Coastal Blue Bedroom DIY Beach Cottage Style

Thu 19th, Apr, 2012

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Helloooooooooooooooooo!  How you doing? I have a half-painted coastal blue wall I hoped would be good for beach decor.

Guess what?  It’s not quite as I hoped.




So I had a bee in my bonnet about this, I wanted a feature wall and I was gonna get one…I wanted a bit of pale beachy coastal blue in my bedroom and I wasn’t gonna stop til I got it.

I styled it here to show you what I had in my mind….just with the putty and flowers and stripes and coastal type things…but it’s not floating my beach cottage boat…hence it has been stuck at this stage :

On the left the blue in different hues…watered down with white paint until this very pale one on the right…




I liked the paint right up until the moment it was on the brush and right away I wasn’t sure

and when it was half way across the wall, I stopped, no point in going any further

a bit like the maxi dress from Coles Mix Apparel (here if you missed that), this looked oh so much better in my head…

So while you mull that over and on the subject of clothes, I thought you might like to see the jeans I was wearing when I took these photos today… which I do love very much and have lived in since I bought them on a whim..a much more successful and much more economical purchase than the paint…


So with the paint, I went for Peaceful Bay and it turned out quite differently on the wall in the light in the bedroom

Mr Beach Cottage likes it…he thinks it should stay




Your thoughts on that ladies?

Well, now, I know that some of you are professional Beach Cottage Lurkers, I know that others are too time-poor to hit comment and I know that some just can’t be bothered….so I thought why not our first Beach Cottage Blog Poll?

All you have to do is hit the answer yes or no to the question of whether the blue wall stays or not…

(the pictures have turned out lighter than it is, scroll up for the the most true colour in the wide shot of the half-painted wall)

I informed Mr Beach Cottage and the crew that the results of this poll would be final and I would listen to what you had to say..

he laughed all the way to the bank…and said he would eat his hat if I listened to anyone, which is quite interesting because forcing him to eat a hat could be quite attractive to me Winking smile

So Beach Cottage lovelies, hit that dang button

Should it stay or should it go now?




oh and of course I’d love to hear your thoughts below too ….be seeing ya around, I am off for a walk by the sea and a coffee…therapy I need it :-)


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76 Responses to “Coastal Blue Bedroom DIY Beach Cottage Style”

  1. Ruth says:

    When lightened up, the paint in the photos looks greenish/aqua to me. I would find something in more of a gray based blue. It’s so hard to find the right paint! Too gray and the room looks cold all the time. Too blue and it looks like a baby boy’s room. It should look just a touch silver-y in the day light. Maybe if you use the small chest that you added blue to as a guide, and then went a couple of shades lighter? It is enough to drive you crazy, and sorry, but my hubby is no help either. Maybe it’s a guy thing?
    I can’t tell you the number of colors I have gone through to find the right shade of yellow for my living room!

  2. Lisa says:

    My eyes like to flow from one wall to another without distraction, so I prefer all of the walls in a room to be the same color. I like the blue, and would paint the entire room that color. It’ll look nice with the white trim. Unification is a good thing when it comes to decor.

  3. wordshipper says:

    I voted to keep the wall blue – but not that blue. It’s too green and too light.

  4. Nicole W says:

    I feel your pain! My boys room has a feature wall in a similar colour that is still waiting for a second coat because I’m just not convinced! Maybe a feature wall in that kinda colour isn’t meant to be.. But I am LOVING the colour! It’s a hard one.. Perhaps finish it & live with it for a while.. You can always paint over it! I suppose coming into autumn we tend to swing towards warmer tones.. Perhaps this is why you aren’t sure..come spring it might feel different..

  5. Helen T says:

    hi Sarah
    Its such a subtle colour i had to peer really hard to even notice it wasn’t white (okay I admit i am visually challenged) – I say keep it it is such a lovely soft colour totally in keeping with your Beach cottage decorating. Mr BC is right

  6. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I’m not a fan of feature walls, but I’m trying to convince my husband to paint all the walls in our first floor a Wedgwood blue. The trouble with that is that I would also need to paint all the cornices and baseboards white, because they are currently a light caramel color, which works better with the sandy colored walls we have now, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get to change my wall color.

  7. joyce tx says:

    Yep— I like the idea of a feature wall, but frankly I’ve never seen that color in the ocean. More blue, a scootch of gray, no green…. then lightened up- maybe! Choosing colors drives me nuts! Either they have a black undertone or they’re too pastel-y. Good luck!

