how to paint vintage furniture

Thu 3rd, May, 2012

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Good evening ladies,let’s talk about how to paint vintage furniture shall we

Logging in here this evening after a good day, but in terms of bloggie problems, a not so good day, thank goodness for that little lady on the side in my kitchen and meal plans, she keeps everything ticking along nicely for sure…

Today, between a ride into the City on the ferry for lunch I have been foofing with the vintage ladder that we recently found on a walk to the coffee shop…

Here’s what it looked like before, it definitely needed a paint makeover – there were some great suggestions for this in the comments, you can have a read through them here, or leave me some more ideas here, I am all ears





when I blogged it before I had thoughts about painting it all white, but rather than regret doing that, I decided to go in stages…

Sometimes when you are tackling something like this that is a good idea, I know that from experience – and if you are lucky to find a vintage piece with real shabby peely paint that has come from time and wear rather than been made to look ‘weathered’, then treat it carefully


how to paint vintage furniture

First thing I do is clean it up…

There are a few ways of doing this, firstly you can use a stiff brush like this one to get rid of really mucky debris, dust and or dirt…

If, however, it is not too bad and you are not precious, you can use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, also known as Hoover, to go over the whole piece

(I actually do both but it’s probs not necessary to do both steps….brush off to get rid of the main stuff and then go over with the vacuum for extra dirt ridding suction)




Next step is to clean.

The way I do it is good old fashioned soap and water, I have seen all kinds of fancy cleaners out there, but really this is a no-brainer.  An old rag, soap, water and elbow grease is all you need.

Next I always disinfect and always with Dettol.  I love me some Dettol, it’ has been part of me for my whole life, I clean my floors with it, I dab it on various parts of my body, I add it to my bath, I douse young children in it before I tie them to trees and I anoint any found or inherited vintage furniture that will be soon coastal and all beachy style with it before it is allowed to stay.

I am sure that any real furniture restorers are guffawing into their Limoncellos right now.  It works for me.

Next up then we have the painting stage…

I buy lots of packs of budget paint brushes…ones that come in sets like this…I have dabbled with various different prices, styles etc and if I was doing this every single dayof my life for my job, I might have a different opinion on the quality of one’s paintbrushes, however I am not a professional for me, a job lot of these always in the garage are great when you randomly decide to have a painting session, no hunting for paintbrushes and finding that actually they don’t move ‘cos you forgot to clean them up



Next I use primer.  It’s rare that I don’t use this step, this too I have learnt in my vintage furniture painting journey – I use and love Zinsser (purrlease I am not being sponsored to say that, I ask you!) ….if you have been with me for a while you will know I love this stuff and I don’t get sent it for free, G’day Zinsser, over here in the corner is a girl from the beaches blogger, she likes painting things white and she loves your product, fancy sending her some?

…it’s covered all sorts of things I have painted including a very reddish varnish that I thought would bleed through this, it didn’t

You don’t need to use this brand though, especially if you are on a budget, and believe me I have been there when spending nearly a hundred dollars on a tin of primer was not a light purchase.   But even if you are in that budget zone, I still highly recommend it, you won’t waste your money.  It does what it says on the can.  End of story.



Next up we paint (oh and the primer doesn’t take long at all to dry, well at least not in Sydney)

A few options are here that I use

1. emulsion or water-based paint for a lovely chalky matte finish

2. water-based enamel for a semi- glossy finish

3. oil-based enamel for super lovely deep glossy finish


I move between all three of these depending on mood and time of day…to be honest, don’t choose number 1 if you have kids, dogs and males, because really, it marks quite a bit, I can cope with that, but from my inbox I know that many cannot…

If you want it to be easy to clean, with a nice finish but can’t be bothered with the hassle of oil-based enamel go for number 2…..this stuff has been around a while now, but is relatively new…it gives most of the loveliness of oil-based enamel with one HUGE difference…easy clean up!  It’s worth it.

Finally if you want a lovely, glossy but deep finish you can’t beat oil-based enamel and if you are re-finishing, painting, upcycling something like this piece it probably isn’t needed but something like a front door….just do it.

So for this I stood in the garage for a while peering into the paint cupboard, hoping for dear life that a possum or snake would not poke its head out at me, I have no evidence that either is in there, but you know I am, after all, a pommie.





