Blogging Barley & a Broken Beach Cottage Crew

Fri 11th, May, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, gents, anyone that cares to listen, broadcasting here from the beaches with a puppy post…yep, hats off,  I have turned into one of those people who blogs about their dog…and worse their dog has a fan page on their blog and worse their dog blogs on it and EVEN WORSE I love it ;-)  …and he’s only been here a few weeks….you know a lot of you ask me when’s the Beach Cottage book coming out?  Hah, hah, well I reckon it might be a puppy book…oh yeah I could so do that…




So today I have had another one of those parenting days, (thank you for the comments yesterday, I blame it one on the Peroni and two on the Beach Cottage Crew, apologies if I didn’t reply to you in person, I did read every one, thank you, but I was having, ahem other duties to perform today other than blogland ones)  no I am not doing it tough, but after yesterday’s trip to the doctor etc today I woke up, new day, better head space yadda yadda

….and then it went differently to how I thought

…I was all set up for a special bloggy lunch,  Mrs W of WWorld, you so know who I mean right, and the funniest girl I have met for a long time Kim who writes like a dream, pretended she didn’t like me for like 2 years and thinks I am weird with all the white stuff and pretties

….yep I was up for some blogging talk.

But that didn’t happen…

And this did.


I got a phone call half way through the morning from the school…you know when you know by the sound of the voice…hmmm, this ummm, didn’t sound good…

When I rocked up and saw little Mr Beach Cottage, there was no doubt in my mind that he had a broken arm….he had just about every symptom of a fracture…for me, the x-ray was just a preliminary, and sure enough it was right there in black and white…sporting a back slab at the moment in case of swelling, but so far so good



So tonight I am battening down the hatches, I cooked his favourite dinner, that just happens to be Spag Bol, even though, according to this blog and my meal plan, I am meant to be on strike.

Mum on Strike?

Hahahahaha, that is such a funny one.



Days like this are all part of this job title of Mum, are they not?

Can I just tell you though,  I do so like a little outing of my inner-nurse on these occasions, mum with Dettol and gauze a-buzzing…

Barley, meanwhile has been making himself very comfortable, thank-you-very-much on a certain white chair….we are kinda sticking to the no sofa rule unless invited and it’s all good…this puppy seems to like nothing better anyway than curling up on just the wooden floor…

…this dude has a pretty nice life, right?

….get up, go in garden, play, get served breakfast, go on school run, go for walk, come home & sleep, wake up, play, lunch is served, go outside, play, sleep again, wake up sit on white chair, play after school, sleep for a longer time, wake up, go outside for fresh air, get given dinner, cuddle with everyone and get stroked and or massaged, go for walk, snuggle up in bed…

[nggallery id=24]

Would you, or would you not my little Beach Cottage Dudelettes like to have a life like that?  I tell you what I would.  However I would add in just before snuggle in bed and after massage, soak in bath…white vintage style clawfoot one ;-)

oh and he goes by the name of Barls now…just like the last two Beach Cottage Crew, somehow their names got an ‘s’ added too…so uncouth ;-)

Sarah xo


 oh & Barley just updated and Beach Cottage Daily pics here



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34 Responses to “Blogging Barley & a Broken Beach Cottage Crew”

  1. Rukmini Roy says:

    Awww… I hope he gets well soon! That’ll hurt for a while, poor thing.

    I was not a very quiet kid you know…I remember coming home with a bloody (literally) feet, my intelligent self wanted to see what happens when you put your feet inside a running cycle wheel. What happens is, the spokes break and go right through your skin. My school days! Gah!

    Btw, I think I’m a beachcottagepost stalker. Glad though :D

  2. Oh dear poor little mate, how did he do it? My nine year old had his appendix out last monday and we are at home until next thursday! 18 days all up. I am getting a bit more done now, but there was a lot of watching, intensive lifting up and helping for a while. Hahaha mum on strike indeed, how do you turn your heart off? As long as barley stays off the tables it will all be good. My terrorists love to jump up on the tables and scarf whatever food they can. Would have been interesting in your tablescape yesterday!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm he will not be living here if he goes near a tablescape roflmao

      oh dear on the appendix, not nice

      yeah I will never get to go on strike lol x

  3. Rukmini Roy says:

    Haha..ok! yeah, that’s actually pretty bad. The worse thing you could do rather. I was an idiot back in school. And in most cases I used to the be the cat whom curiosity killed.

  4. Selby says:

    Youch! Didn’t do it by halfs eh- plays a bit like I do I’m guessing .. Go hard or go home. Super fun but yes I too had days where I sent my mum into fits with calls to the school hehe:) meanwhile my toddler man is paying it back in spades.

    Barls looks so settled on the sofa n comfy- I could so curl up n score some puppy cuddles about now… Wonder if he does house calls?;)

    • sarah says:

      oh yes he is very much go hard to go home, like his mum ;-)

      umm yeah I reckon he would lap up a few house calls ;-) x

      • Selby says:

        Well if barley does get into house calls I’ll sign up first for his lovely cuddles- reckon you could charge a premium on account of how cute he is hehe:)

  5. Angela says:

    Ah man! Broken?! I broke my wrist when I was nine. After the initial break, the worst part was the arm itching under the cast… long wooden spoons to get in there and try to scratch…
    That dog has it made in the shade. As he should. :)
    And mom’s going on strike? It is a nice thought sometimes, but there’s really no such thing, is there? ;)
    Glad it’s a better day.

