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Thu 17th, May, 2012

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Ahhh, G’day, I thought I might show you today Autumn on the beaches…

I have to say it has been one sweet Autumn here, I love this season, especially here…our first Autumn it felt really odd to me, some of the trees turned and there were those beautiful reds and russets and at the same time the light in  the daytime changed, got almost brighter but in a way less intense..

…but to me it felt all odd and funny because in the daytime you could still, really, sit on the beach…even though it was Autumn

20120517-02-beach-cottage-flowers-autumn 20120517-03-IMG_2384 20120517-04-ocean-sea-sand-australia


I’ve got used to it a bit more now…the warm comfortable clear daytimes rather than the hot and blustery and the clear skies meaning cool nights…

I haven’t gotten used to seeing this quite yet….


20120517-05-IMG_2408 20120517-06-IMG_0373


I love getting back in the garden in the Autumn, I have been out there a lot the last few weeks and at the vintage market at the weekend bought some Agaves from the oldest, loveliest Italian man  (at least I think he was Italian)…so sweet, he told me how to take cuttings from the ones I have already got and pulled out a very old gardening book stuffed with prints of Agaves he had grown…there is joy in life in the little pleasures, I love how meeting a man like him, accent still thick from wherever he came from, hands weathered and just sitting there thinking, makes you ponder how others have gone…



I like thinking of his journey to this land a long way from home…how very different must it have been for him?  No internet, no plane rides, no phone…

…these guys really make me stop and think that those like him not bothered with stuff, but more with growing Agave, do really know the secret.

Whatever it is.


Here’s that light I am talking about, I was trying to capture it…..

20120517-09-beach-cottage-beach-picture 20120517-10-IMG_0416


Along with Agave I am pretty much obsessed with hibiscus….it is now my mission to fill the garden of this old cottage with them….

I am still muchly failing with the roses, the white one is giving me a rose probs every month or so, tops….just like my old neighbour who lived here for 60 years told me, they don’t grow too well in this sandy soil and she reckoned it was the air coming off the sea….

I have noted though, along with bougainvillea (one of my faves) that hibiscus seems to thrive and am thinking that the little warm spot down near the Summer House and the veggie patch will be purrfect…




My walking has changed a bit for the moment….I am hoping to get a post done on this, because of your emails, but really there isn’t any secret….open the door and walk is what I do ;-)

..but right now, my long hikes have been temporarily replaced with shorter, slower paced ones with a fluffy little thing in tow that gets a LOT of attention wherever we go….




I have actually really enjoyed this change in pace…rather than scooting along and moving fast, up and down hills, through the bush, wooshing past the sea, I have been slowly strolling, stopping and looking

it’s amazing what you see when you look…



with Barley in tow everything has taken on a slower feel…




I have always thought how much more you see when you walk, which is half the reason I do it




…when you walk with a puppy sniffing you see even more…


did I mention to you I love the colours? ;-)



think I might well have done at some point on this blog roflmao



Autumn colour rocks



This last few weeks with Barley has taught me quite a lot you know, how even when you think you are out there enjoying the good things, there is always more…a park down the road from me that I hardly glanced at when I passed in the car…via Barls I have seen all sorts of things down there…wildlife I didn’t know existed, nature waiting to be discovered….




I like it…just getting out there….for a walk

Well, that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed that, it’s been a while since I have been out with my big girl’s camera, umm it’s a bit different juggling a puppy with it…trying to keep it still was all part of the fun…gotta be up for a challenge, don’t they say ladies….?



[nggallery id=28]




What do you think of this colour of Autumn in this fair land?  Does it rock or does it rock?

Catch ya again sometime, yeah?


p.s. thanks for your thoughts yesterday, just too kind, I heart you girls xo


find more Barley pics on his FanPage here and find more ocean Australia stuff here  



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48 Responses to “autumn, nature, colour, beach, Barley”

  1. Angela says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I LOVED this post, and your pics are just gorgeous. So wish I could see all of that! Till I get to see if all for real though, I am very much enjoying seeing Oz through your lens.Just gorgeous photography. Loving your motto too, I like to walk as well so that I can see the pretty things in life that most people miss……nnd (lots of loving going on, I know!) I LOVED your thoughts on the old Italian man. Really enjoyed this post, as always. Thank you, and enjoy your next walk!
    Angela xx

    • sarah says:

      thanks Angela, I am sure there is lots to see where you are too

      about to walk now xo

  2. I’m sitting here at work…having a ten minute break…I’m on late shift reading the news tonight – but just loving the photos of the aussie seas and sskies.It’s over a month since I got back to England…and am missing the light , adn sun so much. Reading your blog is like getting a daily fix….!

