Look what I came across! A Beach Cottage Find

Mon 28th, May, 2012

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Look what I acquired!

Yay Beach Cottage Ladies look what I found!

I mean I couldn’t walk away, could I?

Errrm now we have two little problemos in Beach Cottage Land to be solved before about 6pm

What the heck am I gonna do with it?

How the heck am I gonna hide it from Mr BC?

I am already not in the good books b/c of the kitchen cupboards I bought yday.

Now I am in big trouble ;-)

I feel a favour coming on.

You like?

Would you like to leave me any advice on either conundrum? ;-)


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52 Responses to “Look what I came across! A Beach Cottage Find”

  1. Cherrie says:

    Throw a rug over it, plant it in a not too obvious corner and stack a pile of books on top.

  2. Lis says:

    A coffee table for the deck?? Throw some vintage linen on it and refinish it later!

  3. Mary Harper says:

    mmmmmmm, good luck with hiding it! Yes I think the rug and books in a corner….LOL! It would make a fantastic Veggie/herb garden, paint it white of course first.

  4. Susan says:

    I usually put stuff I want to hide in the back of the closet – I suspect that’s not going to fly, huh?

  5. Angie says:

    Yep push it to the corner and throw something over it quick ! Add some flowers and books !

  6. Sarah-Jane says:

    What about a herb box planter????

    • sarah says:

      oooh this would make a VERY good place to put veggies and herbs! (wish I had found two now!) x

  7. You could always paint it white to camoflage it ;)

  8. Melinda says:

    Just to be straight – Im thinking this was not FREE, not a side of the road find.??….mmmm trepidaton understandable.

    You’re terrible Muriel !!

    How bout outside the summerhouse, painted up and filled with herbs? NICE ONE xx

    • sarah says:

      no this was free, I did find it :-)

      but he will freak with me bringing in ‘more junk’ !!

      I am liking the sound of herbs more and more x

  9. Cheryl S. says:

    it’s awesome…. how about a deck storage box on your patio… and throwing a rug over it to hide it might be a good idea! :))))

  10. Katherine Eaton says:

    Well, with a bit of white wash, it’s looking like great storage to me lol!

  11. Manda says:

    ooh…good luck in hiding it! But how could one possibly leave such a great find behind?

  12. Selby says:

    Tablecloth n mags n coffe cups:) like the gals have said camouflage away! Hehe it was too cool to leave I agree:)

  13. Stick it in the summer house and pretend it was all part of the plan:-)

  14. Megan says:

    Put your fancy knickers on and hide inside..when hubby comes home you can pop out.. SURPRISE! I’m sure he’ll be fine with the crate. ;-)

    • sarah says:

      hmmm two small problems with that

      1. lack of fancy knickers
      2. Mr Beach Cotttage would have a heart attack
      3. no life insurance


  15. Flick white paint on it here and there and use it as storage at the bottom of the bed for extra duna and blankets.
    When he asks about it, tell him you had it all along and only now decided what to do with it.
    (That usually works with my hubby although….that was with much smaller items)
    I think the surprise Megan suggest is the best way out of this one ;)

    • sarah says:

      hmmmmm I am thinking it would need to be better than a free thrifted crate to get me in fancy knickers Simone…. new little Cartier on the wrist? possibly xo

  16. Melinda says:

    oh clever you, happy day !!
    where do these amazing finds hang out???

    ps Im not anywhere near Sydney so there will be absolutely NO competion on any future pick ups of these beauties xx

    pps Failing Megans suggestion lets hope Mr BC likes Honey Chicken Wings – give that man an extra serve !! it might be your only hope ;)

    • sarah says:

      haha food is always a good last resort, it won’t be fancy knickers and hiding in the box haha

      I always keep my eyes open so do my family (I have trained them to do so!) – always scouring Vinnies etc too x

  17. Hannah says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this! I think it would make a fab planter, personally x

  18. Rukmini Roy says:

    Love your find. A coffee table? A settee with storage? What is it becoming?

    • sarah says:

      I am liking the idea of a herb planter with some veggies and flowers

      • Rukmini Roy says:

        WOW! I get to say now, “What an Idea”. It would get a dollop of white I’m guessing? I can’t wait to see it. Yes, o wise one, go with it. It would be lovely to see some 100% Beach Cottage fresh produce.

  19. alison says:

    Take it straight to the girlie shed and put a throw over it. Add magazines and a vase of flowers. He won’t notice.


  20. dam.jane says:

    ok, this is not connected to your problem with the box, hovewer I came across this link and instantly thought of you, its’s from the oposite part of the worl, but includes over 190 photos with inspiration for “shabby chic” maybe also some inspiration on how to use the box included ;-) http://www.skonahem.com/inspiration/Shabby-chic

  21. That could be an extra storage and turn it to a center table..I like the white motif it’s very calm and relaxing…

  22. Tracy Fowler says:

    Hide all his HIS stuff in it and tell him it was a GIFT ;) Its a WIN WIN

  23. Deb Loughrey says:

    Fill it with all HIS favorite stuff and point it out to him as soon as he gets home. “Look what I got for you, honey, for you to keep all your sports (camera, painting, whatever) stuff in! Aren’t I a genius? Don’t you LURV it?”

  24. Jenny says:

    There is no way anyone could walk away from this excellent find – it’s just too good. The number of things you can do with it is endless. Can’t wait to see what you come up with ;-)

  25. Glennie says:

    I think the flowers/vegies/herb idea is going to win out but how about sawing the “feet” off and popping castors on it…. x

  26. Sarah-Jane says:

    SOOOO happy you are running with my planter idea !!!!!….yep! I said it first !!!

  27. annie says:

    I love the die of a whitewashed storage box with rope handles in the lid. Just knot them through some drilled holes. I so get your angst. I try to assimilate all found and thrifted objets before my Big Fella arrives otherwise it ends up under the house!

  28. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah at Yandina Markets , Sunshine Coast a lovely man would sell same type box’s for $10 , I was there for fruit and vege shopping , I was going to just bring it into our lives without anyone knowing until it became quite clear it was stuck in the car … I couldn’t budge it at all . Hubby had to remove rear seat and pull it out . My only saving was its the shoe box for the veranda . Its been a life saver … its dog proof , possum proof , the teenage boys large skate shoes no longer were death traps lined up at the front door , it also has a bag in there with spare laces , shoe goo { skate stuff for shoes } and shoe , boot polish for work boots and surf board wax . At present storage here is nill , so this box soon became a good friend .. A friend keeps beach toys { buckets and spades } in hers . It was the start of my box collection . Love the ideas the girls are coming up with .

  29. Jeannemarie says:

    It would be a great center island in the kitchen, with a slab of marble or on top

  30. Great crate! We have a similar one on our back porch… whitewashed & filled with frisbees, volleyballs, beach balls & such… but if you’re leaning toward a planter, what a spectacular herb garden it could be! … basil, sage, rosemary, oh my! And then there would be unlimited pesto… oh yum.

  31. Arleen says:

    First, let me say I truly love your post. Now I’ve been known to hide clothes and shoes, but when it comes to something that size I would just roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders and say in a soft voice “It spoke to me”