Beach Cottage Home Grown Bouquet, white flowers, coastal decor & herbs

Tue 17th, Apr, 2012

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G’day ladies, ready for Beach Cottage delights, well roll-up, roll-up, this is gold, solid Beach Cottage, coastal, style, white, beachy, decorating, nautical stripe, vintage furniture, white flowers in garden heaven, with a few herbs thrown in for good measure. 

So I was pretty tired yesterday afternoon, not in a horrible way, more in a new puppy way and if I am totally totally honest, I had been online too much, I had not listened to my own advice, had about 20 tabs open on the computer and it all got a bit bleuh…





So I decided to unplug for the rest of the day, switched off the computer and just pottered around, played with Barley, baked some banana bread and went out to do a bit of gardening (if you instagram with me you’ll know I bought a lovely hibiscus to plant, it’s going near the Summer House for some year round colour)

And while I was out there I came across these….I planted them ages ago and they are now huge and running all over the path…and had crept along into the herb bed…




As I bent down to have a look the scent of rosemary & sage hit me as I looked at white flowers and smiled






I started to gather and as I gathered, I danced………………OH MY LORDY, I have white flowers in abundance in my little Australian garden,  OH MY LORDY, I can pick and gather and revel in the fact that I have GROWN THESE LITTLE BEAUTIES BY MYSELF, in a land that I don’t know how to garden in, under a sun that is hot, where water runs off down the street away from the plants and coastal air that is nice but sometimes too breezy…




Goodness! I can pick my own Beach Cottage Bouquet …not from a shop or just the odd flower or two from outside, but a full on, big old arm full of flowers, stuffed in a vase, peppered with herbs and smelling fantastic…

 DIY Bouquet

How to Make your own Hand-tied Bouquet


It’s very easy to do a DIY Flower Bouquet, and once you have grown the flowers, obviously it’s free, but then again a bunch or two of these from the supermarket can easily be hand-tied for this look…

1. Cut the flowers to the same length

2. strip the foliage

3. start with the three stems of flowers  in one hand & hold just beneath the heads

4. add flowers with the other hand

5. continue to add flowers and rotate the bunch as you do, turning the bunch as you add each stem

6. alternate the flowers with herbs (or other flower if not using herbs) about every three or so

7. place each next flower slightly lower than the first to create a ‘bouquet’ shape

8. tie-off with string, raffia or florist tape

9. trim the ends of the flowers all to the same length.


I think some people might think this very strange, my glee in this growing and gathering




that Beach Cottage friends, is why I come here, to my own personal publishing house…





Because I think you will get it?



I know you will laugh at me ‘cos I think it’s fantabulous that I made a hand-tied bouquet from my very own bare hands, I think you’ll be excited about me running around my garden gathering home-grown white flowers, I know you would, if you could, squeal in pleasure at the adding of herbs from said once-horrid garden to the bouquet, to make it fragrant as it sits there on my ratty old needing-a-paint-job white table… and I think that you would smile as you nod your head in agreement that there is something so very satisfying in this fast-paced world of ours about picking flowers from your garden that you have grown yourself, bringing them in, sniffing, standing back and feeling like the day just got a million percent better.




And boy don’t it feel good?

I say onwards & upwards

rocking the blogosphere with a dose of white paint & flowers people

are you a hand-picked white flowers and herbs kinda girl, or do you like them a bit more formal?



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 on table : Freedom Vase    in bouquet  :  Beach Cottage Garden lavender, sage & rosemary



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49 Responses to “Beach Cottage Home Grown Bouquet, white flowers, coastal decor & herbs”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Looks lovely!!

  2. Christy says:

    I understand your excitement! When we moved to FL I was so eager to get my hands dirty & start gardening. But it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t going to be so easy – the soil is pure sand, it rains nonstop in the summer which some plants just don’t love, the sun & humidity take their toll…etc etc etc. I am happy for you & your beautiful bouquet! (and just a wee bit jealous!)

    • sarah says:

      glad someone knows how I feel….we have the sandy soil too, I am working on making it better! so pleased with these flowers lol x

  3. Sarah what a lovely bouquet. One that I would have picked out of the florist’s shop. It IS truly a wonderful feeling growing your own flowers and being able to enjoy them in your home.

