Blog Tips A Formula for a Quick Traffic Boost

Sat 26th, May, 2012

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Helloooo lovely Beach Cottage ladies, some blog tips for real girls from this old cottage broadcasting from deep Down Under this morning.

Now, I love blogging, I think that is pretty much obvious now for sure, for me it has opened up a world of opportunities that simply were not available in any shape or form to me when I sat down as a SAHM after being out of the workforce for many years, and started this blog.   For that I am grateful and proud.  And I love celebrating that!

And here’s to being positive in blogging and being positive about good things that happen to other bloggers!

I love learning about blogging too – I actually have gathered in my little online life quite a bit of knowledge and experience as I have gone along, through what I have seen other bloggers on a similar journey to me do and through what I have done on here that has worked and not worked.


I have also read a whole big lot on blogging and I wrote a course on it, but what I found is that a lot of what I read and gathered was not realistic with my lifestyle….yes I definitely know what SEO is, I could also bore you about certain stats etc and when I came back from my first bloggers event just before Christmas I realised that I sure knew a lot but I was certainly NOT implementing anything that well, sure I dabbled in stuff…but I had observed these other bloggers using these little tricks & tips to enhance their blogging and they were doing it in a focused and professional way and I was definitely not doing that!



But I am lazy and easily bored often in life and so I came to the conclusion, like many things in my world (like recipes that need to be easy ) that if I was going to do any of this techie stuff that can make your eyes glaze over, then I needed a Beach Cottage Formula (a bit like the Beach Cottage ‘uniform’ I wear everyday) to make it more bearable and more importantly, more do-able.

I sat down and worked out what was priority to me to enhance my blog and give it a bit of a boost


1. it promoted my content but not in excess

2. it  allowed me to ‘meet’ / network with new bloggers

3. it was very quick

4. it needed to be easy on the brain power

5.  it needed to utilize content already on the blog




and I decided that this is what I needed to do consistently – a few simple little things, some everyday, most every so often to oooopmh up all the content and work on this blog…simple little things that weren’t too hard on this forty-is-the-new-thirty brain …

I wrote a list out (please note this is nothing fancy schmancy, they aren’t tricks to get traffic per se, but more things I had gathered from reading about blogging that I was pretty sure were super important to nail consistently)

So these little Blog Tips for Real Girls will take you not much time, will boost your traffic and get you out there quickly and easily and can done between loads of laundry & the dinner ;-)


Blog Tips

for Real Girls

A Formula for Quick Traffic Boost


1. Promote a post on Facebook

Promote your blog posts on Facebook (you don’t have a Facebook page for your blog?  Get one.)

Try different ways to of posting, it’s believed that adding a photo (from the blog post) and a link works best on Facebook for referrals…

this sounds like I am telling you something you already know…but are you doing it consistently and are you trying new things & seeing what happens?

I poo-poohed this a bit, thinking oh yeah I link from Facebook whatevs…but mess around with different times of the day, different ways to link & get talking on your page (that’s the fun bit) and see…

2.   Link to an old post in a new post 

this takes all of thirty seconds to a minute – as you are writing a blog post think about what else you have written that might be interesting and link to it

(you will not see many successful bloggers who don’t do this at least a few times in a post…some push the boat out and leave a whole list of links at the bottom of the post and some have lots of links peppered throughout a post)

3. Share an old post on Twitter 

Yep share an old post – be a bit careful about what you post in terms of how relative it is.  For example something like a recipe does not really date and is perfect to share….once it is pushed down into the depths of your blog it can go unforgotten by both you and your readers for, like, ever.  Case in point – I recently Tweeted a recipe for my Chorizo Stew – the Tweet went out about lunchtime, that evening I had a DM from a reader who said that she had seen my Tweet when she was wondering what the heck to cook for dinner that night, knew she had some chorizo in the fridge to use up, followed the link to the recipe, threw it in the slow cooker and hours later everyone in her family were being nice to her…all because I Tweeted that link.

4.   add some photo albums to Facebook

I like doing this anyway so this is a no-brainer and I noticed that it was effective when I got Facebook emails from girls saying they had enjoyed them..

I am not sure whether or not this will boost the blog directly but in my book if I get more than a few messages from people commenting on something good then I know at least I am doing something right!

5. Share someone else’s post 

Too easy to share someone else’s blog post right?

If you find something you like online and you think the people that read your blog will like it too (pretty much a given that they will if they have taken the time and energy to follow you) share the love…

 don’t expect a thank you though, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, especially if you have shared a blog post from one of those Super Bloggers…

 I have shared through various social media places others’ posts and ideas & heard not a sausage, it doesn’t matter, what actually happens is that it just makes the blog world go round…hopefully someone might share mine too!




