Beach Cottage Switch Off

Mon 7th, May, 2012

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So hello Beach Cottage ladies!  Now you will know by my lack of presence here on Saturday before last, and by my lack of hanging out in social media, that I went unplugged recently courtesy of Nuffnang & Kangaroo Island.

I must say I was wondering what would happen when I switched everything off for a day…would I survive or would I go through some hideous withdrawal symptoms from the medium that I love?

Well, I did survive and with some interesting results. 20120507-02-IMG_3666

Indeed the switching off thing got me thinking – what would I like to do for a whole 24 hours of not being wired for sound, a day of being free? I decided that it would be very nice to do something that I have been meaning to do for a very long time, I would take that day by the scruff of its neck and hang out, not with Twitter or Facebook or this blog, but just diggin’ it with the best girl in the world, the lovely Miss Beach Cottage.

And so we started scheming and came up with a plan… .ferry to the city, check


nice hotel, check, shopping, check, mani & pedi, check, massage, check, dinner, check, drinks & movie check.



(all pics courtesy Miss Beach Cottage)




So that’s what we planned and as the end of the week rolled around we started getting excited…I’ve said before on here one of the reasons I love the beaches is because there’s the beach, but a half an hour ferry ride away there is a beautiful city with some pretty special views – and we took full advantage of that.

Saturday morning we headed off to the city, rode the ferry, sighed at the Harbour Bridge when we turned the corner, gawped at the opera house…checked into our hotel, quite nice, bathroom was a bit art-deco, right up my alley


and then hit the shops…

…whereupon suddenly I was missing social media, you see I was having such a lovely time that I wanted to document it all, for me that’s what it’s all about…I am no literary master, I am not blogging about world peace, for me it’s just about my new little corner of this place they call Australia and my new life by the sea…and in a split second when Miss Beach Cottage and I bought ludicrously expensive fancy schmancy cupcakes 20120507-06-IMG_3564
I wanted to snap away and Instagram the heck out of it.  (btw we went for Raspberry & white chocolate)




And I couldn’t.

I felt like a part of me was missing…the snapping and sharing of little moments that make life special to me…little things through my eyes that I like to kinda keep.

Know what I mean?



We shopped…


we laughed


got a mani & pedi


and I wanted to get that out there in cyberspace…for who?  Who knows, but I missed it…

And that is why it was interesting for me this whole unplugged thing, because what actually happened is that it gave me a clear view of what is going on with me and this whole plugged-in business…did I miss seeing yet another email about someone wanting a text link or to advertise on my blog, no sirree, did I miss checking into Facebook, errm for 1 day, that would be a no, and even blogging, did I miss my baby for the day…not really no, indeed it was a breath of fresh air!




But what I did miss was Instagram…I don’t know why ladies but that little app in the corner of my phone in the corner of my pocket, in this lovely little corner of the world, well, somehow, it just does it for me…documenting things like a little trip to this bakery in the evening and spending up on sweet stuff… yeah I like that


I would have liked to have instagrammed it to the stars and back


I love love loved the vintage cabinets full of cute Chinese treats





and I think this whole exercise has shown me that’s a very good thing…going unplugged has made me see what I love and what I don’t and from now on weekends will only be about those

I love how our new life means thongs / flip flops for my kiddos in Autumn and I love sticking that on my instagram page




– so expect a million and one Instagrams from the vintage loving, getting a bit vintage herself girl on the beaches come this Saturday…(you can find me as ‘abeachcottage’ on Instagram, if you aren’t at the party yet, but you want to have a look at what I am up to you can follow me here)

you can see more of our pics here

[nggallery id=21]

I have received a few emails from you girls letting me know how it went…I’d love to know more if you went unplugged with me, let me know in the comments…and from now on I won’t be answering emails at the weekend Winking smile


It’s not too late to enter to win a trip to Kangaroo Island – click here for more information

See you tomorrow, are you ready for that little Nordic Boutique of mine?  Oh my IKEA I heart you


How about you? Did you go un-plugged, could you do it, and did you make it?



