Beach Cottage Summer House Furniture

Mon 7th, May, 2012

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Morning ladies, well Summer House DIY beach decor news this morning, we spent some time at the weekend moving things around out there and really thinking about what we are going to use it for.

Last week was a funny one in Beach Cottage Land…different schedules, needing to fit Barley into our routine now, school sport carnivals for two of the Beach Cottage Crew and moi over to the city three times in one week – so the schedule was a bit upside down – normally it’s bit more like – do the school run, go for a walk by the beach, come home, put the bomb site back together, do a bit of blogging, make the dinner, yadda yadda

Anyway so one afternoon last week Mr Beach Cottage found himself here at 3pm and about to go back into the office to actually get some work done for the day, it’s hardly far away but by the time you’ve parked etc. it’s a faff at 3pm just for a few hours….so I said to him why don’t you work from home?  But of course, with that normally comes interruptions and not being able to concentrate and though tempting he knew that really he wouldn’t get much done…

I suggested the Summer House, which was sitting there, empty, lonely and ready for someone to do something with it.  …it’s taken a while for me to get out there and get going on getting it looking pretty….




But he decided it was a better idea to stay at home…and so we got a makeshift table and chair and off he went.  And came back in five hours later. None of us were any the wiser, indeed one of the Beach Cottage Crew asked when he was getting home from work.

So this made us realise what a gem this little place is to have here – Mr Beach Cottage did use it as an office when we first started the business but we both knew that as soon as it was an option he needed to get out and have an office of his own somewhere else, save his wife wringing his neck with her bare hands one day.



We both decided though that we don’t want this set-up as an office, we want a table and chair available out there for taking a laptop and working in peace and quiet, but more we wanted this room to be one to go with a book or three, with a cup of tea or a nice drink in the evenings, for the Beach Cottage Kiddos to use as a chill out zone etc.

However, as ever with anything it seems in this old cottage, it’s not quite right, and there are a few problems….bottom line it is just a bit too small…a bit bigger and a nice sofa-bed would be perfect but after many measurements we think a decent one will be too big or we will have to plump for one of the smaller ones (we’ve had one of those before and it was hardly comfy for either sitting or sleeping)

So for now we are going with Adirondacks, and big floor cushions, they fit in fairly well and as I have said before on here these are extremely comfortable and on the floor is going natural rug flooring (testing it out here) because when in there it definitely needs some softening and the painted floor felt too I dunno, hard



I have been half-heartedly looking for a table for this room, same problem is happening here, it needs to be just a tad bigger and a table would fit in nicely.

I had a trip to IKEA to have a looksee and came back without a table, I wish I could say that I came back empty handed, I so did not, more on that soon.

The real problem here though wasn’t size it was that I didn’t want new and as you know if you are a vintage furniture shopper, when you are looking for vintage it often takes a while to wait to come across something right.

Soooo Mr Beach Cottage decided to go and look at my stash under the house, ahem.



(oh and note : this is one of the cafe chairs I got from Ebay,  without the Zinsser primer that we were talking about the other day, I left this one to see how the rust would come through and what it would look like…click the picture below if you want to see how I made over some of those vintage French cafe chairs)



He emerged from under the house with this, it’s not perfect for the space obviously, but it is old and a bit shabby, I will be doing it up and the top needs to be restored.  Right now I am thinking some oilcloth through the top and then cover with a piece of glass…or just a pretty tablecloth…in the meantime I will be looking for a more narrow table…



I would love a trunk in here, I like the feel of that, a bit coastal and nautical, all scuffed up (also brought up from under the house) and shabby, this would be ok without the table but not both I don’t think it will fit….once I get out there on my own and get all the soft furnishings in and pretty it up I may foof it around to fit it in but probs not…



He also found this down there, this is one of the very first things we found while vintage treasure hunting in Australia and before our furniture arrived from Old Blighty…I painted it white and it was used as a makeshift computer table in our rented house…it’s had a few different uses since but has been under the house for a while…I couldn’t ever give it away… it didn’t work either, in fact it looked all wrong, though for sure I had forgotten how much I loved this one…




And that is it for me Beach Cottage friends, I am hoping to get out there today and get a few more things done, I am making a window dressing too…

What do you think of how it’s coming along?

