A little Beach Cottage Spot

Fri 18th, May, 2012

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Oh good morning Beach Cottage lovelies, how the heck is it in your neck of the woods…all good here…

Now, I have recently mentioned on this here blog a little trip to that personal Nordic boutique of mine, the one they like to call IKEA, or rather how I like to think of it myself Iqkea ;-)  I went for a chair for the Summer House and came back rather, ahem, laden….I scooted the loot into the house and hid it in various places, Mr Beach Cottage is on a warpath at the moment…

So one of the things that has never been right in this place is the lighting, it still very much isn’t, but it’s a whole lot better than it was.

You see, I cannot stand overhead lighting, I like lamps all the way and as the Seasons change and it gets darker earlier, I like nothing better than going around with a ceremonious switching on of zee lamps…and woe betide a member of the Beach Cottage Crew who puts an overhead light on…lots of tut tutting.

But, while I am more often than not looking at things with a tint of rose splashed across my forehead, I needed a few more lamps for various little spots, one being my study and two being in the sitting room to sit and read.



And so when not finding the chair that I wanted in IKEA I did find myself in the lighting department and I hadn’t yet turned into the IKEA witch (c’mon you so know her)

All of a sudden I was struck with lamp inspiration, left, right and centre…. and I bought more than one…





This is the one for the Sitting Room…and I recently moved the chair here to under the window to get the afternoon sun…to be honest with you it is not perfect here, it’s all a little bit too tight and I thought that it wouldn’t stay like this, that is until I plopped down here with a cookery book the other day…it is here to stay…

As the light of the afternoon dimmed, I switched this little beauty on and that lovely light that can only be dusk, enhanced with a cup of English Breakfast and a reading lamp made for a very nice time, thank you very much.  It has a good beam of light, just right for reading…while all around you goes that glowy hue of getting dark.






I thought it would be just me that curled up in this way, but we have another reader in the house, he is the youngest member of the Beach Cottage Crew and a bit of a chip off the old block…can be regularly found in the bath with a book…or now, snuggled up here…

When my kiddos were little we had ‘Reading Half Hour’ most afternoons, we had a little area set up for it with cushions and pillows and throws and would all take a book and read…it wasn’t very often me reading to them all very Miss Perfect Organic Mum, (and don’t’ you just abhor those purists who shove reading down your throat at any given chance?  and not just reading but the quality of what you read…nothing worse than a literary snob, nearly as bad as a food snob ;-) …in my book, boom boom, if you read anything, comic, Shakespeare, the latest chick flick, the classics, who cares?  not me)… no in this Reading Half Hour, mostly I was reading what I wanted to – sometimes brain fodder, sometimes cookery books, sometimes just the newspaper and they were doing the same, in various stages of collapse about the floor…sometimes there were protests and it hasn’t rubbed off on the older one, I don’t know when I last saw him with a book.  I tell you what though I think being a ‘reader’ can strike one at anytime…up until about 3 years ago Mr Beach Cottage didn’t read much at all, apart from business books…until one day he read (in a business book) how this certain guy used fiction as a stress-reliever from business stuff…Mr Beach Cottage tried it and  now he cannot put them down…he had moved from one fiction book a year or two, to one a month…



[nggallery id=29]


This is where you will find me at the moment, I am right into Sherlock Holmes books…I wonder, what would those purists think of that?

Tell me, do you have little corners in your home?  Do you have a place with a lamp that you can just plonk down beside, turn on, grab a drinkie-poo and forget the woes of the day?

If not friends, I must say, can you find a place to invent one? ;-)

Adios Beach Cottage girls, adios




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50 Responses to “A little Beach Cottage Spot”

  1. So totally agree. No girl wants to be seen in overhead lighting if you are over the age of 20. Love the lamp, might have to pick myself up one.