In the end I went for this water based enamel because it’s too easy and this one is mixed with a bit if grey in it and I didn’t want anything warm or creamy to the white…I wanted cool white if I was going to keep the pink…

And that is it…slap on that white paint and hope for the best

and turn a side of the road, salvaged piece to something prettier, at the same time, saving it from landfill and then spend too much time wondering where it is going to go for some beach decor and a coastal feel…

As you can see this isn’t finished, (I am doing it a different order plus there is still the rope that keeps it open to replace)… I have yet to find any ‘rope’ that I like, I want the rope to be nautical duh… I am sure you know what I mean, yeah?  The Bunnings Man however did not.



Mrs Beach Cottage :  G’day is this the only rope you stock?

Mr Bunnings Man : Yes, love, (he was from Yorkshire I believe) – that’s quite a bit of choice you have there, what sort of rope were you after, what does it need to do?

Mrs Beach Cottage : Errrm well it doesn’t need to do much, I mean we aren’t talking strength here, but it needs to be sorta beachy and nautical looking.

Mr Bunnings Man :  scratching chin   hmmm, first time I have been asked for that actually, what exactly would beachy rope look like?

Mrs Beach Cottage :  well, you know sorta rustic and nautical, kinda jute and twisted and a bit country and maybe a bit faded and like chunky?

Mr Bunnings Man :  Love, that’s a lot of requirements for a piece of rope!  wink

Mrs Beach Cottage :  Yes it happens quite a lot in my life…a bit high maintenance?

Mr Bunnings Man : Well I have heard it all in my time love, I have worked in hardware all my life and I have never been asked for beachy nautical coastal style…rope.

Mrs Beach Cottage : Well I am pleased you learnt something today.  smile


And that is where I am with the rope.

But, wait there’s more.

What do we think of the pink?  Please bear in mind that out on the deck today the light was a bit odd and I couldn’t be bothered with the manual settings so these pictures are a bit weird and  I am working on my son’s monitor because my computer has a virus and the MAC is having problems with the camera………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so really what I am trying to say is that the pink is foofy pink but I am trying to convince myself it looks just like that beautiful pink you see on the inside of shells, KWIM? ….but thinking I will sand the pink right down a bit more and give the white another coat (I didn’t do this because I wanted to keep the rustic feel to it, but now thinking that will make it more, you know, white ;-)

oh god, I am starting to ramble, that’s what happens when I blog in the evenings

…plus as you can see its still looking quite grubby, I was skipped one of the cleaning stages so I could get the paint on the steps before I left…I will be doing a re-run today – I couldn’t exactly turn up for lunch in my painting clothes now could I, not at Fashion Week with the Styling Queen of Australia ;-)

So, see you next time, still got lots to show and tell you…doesn’t help when you get techie problems in blogland as I have had over the last few days…hello server going down…

Later Beach Cottage Ladies

the one, the only

Mrs Beach Cottage

oh ladies, yes, Barley’s page is updated here as are the other Daily Pics…click here or above on the menu bar for more




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71 Responses to “how to paint vintage furniture”

  1. Janelle says:

    Oh you ARE here today! Was starting to fret!!! Ladder looking good. I totally get the look you’re aiming for, and I rkn its a great idea to do it in small stages. And what a silly bunnings man…who doesnt know what beachy nautical rustic rope is??!?? xx

  2. Angela Smith says:

    First of all, I’m guilty. I’m one of those shadow people that loves to look through your blog but never comments. It’s intimidating, at first, in a weird way. So… here I am! :)
    I love blog and your style. I’ts as if you’ve picked my brain. I’m a 40 year old, single mother of two, who has come through enough tragic, life-changing things in the last year to put a person in the grave, but I came through it. Like so many women, I’ve nearly lost my own passions for what I love. I came across this blog and it’s refreshing, renewing, and INSPIRING. I’ve started a little something of my own and I’m excited about it. I must thank you. Thank you!
    As far as this post… I love the little ladder. I love the comments “children – tying them to trees” and “Zinsser – fancy sending her some”.
    You go girl! The one, the only, Mrs Beach Cottage :)

    • sarah says:

      well hello from the shadows Angela

      good luck with it all, doesn’t sound as if the last year has been good..the little things in life and the gratefuls list is what helps me xo

  3. rebecca says:

    I’m jealous that your ladder is pink. I have a very similar ladder which I too found but I have to deal with purple and orange!!! I WILL be painting mine completely white though. Thanks for the tips on painting this little treasure. Have you ever considered BCF or camping shops for all your nautical needs?
    Have a great lunch and hope your tech problems are soon resolved.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah

    Well the pink gives the ladder an interesting look but I think you could be right, I think a little more white would look great! Hope you enjoyed your day in Sydney and I love the shots you posted on Instagram….Hope your scored some good goodies from maybeline too……have a good night..xo

  5. Jenn says:

    About the rope – did they only stock the white cotton type or the nasty nylon ones? If you want something that looks older, more rustic & beachier try doing an interweb search for manila rope or hemp rope or treated sisal rope (ye olde sailer’s rope of choice).

    I did have a quick look at jute rope – but it was mainly paracord or japanese bondage sets. Not quite what you were after I think.

    • Rasonda says:

      HAHAHA!!! I am cracking up Jenn!!!

      “but it was mainly paracord or japanese bondage sets. Not quite what you were after I think.”

    • sarah says:

      most of it was the horrid nylon stuff, there was some nice jute but the problem was the width…hence going to a marine supply store today x

  6. Julie says:

    Loving the new bloggy Sarah, especially the old style typewriter font. I’m thinking a ships chandler might be the place to go for some nautical style rope. Heaven knows where you find them though – that’s where the internet comes in handy!! I know they sell all the supplies and thingys that go with boating. Keep those pics of Barley coming – he is just adorable. Lucky you live in Sydney and not Melbourne cos he just might have gone missing ……. ;-)

    • sarah says:

      well there are a couple around here as obviously there are a lot of boats here! so i am off to one this morning x

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, I really needed a refresher course in painting furniture since my last project (table & chairs) is already all banged up thanks to these wild younguns who live here!
    Definitely should have gone with the oil-based enamel after reading your descriptions. But I do love Zinser 1-2-3 primer – use that all the time! Your ladder is just the cutest by the way!

  8. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah , Cool little ladder , that size is so handy for reaching those high spots , also they look so great . Enjoy splashing the paint , boat and sailing supply outlets are where u may find what your looking for .
    Marine boat supply places are great for ropes , from rigging to sisal and different size white ropes , sometimes by the mtr . Have a look here for eg says sisal cut , its budget friendly price , sisal from 40 cents . Also cook books , boaties are really creative with cooking on 1 or 2 hotplates and limited pantry items .
    for eg says sisal cut , its budget friendly price .

  9. HRH Sarah says:

    Love the convo with the shop man…. He certainly did learn something, and I think you should take him a sample of beachy, nautical rope when you do find it, just so he’ll know in the future. As we say here in the southern US, Bless his heart!

  10. Dorothy says:

    Hello Sarah,
    You say … “spending nearly a hundred dollars on a tin of primer was not a light purchase. But even if you are in that budget zone, I still highly recommend …”
    I find this a little extreme! 100 dollars for a tin of paint when you’re on a budget! How much do you spend on paint when you’re flush!?
    I like your new design (minus the arrows). Rachel Ashwell (the Queen of shabby chic) also has the old typewriter font on her blog …. it’s a bit clearer than yours. (www.rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com).

    • sarah says:

      Hello lovely Dorothy, thanks so much for commenting here on my lovely little blog

      exactly my point – $100 is a lot of money when one’s budget is tight but when you are buying a product that does an excellent job and works plus lasts more than a few projects it is worth the investment.

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Sarah,
        Have to admit to being one of those that reads but never/rarely comments – but I have not been able to stop thinking about Dorothy’s post and your response, so thought I would leave a little something. I just wanted to let you know that I had a little chuckle at your response to her back handed compliments and thought you handled it beautifully. I love your blog (arrows included) and can read your font just fine! Weren’t we all taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

  11. I wonder if they would have the rope you are looking for at the marine supply store there in Sydney? It sounds like you are looking for rope similar to what is on your monkey’s paw? (the knotted sailor’s ball you have)

    ps – Back to a normal commenting platform, yay! Thank you!

  12. Tricia Rose says:

    Do you ever find rope while beachcombing Sarah? Pre-weathered for your convenience!

  13. Lovely, lovely, updates. It’s like a breath of fresh air each time I’m here.

    I’m all for anything in pink. I really mean anything and any type of pink.

    Good luck with the rope. What about at a boating place?