6. Update your About page or add another page and  link to it and from it!

I recently added a new About Page that was more up to date and more appropriate for the journey my blog has been on…

now my about page is a bit more succint but* it has links to other places on my blog which carry more info should anyone want to read about my exciting life ;-)

7. Get a Pinterest button on your blog 

OK, EVERYONE is talking about Pinterest, some of the bigger bloggers are claiming huge traffic from Pinterest…and I recently went to a bloggers event specifically geared to Pinterest

hmm, I think traffic from Pinterest very much depends on your blogging niche (obviously if you have stunning photos people will pin them regardless…)

but if you don’t have a Pin It button on your blog you won’t be prompting anyone to pin your stuff…so give them the chance and make sure there is one there

And also get yourself a Pinterest account – now I started mine on a whim (the same as Facebook) – I linked it to my blog once it had been going for a while (& I got the URL to my blog wrong, someone informed me a bit later, haha such a professional) so I was NOT trying to drive traffic with Pinterest, I still don’t, I rarely post a picture of my own stuff on there…that ain’t how it works baby…but I do have quite a few followers on there now and I think it is a great sidearm to your blog if you enjoy it… however be warned it is a huge timewaster…



So there are my Blog Tips for increasing traffic.

I am proof that this little Beach Cottage Traffic Boosting Formula is rock solid…but don’t expect miracles, with some of these tips you will see an instant result, others need to be used consistently…and as they say at Tesco…Every Little Helps!

See you next time, oh I have a energy booster to share that I have been trialling the last month or so and so far it has worked pretty well… plus don’t miss Beach Cottage Meal Plan tomorrow…

oh and of course please share any blog tips you have learned along the way…I’d love to know!


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need a few more Real Girl blog tips for new girls…go here for mine!  

and this is a great post from a fellow blogger on how bloggers can go about working with brands successfully




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30 Responses to “Blog Tips A Formula for a Quick Traffic Boost”

  1. Selby says:

    Thanks for the shares:) not a blogger myself but I still find it all very interesting to learn about.

  2. Great tips, Sarah … come on over and link up on my Saturday blogging post today – great advice to share!

  3. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Sarah – I’ve been giving this exact subject a lot of thought recently, because although I’d been blogging for years, and implementing tips that I’d been reading, I wasn’t seeing any kind of boost in my traffic, and I was getting really frustrated.

    I’m not a big girl blogger (or even a wanna be big girl blogger), but I wanted to feel like my efforts were worthwhile in some way, shape or form, so last week, I took the plunge, and found a blog design company that I like, and paid a few $ to get a new look to my blog. Now, I’m not getting a lot more traffic yet, but I feel like I’m headed in the right direction – I got social network buttons added to the top of my header, and got a generally “cleaner” look to my template. I also got an avatar, which I’m implementing in all the social networks that I’m a part of, so that I’m “branding” myself more effectively.

    I also decided to focus on what I’m good at, rather than what I think “sells”; rather than going in sixty different directions, I’m back to focusing on what I do best, and that is crafting. So, I am working on making that the focus of the blog, and have added new pages that reflect that.

    I would love it if you would pop over there, and let me know what you think!

    Thanks as always for the tips! (and once again, I’ve rambled on!)

    • sarah says:

      Hi Susan

      I think that the key here is focusing what you are good at ..I know that for me this was an aha moment in blogging when I realised that I wasn’t going to go down the route of just doing makeovers of furniture for the sake of my blog – I noticed other bloggers in my niche doing that (there is no way real people do 3 or 4 furniture makeovers a week consistently week-in week out) …at that point I decided to just blog for me and added coastal scenery/photography and recipes etc and that is when I began to enjoy my blog a lot and it grew from that…

      However what you have done is also important – having a nice looking blog is great, not just for traffic and all that stuff but for you to like it and be proud of it!


  4. alison says:

    It appears that you really do have to have your own focus otherwise a blog becomes a burden and not a joy. From your experience in blogging it seems some bloggers are very competitive and it BECOMES their life.


  5. Great list! None of these are new to me but I always need the reminder to do all the things I know I should be doing. It is so easy to forget the basics or the obvious stuff.

    • sarah says:

      Yes my eyes were opened to this …doing it consistently works! simple!

      thanks for commenting x

  6. Emma says:

    Thanks muchly for your wisdom Sarah! My blog is only a fortnight old, so all is new! You have given me some brand new ideas and a good nudge about other things. Though I say I only have a blog for my own joy I would of course love others to get joy from it too! And to let me know about it. So when I’ve got a bit of bulk to my blog I’d love you to come and have a proper look around (I think you took a sneak peak the other day yeah?) and give some constructive comments…

  7. Shelley says:

    Thanks! Great tips! I’m a newbie blogger and all that tech talk goes way over my head. The only thing I have done out of those tips is to link back to a precious post. Well, its a start! Over to facebook I go…..

  8. Candice says:

    Thanks Sarah , being a blogger to be soon , and a student of your fab blog course I am printing out your advice and tips and from following your linky parties and fav bloggers sites and then following them I see your advice in action . To share your knowledge is so cool Sarah .
    at present my PC is a get fit device , years old I fix it daily … but when I am home and doing a read my download time allows me to run down 12 stairs , run to laundry , load wash machine , hang out first load , pick a few weeds out as I travel back up path , run up 12 stairs and take a seat and view last of download happening .. its near 7 years old . So saving madly for my dream machine and torwards my humble start to the sisterhood of blogging . Thanks again ..