    I’ve been squirreling shoes into various corners of the house lately and revealing them at strategic times C:

    • sarah says:

      haha funny, about to do that with a new pair of Hunters….I mean I have to get the Navy blue right? ;-)

  2. Carin says:

    I do agree! Nothing better than a cosy corner to curl up in and read away…and yes, I have been known to snarl at both literary snobs and people who turn on the overhead light! Your on my wavelength, Sarah!

  3. Love your reading nook. My littlest would too, this morning, even though she is about to be nine, she fell asleep at the table after breakfast (I should post the photo I took, so darn cute), it appears she stayed up reading late into the night as evidenced by the flashlight in her bed this morning. My older one, not so much. There’s hope for him yet though… xo

  4. rachel says:

    love the lamp…and where did you find that metal stool that its sitting on?! i’ve been on the hunt for one of those for ages! :)

  5. Kirsty says:

    Yummy lamp Sarah! I have lovely white floor lamps in the bedrooms and living room and just like you we rarely turn the overhead ones on. In the dining room I have a big white drum pendant…which has a dimmer, who wants to eat dinner under a spotlight?! LOL I hear you on the reading corner, there’s nothing better than a little lamplight at dusk! xo K

  6. Every time I visit here I feel a large rectangular blue shop calling my name (or my credit card!)

    I love occasional lighting, and hate overhead lights too

    Your new lamp is perfect.

    • sarah says:

      well I haven’t got Tesco but I have got IKEA ;-)

      I know I must stop talking about them on this blog…or I should start charging lol ;-) x

  7. I {thankfully} have a few different spots to plop down and read. My all time favorite spot is in the Sun Room because of all the light, windows, and view of the lake. Truly heavenly.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  8. I’m struggling in our house with the change in light … yearning to bring the outside in. Perhaps I’ll knock down a wall just so I can create a reading nook!

  9. Moriah says:

    I’m with ya! I hate overhead lighting. It’s so harsh and bright and unflattering to pretty much everything/everyone!

    Where did you get that metal stool?! I’ve been looking for one for a while now!

  10. Susan says:

    We’ve just moved into a ‘tatty’ old farmhouse that I’ll be working on for ages. Right now the collection of lamps is mostly up on the mantel as we’re not set up for the arrangements yet. But I have some stretched to their cords so we can at least read here and there. Still need to set a couple up around and have to check with hubby and a friend to see if they will put a couple more electrical sockets around…not enough…but it was built in 1920…guess I am lucky there are any!

    • sarah says:

      a 1920′s farmhouse? hello! yes please ;-)

      • Susan says:

        I just wish it was on a beach somewhere. We’re surround by fields though, so that is a good thing. It’s part of a working farm (a big one). The landlords wanted to lease the land from the owner and she put a condition of they rent out the farmhouse on it….we’re the 3rd tenants in it and so far they like us best ;D We’re talking a long time here…we have chickens already and want rabbits, goats, etc. to have our own little homestead. As long as we don’t tear anything up, we’ve got leeway to do anything. So I am digging back into your posts, etc to learn how to do this. No beach, but we have a great view of the Rocky Mountains ;D

  11. Tricia Rose says:

    With you on the overhead lighting – I like my light moody (I dazzle easily, so sensitive ~).

    Also with you on folk who get so po-faced about reading: as my granny witheringly said about a too-conscientious friend who turned everything into a duty, “She’d make a pain of pleasure.”

    • sarah says:

      oooh I like that one!

      so stealing it…aren’t those people just so irritating? drives me nuts! x

  12. Chonnie says:

    I have a lovely hammock on my patio that I love to retreat to with a book, magazine or even uni notes (if I can be bothered). Curled up with my dog, who loves “hammock time”, enjoying the great brisbane climate. It doesn’t have great lighting though, might need to take a little trip to that Nordic boutique you speak of ;) Have a great day xx

    • sarah says:

      I have to highly recommend this lamp for reading…it really has made my reading and curling up more enjoyable x

  13. alison says:

    I have several reading places in my house. And along with the right lighting I now have a pair of glasses in each place so I am always ready to go. I like to read several genres at the same time so I’m forever reading a little snippet of the text that is close at hand.