  6. Candy says:

    I have a son…nuff said!!!

  7. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Ahhhh….Brings me back to the day my daughter broke hers….Hope little Mr. BC feels better soon….And , of course, Mothers can never go on strike…The world would stop turning if we did! Hugs from this end of the world…And Barley is just too cute!!

  8. No broken bones (yet, touch wood) but have been through three reconstructive surgeries with my daughter, the most recent one a bone graft from hip to jaw. (She was born with a cleft lip and jaw, it’s been a long haul). So I completely understand the striking mama who makes spag bol with extra love….

    Seriously cute puppy, and I don’t even like dogs, please don’t tell my kids, but I think Barls is wearing me down…..

  9. Shar Y says:

    i just broke my wrist a few weeks ago. young ones will heal faster than this lady, no doubt. day by day is better plus physical therapy to get my motion back.

    wonder how many folks have googled cavoodles since the advent of Barley? could he be any cuter? i think not! and he sure looks good next to that turquoise pillow!

    happy mom’s day and oh, this week was national nurse’s week in the usa!

  10. Spag bol does make everything a bit better. Hope that today is less eventful. We’ve had the toddler sniffles this week and it’s worn us out completely.

  11. starynights says:

    Awww so sorry for Mr Little Beach Cottage,this is your youngest no? I could almost tell from those cute little boy chub fingers. Hope he mends soon and so glad it isnt summer down under ! That Barls…Im telling you he is sure a cutie ! No wonder everyone is so in love with him. I hear those Cavaliers are super smart dogs. Is he doing well on the potty training?

  12. Kate says:

    I can safely say that I was not a really dangerous kid — I’ve never fractured anything in my life! (Knock on wood, right?) My boyfriend, on the other hand, was in the emergency room 14 times in 14 years — they got so used to seeing him apparently! :) I think it must be a boy thing. ;) Hope the dear feels better soon! <3

  13. Carin says:

    Aww, poor little fella! But boys will be boys, I suppose! Hope he feels better soon. Mum on strike…rofl. Chance would be a fine thing!

  14. Nadine says:

    Surely it’s Barlz with a z? Or is that just a Kiwi thing?

  15. Deanne says:

    I remember when my then 2 year old broke his arm- a few days before his little sister’s baptism- as if I didn’t have enough to do! It was bending in quite the wrong direction- quite obviously a break and the triage nurse asked me in the you are just an overreacting mother voice why I thought it was broken!!!!
    We ended up having to go to another hospital in another town for surgery as our town didn’t have a pediatric surgeon- so much for the overreacting mother!
    Hope your little one is feeling better and the night wasn’t too hard!

  16. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I’m sorry about your son’ s broken arm – I hope he has a swift recovery.

    Barley is so cute!

  17. Lynne says:

    Sorry about the broken arm. I hope Barley cuddles with him . . . I must say, Barley is the cutest dog in the whole wide world . . . Except for our Snickers! They could enjoy a “perfect match!”

  18. Sarah says:

    Aww, poor fella. Least his arm didn’t break just before school holidays. That is something that would probably happen to me.
    This post had be laughing. Very funny. I think Barley has the same lifestyle as my two cats. Cats first, people second.
    Have a great weekend. :)

  19. My commiserations. I have two boys. The elder broke his toe, which meant a number of hospital visits and no cricket. Then the younger was pecked by a chicken — on the cornea. More hospital trips. (It’s all the just-to-see-how-it’s-going visits that get me). Then he went bushwalking and managed to get a leech in the other eye (I can give you gory, and I do mean gory, details if you really want). Another trip. These events all happened over about two months earlier this year, and neither had been in hospital previously except to be born!
    Best wishes to your young man for a speedy and straighforward recovery!

  20. Next week dude, next week. xxxK

  21. Janelle says:

    Barls? Oh you guys are the genuine aussies now!!! And dont you just love pics of your childrens hands?! Especially when theyre little, and even when theyre all wrapped up in bandages?!! Hope all is well now…xx

  22. Shaz says:

    Aw, sorry the little guy has a broken arm :(

    I so get it with the puppy, ours is ten weeks old. They have it sooooo good, but oh how we are all besotted wiith her. I have been told by the family not to post anymore photos on facebook and twitter. Sure no problem, they haven’t mentioned the blog though – hehehe. Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow Sarah :)

  23. Oh so sorry for you son – that has to be painful!

    But you know he’s going to get some great stories out of “when I broke my arm”. So you need to give lots of TLC or who knows what way he will fit you into how he remembers this in years to come! ;)

  24. *sigh*…..Such is the life of a super-mom. Ready for anything and takes it all with a grain of salt and a calm attitude. :) Never a dull moment over there, huh, Sarah? Hope that little Mr BC heals quickly!

    xoxo laurie

  25. Oh, God! Did you choose the puppy just so that he would look good on your chair? He looks so cute on those pictures!!! Hope your little crew will mend fast!

  26. Rochelle says:

    Sarah, just seen this, so sorry for him. Sure he is feeling oodles better after so much mommy love and attention. Just the way it should be. You’re so funny, wish there was a like button when you comment cause I would oblige. Btw, love the new look, sorry haven’t said so before meant to, just so darn busy at the moment. I do wonder how you fit it all in. hugs from denmark xx