Sat 21st, Apr, 2012

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Well ladies, it’s the end of the school holidays here and to be honest it’s time for everyone, including me to get back into a routine…being in one’s pj’s at 1pm wears thin after a couple of weeks.


So these are some of my lovelies lately…pretty things on my list for Mother’s Day, visiting a tea house, getting back to cooler weather, the beautiful trees that surround the beaches, the abundance of flowers in Autumn…

(all these are iPhone shots, still working on it ladies, love having it in my pocket)

20120421-02-IMG_2798 20120421-03-IMG_1993 20120421-04-IMG_2004 20120421-05-IMG_2330 20120421-06-IMG_1990


lunch with special friends who are clearly, like me, bloggers by the looks of their phones Smile

love these girls Mrs Woog & Nikki


vintage crochet, puffy white chairs & neutrals




on my walk to the coffee shop, this is on the way, I love the way it’s untamed and I LOVE Aloe Vera plants…mine is growing slowly too…



this vanilla & cocoa wafting through our old cottage




little boys with sweet puppies





we are middling through Autumn and just moving into jeans, but still in sandals, won’t be too long before these will be replaced with Uggs for a few months…



sunshine & ruffles



Not so lovelies

Barley getting his vaccinations (Mr Beach Cottage took charge)

head colds

too many rainy days

end-of-school-holiday broomstick riding




[nggallery id=10]

Oh and thanks for the votes on the wall, leaving it open until tomorrow but looks like I am getting my way…haha


So that’s my lovelies and not so lovelies, what are yours this week?

See you next time



p.s. loving the colours of this


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26 Responses to “lately”

  1. Alice says:

    That last and first)photo… You loving the colours…. That was my thought exactly… The colour combinations are perfect… They are my type of colours!

  2. Melinda says:

    Lovelies – perfect sunshiney gorgeous light autumn days, misty walk on the beach this morning, fires in fireplace at night,
    post holidays/autumn decluttering and re organizing, return of the slow cooker, kids happily back at school, crisp new season apples direct from orchards, good cups of coffee, trillions of birds singing in the dawn in the garden.

    Not so lovely – burnt hand from filling hot water bottle ( healing well though )

    loved your photos xx

    • sarah says:

      oooh I am envious of your fireplace, that was on our list of projects for this upcoming winter but it hasn’t happened yet…driveway and fascias first ;-(

      I am loving the light these Autumn days xo

  3. alison says:

    I love how in Australia we can still be wearing thongs, sandals and sunglasses in Autumn and Winter. Does anyone else wear their sunglasses on rainy days like me?? Looks weird but I still find it glarey on those bright cloudy days.

    That vanilla and cocoa oil looks interesting.


    • sarah says:

      me too, I thought that was just me! haha I wear my sunnies all the time…I do think it’s still glarey even on cloudy days! x plus it hides the aging lol xx

  4. Selby says:

    Lovelys- your beautiful photos for today’s post & new castors for my” oh is that a tea trolley now”

    Not lovely- missing my beasties birthday lunch because my baby caught a tummy bug & I didn’t want to risk passing it round. Dislocating my pinkie this morning while wrestling with the pram- going for a nap now incase that helps stem today’s bad roll on of unfortunate happenings:)


  5. Lovelies: YOU!
    Not so lovelies: need to work on my iPhone looking down pose!
    PS. what app are you using for the Polaroid frames?

  6. le_third says:

    hello there – happy first week back to school Sarah … how will puppy go without the wee lads :) you will have lots of one on one time :) le xox

  7. Candy says:

    Lovely photos! Raining here in sunny FL but since we are in dire need of it, no complaints!!

    • Liz says:

      I don’t know which part of Florida you’re in, Candy, but we also got it and good last night here in South Florida. Been dreary all day today, as well, but it was worth the lull in the sunshine to get that wonderful rain. Had to come here to Sarah’s side of the world to enjoy the sunshine and the enticing ocean colors she captured for us while ours is away.

  8. Carol says:

    what a view you got there. It is so awesome! I love the place and wish I can visit their too.

  9. Rukmini Roy says:

    Sad I am writing to you on a Saturday night, downing a couple beer alone. Still, not pessimistic yet…Love the Hibiscus shots..very pretty! I am dying to buy an Iphone. Or atleast a smart phonr with Android OS so that I download Instagram.

    Very beautiful photos Sarah..you have quite a view there :)

    • sarah says:

      oh you won’t regret an iPhone, I LOVE mine…it was a debated investment in this house…wish I had got it much much much sooner ox

  10. Lovelies – Sun AND warmth for a change. Kids outside playing, and the one who reads for pleasure sacked out in a chair on the deck. Surviving being sugar free for one whole week. Flip flop and sunnies. Spending money at the plant nursery.

    Not so lovelies – Husbands who are out of town who were supposed to be home Thursday now coming home Tuesday. Maybe. Kids who are pissed their Dad is not home and taking it out on their mother. School reports who’s writing must be “managed” on a sunny weekend.

    Glad you are getting your way about the paint. You didn’t say we could only vote once so I um… maybe voted a few extra times to help you out. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • sarah says:

      haha thanks!

      umm your not so lovelies don’t sound too good…but I love your reading lovely xo

  11. Oh to live the life of a beach cottage girl! lol! My lovelies here today are the bright sunshine, a sparkling clean house, a basement I can now walk around in, and one more completed project for my booth. My uglies are toes that are in desperate need of a pedi, a vacuum cleaner that quit working, and not having a clue what to make for dinner tonight. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Liz says:

    Your lifeguard photograph should be entered into a contest! It is worthy of a prize. You do Australia proud, Sarah, and you give us something to ooh and ahh over. After all, who doesn’t want a little oohing and ahhing in their lives, and you dish it up daily. Good work!

  13. My lovelies this week were making my reservations to go spend time with my ocean, shooting some senior photos, helping my daughter start moving back home, shooting some baby photos (in a 100 year old christening dress!), and making a batch of lemongrass soap.

    My unlovelies were a raging headache, new tires for the car, and computer trouble.

    The good outweighed the bad by a long shot. :o)

    God bless you Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      oooh to the lemongrass soap! love…now wondering if I might put a bag of muslin under the tap filled with lemongrass tonight?

      hmm headaches & computer trouble, yowzas x