    I subscribe to a few magazines and I have special routines. I don’t remove the plastic they come in the letterbox in until I have a good block of time to devote to my self indulgence of losing myself in these magazines. Also…and this sounds mmm…strange. If I know someone is going to visit and they will grab my new unread magazine I will hide it before they come!!!


    • sarah says:

      I used to do that with magazines too Alison! I rarely buy mags anymore but if I do they must be pristine before reading haha


  14. Sandra says:

    Aah Sarah, don’t get me started on the purists…a few years ago a friend invited me to her “Book Club”…a group of ladies met once a month in each others’ homes for some book discussion and supper…my first visit was my last…I cant quite remember the whole list, but it was all along the lines of “Salman Rushdy”, which is fine if you add a bit of variety…I suggested something light and was met with such looks that I’m surprised I came out of there alive…ouch! …I just love to read…Beautiful reading spot by the way :-)

    • sarah says:

      haha I am rolling about…I think I have been to the same book club…I won’t even tell you how at the one I went to (back in England) someone started taking notes…

      what I love to get from reading is escapism, if that means some fodder from the latest book to hit the shelves of BigW, so be it…

      nice comment x

  15. Jan says:

    Oh grandee grande…As Primary school teacher , parttime school librian presently( have a 4yr old kindy kid) , love motivating kids to read gems…have an addiction to Famous Five and Anne of Green Gables going on in one class curretnly, mother of teenagers,daughter of mother in a nursing home who loves me to read to her, wife of exec who doesnt read enough! grandmother to one yr old who loves Hairy Maclary and Spot..you have hit so many nails on the head with this wonderful post…..and I just bought the same lamp and loooove it and turquoise at the moment…..so many thanks for inspiring and joyful pics and words…Oh and radio theatre is pretty speccy too for the car or the non or poorer readers…loving the Narnia series at the moment with some 12 yr olds….

    • sarah says:

      hmmm my older one LOVED Famous Five, as did I, so I am hoping his reading habit will come back as he gets older…who knows?

      you are welcome, thanks for commenting :-) x

  16. Felicity says:

    I have forever only used lamps. I put them here, there and everywhere. To be honest the overhead light we have in our lounge room gives me a headache. This too makes it great when i purchase another lamp and my dear husband is like please explain and i remind him he doesn’t want to put up with me and a headache. I never get to go to Ikea so i love it when you post about your adventures and show what you have snuck home with you.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I didn’t think of using that excuse Felicity, so gonna start using it so I can buy more ;-) x

  17. We need some new lamps and lighting all over the house, I never thought to check ikea. Thanks for the suggestion. Pretty sure they will be in my price bracket too.

    • sarah says:

      I have been really happy with all the IKEA lamps I have ever bought…before this trip I looked at a lot of places for lamps, some I saw in regular old shops for nearly $1000…so out of my price bracket for a lamp xo

  18. Debbie Panton says:

    Not quite set up as well as you… but I do have a few good reading areas. I love to read too. My older son loves to read ( just turned 9) and my youngest ( is only 2 ..so we’ll see.. I hope he will love it). I also love book stores and libraries.. could spend hours there. My husband isn’t much of a reader either.. well not the stuff most people would enjoy anyway… he can read automotive repair manuals, instruction manuals, etc… the stuff that would put most of us to sleep.. than he’ll attempt to impart some of that knowledge to me… nothing has sunk in 20 years… but to each his own. Enjoy! It’s truly one of life’s great pleasures to be able to sit and read ( harder when you have little ones… they hate to see you sit), will have to make a better effort at it. I honestly have a wish list of about 10 to 15 books that I want to get.. mostly decorating. I have that Amy Bulter book that I see in your stack of books.. but still haven’t gotten around to getting Domino ( which I also see in the stack)…. been on the list for awhile. Funny thing is I’m always buying books as gifts for other people ( just got one for my Mom for Mother’s Day) but people don’t do the same for me.. hence my list never gets any shorter. Thanks, great post.

