Beach Cottage Meal Plan

Sun 6th, May, 2012

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G’day ladies, happy Sunday to you…another week goes by, another easy meal plan gets written…

So, some weeks I am busy, some weeks I am lazy, many weeks I am both and I don’t actually feel like sitting down and writing a meal plan.  As you have gathered I have issues with people telling me what to do or any kind of constraints, I know where this comes from, sometimes I like to rebel to that stupid housewifey meal plan thing, meal plan schmeal plan, yeah I’ll show it.  I don’t need planning and stuff in my life, I am so not that big car, mother of three, boring 40 is the new thirty year old, I’ll just wing it baby.


And then Tuesday night rolls around.

There is no dinner.

Children are gnawing at tables.  Miss Beach Cottage is irritable.  Mrs Beach Cottage has a broomstick attached to her behind.  Mr Beach Cottage has eyebrows stuck to the top of his head.

Conversations about pasta, Ikea frozen meatballs and fish fingers start to fly around through gritted teeth by the broomstick rider.



So when I felt like not doing a meal plan this weekend I thought of that moment on Tuesday night when all would not be pretty in Beach Cottage Land, I would be wearing a stick and told myself to get a grip and do it…I made the whole exercise a tad easier by

1. the addition of a streusel muffin, who is a new addition to my life thanks to a fellow blogger from the beaches who will be guesting it here soon…I think it’s the best muffin in the world.  Seriously.

2. the making and drinking of a cup of English Breakfast

3. the throwing around of pretty pale flowers

4. the using of a pink pen

5. the writing on sea green, lined paper

With that in mind I was not in any kind of mood for either looking for something new to try or worry about whether we had too much or too less of anything


…the main aim here was to fall back on old favourites and get things done…this next coming week is actually a whole lot less busy than last week was for me but it’s the lingering from that week that has made this meal plan a fall-back one

Sunday  { Surfer Boy Crockpot Beef } Recipe Here

Monday {Leftovers }

Tuesday {Twice Baked Potatoes – with bacon } Recipe Here

Wednesday { Crockpot Chorizo Stew } Recipe Here

Thursday  { Veggie Mamas Parsley Pesto } Recipe Here

Friday { On Strike }

Baking : { Easy Banana Bread } Recipe Here




Ok, that’s it from me Beach Cottage ladies, feel free to use my easy meal plan this week…I am outta here, it’s a beautiful day here on the beaches of Sydney, I have already been to football, down the beach for a coffee and now the bbq is on for lunch and I am looking forward to a whole afternoon of gardening and getting my hands in the earth….got lots of plants to put in



don’t miss Barley’s Fan Page here, just updated with a new pic! 


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25 Responses to “Beach Cottage Meal Plan”

  1. Melinda says:

    Sometimes I feel like being ” on strike” for a whole week – thinking about what everyone is going to eat all week is, on occasion, not exciting at all – either in a meal plan or as a last minute throw together !!

    I like to cook, its creative and nurturing for me, but every now and then I do dream of just turning up to a delicious meal on the table and NOT having had anything to do with it at all – wouldnt it be lovely?!

    Happy Sunday and love your pink flower picture, beautiful clarity and depth xx

  2. Nadine says:

    I love your meal plans, and your handwriting is too good to be true! I’m super-jealous.

  3. jan says:

    Somehow you capture perfectly how we all sometimes feel then with Beach Cottage magic your photos and wit turn the mudane into the mundoable and we all embrace meal planning for yet another week….too many thanks

  4. jen says:

    Sarah thanks for the meal plan I really need to this every week to make life more smooth with the kids and work and family life (its a great idea)….do you have a good vegie soup recipe?? now its getting into winter weather? I tried a cauliflower & potato & leek one the other nite which was yum :-)
    Cheers :-)

    • sarah says:

      errrm I do have one but to be honest it’s normally whatever is in the bottom of the veggie drawer in the fridge!

  5. Janelle says:

    Thanks Sarah. I’m copying Wed and Fri from you this week. Already looking fwd to Fri! Hope youre feeling that thoroughly fabulous exhausted and dirt suck under your fingernails even tho you were wearing gloves feeling after your day in the garden. xx

  6. neen says:

    Might just have to try this menu plan idea, we had feezer tea tonight ’cause the garden was my haven. Weeding, weeding, raking and sweeping all arvo. Frezer dinner idea was not good for any of us. Why does it always fall back to me? Change is on it’s way and menu planning is part of it. Thankyou for yummy ideas. Is there a bloggy prize thingy for photos? You win !! Your photos continue to amaze me, so clear and each has a story…B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ….