  14. Jenna says:

    Thank you for sharing this post! I am actually about to re-do some furniture and was in desperate need of instructions. I also like the pink in the ladder, but then again, I have an abnormal pension for pink. :)!

  15. Rasonda says:

    Love your blog updates Sarah!!! And I LOOOVE the pink ladder. I am a girly girl at heart but have pink NOWHERE in the house. This would be the perfect way to add a splash. So cute!!!

  16. Deanne says:

    I would go to your local boating/ marine/fishing shop to look for that kind of rope!
    I love the pink!

  17. Liz says:

    Well, you didn’t do the wall blue, so a little pink ladder is just the thing. I was so excited when I saw some pink in your opening blurb for today. Oh, please don’t paint over it. Maybe you could make the steps pink too. Well, we all know that you probably already know what you want to do…so tell us…what’s it going to be?

    Computer problems when you need to blog! That’s unacceptable. I hope you straighten all the computers out soon!

  18. Shirley says:

    Curious of Dettol I looked it up and found this:
    “As with other manufactured household cleaners, Dettol has the potential for causing lethal toxicity. It is poisonous when ingested, and even when it is unintentionally inhaled.
    In a case report, a 42-year-old British man died from Dettol overexposure in May 2007. The autopsy was not able to conclude whether the lethal exposure to Dettol was via ingestion or inhalation.”

    I know you probably don’t tie children to trees or dab it on your body BUT I am wondering if this is the same thing? If its soap looks like it wouldn’t be a bad one.

  19. Thanks for the paint tutorial Sarah! Your timing is perfect…. I’m currently painting an old dresser I picked up from a friend off facebook for $50… Could facebook be the new Garage Saling?

    Using a matt water-based paint, but it’s not working… urmmmm not looking ‘white’ enough after coat number 3! From what I just learned…looks like I missed 1 important step… urmmm PRIMER! opsi ;)

  20. KAREN says:

    Hi! Sarah -
    Just how many kids are tied to trees??? Just put ‘em to work with paint brushes in their hands and a can of WATER-BASED paint!!!

    Okay – as I was reading your blog and came to the part about the possible ‘possum or snake hiding like E.T. did in the closet, my husband came in and announced he had just caught a snake on the front porch. It is now in a box on the carport. {It’s NOT poisonous – it’s an Oak Snake}. Anyway, it’s funny how we are all cautious about those critters wherever we live.

    Oh – I like your sweet ladder just the way she is!!! But, when you get hands on it, she will be beautiful! Have a good weekend, Sarah.

  21. Catherine says:

    I am trying to think of what the little pink step ladder’s previous life was. Its really cute.

  22. alison says:

    Cute ladder. I use my similar ladder as a stool and coffee table as well as a step ladder.


  23. the freckled minx says:

    Hi Sarah, Cute ladder – I’m liking where you’re going! Maybe the beach rope might be referred to as cord? Maybe contact a boating outlet? Also wanted to share with you a little gem that I’ve found at Bunnings. – the best paint brush ever. It’s about the $6 mark and it’s a 50mm cutting in brush. It has a long light wooden handle and I think a yellow cardboard wrapper. I do a lot of painting and trust me once you’ve had one of these you’ll never go back.

  24. Kari says:

    I think you will absolutely ADORE the color of pink on the landing page at http://ralphlauren.com right now….. I know I do anyway ;) Check it out!

  25. Sending you lots of positive vibes on your quest for nautical rope. Fortunately Bunnings may not hold the monopoly on hardware stores for much longer so fingers are suitably crossed for more supplies of twisty chunky rope types. We all live in hope for this and support you on your quest ;)
    Zissar fan here too, lets drop some more hefty hints for free samples I say!
    Jealous of Sydney weather, Brass monkey weather up here now, I have missed the painting weather. Sadly my need to paint furniture and the weather rarely correspond! It does however work in well with my talent for procrastination…

  26. Hannah says:

    Oh this is looking great already. Thanks for the tips, I have a few pieces I need to refinish and this post is just the thing to help me along! :)

  27. Selby says:

    Erm well since ya asked… It’s pretty darn pinkish…erm maybe a bit whiter wash over the top? But the disclaimer is I’m all about cool tones n pink screams warm to me so my advice must be heard with that in mind:)
    Gorgeous job on it though:) n thanks for the tutorial- been eyeing a door in my backyard n thinking to paint it but being too chicken to start, you’ve demystified the process & now I feel a bit braver toward it:)


  28. Girlygirl says:

    Sarah you cracked me up with your Bunnings man conversation! I could just picture it.