    • sarah says:

      yeah highly recommend the Amy Butler book…

      the Domino one, hmmmm, good but not my fave ;-) x

  19. Janelle says:

    Yes Sarah I loooove the ceremonious switching in late arvo, makes for such a comfy home. I’m just finishing up our new reading corner, now looking for the right lamp. And of course the ‘drinkie-poo’. And Sherlock Holmes you rkn? I might just have to give that one a go. I totally agree with you on the whole reading thing….anything goes around here as long as its something right?! Have a lovely w’end..xx

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wao what a lovely lamp it looks great with stand. Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. Caz says:

    Totally agree on the overhead lighting it is truly awful. My new fav spot to curl up and catch a bit of a read is out on my verandah on my newly painted and covered outdoor sofa, with the beautiful autumn days we have been having here in Qld it gets some morning sun and then again later in the afternoon. On the reading thing I agree you just have to read anything that you fancy – no rules. I have never been much of a reader but when I get hold of a good book I cannot put it down and find myself able to stay awake in bed and not want to turn out the light.

  22. Alice says:

    lol…. I am looking around to see if I have a place…. Hmmm I wonder if I can hook a hammock to the ceiling and bring it down when it’s my reading time? lol… Unfortunately there is no space in this little house of ours…Not even for lovely lamps… I do prefer lamp lighting to overhead anyday. As the kids are growing we are realising that perhaps it will be too much of a tight sqeeze for us all…. You should see the bruises from all the banging into the furniture(on me alone is quite a sight!)…. :( Sadly it will stay this way unless we win lotto by some miracle lol! Our reading spaces tend to be outside if it’s a really fine day (which seems to be most days) or on our beds… Pretty much it! Hubby would love your taste in books by the way… He loves sherlock holmes anything! I am into fantasy books myself but anything with a strong female character in it (and please no romance I really don’t want the headache from rolling my eyes) and I am hooked! Girl power all the way!

  23. mydecoreview says:

    You were talking more about the lighting. But what I liked the most is the blue pillow against the white background.

  24. Rukmini Roy says:

    I dislike and despise overhead lighting too. Recessed lighting and soft illuminations are my thing… I have like 5 corners with lamps and floor cushions where I plomp with tea and the hey mister keeps complaining as to how he cannot see the color of this tees in yellow lights! men!
    But funny as I might sound, all the while I was reading this post, there was this one Barley’s special statement making me laugh: from what I have seen around here these boots are held in high regard…wondering i’d get in trouble if I chew the life out of the buckle. His humor is infectious. Your’s rather.

  25. I love that first lamp – oh and I love Iqkea too ;) Every trip to the big city includes a drop in at “Allan key central” to pick up some white frames or a shvornkist (surely there’s a piece by that name)!

    My home didn’t have a place I was really happy to sit and read so I’ve just rejuvenated a couple of very tatty chairs and I’m in the process of overhauling my office to incorporate a reading corner with the chairs. Can’t wait until it’s finished. You’ve inspired me to give it a go!

  26. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I have my own retreat – it’s what I call my “stitching” room (because I’m a cross-stitcher at my heart and soul), but it’s also where I blog, and craft, and work from home as necessary. This room has a comfy Ektorp chair (in pink floral), with a pretty pink tasseled lamp (purchased in the children’s department at Target). That’s where I like to curl up to read a book or a magazine, or just unwind from the day.

    Having your own place to unwind is good.

  27. Tamara says:

    I so know what you mean about overhead lighting – I can’t bear it and cannot understand how people can relax in this kind of light. Give me lots of lovely lamps any day. Love your cosy little reading corner :-)

  28. Elaine says:

    Gal after my own heart … lighting, reading, teatime, all of it!