  9. Lots of great tips – like you I know the theory but sometimes need a reminder to put them into practice!

    I would include instagram too – it drives traffic to both my personal blog and my jewellery site – I even sold a crocheted necklace to someone in Texas after they found a picture of it on Instagram :)

    Every little helps!

    PS did you see the new Orla tesco bag yet?

    • sarah says:

      omg no I didn’t! are there any left???????????

      hmmm that is interesting about Instagram, I don’t think of that as a traffic booster b/c I kinda view it as a hobby if you know what I mean… wondering too how you can tell if traffic has come from Instagram? does that show up in your dashboard as ‘instagram’ ???

      thanks for the feedback x

      • For me Pinterest and Instagram are both really hobbies, and if they bring a bit of extra traffic (or a sale) it’s a bonus. Haven’t spotted it in my stats, but I never look too closely at those :)

        Check out Orla’s bag on my Instagram feed, and let me know if you want me to get you one. I only noticed them this week, but maybe they have been around longer and I just didn’t spot them!

  10. bec says:

    Oh Sarah, what a great post I will certainly try and put all these pointers of yours into action. I’ve had a blog for just over a month now… yes it’s taken me that long to figure out how to set it all up as I’m no techo. So far I have one follower..Me! ha ha…. not that I mind, I’m quite enjoying entertaining myself with my own posts! Sometimes I read them and cringe and other times I think cripes I’m clever!
    Anyhoo… got my facebook and got my pinterest so we’ll see what happens. Having probs getting my thumbnail pic to show up when I post a comment on someone elses fb page. Not sure what that’s about but I guess I’ll figure it out.
    Thanks heaps for the tips and encouragement you give us all.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Bec

      Good luck with it!

      Oh and guess what, everyone started out with one follower! xo

  11. Hi Sarah,

    As always – I love your blog and your tips. Thank you so very much for sharing.

    I find that submitting my blog posts to other sites is also a great boost in traffic. For example, I submit to craftgawker and dwellinggawker. They are FANTASTIC for traffic.

    I use instagram as a fun thing to do as well, and although it doesn’t show as a traffic source in stats, I think it is a great way to meet others and grow the friendships. I do it because it is fun. I am in the same boat as you…it is so nice to really enjoy what you are blogging, tweeting, instagram-ing. Not sure I would do any of it, if I didn’t truly love love love to do it. I love that you have the same attitude. You are a beautifully positive influence.

    I often connect with the same friends on instagram and in twitter. I also link my instagram photos into my twitter feed ( because it is so easy to do -whew!) and it gives some nice variety to photos that you are entering into your twitter feed. I do the same with pinterest. Those go into Twitter as well.

    Everyone loves photos :).

    Thanks again for the awesome advice. Have a great time in Aussie land. Say hello to Catherine’s sister :)))
    Lynne xx

  12. Sarah says:

    Great tips thank you Sarah, especially the Pinterest – I recently took a quickie tutorial on how to use Pinterest to promote your blog – before I took the class, I will say that I got MORE followers via Twitter just because I was on Pinterest – it is a great resource not only for pics, but, for inspiration and like-minded folks who want to follow. Have a great weekend!! ;-))

  13. Deanne says:

    I actually created a five brothers one sister face book page the other week but I can’t seem to get photos up on my little posts- they just seem to take hours and I end up stopping them- not sure what I am doing wrong!

  14. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks. Great tips! I found your wonderful blog a few weeks ago and I’m now one of your newest followers. I just love it! This is my first time making a comment. I recently changed my business blog to a personal one and I’m having such a fun time with it. I also set up a Facebook and twitter account for my blog after reading your post. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jenny :)

  15. Zoe says:

    Hi Sarah, I totally agree with some of the comments about blogging. Even if you’ve been blogging for a while now, it is good to be reminded if some of the more easier ways to help boost traffic. I do believe social media exhaustion has got to some bloggers and that’s a real shame, it is meant to be enjoyable and I think we all need to re-discover this. Thanks heaps for a wonderful article. Zoe x

  16. Some great advice Sarah. I think I do most of these things. I think the most important thing to do when blogging is to be consistent and patient. xT

  17. le_third says:

    Evening Sarah – this was a lovely set of tips – as always insightful,fun and useful – best le xox

  18. Tat says:

    I find that, too – I know so much and I rarely implement any of it. Because most of it is so boring and I have so many things to do that are more fun. That’s a nice and easy formula you’ve got, just as it should be!

  19. Trish says:

    Fabulous tips Sarah, thank you.

  20. Donna says:

    Great tips! So glad I found your blog.
    I have been putting off getting a Facebook page for my blog for ages now – not really sure why I have been so hesitant. But, it certainly seems like it’s the way to go to reach a new set of potential readers and perhaps it’s time for me to swim with the tide instead of against it.
    I look forward to popping back to your blog often. xx

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  22. Hi Sarah, At the end of each of your posts you invite readers to subscribe. The text changes but the invitation is always there. Is that a wordpress plugin? or is it code that’s part of your site design? Please share it. I really need an better way to invite people to subscribe. Thanks for the tips and reminders–no I haven’t done them all, but I’m working on it. ps I’m on wordpress.

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