Beach Cottage Kitchen Update

Tue 29th, May, 2012

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So this is the cooking side of the teeniest tiniest kitchen in the rattiest old cottage on the beaches… well this is what it used to look like when these open shelves were put in…

Now Beach Cottage lovelies, that is changing.

You see, I love open shelving and I love decanting, indeed I could and did, write a whole long-winded post about it, I was the decanting happy dancer, ooh yeah….




This was the brief plan then for the kitchen, I was DETERMINED to have an open shelving kitchen with lots and lots of jars and pots out on show….and for the most part it’s working very well, even if it is the teeniest kitchen in the Southern Hemisphere.

But sometimes a girl might have to admit she’s wrong and might have to admit that she needs a little cupboard in her life… however she would not openly admit that to the person who told her so in the first place.  Of course not.




and now the contents of the shelving and hooks is all over the kitchen.  This does not a happy Mrs Beach Cottage make.

Shall I tell you another person who isn’t too impressed?

That would be Mr Beach Cottage.

Me : ‘Oh Mr Beach Cottage I cannot wait to get some cupboards in here so it’s all tidy & put away on this side!’

Mr BC : ‘Oh Mrs Beach Cottage when I told you you would get fed up with it you poured scorn & mirth upon me and shooed me away telling me to just put up those darn shelves!’

Me : ‘Mr Beach Cottage how could you say such a thing?   I would never speak with such scorn about anything you might say!’


and coffee…


muttering ‘Why can’t we just be normal and just not do DIY at the weekend’

broomstick twitches

arms are folded

a standoff


and now it’s Tuesday and this is where we are at…

and one of the Beach Cottage Crew is in a sporting event all this week meaning trips to watch, meaning this won’t be getting done any sooner


not digging the mess ladies, not at all… 20120529-07-a1

there will be two of these cupboards



source : IKEA

I think they are perfect for beachy decor / coastal style

I have gone for the large size to utilize all of the space all the way to the top….

You can see here how big they are…

Now I am scared that when they go up on the wall I won’t like their ‘tallness’



[nggallery id=38]


If he puts them up and I don’t like them, I will need more than favours…

…and now you know why I needed to hide the crate…

What do you think of the cupboards, do you think they go with the sorta beach vintage coastal style look I try to get here in this old cottage?

Bye for now lovelies, say a prayer for me, my kiddo and those cupboards



 p.s. Barley blogged here, don’t miss…it’s the one with Barley & the Goat’s Cheese on Toast ;-) 



 the last time Mr Beach Cottage took on a job like this, he did a guest post on here about it and balanced on stools while drinking beer

you can read about it here  



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30 Responses to “Beach Cottage Kitchen Update”

  1. alison says:

    I really can’t see Mr BC’s problem.


  2. Janelle says:

    Isnt it normal to do DIY every w’end?!? Love the last pic…xx

  3. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    What I hate more than Ï told you so…” , is that look in the eye and a tiny trace of a smirk on the face when they are so trying not to say Ï told you so…”
    Lol…… S x

  4. Selby says:

    I reckon you can do funky beach handles or something to help you feel good about them and you’ll look at the art or handles or whatnot & not the height iykwim?:) I’m convinced it can work for you!.

  5. Lisa says:

    I think you chose the right cabinets, and I think they’ll look just perfect in your beach cottage.

  6. Alice says:

    hahahaha… That conversation dear Sarah, has been going around this house for years too… Too funny… Hubby now gives me one chance to change my mind (that is he will change everything around once and only once)because he knows when it comes to sense of space (of an object and how it will fit yadda yadda) is not a strong point for me… Example…
    Alice – Look there’s a car space quick (it has been 10 minutes and I am getting a little sick from driving in tight circles)…
    Hubby – You have got to be kidding me the car will not fit there!
    Alice – just stop and try. You never know…
    Hubby – yes I do know. That space is half of our car!
    Alice – no it’s not! Great!! See somebody has it now!
    after anther 5 rounds
    Hubby – See SHE(emphasises here) is still trying to park in the spot. That is the second person trying to navigate her into the spot…
    Alice grumbles – yeah…yeah… I get the message…
    Hubby tries very hard but can’t quite cover up the trace of a smirk on his face or keep that look in his eye (as mentioned above by the very perceptive Stacey (harrimar)under control while Alice tries to remember that there are kids in the car and must not use her words of chice from her sailor vocabulary list….
    So yes I get where you coming from… I really like your shelves… But I agree it is nice to have a combinaiton of both open and closed storage… Yes I do think the cupboards do look very coastal and fit in well… They were the ones I was thinking for this kitchen of mine too so I might be biased… Funny that lol

  7. Just catching up after the long weekend (Memorial Day), my you’ve been busy! Bead board or any version thereof are always coastal in my book. Some little brushed nickel pulls or knobs would look great with your butcher block countertops too! I’m a decanter as well, packaging does my head in. ❈ When you are a career home mom, it’s the little things like glass canisters that keep you from feeling like a scullery maid some days…. my canisters just make me happy. xo

  8. Manda says:

    Love love love the new cupboards! And just cruised across to read Mr BC’s post about the last time he did this….well he certainly made me chuckle, he is a funny man ;) And he seems to share a lot of similarities with most husbands when it comes to erecting ikea “stuff”, and their low level of tolerance for their lovely wives who want to make sure it is “just so”
    As always, thanks for the trip to BC land, and good luck with the cupboards.
    P.S- was at IKEA this morning, sans kids (always better this way), just for a fleeting trip though, had to pick up some linen fabric to make a little something to send OS for a craft swap I am taking part in.

    enjoy your evening, catch you tomorrow.
    x manda

  9. Melinda says:

    perhaps you could use the “found crate” to store all your kitchen bits while the transformation is in
    progress ?? ;)

    love the cupboards and looking forward to the reveal xx

    smallest BC looking very useful !