Be seeing ya


Come and check out what Barley has been up to at this fan page and there will be some very pretty coastal pics up on the daily beach page today…


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40 Responses to “Beach Cottage Summer House Furniture”

  1. Julz says:

    love the rug.. can you tell me where you got it?

  2. I adore the last table. Its a never ending search to find the right size table, i know i have been looking for one for our kitchen, with only a family of three we now don’t need anything bigger, and the ikea one i have looks like the craters of the moon as its all bubbling up. will keep searching, and until then take joy in your little summer house.

    • sarah says:

      have you thought about covering it with oilcloth? I covered my ikea desk that had seen better days but I LOVED the size of it and it has been brilliant…just turned it over and stapled it with a staple gun like a parcel x

  3. Julie says:

    Sarah you will find the right bits and pieces to fit your fabulous summer house – you always do! You have such a knack of pulling it all together. Have you looked at Ikea’s Brimnes day bed? You can use it like a sofa and foof it up with lots of cushions and a throw rug for daytime relaxing but it has a clever bed hidden in it for overnight guests and big storage drawers underneath. I’m not a fan of sofa beds – I paid a lot of money for one that I thought would be very comfy but nobody likes sleeping on it. It is ok at a push for 1 guest but for 2 people it is just awful. Hmmm ….. on the other other hand that could be a secret ploy for getting rid of guests who outstay their welcome ;-) I have a neighbour who says houseguests are like fish – they go off after 3 days! Maybe she keeps a sofa bed in the guest room!!!!!

    • sarah says:

      I actually have a day bed under the house, I think it is Hemnes though, ikea…however we both think that would not be good for sitting on for two whereas the chairs are…

      yes I had a similar sofa bed, paid a lot for it, it was awful to sleep on and even more awful to sit on…

      I like your friend x

  4. Melinda says:

    would a skinny long table stretching right along the back wall work? – kind of like a shelf that you could draw a chair up to for a desk, pop flowers, books, magazines vintagelovelies drinks, snacks etc on….. it would be narrow…probably legless to maximise space and make it recede into wall – Mr BC could even build it !!. Adirondacks could sit just in front on sides, floor cushions as you say………

    just an idea and not seeing space might be totally wrong. It does look lovely bright and airy out there, you’ve done a such a great job with it xx

    • sarah says:

      yes that is exactly what we want and discussed! however Mr Beach Cottage does not possess those kinda skills we don’t believe! x

  5. Janelle says:

    Looking good Sarah. The rug really cosies things up doesnt it?! Looking forward to seeing it after your foofing! And may I come shopping under your house?!? You stock some great stuff!!!! xx

    • sarah says:

      ahem yes there is rather a good lot of stock under there…sadly though it’s not for sale ;-) xx

  6. Funny thing, was just at Ikea this past week searching for a desk/table for a tiny space. Luckily I had the advantage of it not having to be pretty, or stylish, or even used by an adult for that matter. Ended up going for the small side mounted floating table that folds flat to the wall. It was a genius of a find for our little project. So much so that we bought two.

  7. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Rather than a regular table, what about a console table (sofa table? not sure what they call them in Australia, it’s been awhile…) – the narrower proportions might work better in your space.

    Good luck with getting it all foofed out…

    • sarah says:

      yes that’s what we would like but we want it to easily accomodate a desk diary etc too and that is what is proving tricky x

  8. Candice says:

    Lovely post Sarah , I think I may have to paint myself white ….. and never again have a moanfull photo of me taken again . Every Pic on your blog is just so stare at pc and sigh wow that looks so good .
    Old doors are a favourite of mine , paint and add 4 legs cut at Bunnings , glue and I can spread out everywhere , share my space while on pc while over seeing the young ones on theirs . Just pick up to move table , I tried the push by myself once hence why I am working on relic pc now …… Cheers

    • sarah says:

      nice idea, I have had thoughts along that line…must say I sure have got enough old doors in this place lol

      oh and yep painting myself white would sure solve a lot of probs in my life ha

  9. Suzanne says:

    Looks fab!! I see a beach cottage bunting in there!!
    The smaller tables do come up!1 What about an old singer sewing machine table minus the machine they are divine and would hold laptop etc!!

