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Sun 13th, May, 2012

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Hellooo beach cottage ladies, how are things?  It’s Mother’s Day here….

Do you like my new Mother’s Day ballet flats?   I have had these on my wish list for ages, today they arrived, courtesy of the Beach Cottage Crew woop woop


 I was asked what I really wanted to do on Mother’s Day, fancy restuarant, go out on a boat, go for a spa day?  Well I chose going to the vintage market on the other side of the bridge, rummage around in second-hand vintage stuff and eat street food…it was such fun, I had a blast, so did the kiddos, Mr Beach Cottage bought vintage tools (!!! quite unbelievable in my book, cough cough) and I found some vintage beauties…LOVE!

Well now let us talk about our exciting lives shall we and oh the joys of meal planning in our lives yes?


A bit domestic? Probably.



But saves my bacon alongside that beauty on my counter the crock pot / slow cooker like a million times since I had that third baby.

So not complaining.



Monday :   chicken with crockpot garlic mashed potatoes

Tuesday :   beef stew  { recipe here }

Wednesday :  White Bean Stew {recipe here }

Thursday :  Parmesan stuffed mushrooms {new one-pot / crock pot recipe, will report back }

Friday :   Surfer Boy Easy Curry {recipe on blog this week }

 Baking  :  Easy Fruit Crumble  { recipe here }

microwave apple cake

all super easy Beach Cottage recipes here

 you can find all the Beach Cottage  meal plans here 

please leave me your weekly meal plan, I would love to see how you all do it…

That’s it from me, I am ducking out of here to get a certain little member of the Beach Cottage Crew with a broken arm into bed and snoozing

…then I am going to the Sitting Room to a new little reading corner I set up the other day…it’s warm & cosy there…



p.s. Barley’s Daily Pic here

oh & if you haven’t subsribed to the Beach Cottage Club, go here, the newsletter goes out tomorrow, thanks to the many of you that have joined up, too kind


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28 Responses to “easy meal plan”

  1. Aisling says:

    I am also in love with my slow cooker…

    Sunday – roast chicken with pesto butter in the slow cooker with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts (love Brussels sprouts season)

    Monday – out

    Tuesday – pork and beef meatballs and pasta (frozen from a double batch slow cooked last week)

    Wednesday – frittata

    Thursday – quick night – pasta with baked beans, eggs and mixed veg.

    Friday – homemade pizza. The breadmaker is great for pizza base.


    We love mushrooms so i am looking forward to your report sarah.

  2. Aisling says:

    Ps love the shoes

  3. le_third says:

    loving the flats – very uplifting colour :) hoping the wee one is not feeling too much pain – best le

  4. Catherine says:

    Love those shoes!! Just the right colour to brighten up for cooler weather!
    That market sounds interesting! I dont get to Sydney all that often, but where might I look if I did get there? I have heard Rozelle has a great market…

  5. Janelle says:

    Ooohh…nooice ballets flats! Well done!! We have easy peasy my-kids-actually-sit-and-eat-this-with-no-drama chorizo pasta, mini quiches, chkn fried rice and lasagna (trying it for 1st time in slowcooker,very excited about that!?!) on the plan this week. Loving the sound of your cosy little reading corner, am in the process of ‘making’ one myself. Lots of cushions,throws,lamps(how hard is it to find nice classic lamps?!!?) and books!! Yummy… xx

  6. Deanne says:

    I need to do a new monthly menu tomorrow, so may post when it’s all organised.

  7. Rah says:

    Beautiful shoes! I’m a sucker for something bright on my feet :)

  8. Liz says:

    Oh, I just wish I had a meal plan ready to go. I’m busy redoing a midcentury hutch I found by the side of the road and it’s proving a time thief. My baby and I are going to skip out for a day off and dip our toes in the ocean if the clouds don’t ruin the day. I want to try your chicken & crockpot garlic mash. Is there a recipe for it available? I did a search and didn’t find it. If not, I can wing it. The name alone gives me idea enough to create something. Sometimes I just need the words and ideas to give something to jumpstart off of. Thanks! Happy Mother’s Day and I do so hope your beach cottage member with the broken arm gets to feeling better soon. Sorry to hear about that.

  9. Regina says:

    Lovely new shoes Sarah, totally my color! Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Krisztina says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah! Love the ballet flats!
    We are just heading out to a garden centre. My idea for Mother’s Day.
    I would like to try your bean stew recipe this week. I’m sure we’ll love it.