    • sarah says:

      ahhh my pleasure, I have heard that you girls in Blighty have had a lot of rain…

      funny to think of you reading my blog over there, thanks for commenting xo

  3. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    It’s interesting that you talked about the Italian man, and what you imagined his perspective was on making the change by coming to Australia…

    My parents migrated to Australia (from the UK) in 1966. In the immediate years following their migration, we didn’t have a telephone, so there was no communication with their parents or family, except by mail. Going back to visit them was out of the question, as flights were beyond their budget. I wonder what it must have felt like to my mother, when her father died in 1971 – she hadn’t seen him for over 5 years at that point, and she couldn’t attend his funeral.

    Fast forward to 1992, when I migrated from Australia to the USA with my husband and daughter. I am in constant contact via e-mail, skype, or IM with my parents. I have been back to Australia 3 times to visit, and they have visited me many more times. I am thankful that we have the ability to keep in touch with family in the ways that my parents were never able to in the early days following their migration.

    I’ve rambled a little – maybe I should write my own blog post! :)

    • sarah says:

      yes I think it was very very different….there are quite a lot of old Italians around here and it amazes me how some of them don’t speak English still…and not just the language etc but just the different lifestyle…I reckon some of the women had it tough in those days a long way from home…x

      Yes it is amazing how Skype can change things if you have relatives who are bothered with it…

      I like rambling comments btw makes me feel at home lol x

  4. Kim Buca says:

    Hey sarah
    loved all the pics! sp pretty and colorful.. can i ask a ?? how far from the beach do you live? is it nearby? my hubby has a really good job offerr in ala near the gulf shores and i told him i would go because it is right on the coast well near and that has always been what i have wanted to live near the ocean!!!! who am i kidding?? if i could afford it i would have a cottage on the actual beach!!!! lol but i dont think i could bear to be more then 15-20 mins away fromn it so it got me thinking i wonder how far sarah is from the beautiful beaches she pics so often!!!! love them!!!
    i would not mind your autumn!!!!!

    • sarah says:

      G’day Kim!

      the beach is not too far from us but we can’t afford a property with an ocean view at least not in Sydney…we’d need a few more mill in the bank lol !

      I don’t think I could live too far either now x

  5. Melinda says:

    Its a colour explosion!!
    Autumn certainly throws some beauty and magic. My beaches are more of a grey, sandy, kelpy colour these days. The moon is causing big King Tides, so lots of wild treasures to be found.

    Lovely photos xx

  6. Surely Sarah says:

    Autumn is my favourite season – that’s why I chose to get married in March! The cooler weather, the turning of the leaves, the first small bit of winter chill… Love these photos, especially the last one of the pigeon!
    My mum attempted to grow hibiscus for many years, bit of a failure where we lived because of the winter frosts. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours, they are such a lovely plant!

  7. Angela says:

    Talking about hibiscus growing well in salty air – i remember hearing a story that indigenous Hawaiians used Hibiscus as a form of protection as the bushes would grow so thick and wild there, shielding them from wind, predators etc. If that’s correct, you may be onto a winner for your garden.

  8. andrea says:

    The photograph is beautiful, and I loved the story of the dear Italian man. Yes, things are different for all of us compared to them. I think I would have rather had the slower pace if given the choice.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Andrea, yep it must have been very different for them, I am liking slower pace!

  9. Liz says:

    Looks like you and I were doing some of the same kinds of looking this week. Of course it’s always fun to see someone else’s sights.


  10. Beautiful photos Sarah. There’s one up there where you are shooting into the sun above the water? Felt very much like one I took on instagram the other day of my beach … lovely to know that you’re just down the coast a little way ;)

  11. Autumn down under, who knew? ❈

    Loved this post. The mood was very content and happy. (sigh) Lovely.