more stuff from the beaches and Barley, world famous cavoodle puppy gets updated daily here, come and see!







this is a Beach Cottage Sponsored Post brought to you  with South Australian Tourism

(all travel, hotel, Chinese cake, soaks in bath, pedicures, shopping, massages & Peroni courtesy abeachcottage.com)

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26 Responses to “Beach Cottage Switch Off”

  1. Kirsty says:

    Good for you Sarah! I’m finding posting three times a week and having the weekends off works for me, it keeps things fresh and I feel like I have something to say after a few days away from it all! Oh and those cupcakes look divine, must go and search some out this weekend! xo K

  2. Linda Cooper says:

    I was off having adventures too and did not have internet. I took a group of Canadian Girl Guides to a camp hosted by Girl Scouts of America 4 hours from home. The Camp was located in a park, The Peace Gardens , that is shared by both countries. (it is a big geographic bubble between the two border crossings sort of like a duty free area.) So for US Arbor Day we helped plant tree in this lovely park. No internet or cellphone connection but I made good use of my camera. One of the girls that I have been working with for about 4 years looked up from tree planting to see me taking her picture. She said I was the official photographer of her life. lol.

  3. Deb says:

    Sarah, your unplugged day in the city with your daughter made me a little wistful when I read it this morning.
    Doing girlie things with my daughter is such a joy -she has moved interstate so it doesn’t happen quite as often as it used to. I also miss being a tourist in my own city. I grew up very close to the Harbour and always regarded it as my city- I loved watching it mature as I did! I did the seachange thing to Port Stephens with my Mr Beach House and as much as I LOVE it, a day in the Big Smoke is still a buzz.. Think I need an excuse to for a day out! I always enjoy your posts keep up the good work!

  4. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    It sounds like you and little Miss Beach Cottage had a wonderful weekend away!

    My own little beach cottage beckoned me this weekend – I think it would look wonderful in your beach cottage:

  5. I agree – missing Instagram was the hardest part – and my phone for points of contact with the teens in my house!

  6. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Gosh Stacey, thats a bit rough!! If you think that the world has become messed up, say it but why with so much venom. Social media has become part of the 21st century, even if we like it or not and Sarah going unplugged for the day and blogging about her observations and feelings is no different than having a conversation about it and life in general with a friend over coffee.

  7. Tricia Rose says:

    Some of us do reserve the right to write about ourselves on our own blogs – why would you be surprised?

  8. Jane says:

    you are kidding me right that you think it’s not plain rude to leave someone a comment like this? oh the irony Stacey.
    personally I enjoy this blog much more now and have been with it from the start

    • Nicole W says:

      Agree jane! One thing I love about this blog is the followers are so considerate, mature, no nastiness, no cattiness.. Felt like you’re in good company with a nice bunch of ladies not judging each others parenting, thoughts, dreams & ideas..
      {I had to stop following a couple of blogs of late because of comments & the blog owner trying to justify everything.. sigh} I guess maybe the ones that don’t like it can just do the MATURE thing & LEAVE QUIETLY..

  9. Sarah, when I unplug I call it my “Amish Break”. I love it, and I have been thinking about doing it once a month. The only thing I still allow is my cell phone so my kids can get a hold of me if there’s an emergency. I don’t answer though if it is someone else. But what a great break it is!! I focus on my kids and hubby, and when they’re busy I focus on the house and catching up. I usually spend a whole weekend though. There is usually time to bake and work on a project, and sit outside with a book. Sheer heaven!