  4. Melinda says:

    There’s a lot of joy in a bunch of home grown flowers/herbs. They spell out “home” to me in a way that shop bought can never do. Maybe its a bit like cooking as opposed to buying the food you give your family – there is so much more soul and love ( obvioulsy)

    I love your bunch and bet it smells gorgeous – in fact Im going out to my herb garden right now to grab a couple of sprigs xx

  5. Shannon Fox says:

    Such beautiful photos… so, so lovely. I was delighted to ingnore the patter of rain and gaze at your garden =)

    Pinned & shared on fb… have to spread the pretty!!

  6. Shelly says:

    LOVE the white flowers….it is the best to have your own that you can pick. I am still in a state of no money/scared to buy anything if it dies/love too many to choose from so, I don’t have much growing that I can pick. I do have lilacs though, and they are my absolute FAV….they are just blooming now and in my white ironstone pitcher…OMG…to die for.
    Hey, I just got an ipad from my husband for our anniversary…what apps do you like??? I am truly perplexed…have had any that stand out to me….just wondering….
    Yours in lovely white bliss,

  7. Elaine says:

    I love hand-picked!!! I haven’t added herbs to an arrangement before – will make a point of doing that next time as I love the aroma of basil or rosemary especially.

    I have white hydrangeas -which I love, but every time I cut them for the house they drooped within a day. I found a post you did a while back and read thru all the comments. Tried dunking the entire flower head in cold water for an hour before arranging in a vase – it worked BEAUTIFULLY. Now my hydrangeas can last a week or more.

    Thank you so much …….

  8. Alice says:

    Sarah you are just as lovely as that bouquet of yours (and it really is a lovely bouquet of flowers) lol… Too sweet…There is something very satisfying about doing things for ourselves especially when it comes to our house and home… Just wish we weren’t so time poor…Will have to look into that…Thanks for the injectin of excitment/enthusiasm today…I like that you put in some herbs, I would not have thought of that… Very clever… Looks really sweet…

  9. Vicki Archer says:

    The bouquet is gorgeous… and growing your own flowers… that is by far the best… Lovely post and as for all that white…. heaven… xv

  10. Tammi says:

    I am squealing in glee at your pics…not only does your bouquet look heavenly, it must smell divine!!
    This is definitely more my style :)

  11. Selby says:

    Beautiful! Next to sleep bouquets are my favorite ” make it all seem a little better ” remedy – at the moment I’m doing Thai basil for its pretty purple flowers & lovely white roses because the people who used to own the house planted tons for us really lucky renters:)

  12. Lesley says:

    Whenever I see daisies I smile and think of that scene in “You’ve Got Mail” when Meg Ryan’s character is sick and Tom Hanks brings her some daisies and she tells him they’re such happy flowers, cuz of COURSE they are! For me, they’re also the symbol of the hippie era and growing up in So. Calif, well it’s our birthright to love daisies! Gorgeous photos, frameable, even in B&W!!! Please!

  13. Rukmini Roy says:

    ummm…no. I think it is fantabulous because every time I try to make something out of wild cuttings I mess it up. :) I love this. Its these little things that you teach is what I really love about you Sarah…Really! Simple things, easy things and yet things that we often suck at. I didn’t know how to make a bouquet. Would you believe that?

  14. Yay! I love it when I read that someone else has the flower bug – just nothing like growing and cutting your own! Your bunch is perfect – I love adding herbs too, mint is fab and lasts for ages. I have experimented with loads of ways of making them last as long as poss – did a ‘cutting patch’ series on my blog if you are interested! Rock those garden flowers Mrs BC!

  15. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah – You’ve inspired me to grow my own. Gathering these are a type of daisy… is it a bush or a ground cover? Do you have the name? Also, knower of all things white and coastal, we will one day repaint our Queenslander and I’m wanting light to mid grey with white trim in true coastal style. Can you recommend any grey colours for exteriors? Love your blog, even bought me some Kmart skinny jeans! Cindy :)

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I don’t know the real name of them Cindy, sorry…

      I am very envious of your Queenslander…sigh, my outside is in Chino but I am not 100% on it, I would go for a cool pebble grey if that helps.

      oh and yes the Kmarts are kewl xo

  16. love the oh so beautiful flowers and photos and love your enthusiasm… with you all the way especially as its grey with a little sunshineyness and very chilly here in the uk today…xx

  17. sreebindu says:

    love love love daisies =)

  18. so beautiful Sarah! I’m with you and love home grown and DIY in this fast paced consumerism world. We just made a chewy chocolate slice for dessert and my daughter said lets go pick flowers from the garden to decorate it. camellias.. divine. I’m sure it made it taste even better.
    have a good night
    cheers Fiona

  19. Janelle says:

    Oh yeah Sarah, I’m nodding and most definately getting it. My fave type of garden is all pretty and cottagey and sweet smelling and rather slapdash. Lovely ‘bouqueting’!!! xx

  20. Fleur says:

    Wish I was your neighbour, then you could make one for me and we could have coffee and marvel our bouquets together! xxx

  21. Mandy says:

    woooo, looks gorgeous! I grow the same flowers (i think) in my garden…will have to wait for summer to make that fab arrangement tho. x

  22. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I grow these myself but love your trick of adding Rosemary and sage…I’ll be putting a bouquet together this weekend! Thank you for your inspiration and have a great day!