  12. Al says:

    Please consider getting a harness for Barley instead of attaching the leash to his collar. That way, you will be putting all of the tension on his middle instead of his neck. He’s adorable! I’m glad to hear about the hibiscus. It’s summer here at the beach in the Florida panhandle.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Al I have got a harness too….he absolutely hates it and goes mad itching and trying to get it off…he has to wear it in the car though… hence we bought this collar with moves and adjusts with him as he walks….it’s been better

  13. Alice says:

    Thanks for the photos Sarah… I have been craving these types of shots from you for a while now…Very satisfied now :-)…I couldn’t help nodding as I read that part about walking allowing you to see so much more… I was amused because that is what I tell hubby all the time (he doesn’t understand why I would rather walk the 1-1.5 to a certain place and then back when it would be so much faster driving)…
    Yes, I find puppy dogs get a lot of attention no mater where you go. Our dog is an old girl now but people still think she is a puppy, and she looks like it too (she didn’t grow very big and is still very energetic – still manages to keep up with the puppies). I love it how when we take her with us anywhere we go the sight of her seems to put the biggest smiles on all sorts of peoples faces (not just the kids)… She laps up all the attention of course lol – she loves it! Too cute… Looove Autumn… All time favourite though spring comes a close second! The light here is gorgeous during autumn. I always know when the season is here by the shift in the light. Hubby laughs at me (because he doesn’t see it for some reason) whenever I point out to him…The colours too are super intense (as opposed to being burnt out as they tend to be in summer). I loooveee colour ….

    • sarah says:

      yes the colours are more intense

      I hope Barley stays as cute lol! though it has meant slow walks keep stopping to talk to people xo

  14. alison says:

    I just spent 4 nights camping on Jervis Bay at Green Patch. FFFFFrrrreeeezing at night but oh…the days…just beautiful…the light…the colours of the sand, sea and sky were breathtaking. Autumn is magic. We met an English tourist around the bbqs one night and Sarah she was blown away by Green Patch.



    • sarah says:

      oh I bet she was!!!! we went there a few years ago too ….beautiful place to camp for sure x

  15. Selby says:

    Beautiful walk! Thankyou for sharing- just the distraction I needed this morning.

  16. Nicole W says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah! Autumn is my favourite season too, probably because you can cuddle under the blankets @ night but still have beautiful crisp clean days.. The air smells different too.. Have a lovely autumn day, from one side of this beautiful country to the other xx

  17. Janelle says:

    Oh you’ve done well today Sarah!! Captured that beautiful light perfectly. And YES Autumn certainly does rock here in oz!! xx Oh and ps… I love Barley. x

  18. Colleen says:

    I love todays story. May I suggest a very special Hibiscus for you to grow. Its one of the older but ever so beautiful. Its called. Cameo. Queen. Its very large single petals in a lemon shade with a vibrant red center. Ask at your nursery as they are redily available. Xx. Colleen

  19. Totally rocks, Sarah. Totally rocks! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. Rukmini Roy says:

    It’s gorgeous! I am loving the walks you walk and of course the talks you talk. :) I’m only a bit sad that you can’t collect off the beach but I guess that’s the right thing to do. Also, hello Barley, how’s is it going at yours? Will you please tell him I asked?

    Love XO

    • sarah says:

      oh you can collect off the beach, just not on some that are reserves and protected like this one…

      well you can see what he is up to today on his page….sleeping basically! x

      • Rukmini Roy says:

        Okay, back from Barley FP…didn’t find a place to comment there. Hilarious! You know I could literally hear him say those words…he is so darn cool. Feels like if I budge him, he’ll be like , “Gimme a break lady, go do your thing.”

        • sarah says:

          I know, he gives me some hilarious looks…I can’t work out how to get comments on there x

  21. bec says:

    Beautiful photos Sarah. The Autumn skies and everything that flourishes beneath them are stunning at the moment. Up here on the Sunshine coast it’s breathtaking. Walking Noosa national park the other day I was mesmorised by a family of dolphins sharing the glassy waves with the locals, bugger no camera!! We are still having warm temperatures here so life is pretty sweet. Up here our Agaves are growing like weeds, they are gorgeous and great to photograph. Only wish I had a big girls camera. Great post.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Bec, I loved putting this post together…

      I hope that my agaves grow like weeds! so far so good with the few that I have in…. xo

  22. Ahhhh…we’re in spring right now (my total fav) but being a teacher there is always something especially exciting about the ‘new year’ in Autumn. Now don’t get me started on winter, I’m Canadian and we should never be encouraged to talk even more about the weather C:

  23. Bec says:

    Am just up the road from you with a legacy of about 10 hibiscus bushes left behind in full bloom by the previous owners (and not dead yet after 18 months of my mismanagement). Gorgeous colours and always being admired by passers by and taken to school to suck up to teachers. Feel free to come up for cuttings. You don’t even have to knock. :)

    • sarah says:

      lucky you…!

      oh if only we had inherited a decent garden…worth their weight in gold x

  24. Pearl Maple says:

    Great post, the lighting this time of year adds a magical touch to the colour of everything. Congrats on the cute little addition to the family too.