Beach Cottage DIY bedroom

Tue 1st, May, 2012

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Well, G’day, how you doin’ Beach Cottage ladies, remember the bedroom wall that was blue and all the deliberation that was going on?  Guess what, it’s back to white…big sigh.





Thanks to all those who voted, it was the first Beach Cottage poll and a few of you joined in…





Sadly though guess who was right, Mr Beach Cottage, because he said that it didn’t matter what he, you or anyone said, that I wouldn’t listen…and he must know me by now ‘cos even though the ‘leave it blue’ won by over 200 votes and I still didn’t like it..(find that post here to see the blue I chose that looked cr*pola to me but not to some of you, if you missed it )



Even though I said that the result would be final, I couldn’t handle it…I did try though, hence this after post taking so long…but nope it had to go and now, big, lovely, white, pure, simple, clean sigh of Beach Cottage relief, we have a white palette to play with once again…



It’s actually a white with a touch of grey/blue in it…it doesn’t show up on these images, but it’s there…I had it mixed…

20120501-05-IMG_0980 20120501-06-IMG_0929

So that is it…me eating my hat, not Mr Beach Cottage, as all along we all knew, including you, but thanks for voting anyway Winking smile


[nggallery id=19]

OK I am dust ladies, I am out and about in the city today for a lil’ function…be seeing ya around my friends…




there’s a new pic on Barley’s fan page here  


p.s. it’s pretty hard to take a picture of a white wall, whaddya think of my efforts?




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42 Responses to “Beach Cottage DIY bedroom”

  1. Glennie says:

    Nice. I’m sure I voted white …. x

  2. Glennie says:

    P.S. I’m loving the colour of those gerberas

  3. Deanne says:

    Doesn’t matter what we think- you have to live with it!
    I love white walls anyway!

  4. Vicky says:

    Nice, beautiful and lovely.

  5. Good for you! I love the white grayish anyway!

  6. See, now I’m sure that “white” was winning last time I checked… Anyway, I’m glad you were able to bring the room back around to it’s happy place. ❈ Your husband is incredibly smart in choosing his battles (at least where bedroom paint is concerned!). Is there really that much light in there? The photos are so cheery (the gorgeous daisies don’t hurt). I love a white room in a space that is super bright…..

    • ps – sorry about that giant pop up link in your earlier post comments. I had no idea it would do that… please feel free to remove it. I won’t be offended! xo

  7. Ellie says:

    Seems you chose a good hubbie – he knows you very well!!
    I definitely think for the moment anyway you are a white kind of girl.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Yep white walls all the way!! (wth a touch of grey) is always fab!! Cute aluminium chair/table!!

  9. Kim Buca says:

    i am always one for white but i am finding i am starting to really like the paley blue and greeny pale blue colors and the new french grey and puty colors too! whats happening to me???lol! as soon as we are settled into the new house i am gonna play with those colors btw the bedroom loks smashing!!! send me some beach love i need it we got rain and grey and cold today!!! yuuck!!!

  10. loulou says:

    I think you have done a lovely job of styling.

    You always turn what you touch into gold.

    have a great day at your lil’ function – I think it may involve a bit of fashion perhaps! Could I be correct? :)

    have a lovely day Sarah

    Loulou x

  11. Marnie says:

    love the white…and the pink Gerbs look amazing against the white backdrop.
    x Marnie

  12. Julie says:

    I think I voted that you keep the blue partly because I live in the more-often-than-not frozen north. I can’t do all white walls here because 65% of the time there is snow on the ground and to go from that outside to basically the same inside is rather depressing. So I crave colour. You, on the other hand have gorgeous greenery and lovely sandy beaches and blue ocean to gaze at year round so white walls work.

    Your room looks lovely. Love all the accessories, especially those pink gerberas. So pretty!

  13. sue austin says:

    Yea! White is always a winner! I don’t know why, but I have never been a fan of one wall being a different color – just throws me off balance. . .

  14. Debbie Panton says:

    Don`t know how I missed this whole blue wall verses white wall debate. I remember voting on a shade I liked but missed what shade you chose and the painting. You have to do what works for you…trust your instincts… they got you this far. I`m not sure I could do the all whites. Most of our home has blue walls and offset with white furniture, trim, doors, bedding, etc. Works for us. Currently wanting to update the shade of blue in our living room… which is open to the dining room… want to paint the stair well and you get the idea. Starts out as one the little thing…. and just goes on and on. My hubby says the same thing when I get the paint colours out ( and I have hundreds of paint chips… too bad they aren`t collectors items … I`d be rich). I`ll ask him all kinds of options and than tell him why his selections don`t work…ha ha. Well at least they`re good sports about it. I remember years ago.. after spending ages picking out colours in our first house ( I was really into colourful spaces back than. We finished painting 3 rooms in our house, my hubby looked at me and smiled and said `Looks good`… I looked at him… started crying because I hated the way the 3rd room looked…. and couldn`t face having to do the the whole room over again. You did the right thing stopping if you didn`t like it. The people that say…ìt`s only paint`clearly have no idea… probably hire someone to do it.. cause it`s lots of work and very disappointing when it doesn`t turn out the way you want. Enjoy your day…and the new puppy.