  23. Kelly Gabriel says:

    Oh, we GET it!!! Beeeeautiful!

  24. Candy says:

    Stunning bouquet!!! The simpler, the better …. I do not care for formal arrangements. at. all.

  25. Ellie says:

    Love the photos. I have just used a similar daisy in the pots I have planted up for either side of our front door. I used white Daisies and bright pink geraniums (I think the geraniums are called something else these days as “geraniums” is technically wrong… but the correct name escapes me – I’m sure you know the ones I mean though Sarah – very popular here in Ireland and UK). The colours really cheer me up when I get home.
    And like you I have herbs growing in between my flowers and I often pick some to bring inside for extra scent. Mint is currently my favourite even if it is growing everywhere in my garden!

    • sarah says:

      I didn’t know that about geraniums! they are still called that here… like the sound of your front door pots x

  26. Claire says:

    It’s simple things like this that make life worth living! Once we reach the age/stage when we realise this, our lives become so much richer and full of light : ) I shall be choosing my summer bedding plants with inspiration this year Sarah as the Old Country moves out of the darkness into the brightness. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Shar Y says:

    I love your excitement over being able to get your own bouquet from your garden! I get that feeling too! In fact, I am waiting as we speak for a Magnolia tree bud to open so I can pick/cut it for inside.

  28. LOVE! We’re just about to head into flower season and I can’t wait to do just the same.

    I’m actually planning an all white garden in the front yard. Fingers crossed it looks as good in the ‘flesh’ as in my head C:

  29. Sarah says:

    I love you hand tied bouquet. I’m glad you followed your advice and switched off the computer to create it!

  30. Laura says:

    Love the simplicity of this. Did you grow the daisies from seed? I’m also trying to recreate the English garden in New Jersey… Hot, hot summers, cold, cold winters & sandy soil make it a hard job! Lx

  31. Sharon says:

    Beautiful! The bouquet is just lovely and I bet it smells wonderful with the herbs in there. I am in love with your white vase, too.

  32. Glennie says:

    Love it – never ever would I have thought of popping rosemary in there – good tip! I’m going to scatter a wildflower mix this coming summer (seems a long time to wait seeing as we’re just nearing winter although having said that I noticed this weekend the freesia leaves are popping up!!) just so I can pick and have posies like this one – my Mum used to call them tussie mussies. Plus I have a lovely old white jug I have been saving just for them ….. x

  33. Janet O. says:

    Can’t wait til I have flowers to pick here in NY. I saved some old ceramic pitchers from my Mother and Grandmother and I well remember how every flowering weed was as treasured as daisies and roses on our table. Way too warm and dry all Winter, and now a warm dry Spring which is very worrisome. Have ordered several different hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, calla lilies, lilies, and day lilies to enhance the Summer bloom season. I’m hoping the rhubarb transplanted last week from my Grandparents old homestead will do well in a year or two. There’s something wonderful about hand me down plants!

  34. Angie says:

    Oh lovely vase – Is that enamel or ceramic? I’m nosy, I know! xxx

  35. HRH Sarah says:

    Just fabulous! I love the herbs mingled with the daisies, so charming and the smell must be heavenly…

  36. Melody says:

    Your post reminded me of two things……………
    The BBC program Rosemary & Thyme…I love the opening bouguet.
    And the song Walking on Sunshine!!!!
    AND DON’T IT FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go here & dance around your Beachy Cottage

  37. Melody says:

    Sarah…sorry didn’t mean to post this huge thing.
    I thought it was only a link!! rofl

  38. alison says:

    You’re as mad as I am!! Totally know where you are coming from and glad to know I am not alone with my totally over active imagination and creative brain. :)


  39. Hi Sarah,

    Excellent , Excellent and Excellent. This photos are extremely beautiful. I like the design of your bouquet and the vase is fabulous. Your site really looks great. Good work! Keep it up !!