Roll-up – A bit of remarkable News

Wed 16th, May, 2012

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G’day lovelies!  Australia calling! 

So, a few years ago I had just moved into our first very own Australian house – I was a new immigrant to a new country on the other side of the world to where I had lived in the same village for my whole life and I love love loved our move to this place they call the Lucky Country more than you can imagine…you might have gathered that




 …did I think I was lucky?  Just a mahusive bit.

I about lapped up everything it had to offer – I walked the beach, I told my kiddos every single day how great this new life was for us, I gazed at the colours all around like I had never seen colour before, I sighed at the sunshine, I sang the Aussie national anthem every night before dinner and looked out to sea with, I think, pure love in my eyes.

The old cottage was the icing on the cake, it was far from perfect, it was on the wrong side of town, it was so very different from the lovely house I had known in my old life, it had a dead rat in the back garden, an orange deck and 4 sheds, but it had an old fig tree of my dreams, sash windows, wooden floors, tiny little cosy rooms and a little study all for me.

And I philandered around in all of that – the doing up of an old tatty cottage, the painting of things white, the slurping around  in this new life by the sea, the pleasure in hunting a new land for vintage things, the making it all a home…





…but looking back, through wrong choices in new schools, the age of my kiddos, being ‘just a SAHM’  I was missing something in it all…and that something was just being me…not in a sad kinda way, more really in a share kinda way, and so one night when we had first moved in I sat in the study surrounded by packing boxes, up to my eyes in paint, perched on a vintage green chair and a side-of-the road table turned white and decided that seeing as I didn’t have anyone to share all these new things with, someone who loved the same things as me, someone I could gush to about the colour of the flowers, the finding of vintage things, or the smell of the sea, I decided I would document it all via this big old place they call the world wide web.



And because the real estate agent had marketed the house that I sat in, oh-so-very ironically, a ‘beach cottage’, I opened up Typepad and started a blog and called it that.

And so began a journey I never expected to go on.




And there I found you.

And I liked it.




It seemed, for some reason, you liked me too.




I foofed.  You laughed.

I rambled.  You read.

I photgraphed.  You ahhed.

I gushed.  You nodded.

I loved Australia.  You sighed.




And in all that blogging stuff and the sea-change and leaving behind the things that weren’t so nice, along came the voice of a girl,  a forty-is-the-new-thirty-girl…a girl who got married too young, had a Honeymoon baby and then three more, who loves to dream with wellies and Peronis and vintage furniture and stripy skirts and too much bedlinen and white paint and the beach and a head full of rose-tinted glasses.

…and along that blogging journey she got herself back again and in between laundry and life and broken arms and taxi driving the world began to shine….

And now the time has come to move that old girl on a bit…..to move on with this little old blog broadcasting loud and lovely from a tatty old cottage on the beaches…




and so today I am very happy to say that I now have someone to help me, my agent Lorraine Murphy of The Remarkables Group, she will be handling this blog and all the things that I am trying to work on that are on the back burner of that place they call my brain – she will be taking over the opportunities that have come my way and the doors that have opened because of this little blog….

The Remarkables Group will be representing me and a few other Australian bloggers, Eden, Mrs Woog, Beth, Nikki, who, over the last few months have become part of this journey of mine – and after months of preparation The Remarkables Group has opened its doors….

Having Lorraine will allow this girl to continue to ramble and gush and dance but more importantly to carry on with this journey they call blogging…

I do hope you will join me for the ride?




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139 Responses to “Roll-up – A bit of remarkable News”

  1. Well that is indeed remarkable!! Happy to stay on for the ride (albeit as a bit more of a quiet passenger in recent months…but I’m here! :-) Congratulations and best of luck on this next leg of your journey.