    I think I have some old rope given to me by my husband’s Grandfather – it’s in my (snake and possum free) shed – isn’t it funny what you look out for in the shed. I never think about possums and snakes but would pretty much die if there was a Huntsman or any other large, hairy spider anywhere near me. Anyway if you can’t find some beachy, nautical rope let me know and I’ll check in my shed.

  29. Lisa says:

    I love the pink…it’s unexpected & charming. I would keep it. Great post, I always appreciate hearing others tips!

  30. Mandy says:

    Love your dreamy ladder and your dreamy new bloggie set up…. I would keep the ladder as it is – but I know you won’t :)

  31. Candy says:

    Love the pink and also the new format for your blog…easy to read!! I still get misty eyed over the aqua step ladder I passed up….afraid hubby couldn’t see my vision. Now he knows better…lol!!!

  32. Aisling says:

    Well I have exposed my kids to liberal amounts of dettol and always use it to clean my rubbish bins with no harm so far! Not yet used it on vintage furntiture DIY but I will now! For goodness sake even water is toxic in large enough quantities that bloke must have been sniffing it die of it! Back to the point, I love your blog and that little pink ladder is darling! I wish I found things like that on the side of the road. I like the pink but I probably am not as much of a white girl as you. I can see your dilemma – how to jazz it up without losing the feel of it. Good luck! I’m sure the result willbe fab as usual. Aisling

  33. Aisling says:

    Just googled the dettol man and he had OCD. No chance I’d that in our house!

  34. Terrie from Atlanta, Georgia says:

    Sarah, honey ~ LOVE the little ladder just as perfectly pinkish as it is! Do you ever play around with waxes to up/down the final color? Hope the marine shop brought you magical rope … I once found the perfect “marine grade” lumber & paint in there that inspired my kitchen counters. Indestructible babies, they were! xoxo

  35. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Stumbled across your amazing blog today! I was wondering what the chair is called in the background, i have seen them before but unsure of the name. I would love to find one for myself. Thanks :)

  36. Heather says:

    Just found your blog today so am lagging on the catching-up front! Also about to embark on my own first project – up-cycling a vintage cane swivel chair that I ‘salvaged’ from eBay. The black paintwork is pretty good on it, but I am thinking cobalt blue to match other white wicker (also recently salvaged and bought on eBay and from Ikea). Could do with a helping hand to guide me through the cleaning, undercoating prep stages – so if you’re reading this Sarah – HELP!!! The “Mrs Bunnings” girl advised on Rust-oleum B-I-N for priming & undercoating because I wanted/needed something with a spray option for ease of application on all that cane. She thought this would help clean up the black gloss and make it easier to apply the blue gloss spray paint to finish. What do you think?

    Off on another tangent here….. If you’re still searching for that nautical beachy-type rope for your stepladder project, the best place to source it would from a marine/boat supplier or ships’ chandler. There should be heaps of boating suppliers on the NSW Coast. You could try Whitworths Marine, or marine salvage yards – maybe even pick some up at the docks, or befriend a boatie! ;-)) Hope it works out for you, and looking forward to updates.

    Btw – I’m loving your blog (all the way from Qld)!!

  37. Daniela says:

    Hello! I love your coffee table. Where did you find it?

  38. Amy says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I LOVE your blog! Love the way you write and all that good stuff. Quick question: Do you need to sand your furniture before you prime it? I started sanding my bed today, but maybe I could just give it a light sand and then prime, then paint?

    Cheers, Amy

    • sarah says:

      well I think the professionals will probably say yes, it depends what condition it is in…if you have time yes a quick sand, if not just go for it…that’s what I do but I am an amateur and do not need it to be perfect :-)

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Sarah for your super quick response! I’m nowhere near the perfectionist in painting – kinda like the ‘well-loved’ look. Primer is the best idea I’ve heard. Away with the sander. Hello primer. Thanks heaps, Amy x

  39. [...] and a wee bit stoked: Started sanding bed for re-paint.  Discovered from A Beach Cottage that I don’t need to sand (I hate sanding).  Can just prime with a u-beaut, but kinda [...]

