Beach Cottage Hyacinths

Thu 31st, May, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, come on in for the IKEA white planters, how I used them and some sweet smelling hyacinths…

You must know already, because I haven’t stopped talking about it (you can get the girl out of Old Blighty but not Old Blighty outta the girl) that the weather here this Autumn has been stunning  s t u n n i n g….for someone like me I still don’t get over that, I still think it’s amazing that Autumnal temperatures are over 20C.  In England, at 20C I would be making huge jugs of Pimms loaded with ice and sitting in the garden protesting how warm it was…here I am proclaiming how warm it is.  With a jumper on.

Anyhoo, that leads me Beach Cottage trickers to Hyacinths…now not in the same league, in my little mind as Hydgrangeas, the roses I cannnot grow because of the coastal air (not giving up yet) or the camellia which I too have a big old soft spot for.

But very much up there as a BC favourite…


But these things, c’mon they say Spring right?  And I just told you it’s the end of Autumn.




Which to me is all weird, because it doesn’t feel really cold and these things are around…

I thought they would be absolutely purrrfect for the little white lace planters and they do look lovely, if I say so myself…they are sitting on the table in the dining room, probs the only place in this old cottage that is looking tidy at the moment (come on Mr Beach Cottage hurry up and get those cupboards on the wall)

I love the lilac of these together with the green of the leaves popped with white and the odd vintage but beachy, to my mind, ladder and of course an old door or six leaning around…with their glorious scent and upright prescence these little beauties are worth their weight in brightening up the place gold.

…throw in the odd shell or two, a vintage crate and you have classic beach cottage decorating, a little bit of coastal style :-)


As I was doing this I thought how easy it is with a flower to make you smile and I put together some of my fave flowers from this old cottage and this blog below – have a look through if you like!  Just click on a picture and scroll through…but more importantly, on your way home from work, after the school run or the next time you are in the supermarket, treat yourself to a little bunch of the pretty things, or even better go forth and pick (did I say anything about going out in the dead of the night and neighbours plants, of course not ;-) )


[nggallery id=40]


What are your favourite flowers?  Do you love hydrangeas, roses, hyacinths, frangipani??? Hit me with it…

Love to know what you girls who read this little old blog from Down Under like…


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27 Responses to “Beach Cottage Hyacinths”

  1. Cas says:

    Hiya Sarah :) Too funny, I just wrote a post about how flowers are my go to decorating accessory!
    Your hyacinths look gorgeous. I adore jonquils and sweetpeas too.
    Have a good afternoon!

  2. Whenever the bulbs come out I always squirrel some away in the fridge or freezer (fake winter!) and then pull them out to bloom when I need a little off season perk. :-) Forcing bulbs is a good trick ❈

  3. Nadine says:

    I don’t have a very successful garden due to horrible heavy clay soil, but I can grow roses like nobody’s business. And nigella, for some reason.

  4. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Hi Sarah
    I think chrysanthemums have become my favourite flower. I remember my dad growing them in England by the bucket load. Mum and I recently stumbled upon a chrysanthemum festival in a local town and we had such a lovely time taking photos and reminising about his garden and all the earwigs that used to crawl out of the petals of those chrysanths, when we put them into vases! It seems so long ago now…which I had appreciated some of the things that I took so much for granted back then.

  5. Mummaducka says:

    In the garden, I think roses are my go to. I have over 100 bushes and standards at my house. Seconded by agapanthus and iris plants. It is a pretty big, but hugely neglected garden. But in the house, I like to buy big bunches of asiatic lilies. I adore the fragrance. I just wish I could grow them!

    • sarah says:

      what! over 100???? can I come and collect an armful! x

      • yes! I have a big rose garden! There’s only a few scabby looking flowers at the moment- mary rose. I used to cut them and then hubby said he liked seeing them on the bushes (weird eh???) I think cutting them is a form of continual pruning and encouraging growth.

  6. Nicola says:

    Roses for me, I get lovely roses in the summer in my garden, but my favourite’s are peony roses, so pretty. I had them in my wedding bouquet.

  7. Alice says:

    They are beautiful Sarah!

    I have always equally loved roses and the iris (blue and yellow ones). They are my top fav. But lately hydrangeas are coming a close second(especially in white) . There are so many more but I am battling a head cold and tonsilitis and the chill blains make it a little hard to type…You may think this lovely weather may be warm for you Sarah but for me this past week has been freezing! I am wearing a robe, a blazer, and 2 layers under that with a scarf, pants and boots and I am still freezing! Hahaha… On the upside I get to wear all my lovely Jackets/coats/blazers that are bursting out of the closet (some times more than one at the same time – like I said before I love layering!) hahaha…

    I wish it was spring :-( …

  8. Oh I would find it very hard to chose my favourite flower.
    I like whatever is in bloom at the time.
    Once the flower is bright , or cheerful, or delicate, or amazing, or just blooming, then I am won over.
    I’m very easy me!!! ;)

  9. Claire says:

    Peonies, tulips, stock, lilies are all beautiful. And it’s hard to beat good old budget-friendly daffoldils in the spring – they always brighten me up after a dark British winter!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love the flowers and pots they look great!
    My favourite flowers are oriental lilly”s, agapanthus white or purple, orchids white.