  2. So….. what are you saying? That I’m going to walk into the store (Ok, if I were in Australia…)… and there are going to be BC endorsed products? Are you going to be the Kathy Ireland of Beach Cottage branding? Because if so…. that would be completely AMAZING (And very fun to watch from way over here)! ❈ Best of luck with your new adventure. ❈

  3. Suzanne says:

    Good for you Sarah!! You really have a gift of inspiring people with your written words!! Your blog is fab and I thank you for that!! Congratulations!!

    • sarah says:

      cheers Suzanne, have to say though it’s the girls who come here and read that have made me come back xo

  4. Tiff says:

    Oooo! That sounds very exciting :) Could that mean that we might see a book of photography? Or prints for sale? Oooooooooo!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm never say never is all I am saying Tiff!

      the last time I said that I ended up with a white & putty dog lol xxoxo

  5. Veggie Mama says:

    You know I ain’t going anywhere! You’re not going to change, the blog isn’t going to change, and anything that Lorraine does turns to gold, so it’s a WIN for everyone! I’m so happy for you, so excited, so proud that everyone’s talents are being recognised and respected. There is so much fun to be had and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Go you!

    • sarah says:

      thanks sweet girl…yes it is nice to be part of lovely talented girls!

      I need some of that sauce lol xoxox

  6. Laura says:

    Sarah, I have always enjoyed your blog immensely. I look forward to this next chapter. You have inspired so many with your ramblings. Keep up the good work and the best of British to you! Lx

    • sarah says:

      yes I think there might be a big long ramble coming up

      Laura, thank you for coming here and taking the time to leave me a comment…I appreciate that you do xo

  7. loulou says:

    that is big news (and great news)
    I wish you every success for what ever you life takes you in Sarah
    you are a delight to visit and “blog and tweet know” so I’ll be here :)

    x Loulou

    (I hope the voice of your blog remains)

  8. Goodest of mornings to you Miss Sars, not sure what this all means with the remarkable group but I can hear some doors opening for you and thats always a good thing. Will check out the link and see if I understand whats going on.
    Have enjoyed your journey from the earlier days, still one of my favourite bloggies.
    Gah auto spell check changed it to bloodies, yes it is an aussie blog, bloody oath ha!
    Alicia :)

    • sarah says:

      well hello up there lovely Alicia!

      haha this bloody blog is sometimes uttered by a certain male around here roflmao

      love to you x

  9. Wait, you’ve got an AGENT? HOLY DUCK FLAPPING CRACKERS.

  10. ArtistKnownAsSawHole says:

    I so love this blog. It is just beautiful.

  11. ComfyChair says:

    I’m sticking like glue. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Congrats!

    Plus, Sarah, I saw your doppleganger today! I took my mother to Ventura harbor (about an hour north of Los Angeles) today for Mother’s Day lunch, and I swear I saw you walking along the boardwalk by the boats. I was so stunned, and then she looked right at me and smiled. She really could have been your sister or cousin. She had the messy bun, summer pants, a cardi (green, not blue), the same type of bag and shoes. Now I see it was a sign of good things to come for us all!

    • sarah says:

      oooh spooky! I love it when you see things like that though!

      thanks for being stick ;-) x

  12. Liz says:

    It’s always good to have a Lorriane and a Remarkable Group in your life to help you get to the next great place. It’s gonna be fab! Can’t wait to see you shine on…

    • sarah says:

      I hope this shining gets brighter Liz….

      thanks for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment, I appreciate it x

  13. Corie says:

    Huge Congrats Sarah This is Great News !!!! Love you and your blog to bits, it has inspired me……

  14. Gen says:

    Good on you Sarah! I hope a lot of remarkable things come your way. You deserve it! Gen

  15. That sounds fabulous. Congrats and all the very best. A Beach Cottage will always be a part of my life :-)

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks so much for saying that! I feel the same about some blogs that I read…I feel like they are my secret friends that I love to have a coffee with…


  16. Susan says:

    Great news Sarah! It appears that you have taken your soup and are following your dreams :) Your blog is a delight to visit. You inspire all to find simple beauty in a hectic world. Thank you. I’m sure Barley is in agreement with this new arrangement (?) :)
    Much success to you!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I reckon Barley needs an agent lol!!!