  40. TrudieB says:

    The ROPE! Why-O-Why do men not understand???
    Your rope-procuring story reminded me of my DH some years back, when it was Free-Garbage-Truck-Big-Stuff-Day here (California), where you saved yourself the trip/hassle/expense of a trip to the dump, as long as you could drag that crap sofa to the curb, they’d haul it away for you. Well, this day, I happened to take the long way home from dropping my kid at school. . . When what to my wondering eyes should appear? THERE! At the curb! Next to the garbage cans!! On Free Dump Day!!! AN ADORABLE MISSION STYLE SOLID OAK ROCKING CHAIR!!!!! On its way to the DUMP!!!!!!!

    First, I realized it MUST be a mistake. Then I drove around the block, telling myself if it’s still there, it was meant to be MINE. Then of course I needed to conjure up the strength to knock on the door. Because of course, if I just helped myself, either one of the neighbors would walk out and ask, just what did I think I was doing? Or the homeowner would walk out and ask “Can I help you?” In the end, I did knock on the door, and a nice guy answers, and I just ask. “Are you sending that old wooden chair out there, to the dump on Free Garbage Dump Day?” I did NOT add, “ARE YOU FREAKIN’ CRAZYYYYYY???????!!!!!!!!”. He kindly said, why, yes, I am… And I calmly asked if he had any problem with me taking it? He says, no, go ahead. Then he helped me load it into the back of the station wagon (it was a loooong time ago…. gosh I loved that car….), and grabbed some old rope from his garage (this, the very rope that started this post….!) and helped me tie it in. Somewhere along the line AFTER it was all tied in, it came out that there was some kind of Bad Mojo attached to my new freebie. Can’t remember the exact particulars, but I became convinced that I had saved a marriage, because the fights this dam chair had induced were now over. No chair? No chair fights. Simple. VERY much later I realized he’d probably snuck it out to the curb after wife had gone to work… then I really felt bad.

    Now, The Rope. This rope, a little thinner diameter than what might be nautical, but PERFECT for my old wooden ROPELESS sled. If I’d used new rope for the sled, it wouldn’t look the same age as the rest of the sled. So when I got the sled, sans rope, I asked my DH, where’s my rope from when the nice man tied in his wife’s Perfectly Good Authentic Mission Style Solid Oak Rocking Chair, that she later killed him (justifiably) for getting rid of? To which he replied, “Oh, I chucked it, it was all worn out. No good any more; I’ll buy some new rope. Whatcha need it for?”

    After I got finished sewing his head back on (he is, after all, the family breadwinner), I attempted to SCHOOL HIM on why a person would prefer the used, ratty, dirty, artifact-y OLD rope. I dont think I was able to get him to understand, but I am certain that I will never quit trying to.

    Moral of the story? HIDE your Good Junk.

  41. kim says:

    hi Sarah, just to say I am delighted I happened upon your blog again, you have cheered me up and warmed my heart with your lovely ideas, and funny writing. I DREAM about living in a house beside the sea and overlooking the beach and sea. Don’t want much, do I? I also dream about having a shop selling Beach Craft and Art, maybe it would be easier to have one On Line? I am very interested in learning how to make my own Blog, I will be back to sign up. Thank you, Kim from Dublin, Ireland.
    P.S. I lived in Sydney for 8 years, all our children were born there!

  42. lisa says:

    Hi Sarah…Thanks for the tips on how to paint furniture…wish I had seen these before I painted everything white…. you see some of the old reddy colour is showin through I have undercoated a few times same with the paint…not the ones you use though….could you PLEASE give me some tips how to fix this…..hopefully its not going to be TOO BIG of a job….. THANKS :)

  43. Angie Newsom says:

    Great website!!!! Love the tutorials!!!!!

  44. ​I love your blog and your posts are always so inspiring. I have never actually painted furniture before however, I have an old rocking chair that could do with a makeover so I will definitely be giving this a try!

  45. Julia says:

    Ok this post is soooo helpful!! We picked up a bunch of old furniture in Ottawa and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it and now I know!! These are all so cute! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks!! :)

  46. Whitney Williams says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love all of the cute ideas. Do you know of any great places that sell furniture in Ottawa?

  47. Gertrude says:

    What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable experience concerning unpredicted emotions.

  48. Michelle says:

    Love your stuff.