  7. Anna says:

    Sarah you’ve captured what I was feeling today too!! I’d lost inspiration for meal planning after last weeks; I don’t feel like meat & I’m not that hungry comments argh!!! I wanted to scream! I kept checking your blog today for motivation. Ended up writing my meal plan on my iPhone. Yep we all have those weeks & I’m claiming mothers day weekend starting Friday when I’ll be on strike too ☺

  8. Wowsers. I’m yet to even get on the meal planning bandwagon. I’m a day to day kinda girl, But as you say, it doesn’t do me any favours. Can’t wait to hear about this cracking muffin. I love a good muff! ha! x

  9. Julie says:

    I love that first photo, especially. The colours are gorgeous together. I’ve got to tell you, I made your twice baked potatoes last week and they were fantastic. I almost felt sick afterward from eating more than one! I’m making your chorizo stew this week as it was a hit last time!

  10. Kirsty says:

    I’m with you on the whole hitting Tuesday night and wishing you had done a meal plan thing!!! I know exactly how that feels! I think i’m definitely putting the chorizo stew on the menu next week! Put chorizo in anything and i’m in heaven :)

  11. Julie says:

    Gee Sarah I wish meal planning was so easy at my place! I have THE fussiest husband. I have been dealing with this for 35 years!!! I see lots of nice recipes for things that sound yummy to me but I know he will turn his nose up at them. Just the other week I spent 2 hours making a vegie lasagne – so much prep involved with roasting vegies, grilling capsicum, sauteing mushrooms etc – and he wouldn’t even try it. GRRRRR! Sounds like your lot are much easier to please. Seriously if I served a roasted potato for dinner (even a very nice cheesy one with chives and bacon) I would get a raised eyebrow and “where’s the rest of the dinner?” On the up side, my chickens have flown the coop so I don’t have to worry about their preferences any more. And I could serve simple meat with 3 veg on the side for the rest of my life and HE would be happy. Easy peasy but I would die from food boredom!! There, that’s of my chest. Sorry to vent so early in the week. Have a great week in sunny Sydney – so so grey in Melbourne. Again.

    • sarah says:

      haha Julie, I think you should go on strike! x

    • alison says:

      I have a meat and 3 veg man too. It’s easy to do but oh so boring and it comes back to bite you when you go out to a restaurant and they can’t cope, especially if there are fancy chef words in the menu. LOL


  12. Liz says:

    I have to admit I’ve been able to be on strike and wing it because it’s just my daughter and I right now, but guess what…we still get hungry. You have inspired me to get back to my meal plans. We don’t need very many meals because we’ll not only be able to eat leftovers, but we’ll NEED to. Food is too expensive to let go to waste. I agree with Neen about your photos. You know how to entertain us with them! Beautiful colors and yes, the handwriting does add a special touch. I’m envious of good handwriting too, especially because it’s not my forte! Thanks Sarah!


  13. Krisztina says:

    I made your apple tart recipe for the family tonight. HUGE HIT! Thank you! It was super easy, just what I needed. Maybe we could do a recipe share here with all the other girls sometime? I seem to pick up all my easy recipes from other busy gals and not from magazines. I’m looking to make your crock pot roast in the next week or so. Thanks again!

  14. Hannah says:

    I spent last week on strike. I have a bad back and the addition of Aunt Flor (yeah, I went there) meant a week of Chinese, Pizza and everything I am hideously allergic to. This week it’s back on track with meal plans. On one hand, I hate that sort of planning, on another it makes life so much easier.

  15. Nst90 of Bne says:

    Ah yes, gotta love us a meal plan. I do one monthly, buy the meat and stash it in the freezer, but buy the fresh ingredients weekly. My version of rebelling is to mix up the dishes during the week (ie. make a dish on WEDNESday instead of FRIday cos I FEEL like it). :)

    PS Tried your twice baked goodies last night (and even had some leftover for tonight). Thank you! Love!

    PPS – not sure if you’ve heard of her website, but a couple of recipes that regularly get added to my list are from Ms Frills in the Hills (two that are really easy to throw together here):
    http://www.frillsinthehills.com/2010/10/frugal-fast-food-san-choy-bau.html ; and

  16. Rochelle says:

    Ah Sarah, wish I could just come over for a cup of tea and have a natter. Me, like you is one of those fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal, but things have been so behind lately that you have inspired me and you know what, I went shopping yesterday with a meal plan in my head. I know, I’m getting there. Next week, I think I’ll try one of yours. Thanks for always managing to make me smile. xx

  17. alison says:

    I plain just hate cooking tea every night. I just hate cooking a meat meal and a vegetarian meal every night. Hate it. I do the bulk cooking and freezing bit so that helps, have standard easy to cook recipes, have a well stocked pantry but still hate it all. I feel I was born to have a resident chef. LOL. Randomly, I will have a night where the cooking process brings me joy, but that is extremely rare. I have tried some frozen and preprepared meals to take away the pressure but ooooo, they are awful!!

    I am a very organised person but still hate cooking tea. Any suggestions welcome.

    PS Just love drinking English Breakfast tea.