      someone came up to me in the park and told me he should be in advertising – talk about laugh my head off…. though actually it might be quite nice to make him work for his keep haha

      yes the soup is quite nice :-)

      • Kirsty says:

        Congrats Sarah, very exciting! The Barley + agent thing made me laugh! My hubby says that to our dogs all the time…”when are you two going to start paying your way around here?” LOL he thinks they cost too much (we have two BIG dogs that eat a ton and unintentionally break things with their big waggy tails haha but really he loves them!) ;) xo Kirsty

        • sarah says:

          yep I didn’t quite realise how much they cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thousands and counting …but worth it x

      • Susan says:

        Barley….livin the life, eh? He has an agent….her name is Sarah and she’s genius!!
        Perhaps he could do a calendar or have his own book! Sarah….I think I’m on to something!!! lol


  17. edenland says:

    My god you take brilliant, amazing photos. WOW.

    Congrats, Sarah.


  18. Lisa says:

    How wonderful – good luck with your new venture!! Happy for you Sarah!

  19. Christy says:

    I’m so happy for you Sarah! You deserve it!

  20. Deb says:

    congrats Sarah. Sounds exciting for you. Your blog has kept me motivated and inspired on my sea change journey. Good luck and can’t wait to see how things pan out.

  21. So excited to be in each other’s blogging corner x

  22. Janelle says:

    A big YAY! for you Sarah!! I actually have no idea what you mean or whats going to happen (?!!) but it sounds so exciting I’ve got all caught up in the moment and I feel really happy for you!! Well done!! xx

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Janelle and THANK YOU for coming here, commenting and being part of it all x

  23. You Had me at Hello…(Jerry Maguire dramatic line – here it comes once More) YOU had ME at HELLO!
    Oh Sarah – I Love you and I love your blog -you are like the sister I always wished for, I can’t wait to see what/how your next chapter inspires me – bouncy happy claps for you darling! Just don’t get too far from your biggest fans – we still wanna reach our little finger tips up at you as you shine up on that stage <3 Best of luck with all those projects!

    • sarah says:

      oh I will always be here, this is what it’s all about for me

      thank you so much for riding this journey with me xxxx

  24. Nicole W says:

    WOW Sarah!! Even tho I have no idea whats in store, it sounds so exciting!! Can’t wait to see.. You go girl! Well done! You deserve it xx

  25. You’re a woman on the move, Sarah! Congrats, girlie!! I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve got up your sleeve! :)

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      hello Laurie

      thank you always for your sweet comments here, I appreciate them

      errrrm yes things are on the move…but I will still be doing it from a polka dot study x

  26. Alice says:

    I am not too sure what all this means but as long as you stay true to yourself I am curious enough to stay on and come along for the ride… I am assuming this is a biug deal so I will pass on my congrats and dare I say bring it on!

    • sarah says:

      well Alice it’s sure a pretty big deal for me!

      thanks for being part of this blog, I don’t think there is any doubt I will stay true to myself…this just means I get more time to blog x

  27. Sue says:

    I feel like I know your house as well as I know my own, except I don’t know how the rooms lead to each other. And as for the Beach Cottage kiddos — I thought there were three, but now I find that after the Honeymoon baby (I had one too), you had three more. So now I must adjust myself to four beach cottage kiddos. Wow. You are a busy woman, Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Sue

      sorry that wasn’t too clear, only three of the kiddos made it…there are only three, but we do have Barls now and Mr Beach Cottage haha


  28. Cally says:

    Congrats Sarah! I love your blog, it’s my favorite one. Your photos inspire me and I love how you write; really shows through how you’re such a down-to-earth gal! Can’t wait to see what’s coming and I’m so excited for you :)

    • sarah says:

      cheers Cally, I love taking photos, one of the best things I have got from blogging xo

  29. mari says:

    Cheers to you Sarah!
    Really no idea what it means but I am anxious to see your white doors open even wider.
    Good luck and I’ll be soaking in my tub absorbing all your newness.