  10. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah , The girls getaway , perfect … magic time will stay with your loved ones forever and the memory will always be with a smile .
    Well I am in awe of all you girls who blog and follow blogs , work and have families and homes and DIY , and craft . Please teach me your Time Management Secrets . I would dearly love to blog when I update my relic PC and I am following Sarah’s great How to Blog course …. But I will have a unplugged day also …. as I do now on my day off if kids are at school … phone on answer .. PC off . Cheers

  11. Nicole W says:

    Love your blog too Sarah & thanks for sharing your special weekend! I don’t tend to use the computer/ social media etc on the weekends anyhow.. my dad had a policy when we were kids no tv during the day on the weekends (the exception of YTT on a Sunday evening!) so its kind of stuck with me all these years & now my kids are “suffering”! Tho I had to laugh when i logged onto your site the Saturday night to get your salsa verde recipe & a note came up that you’d unplugged for 24 hours =D so i grabbed the recipe & high tailed it out of there! LOL xx

  12. Candice says:

    Hi Stacey , re your comment , I am learning to blog and so before I start my humble little space , I research and research and I have visited many blogs from science to pets to rant , to lady DIY blogs all sorts gathering their wisdom and learning along the way . All vary some impersonal , some very personal . Sarhs BC is my favourite ,I have sat ladys down infront of PC to view Sarah and they have a different mind set when they finish their coffee and a long read . They are inspired , they have been in awfull state of money woes and personal woes . Sarahs journey and what she has created on line and in her home have just floored them and inspired them to go home and try little things on their own with their beyond tight budgets . I have to disagree with your post Stacy … A blog is often discribed as a personal on line diary . BC and Sarahs is fab way back then and fab now . Cheers .

  13. Janelle says:

    Can I just say “Yay!” for miss b.c’s photography?! Great job!!! x

  14. I decided a couple of weeks ago to have a boggy sabbatical, so I am only
    Posting the occasional single photo. I am still using instagram though – it has really become the best thing for me. Like you, I love to share my beautiful corner of the world, so this iPhone has changed the way I do this. Before I would be out with the big camera and selection of lenses, weighed down like a pack mule everywhere. Now I travel light and find so many fab things to photograph and I just need to share them.

    Jacqui xx

    • sarah says:

      I hear you Jacqui!

      I found you on Instagram, I have to say I am loving it over there xo

  15. Marnie says:

    I forgot…but I did do a practice run (like I was sayin on Twitter). That’ll have to be good enough.
    Happy to hear (and see) that you made the most of it. Your daughter sure can take some beautiful pictures…..apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? What a lovely memories the two of you are creating together…something money can’t buy.
    x Marnie

  16. Sarah says:

    I unplugged for a day too and found it any interesting experience. I went away a few weeks back and didn’t use the internet all week and didn’t miss it. I did however find it much more difficult on my unplugged day as the computer was sitting there unused in the corner! It made me realise how I need to change my routine so I only look at it at a certain time at weekends thereby freeing me up to do other things. Thanks for the original idea of unplugging!

  17. Now that is the way ‘to do’ unplugged. I played for hours and hours with small one in the garden and I’ll be doing to the same this weekend too C:

  18. christie says:

    Stacey: What is it that you want to get out of reading a blog ? Photos with no personal life stuff ? DIY ? Your opinion of social media seems to be very low. ( And, I can agree with that opinion in many cases. I don’t use Facebook or twitter or anything. I don’t have a cell phone. I know these things are very distracting. I make the decision to limit them in both quanity and quality.) If you feel a certain blogger is a shallow egomaniac, why do you participate ?
    ~ Christie

    • sarah says:

      my thoughts along those lines ;-)

      gotta love a troll who trolls social media roflmao xx

  19. christie says:

    I’ve been thinking about how your life / blog seem to have evolved over the years that I have read it. I think early on, it was a bit more of a struggle. Now, it is remembering to be gratefull. Sometimes, life IS a Struggle. At some point, these things usually get easier. It is then that we need to be really gratefull for the small simple stuff. We run the risk of creating the habit of always seeing life as a struggle and “creating” our own struggles instead of being happy and taking it easy.
    ~ Christie
    P.S. I hope your dog is a sweetheart. She looks so sweet.

  20. Bec says:

    My daughter is only two but I cannot wait to have girls day out like the one you have just shared with Miss BC.

    p.s. I did the unplugged challenge but did cheat but only a little bit – I skyped my sister as she has just had a baby and I wanted to meet him – am sure that qualifies for an exemption!

  21. alison says:


    Find a blog you like reading.

    Best wishes,