  11. Just back in after food shopping. Was very sensible and used my shopping list /meal plan.
    Here’s hoping all the plans go to plan now!!
    By the way, I just LOVE the shoes! I like the way you are co-ordinating your wardrobe with your interior design!! ;)

  12. Jo says:

    Morning Sarah, Quickly writing up my meal plan with a hot cuppa before I wake up the big kiddos for school and chaos resumes! This week i’m trying to use up some leftover stuff from the freezer etc; On the menu is simmered tomato & basil chicken that I think I’ll serve with couscous, lamb & spinach curry, Tacos using leftover bolognase sauce & lots of salad, a tuna pasta bake, pumpkin soup & homemade pizza’s (big kids cook, Mum’s night off :) ) We tried your white bean stew the other week…. DIVINE! even the hubby liked it and he is not usually a fan of beans will definitely be making that one again. Happy Mothers day for yesterday. Hope your week is less ‘eventful’ then the last. Off to serve up warm creamy porridge from the slowcooker. :)

  13. Selby says:

    Mon- pork n plum slow cooker
    Tues- left over pork fried rice
    Wed- rissoles n veg
    Thurs- risotto
    Fri- strike:)

    Your meal plan looks super yummy. This week mine is easy ususals cause it’s a week with way too much on& tried n trusted was all I could face.


  14. Hannah says:

    Love the shoes! I hope your broken little person feels better soon x

    We’re having:

    Monday: Chicken, Pumpkin and Zucchini Frittata
    Tuesday : Grilled Eye Fillet with Portobello Mushrooms and Garlic Reduction
    Wednesday: Night off – dinner with the girls!
    Thursday: Cottage Pie (made healthy with cauliflower mash)
    Friday: Roast Chicken, Baked Pumpkin, Green Beans (Friday dinner with family)

    - Spinach egg muffins (breakfasts)
    - Avocado Brownies

  15. ellgee says:

    This weeks meal plan in our house looks like this:
    Mon: Pressure Cooker Chicken Lemon Risotto – although I am going out for dinner w/girlfriends!
    Vegetarian Tuesday : meat free tacos
    Wednesday: Steak Slice c/o Nigella
    Thurs: Slow Cooker Pea & Ham soup
    Friday: BBQ at someone elses house!

    lg xxx

  16. I have to cook this week?
    Didn’t I just do that LAST week?
    And the week before that……
    I will have to think about this.

  17. Jen ( SE Qld) says:

    That’s too funny Jen ( Arriving)

    I love those Ballet’s Sarah! What a gorgeous colour! I love meal planning too and haven’t been around much so it was a nice surprise to see a cute little pup, a new look blog ( totally gorgeous) and all the lovely new bits!

    Anyhoos here is mine for the week:
    Monday: Beef Rissoles, gravy, mash, peas and carrots.
    Tuesday: Devilled Chicken and cous cous with veges tossed through it.
    Wednesday: Singapore noodles with veges
    Thursday: Sweet and Sour Pork Casserole with Rice
    Friday: Grilled Fish with mixed Salad
    Saturday: Out
    Sunday: Flat roasted Chicken on BBQ with grilled veges.
    Baking for lunch treats: Chocolate brownies
    Dessert Friday night: Lemon Delicious

    I allow us one or two nice desserts a week, the other nights are just fruit if we are still hungry. We bake on Sunday or Monday depending on where we are Sunday for School /work lunches and when they are gone so sad, too bad, eat the crackers in the pantry..lol.
    Have a wonderful week!

    • sarah says:

      sounds like a good one, I would like to hear more about Lemon Delicious! x

      • Jen ( SE Qld) says:

        Hi Sarah,

        This is the recipe I have used forever from the AWW. You can use limes, oranges or a mix of oranges and lemons or any combination of citrus you have plenty of. It works every time and is the perfect comfort food for the chilly nights ahead.

        Not sure if I am allowed to post the link, if not, I am sure you can delete it if need be. I usually make just the one large pudding in a round pudding type bowl or whatever I can find and bake for about 40 mins depending on the oven. I hope you like it, its pretty easy, nearly a dump and go : )

        • sarah says:

          thank you!

          oh yes I do a similar thing, but will try this one with oranges like you said cos I have a glut of them at the mo….yep you are so right it is perfect comfort food xoxox

  18. Nicky says:

    Where oh where was the vintage market over the bridge? Sounds like a must…
    Happy Mothers Day to all

  19. Angie says:

    LOVE the shoes ! What a thoughtful bunch the BC crew ! Going to have to try that curry, have never in my life had one !

  20. Candy says:

    I’m a terrible meal planner because I become nearly physically ill entering the kitchen for anything other than a cold drink and I absolutely HATE grocery shopping! Would rather stick pins in my eyes!! Don’t get me wrong…I DO cook as I have a food loving hubby and he’s most complimentary no matter what’s put on the table! Lovely man. The crockpot is my savior as well as an outdoor grill. Since it’s just the two of us, I wing it quite a bit. Will check out your crockpot dishes as I only have a couple in my back pocket and am sure they are getting tiresome. On another note, koool shoes!!! Oh, and congrats on having an agent…that’s hitting the BIG TIME!!!

    • sarah says:

      Candy I love cooking but not all the time, that Crock Pot has saved me sooooo many times…the recipes on here are pretty good for it x