    • sarah says:

      thanks very much mari, I will be soaking in mine tonight for sure, it’s been a big day lol x

  30. Nightowl_72 says:

    Congratulations! Thats great news for you. Now if you could please, please just set the blog so I can read it in blogger I’ll be back reading every post. I almost never read the ones that you can’t view in blogger. I just don’t have the time or the download limit.

    • sarah says:

      oooh goodness I don’t even know what you are talking about!

      I will try to find out though!

      thanks x

      • Nightowl_72 says:

        When you post appears in blogger it is in a shortened form. Just the first sentence or two appear and then you have to click over to your page to read the full post.

        I miss seeing what you are up to, so every now and again (if I have time) I’ll click over and try to catch up. It’s a shame because I’m last in on all the news!

  31. Kim says:

    Simply Fabulous Miss Sarah! I am so excited to see what new doors have opened for you my darling.How exciting! It’s just amazing all the talented women I have ran into through blogland and all the things I have learned myself through blogging.I am here with full support for you.Rock on! ~Cheers Kim

  32. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Congratulations, its seems that you were born to blog and now this is confirming to you what we have seen all this time..your brilliance!! Keep that light shinning…. xo

  33. Carin says:

    Congrats Sarah! So excited for you! And can’t wait to see what happens next (it will be fabulous, I’m sure!)

  34. Kate (Oxford UK) says:

    Sounds exciting, for a minute I was worried you were leaving us!

    Many congratulations, looking forward to going on the journey with you.
    Kate x

  35. Helen T says:

    I have no idea what this means Sarah, I wish you all the best and hope it means I still get my daily update on you and your cottage by the sea

  36. Neen says:

    Life is for living and baby you do that to the max. Love your daily waffle, amazing photos and foofing, your success keeps me excited to follow my dream ( to open a community school ). Good luck Sarah, here with you all the way.;)

  37. Fantastic! Go girl!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Sarah!
    You have worked really hard creating your blog and sharing your lifestyle and you deserve something really fabulous to happen,best of luck to you with your new journey.

  39. Fabulous! How exciting, I hope it is all and more of what you want!

  40. Margaret says:

    Congratulations – you deserve it. I’ll still be following along – have to support a fellow Northern Beaches girl!

  41. well this all very exciting Sarah – good luck on the next stage of your remarkable journey!
    Meanwhile , I have some remarkable news…adn yes, it really is…..after three long years since my last dog died….I am finally getting a new puppy on Friday!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures on the blog….do look!Her nan’es Boo….

  42. Rukmini Roy says:

    That is some excellent news!!!! Wow. Will we see tags on white ruffles that’ll say BC in grey? I’d pick one up instantly. Sarah I am really very happy for you. Honestly, this is some great news.

    • sarah says:

      thank you very very much and thank you for your continuous friendship, I appreciate that x

      • Rukmini Roy says:

        I am honored to have such an inspiring and an immensely talented friend. If you were here, I would have definitely taken you out for a drink..this is very good news. I hope beach cottage flourishes far and wide and you have a buyer. :) Keep rocking

  43. So could you be any more mysterious? ;-)
    Or is it that I simply have never heard of these ladies, Australia is possible as far away as I could get from over here in the low lands and I am therefore out of the loop, or are you just cloaking yourself in veils of mystery?
    Anyway I am all for it as long as you keep foofing and photographing and rambling and sharing and writing and making me jealous with pictures of sunny beaches and inspiring and making me gain a kilo a month with all of your delicious recipes. As long as you stay Sarah from the Beach Cottage I wish you every good thing in the world. You have earned it.
    So now tell me. What exactly is the big news and what (if anything) is going to change?
    Love from The Netherlands.