  15. kristin says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous and the flowers with the pop of pink are so pretty. It has been way tooooo long since I stopped in.

  16. Janelle says:

    Oh yes..white should always win!!! Lovely. xx

  17. Liz says:

    Ain’t it the truth about just doing what you already knew you wanted to do. I ask people what they think, but I’d like them to say they agree with me more than anything. :) White suits you, and look how well you photograph a white wall! As long as you have beautiful flowers and striking accessories, and all that style you have going on, we’ll marvel at your white walls that come to us via your lovely photographs. Til the next time…

  18. alison says:

    White!! ROFLMAO. But, seriously I think it was the better choice. Love the gerberas.

    Talking of husbands and the reno torture they endure via us, well…Sarah…you know that strategy you discussed in a post a while ago where you get them involved and then they think it’s their idea and run with in and…voila, it gets done. I’m so glad you put this phenomenom into words coz I have used it accidentally in the past and could never quite put my finger on what I did.

    I’m using this Sarah Strategy to get our bathroom renovated at the same time as our ensuite. Seed number 1 was planted yesterday when the climate was right. Mr alison said, “I knew that was coming”. So…it’s all in the open…honest…straight forward…new bathroom here we come. :)


  19. Tammi says:

    Thank goodness you went back to white….surely you must have heard my huge sigh of relief from here ;)
    All seems right in BC land now :)

    btw…where is that sheet set from? I am loving the ruffle.


  20. Lynne says:

    Barley is adorable. White is you . . . Never wrong when we are authentic . . .

  21. Manda says:

    The wall looks fab Sarah, so glad to see it white again, albeit with a touch of grey/blue thrown in ;)
    Love your work stylish lady.
    x manda

  22. Love it either way, Sarah! Your home is truly my dream vacation house! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. Kirsty says:

    I definitely see you as being the ‘white’ beach cottage girl! I couldn’t really imagine you having blue walls….well, maybe a really muted shade with lots of grey in it? Anyhow, as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters :) xo K

  24. Alice says:

    I am a big lover of blue but had voted white and I am glad you kept it white (even if it is a different shade)… I prefer it this colour too ;)….

  25. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah , ahhhh the smell of white paint drying tis bliss , knowing you got the colour right … should launch a aroma oil ” Just paint ” .. Does the room feel bigger now ? I call my white paint the Tardis Shade { Dr Who } remember the phone booth entry to the space ship , my little once was pine panelling walled house now in Tardis White seems huge . PS.. purchased the bench air force oven from Aldi , wow so happy . Can’t explain how $32 . has brought back the yum to our meals .. Big Thanks … Doing a huge de clutter …. and working on wadrobe basics , love going back to older posts and catching up . Cheers

  26. Mummaducka says:

    I knew you’d want to go to white!

  27. whatever you do it always looks gorgeous! just love the mirror with the shells…white paint is soo easy…and it saves a lot of brain strain…and you can then just add colour acccording to your mood or fancy…xx

  28. Sarah says:

    I don’t think you can ever go wrong with white. It’s too timeless. Oh, I love your bedlinen.

  29. rebecca says:

    Just have to say I love the new look page. Very fresh. Well done!!
    oh and white all the way!

  30. Rukmini Roy says:

    Hahahahahahahaha… you know what, you did it right. Went with what you wanted :)

  31. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Glad you went with your heart…And your heart wasn’t in the blue…Looks very nice from here!!

  32. Candy says:

    White is Right!! I know my friends would be worried about me if I chose any other color!!! They think I’m weird but in a good way!! BTW, LOVE the new headers!

  33. Carol says:

    It is very nice color. I love the interior of your house. Nice job!!

  34. Okey, dokey, primped the bedroom this winter with your urging and now it is time for a spring primp. Light curtains different rugs…this weekend shoudl be oodles of fun C:

  35. Catherine says:

    I think both were nice. Quick ? Are those daisies real? They are so pretty almost perfect.

  36. I liked both colors. Being a blue and white gal, either one suited me. I know you’re happy now when you walk in the room. Nothing like trying to talk yourself into liking something…no matter what it is. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  37. frank says:

    this room looks really clean and pure. love it! adding bright colours like pinks and blues is refreshing and adds a youthful touch to the room. the chair cover looks like its hand made, is it? and if so how was it made?