  8. Emma says:

    It might not be quite what you had in your mind’s eye, but I say “Go for it”!
    It’s just one wall and a nice summery colour to carry you through the upcoming aussie winter when the colours outside are slightly duller. Plus I am guessing you usually have more (white) furniture in front of that wall which will contrast nicely and dilute the block of colour.
    If you still aren’t sure next spring swap it then. Enjoy!

  9. Beth says:

    Too crisp/ clean, maybe add a touch of dirty grey to make it a slightly ‘earthier’ colour.
    Love the outfit :)

  10. Tammi says:

    I much prefer the way you bring colour in through your accessorises Sarah and am not completely sold on that colour. I do however lurve the new jeans!!

  11. Janelle says:

    Hi Sarah. I just hit the no button. I rkn the blue is pretty but maybe not ‘gutsy’ enough for the oh-so-gutsy cottage!?! And speaking of guts (aren’t I sounding classy this morning?!) you need to go with whatever yours is telling you, its always right!! And I love the look of your skinnies…may we see more of them? Please?!? xx

  12. janis conn says:

    I think the feature wall needs to be a stronger contrast. That said, in this case I think it would look better to keep the entire room white. Find art for the feature wall that incorporates the beachy colours. Not necessarily representation art, abstract would be better and make it large. I think you could probably buy some stretched canvas and DIY with paint you already have. Go on, give it a go!

  13. Di says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It is quite pretty, I really like the light one…..nice for a change. It’s only paint, right??
    I’ve just used a porters colour called ‘chintz grey’ which has turned out a really soft blue/grey.
    Just gorgeous, not too blue, not too grey. Good luck and have fun with it. Choosing the right colour
    paint is a great ‘problem’ to have.

  14. Susan says:

    I like the light blue Sarah and know you will accent it beautifully. I will vote to keep the blue (light) and if you decide to go with the vote, be sure to get a picture of Mr BC eating that hat :)
    And remember…you are free to be….whatever you want :)

  15. Alice says:

    I really love the blue but voted no… Because like some have mentioned I like all walls to be the same colour(in the whole house). I like the sense of unity it creates… There’s just something about feature walls that don’t sit right for me… They make the rooms look cluttered to me and smaller…. Then add all the furniture, it is very rare for me to like it… I prefer using furniture, paintings/photography even sculptures as statement pieces rather than walls, that’s just me…

  16. Morning Sarah- from the other end of the beach…

    Whilst i love the idea of a feature wall…I’ve been desperately wanting to do something sort of frenchy vintage floral behind our bed forever

    and not been quite sure of it, as all our other walls are Chalk USA…I think that this shade of blue is not really a Beach Cottage blue.

    Subtle yes- but tooo cool and too baby blue- I think your personality needs something a little stronger, but also as simple.

    Have you tried a slightly greyer blue, rather than this greener blue?

    Although I read every day- I don’t always have the time to comment…but this was soo worth me getting *my two bobs worth in*….

    Love the jeans!

    Melissa x

  17. Nadine says:

    No, it’s too cold and clinical. I don’t enjoy big expanses of cool colours inside – not cosy!

  18. Steph says:

    Yr lucky being able to do a poll. I desperately need one on what colour to paint my garage!

  19. the freckled minx says:

    I personally feel that it’s a bit “lolly”, a bit “pretty” but good on Mr BC being in touch with his feminine side ;)

  20. kerrie says:

    My daughter’s entire room is in a shade very much like your pale pale version. It is very serene with her black furniture and grey bedding and curtains. But I still will re-paint the room white when she moves out! I never ever tire of white. Not ever.

  21. Lady Verbena says:

    humm so that’s what an iceberg decor should look like — haha – just kidding.
    Even though it’s a very nice light colour, it feels like too cold, too nursery for me… just my opinion.
    What about a greyish colour or even better a slightly warmer creamy colour as Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Peak White (http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/mountainpeakwhite#ce_s=mountain peak white)?
    Your house looks gorgeous, everything will look fantastic!!!

    Xo from Argentina, LV

  22. Rukmini Roy says:

    Okay, voted yes. It should stay. I really dont want to go too far but I have to: It’s actually looking quite beautiful. :) Stay with it sarah, but not if your heart says no. Love ya.

  23. Jo says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I think blue is one of those wall colours that it is really hard to get right. Aqua ones can end up too ‘lolly’, and blue blues can turn out too baby blue. We’ve learnt from a few ‘mistakes’. They work if they are a dark rich hue, We have a feature wall in our lounge room ‘Dulux Blue Oar’ which I love, but I think that would be a bit much for your bedroom. I’ve got a great ‘putty’ colour for you…. Dulux ‘White Duck’. We just painted two bedrooms with half strength white duck and whisper white trim and I love them! The colour goes great with white furniture and all shades of coastal blue. Am now trying to convince hubby that we should paint the whole house that colour!
    I’m sure you’ll work it out and you’ll have the room looking amazing with whatever you decide.