    • sarah says:

      I don’t see any mystery, I now have an agent to keep me in line ;-)

      there will be much more foofing and rambling and many many more recipes, the cupcake one coming up has meant my jeans don’t do up hahaha x

      • Oh, I get it. I since checked out that website. I never heart of an agent for bloggers. Wow that sounds so impressive and glamorous.
        Glad to hear about the continued foofing and rambling. Not so sure I will be glad with that cupcake recipe though…. My jeans and I don’t get along as it is :-)

  44. Robyn says:

    I keep thinking this blog surely can’t get bigger or better coz it’s already right up there…and then you surprise me all over again!!

    All the best…

  45. Selby says:

    Yowsers! You go gal!:) knock their socks off.

    Wishing you every success in your new ventures whatever shape that takes.

    Cheers from Melbourne


  46. Jackie P says:

    Congrats on this new adventure! I am a newcomer and I love the look and feel of your site. Hope it will continue to exude the uniqueness of YOU! Your site is as fresh as an ocean breeze!
    Jackie from New Hampshire, USA

  47. Good for you, Sarah! Very exciting. Looking forward to seeing where it all takes you next. :-)

    • sarah says:

      Hey Julia

      So nice to hear from you! How you going?

      thanks, this ride has been an interesting one for you in blogland I bet?


  48. Katherine Eaton says:

    I’m in for sure Sarah : ) It’s been nice having you here!
    Interesting! and I wish you all the best….keep on keeping on in true BC fashion….don’t change!!

  49. Marnie says:

    Sounds fabulous Sarah – looking forward to hearing more about it all :) Isn’t this whole blogging world just fabulous! Especially when you are such a happy,funny, uplifting blogger like you :) Marnie from WA x

  50. Jane says:

    Yippee! Your happy, I’m happy. Reading your blog convinced me I needed some ‘white’ in my life so I dumped the brown sectional and hit Ikea! Now when I open the door after a long day at work my white slipcovered couch and chairs sparkle even on gloomy days. Just a touch of pine and cobalt and it is heavenly. Of course I have to visit your blog to see the scenery that should be outside my windows…but I have a good imagination. Ever thought of doing posters? Murals?

    Thanks for all the inspiration and great good luck on the new venture!!!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Jane, I like the sound of your sectional…I am trying to convince my lovely hubby that we need to get rid of the leather ones I bought that were a huge mistake and get a nice puffy white one…not happened yet haha

      errrm I have been asked so many times for prints and posters but just not got any help here and the blogging kinda took over xo

  51. clemence says:

    Hi, I always read your blog to inspire me for my little house nearby the sea in France. I do love your decoration and your fashion. It’s so refreshing. Hugs from France Clemence

  52. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Sarah, How exciting! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next! I feel happy to have a ringside seat every morning here in Southern California! Blessings to you and your family!

    • sarah says:

      Hello Elaine in Cali!

      thanks for always commenting on here for me, I know it takes time…

      yep not sure what is going down next but I hope it will be a good ride xo

  53. HRH Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes you, Sarah. Your blog has been a part of my life in a sort-of big way (sorry, that just sounds weird, but I bet you’ll know what I mean) for the last couple of years. I’m so amazed at your ability to put yourself out here in blogland the way you have, it’s been so encouraging to me (and many more)…

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Sarah, I feel the same about a couple of the blogs I read so I know what you mean x

  54. lois munn says:

    I have nominated your blog for a contest thru “County Living Magazine”, in the USA. It was had to decide which category to enter you under~you qualified for all the choices!. I am a 67 year old grandma of 10 who loves your blog~it is the only one that I follow and I look forward to your posts everyday! Cottage living, beachside, the cutest dog on the planet~what more could we want! Thanks~ I would love to see you win!!!

    • sarah says:

      oh wow thanks Lois, nominated me in a Country Living competition?!!!!!! wow I won’t get a look in but thanks anyway lol

      I feel very honoured to be the only blog you follow x

  55. Shar Y says:

    Congrats! I knew you would make it in the big time. What’s not to like about your blog?!! It’s so awesome and I look forward to the new venture!

