretty much everything I need – well a renovated ensuite and bathroom would be nice – so I think very carefully before I bring anything into my home and reciprocate by donating the same number of items or more to charity, family or friends.

    Onwards and upwards Sarah!!! :)


  11. Jody says:

    Beautiful post, both visual. And verbal. xo. jody

  12. Uh-oh……I see some teen-age eye rolling and eyebrows in your future, Sarah! lolol! Like father – like daughter…..? hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Mamma knows best, and $5 is a great deal for such a sought after beach-chic item!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  14. Narelle says:

    Love it! I think I need Little Miss BC to come shopping with me, maybe I wont spend so much. Love the create by the way and I think it was a steal at $5, good job.

  15. Hannah says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s very funny! Mr. BB roll his eyes at many of my thrifted crocker purchases. I have just learned to ignore them and to go shopping for such things on my own. I roll my eyes at his weekly scoopon purchases and he sneaks them in when I am not looking. We all have our vices and as long as the indulgence doesn’t negatively impact you guys (i.e. prevent you from buying food or paying the mortgage) then no harm done :)

    I personally LOVE the crate and think $5 was a bargain!

  16. HRH Sarah says:

    Oh, my goodness- insert my 13 year old daughter here! “Mommy, do you really NEED that?” “Don’t you already have something like that at home?” “Well, how much is it?” “Where are you going to put it?”
    I totally feel your pain! Love the little crate, by the way- and $5.00 is a bargain, no matter what our overly practical children think ;)

  17. Janelle says:

    They can be funny little poppets sometimes can’t they!? Blame it all on her father’s genes!!! Lovely crate, a girl certainly can’t have too many of those. And did you mention new shoes??? Pics Sarah, we need pics please!!! xx

  18. Rukmini Roy says:

    Umm..actually, pardon me but I think wee bit in the lines of miss beach cottage. But who am I to judge- i get those looks all the time :D I reallly like your crate but i also think 3$ would have been perfect. Please dont hate me this morning.

  19. bec says:

    5 bucks for the crate is a steal… I’m not sure what her problem is. Some coffee’s cost more than that. I have a similar crate slightly longer with partitions. I keep bringing up into the house and it somehow finds its way back into the shed! … no one in my home is owning up to it. GGrrrrr!
    nice treasure hunting.
    Bec x

  20. bridgette says:

    last weekend i picked up a big cable reel which i have intentions of buying some vintage looking castor wheels and turn my ugly duckling reel into a cool coffee table for our ( soon to be ) sunroom . i also scored two crates also for $5 each but they are a lot longer and another row of timber higher.i think they will make perfect book shelves Look up cable reel on Pinterest and spy the white cable reel with books stacked, that is my plan.. Happy hunting

    • bridgette says:

      by the way i love love your crate and i think you scored well, i do love crates :)

  21. jan says:

    Gotta love em when they come back with all the wisdom you have taught them……joys of parenting teenagers..

  22. Anonymous says:

    My frivolous time is a weekday arvo when I take mr toddler to a cafe for a” latte sized” bubbachino which is in one sense a big waste of cashola for a cup of froth but on the other hand a investment in 10 mins of near silence while the little fella works his way through his weight in warm milk froth:)

  23. Sharon says:

    Love the crate – I would have happily paid $5 for it (my husband would be horrified at this). My daughter (who is 9 this month) is highly practiced at eye-rolling, sighing and expressing her genuine dislike of most things I do. Her current question of the day is “Why do you have to paint everything white Mummy? White, white, white, white, white, it’s soooooooo boring!!” I love finding great bits and pieces, particularly during council chuck-out – amazing what people throw away. My best recent find is a timber cable reel which I’m going to use as a table on our verandah – very cool!

  24. Fleur says:

    I lurvvve the crate, I’m always on the look out for bit like these! But I must say I think I am team Miss BC on this one.

  25. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Had a giggle at your daughter being fiscally responsible. If I were you, next time she makes a comment, tell her that you are going to blog about it, and your $5 investment is going to return x times that amount in advertising revenue :)

    I find myself being very careful about how much I spend on clothes, for example, which is why I have far less clothes in my closet than my husband, but I have no problem spending money on craft supplies, or things for my hobbies. I think it’s just a matter of what floats your boat, so to speak. :)

    I don’t haggle, either, not even at garage sales…

  26. Marion Bulle says:

    “mer….sea” (merci … thank )pour votre blog. Même si j’ai parfois du mal à vous traduire, peu importe car les images parlent d’elles même! Votre décor est sublime ! et chaque touche de couleurs, fleurs, objets, meubles, tissus…. ressortent magnifiquement sur ce blanc… et puis la mer….. superbe paradis blanc…

    Marion bulle – france – maine et loire 49

  27. love the crate- love your girls thoughts…love that you still bought it- OF COURSE!

    enjoy- one can never have too many old crates in ones life!


  28. Begoña says:

    Hello!I don´t speak english but I need to say you that I love your blog .It´s wondelful and you are so fantastic-A lot of kisses for yoy

  29. Kim says:

    Hi Sarah … Can’t post on Barley’s Fan Page … but he looks so sad in his last photo … poor Barls xo

  30. christie says:

    Oh, that makes me laugh.