  24. Karlee says:

    hmmm…. I think repaint it another blue, because you don’t sound happy with it from the get go. Usually we hear you say… ‘wooooohoooo, love it, love the colour/light it brings into the room’ etc lol.
    Thats what I do when Im thinking about buying something – if I’m umming and arring about it and not sure whether i like it or not, then I say Nope!

  25. See, now I would have painted the wall a pale putty and then done the blue color in with what you would call bits and bobs :-) Blues are tricky! Love the jeans… when are you doing a real girls workout post, obvs you’re doing something right :-)

    • If if you’re going to paint… do the whole room. If you must have a feature wall.. at least do two walls… one looks like a store display at least to me…. Yes, I’m feeling opinionated tonight :-)

  26. alison says:

    I voted No…but then again I’m the queen of paint colour disasters.

    I got a colour consultant in when we did a major repaint and it was one of the best things I’ve done. Some people looked at me in disbelief that I would spend money on such a thing but to me paint colour in my home is SO important. My home is my sanctuary.


  27. Suzanne says:

    I am not fussed on the blue wall` maybe a putty/grey… but I think nothing beats white!! You can change your accent colours at any time!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I think your white on white look is perfect the way it is…but then again I don’t like feature walls.
    I think Mr BC might be right though…you don’t seem like someone who will be swayed by popular opinion
    and you don’t sound too chuffed with the blue wall. Just my thoughts :)
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Cas x
    Ps sorry about the anon comment. I have no internet, so using my iphone :(

  29. Kari says:

    It seems too pastel for what you are typically attracted to….. If you don’t like it now, you will despise it everyday you look at it…

    I say give something else a shot, something that you fall in love with & smile waking up to!!! ♥

  30. Ellie says:

    Its a very pale blue for a feature wall. But I can see what you are trying to achieve.
    Its a nice contrast to have a little bit of colour with the whites. It really makes the colours pop out.

    I think you may need to go for a slightly stronger blue.
    Or maybe even a stronger blue with a white wash over it to give it a beachy weathered look.

    Oh I sound all knowledgable now, but when it comes to my own house I can’t make a decision on decor to save my life!! ;D

  31. Nicola says:

    Maybe the blue looks a bit too green/aqua to me?
    I think white looks beautiful in your house because you bring the colour in with the soft furnishings, so I voted no. x

  32. Anonymous says:

    hi sarah, on a friday night after a few wines I accidently hit the yes button where in fact I meant to say no. I’m not that into different colored feature walls although the colour is ok’ish…. but nah. What does your gut say?

  33. Tiff says:

    white, white, white :) I love the way you introduce colour elsewhere without having to put it on the walls. Mr. BC might like it because it would mean not having to repaint the blue section? ;)

  34. claire says:

    I like the colour but I think having a white door on that wall throws it out of kilter. I like feature walls when they are teamed with symmetry (that is unless there’s a door on the other side!) like a feature wall behind a bed head or with a big window smack bang in the middle. Just a though,t that maybe why its not “floating your boat” :-) or hows about some gorgeous pale blue and white wall paper???? hmmmmm……..

  35. Selby says:

    Hehe feel for you- I had coffee” therapy” today too. Sorry the blue didn’t come out how you hoped- hate those NQR ( not quite right ) moments!. Hoping tomorrow is kinder to you.


  36. Katie S says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments – too pastel, definitely needs more grey. Why not grey maybe if you really like a feature wall? And I also agree with the above poster – I like feature walls on the walls that have the most “large” furniture on it – beds, etc.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I personally would have made the door the feature…. with some moulding and putty and grey chippy paint it could look fabulous,good luck with getting your own way!

  38. Shar Y says:

    I am a major fan of anything aqua/turquoise/green but I think the white worked better. I agree with a lot of the comments about accent walls being stronger colors. I don’t know what your ceiling is like, but you could put a blueish color on your ceiling, leaving the walls light. You still get your blue on, but you maintain the continuity of the room with all white walls. I am sure whatever you do will be fantastic. It always does. Otherwise, why would i be carrying around printouts of about half of your decor for inspiration?!!

  39. Claire says:

    I kinda like it actually…a fresh and airy feel!

  40. cmichaelsny says:

    It looks so fresh and very airy place..Thanks for sharing with us..