  11. Sylvia says:

    I live in a city apartment and winter is 75% of the year here, so ANY sort of flower is a miracle. It’s spring now and I just made my annual pilgrimage to the garden centre to see what new wonders have arrived. The black velvet petunias were fascinating but my favourites were the miniature rose bushes. You can get roses in every colour on a tiny bush that will fit in a pot on your coffee table! I loved the peach and pink ones. So romantic! Next time I’ll remember to bring my camera.

  12. Rukmini Roy says:

    daisies. roses. tulips. :)

  13. Tonia says:

    Hi there, just become aware of your weblog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you proceed this in future. Numerous other people might be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  14. Julie says:

    Love them all, pretty much. There are a few I don’t particularly like (Cockscomb, marigolds, etc). I would have to say my favourites are peonies, roses and ranunculus.

  15. Sharon says:

    My favorite flower is a mini carnation, especially a white one. I know so many people say carnations are boring but I just love everything about them – the scent, the lacy look to the petals, the dark green stems, the small pointy leaves – and they last a very long time.

    I also love hydrangeas. The white ones with blue tips are especially lovely.

  16. I adore hydrangeas-I thought-however-that our landlocked little piece of earth in Denver, CO USA-would never support such humid loving flowers. Much to my delight and surprise there is a hybrid hydrangea -said to withstand this mile high dry climate and they have a climbing variety-so I purchased some and planted them around a large tree hoping they will grasp on and create a bloom filled awning. No blooms yet (they are slow growers) but fingers crossed within a few years I’ll be picnicking under the hydrangea blossoms :-) I also love lavender (the smell is divine) and they do great in this desert like climate. Thank you for the floral inspiration.


  17. franky says:

    omgosh i just stumbled onto your blog and i love it! photos are stunning! great post!

  18. KAREN says:

    Hi! Sarah,
    Your hyacinths are so pretty!! I never have had really good luck with hyacinths, but every few years, I plant some and hope for the best. My favorite flowers right now are hydrangeas. My bushes are just huge and I have already started drying some on wreaths, to be added to as they shrink. Hurricane Beryl came through at the beginning of this week and we got a good amount of rain, which the hydrangeas love.
    Have a good weekend!

  19. Manda says:

    I am a BIG lover of flowers in the home. Something that was passed from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. My mum always has something in the way of flowers or greenery in the house, and if you are a visitor, you are sure to have a little posie on your bedside table :)
    So I think today is the day for me to wander through the garden and find what little treasures are there, and bring them inside to enjoy.

    Thanks Sarah,
    have a lovely weekend.
    x manda

  20. Manda says:

    Ooh, forgot to add my favourites….hydrangeas are my all time favourite, as my grandparents have always had a huge big pink one at their house, which was brought back to Sydney in armfuls at Christmas time, nothing says Christmas more to me than pink hydrangeas.
    But I can’t go past scented roses either. There is a farm about 20mins from my place that sometimes has mixed field roses for sale for only $4 a bunch…and they are absolutely glorious! Always worth taking the drive to have a sneak peek to see if there are any out, and if not, there are always other roadside stall with other floral delights.
    I could go on and on forever about flowers that I love, but I had better stop waffling…
    x manda

  21. alison says:

    Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, frangipanis, waratahs in a bunch, wattle trees en mass, Lady’s Handbag (don’t know the real name)…ahhh.

    I am watching my hyacinth bulbs slowly emerge at the moment. Should get flowers by next year at the rate they’re going.

    Can’t wait every year for the Bowral Tulip Festival in Sept/Oct. It’s a bit old fashioned but I just l o v e the masses of tulips and the other open gardens. A CWA Devonshire tea at the Corbett Gardens is a MUST for a step-back-in-time experience of tea cups, tea pots, tablecloths, sandwiches, cakes, a photo of the Queen and women busy in aprons.

    I have discovered the “Ugly Vase” phenomenon accidentally. I bought a very ugly vase in Kiama Vinnies a few years ago because it was so intriguing and I couldn’t resist it. Blow me down when I put flowers in the vase it came alive! Since then I have added to my Ugly Vase collection and the phenomenon keeps happening. I recently bought a weird ugly vase from Coledale markets and again another vase delivered! Anyone else had this experience??


  22. le_third says:

    love these – had begun to wonder what had come of the ikea pots – just adorable! saw some sad ones – Hys – at Bunnings today … all worn to a frazzle in the Qld heat … best le

  23. Emma says:

    Ooooh just lovely Sarah. All that white with the flowers and greenery added! Thanks for your gorgeous pics. As for favourite flowers, I love anything blue or white. I even try to just plant those colours in the garden, certainly gets the eyebrows raised look from the Mr! You’d think he’d be used to it by now… ;-)

  24. MangoMama says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You really had me at “Beach Cottage” but now hyacinths!! I just found your blog and I just plain love it and all your ideas. I am equally enthralled with all things white and beachy. Hyacinths and hydrangeas are truly my favorites, but I also love some tulips, honeysuckle and peonies. Thank you for gathering up all these beautiful things and brightening up the web for us all.

  25. Dimity says:

    Hiya Sarah, just trawling through your posts… procrastinating :) O love your blog, everything to the DIY, to the cooking, to Barls, to the beach shots. Love them all. Just about to settle on my first house, and your blog will be my first point of call for reno ideas.

    I LOVE this post. Are they actually growing in those little white pots, or are they cut flowers?
    And I can’t believe no-one mentioned them, but my favourite flower is the gardenia. I would have them dotted around my house all year round if i could.