  10. Kim H says:

    Love it, Sarah and I sooo love the way you posted that. You sound exactly like me! I love the look of open shelving but I know I couldn’t do the dusting and the untidy thing that I’d need to be stress-lessy in the kitchen. I love Ikea and will probably be having an Ikea kitchen in my new house. Just saw some today online that I love. Love yours and I think it’ll look gorgy in your lovely Beach Cottage. I’d lvoe some stainless in my new nest, blended with some timber in an island bench of somewhere.
    Loving your blog so very, very much:)

  11. bec says:

    It could be worse. You could have a partner who thinks that every bit of vintage decor brought into the house is either “shabby sh*#!” or “dead peoples stuff”. Love the cupboards. Ikea can really rock sometimes.
    Bec x

  12. jan says:

    Love the cupboards..so relate to choice freeze…..what ifs? and the big one… what if I just dont like it cause it doesnt feel right? aagh………………but of course we are all so thankful for having so much choice and always having more than enough! well at least everything you do is double duty as it creates great blogging content..looking forward to the “up” pics x

  13. Mummaducka says:

    I think you’ll love them. Did you get a little fan thingy to go above the stove, under the cupboard too ?
    I think cupboards all the way to the ceiling are the way to go. If they don’t they just collect junk and that greasy dust on top!

  14. Jane says:

    Those are the same cupboards I have! I have three rows stacked two high. The middle lower is a 24″ deep base cabinet with a 12″ deep 36″ tall cupboard on either side. The base cabinet has a glass door cupboard on top and the 12×36 on each side. It is unbelievalbe how much stuff they hold!

    Thankfully, I live an hour away from Ikea or I’d be lining every wall with something from there every day.

  15. Celeste says:

    I like the cupboards and am anxious to see them up and hear what you think. I’m in the same boat as you with my own small kitchen and nothing but open shelves right now. We’ll hopefully be working on the kitchen in a few months and I’m longing for some doors I can close to hide some of the kitcheny stuff I’m tired of looking at. Be sure and give us details if you decide you don’t like them too, please. I really want to know! ☺

  16. Deanne says:

    I am sure the shelves were perfect at the time, but now it is time for a change and a new look- why can’t men just get that!
    I am sure your new shelves will look fabulous!

  17. Kiki says:

    I think you will be happy with the tall cupboards. We have the tall Lidingo in white from IKEA, and it’s great to have the extra storage. Just put stuff up high that you don’t need to get at that often. Good luck with the installation. I keep my hubby busy on the weekends too. He just put up tongue-and-groove plank ceilings for me in our kitchen. Pretty!

  18. Oh, girl – you are SO not alone in “discussions” like that. lol! The Mr. Doom & Gloom that shows up at my house every once in a while never seems to see the glorious vision that I have and try to explain. Standoffs occur with a little pouting and stomping of feet thrown in for good measure. lol! I hope that you two can come to an agreement and that he will trust your vision and know that those cottagey cabinets will look fabulous! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. Kat says:

    Sarah, you can make anything look great, so trust your instincts.
    I like them and this is from someone who probably has a tinier kitchen than you.
    I love the way you tell a tale :)

  20. Susan says:

    The cupboards will be perfect my dear…….. :)

    Patient husbands are wonderful.

  21. Sharon Forward says:

    Hey Sarah, I look at these ol’ homes of ours as works in progress and yeah sometimes we do get it wrong but hey no-one’s perfect lol yep those cupboards def fit the beach cottage look .(You know sometimes when I haven’t got an inch of space on my worktop I point out to Mr that we have a small kitchen. I forgot I’m not the only one with a small kitchen and it kiinda made me realise that hey as long as we do our best to make them look good whats it matter?? Good luck with it all!!x

  22. Lesa says:

    Sarah – The kitchen will look fab – no matter what you do! Your not capable of having a “bad” DIY project! I think the secret to Mr. BC is to convince him that this was your plan from the beginning … hehehe … that the shelves were only a stepping stone to this “final” evolution! lol Just for the record – I adore the white bead board cabinets and think they will look terrific in your kitchen … although I am confused about where you are putting them … Oh well, guess the reveal will tell all!! Can’t Wait!!

  23. Anne says:

    Good thing Mr B.C. isn’t part of MY abnormal life, I DIY more than just on the weekend! I thought DIYing WAS normal! Good thing he’s around to put us straight!! NOT! lol

    Love your plans for your kitchen, can’t wait to see those cupboards go up, they’re GORGEOUS!

  24. Angela says:

    I don’t know why, but only just read this one…I am in love with Mr BC now! Ahhhhhhh, what a cute lovely family you all are. xxx