  10. kerrie says:

    Have you thought about trying one of those plush carpets from Ikea? They are really soft and might be nice with the toss pillows for lounging. If it doesn’t work you could always opt for one nice comfy chair with a side table…it could be the one man summer cottage. :)

  11. kerrie says:

    Oh yes…just reading your comments and my daughter has the floating wall mount table from Ikea in her room and loves it! And it is so affordable. You should give it a try.

  12. Given the expected uses of the room, maybe a card-table and armchair, then a big stack of floor cushions for non-computer-users? Either that or make Mr BC work on a futon!

  13. Aisling says:

    I bought an old singer sewing machine that had been turned into a table with a zinc top. It looks great in our beachy living room.


  14. Chrisartist says:

    Hi Sarah
    We used oil cloth on our old beach house table. It looks fab and so easy to wipe clean.
    A fancy tablecloth can be thrown over whenever needed.

  15. le_third says:

    nice one – love the separate room … do you think by trying to make the space accommodate so many functions it might end up not really suiting any … just thinking out loud … do you have a dedicated room to you in the main house … no counting your fab bathroom :) … very much liking the blog refresh – nice one Sarah – best for a calmer week le xox

  16. Selby says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see when you’ve foofed it:)

  17. Glennie says:

    Love that last table! It’s looking great Sarah – even just the addition of the rug changes it completely doesn’t it … I do so wish we had Ikea here – there were rumours about a store opening up in Auckland but I fear the old “global finance crisis” may have interferred …. Happy day, x

  18. Ellie says:

    How come I don’t have an under house stash like yours?!!!
    You must have one amazing treasure trove under there because Mr BC found some lovely stuff.

  19. I love your ‘under house’ stash! Sadly, we’ve moved too many times to have a stash of anything. That last table is great – love the legs.

  20. Your garden room truly has a ton of potential, Sarah! You both did a fabulous job with it so far! Whatever you do…..it’ll end up looking beach cottage beautiful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. teres says:

    i sit here green with envy from my saltbox house in winnipeg, manitoba canada where summer is on its’ way. would the trunk tuck under the table to clear floor space when neither are being used? could the trunk be used as a sitspot at the table if a square sided stiff pillow was made for the top. i have found that gate leg tables with the tops that fold down the sides (sorry for the poor description) to be very handy in our small space b/c they can be opened up to the size of a dinner table if you pull out both legs to support the entire top, to the size of about 1/2 a dinner table if you only pull out one leg to support 1/2 the top and if you leave both legs down they are the depth of a sofa table. worth a shot. just an option that works for our small space. regardless, i think your summer house looks great with just the carpet, the chair and the table! just needs a nap spot and you`re set! have fun with it!!! can`t wait to see more pics!

  22. alison says:

    It’s great to read about another person who agonises about furniture and its placement like me. You’ll work it out! Can’t wait for your decorating solution.


  23. Steph says:

    Do you mind if I ask how many square feet the room is? It is very cute and I am wondering the square footage? Thanks.

  24. Lynn says:

    Sarah, I love how the room is talking to you. I love it is finding it’s purpose in your lives. The transformation is unbelievable.

  25. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    Taking a big breath and *sigh* now! such a beautiful vision for me to look at tonight as I type this – a beautiful job you have done.

    have a lovely weekend

    Loulou x

  26. Candy says:

    We put turned legs (painted white, of course) on a very narrow old plank door. Gave the natural wood top a bit of sanding and varnish and it’s perfect for an ‘up against the wall’ table. Does not take up much space, accomodates a chair or two (I have the same french slatted ones as yours) with lots of space for dining, desk with computer, etc. Basically anything one would want to use it for. Have a long cushy slipcovered ottomon underneath for extra seating when not being used as a desk, table. We got the idea when we lived in a 380 sq foot cabin in the mountains of NC for about 18 months. Took a lot of space planning, as you can imagine! Whatever you do it will be fabulous!!

  27. Candy says:

    p.s. Your trunk is to. die. for!!!

  28. Andrea Smith says:

    White is always clean and light to the eyes, but be ready for maintenance because it easily gets dirty too