  56. Of course, people liked you-you are terrific.

    Very happy for your fab news! Hope that it goes so wonderfully well for you C:

  57. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah! I happily stumbled upon your blog by looking for curtain ideas – your ideas gave me ideas and i’ve been making trips to Ikea and to a seamstress and getting my 1930′s spanish bungalow in los angeles all decked out in white and linen colored cotton that looks so breezy and beachy thanks to you!

    Wishing you continued success on your journey and I’m glad that I get to “visit”.

    …So…what is that frilly layer on that curtain by your desk? It looks lovely – and I’m thinking just maybe it was sewn from Ikea curtains:)

    It’s so much fun to have such a conversation halfway around the world as if you are a friend who is stopping by to see my curtain project progressing:)

    Well..off to Ikea I go!

  58. alison says:

    Exciting. As I’ve blogged before, I love watching your evolution. It inspires me, especially as I’m having another mid life crisis this week. LOL

    Mmmm…a honeymoon baby and three more. I thought you had 2 sons and a daughter here in Oz. Have I missed something along the line???


    • sarah says:

      no only three made it, I should have made that clearer x

      thanks for the comment, mid-life crisis? hmmmm….go get some foofing under your belt ;-) x

  59. KAREN says:






  60. Emma says:

    How exciting! Looking forward to it. And of course we’re all coming too. We’re all addicted to our daily dose of white, pups and the ocean!

  61. Candice says:

    Awesome news Sarah , well done girl . Checked out your link to The Remarkables Group and read all about your great news , and fab for the other blogs that were in the 5 …. sisters of blog . Really really happy for you and BC ….. We are all here in ready support …. Cheers

  62. Karlee says:

    Congrats Sarah! You deserve every bit of success you get through your blog. Its always a pleasure to pop in for a visit, a read, a giggle, and a reminder of the beautiful beachside place we live in. Enjoy your ride <3

  63. Jos says:

    Wow – what a great concept – love it – and am interested to hear where it takes you – congrats – The Remarkables Group rocks!

  64. Debbie Panton says:

    Congrats to you. I must confess I’m not really sure what you mean when you say ” they’ll be handling this blog”… but you sound excited about it, so hope everything works out well. Will you still be writing or having more guest posts.. again, sorry, just not sure what it all means. Love your blog and congrats on all the new opportunities that have have opened for you.

    • sarah says:

      nothing will change really in terms of the blog, it just means I will have someone to follow things up etc… x

  65. What great news, Sarah… congratulations! I thought you might like to know that I’ve shared your surf picture (properly credited to you, of course, with links back to your blog-I’m a photographer too, so I get it) on my tumblr blog http://ReneMarieHome@tumblr.com (Beach Cottage Life) & it’s a huge hit ;0)

    So many people have a dream but don’t take even the first step to make it happen. Here you are, leaping (possibly) beyond where your dream started & it’s a beautiful inspiration. Love, love, LOVE to see a passion manifest into wonderful things. So happy to have discovered “aBeachCottage.”


  66. sharran miles says:

    ohhh sarah good for you your amazing !!! just dont leave us !!! what would we do without you ???

  67. Lesa says:

    Hi Sarah –
    Congrats on the big step to grow your blog and move it forward. Your daily posts, insights, and 40 is the new 30 humor puts a smile on my face every morning. Your blog is the first one I read each morning and it definitely gets me ready to start my day. There are so many of us out here who appreciate your efforts – Keep up the good work and thank you!

  68. Sounds exciting! Best wishes!

  69. Fiona Gaven says:

    Bit late in on this news but congratulations and well done on being selected, Sarah. (just saw it on twitter, missed it on your blog). Hope it brings you (continued) success and new opportunities. Its very exciting for you!
    Still laughing over winter cushions. Perhaps you and I can go into business with them. You foof, photograph and market them and I can hit the sewing machine (or are they knitted? No so good at knitting)….
    cheers Fiona