  41. Candy says:

    In a former home, I painted our bedroom a similar shade and it felt like waking up in a hospital room every morning! You have to go with what you like but my preference is all white walls, using accessories for accent color and very little color at that. I love your skinnies and wore mine yesterday, thank you very much…forgot I had them!!

  42. Liz says:

    You already started. You have the paint. You don’t hate it, and it will give you lots to “foof with”. (try to say that 3 times fast!) You can always use the color and impending redecorating as blog post fodder for a time. I’m sure you have plenty of white paint to turn to on the day you decide you’ve had enough. Then again, by the time you mess around with it, you might be well find yourself quite “in true like” with it.

  43. Beth says:

    I was going to comment that in my humble opinion I think it’s a little too cold with too much green shading in the blue. Someone else has already said this! Then I though I’d suggest to go with something with more grey undertones …..someone said this too! Has anyone mentioned more of a duck egg blue? Farrow and Ball do a stunning shade called ‘Borrowed light’.
    Good luck. I know the frustrations of getting a colour right in your head and then it looking so different on the wall. I lived with my mistake of a flat, yucky brown feature wall in the living room for a year. Can’t believe it took me so long to get the white paint out to cover it!

  44. Cathy says:

    I love your blog and follow it religiously – I like the blue wall but like the other ladies feel it is a little too green/blue and pastely for what you are trying to achieve. I also agree that you would probably be happier with a grey blue – subtle but beautiful. I recently repainted our room in Valspar’s Seashore Fog. It is a gorgeous grey blue that looks awesome with white trim.. I am so loving it. Good luck on your choice – whatever you choose will be perfect for you….

  45. Senka says:

    Beautiful !!!!
    I am so happy that I have found your beach cottage.
    Like your style…
    Best wishies :)

  46. Sarah says:

    If you have to convince yourself you like something, you probably don’t!

  47. A. Marie says:

    I recently had to make a similar choice for my bathroom reno and went with some advice I heard Sarah Richardson give on one of her shows: always choose a shade with a little gray in it to tone down the brightness of a color. It was good advice for my cottage bathroom which I painted a soft gray-ish robin’s egg blue. Try a few paint chips that look grayer in tone and see how they work with the light in the room. Happy painting!

  48. rachel says:

    i actually really love it…but then again i’m really into aqua shades….so what to do i know!?!? ;) whatever you decide will be beautiful! happy weekend! ;)

  49. Kerri says:

    I like it….but only cause its the same color we painted my daughters bedroom………however I think you should change it, cause wall paint for me is a little like my clothes shopping rule, if you don’t love it, don’t buy it! Go on back to the paint shop for you!

  50. Kerri says:

    PS I love your jeans (black jeans are on my winter list this year)……..what brand are they?

  51. Lynn says:

    I think you need a grayer blue to fit your decor. I know several have mentioned this so I think we are on the right track. You won’t be happy with this blue so go ahead and change it. That’s what your heart is saying.

  52. Deanne says:

    I love it- keep it!

  53. Tery says:

    It’a a bit too bright. I agree with Lynn…you need a grayer blue.

  54. Lassiegirl says:

    Ah, paint colors. Ask my husband and children about me and paint and they will run for the hills. We’ve had our share of re-painting and sample colors and lots of agonizing and disagreeing. I think it is pretty and pale enough to not be shocking, but soothing and cooling…it’s hot there in Oz, right? Anyway, it really comes down to what you like and if you have lived with it for a week and still don’t like it, well, that’s the answer. It is similar to my bathroom color and I do think it brings out the white things in the room nicely, but if you don’t like it, ya don’t like it and if you get the final vote and Mr. BC doesn’t mind changing it as much as you mind living with it, well, start over. I have actually cried over the wrong blue being painted in my living room and had to leave it up because we were pressed for time to go on vacation. I had to come home from a lovely vacation only to see my living room needing to be re-done. In the end, we got the right shade of blue and it ended up being an accent wall only instead of the whole room. Good luck finding the right blue…you will know it when it feels right.

  55. I think it’s really pretty, Sarah! Doesn’t it match the aqua blue on your bedside table drawers?? I love it’s clean, beachy look!

    xoxo laurie

  56. annie says:

    Hi Sarah, I luv your blog and home, on my screen the wall looks like it’s a pale mint colour rather than blue ? maybe it’s just my computer. I know what ever you end up going with it will be beautiful (as usual).

  57. sarah says:

    Love the idea of the blue but its very aqua and maybe a more gutsy blue (tho still pale) would work. Keep going till you find the right shade – try a sample pot.

  58. Angela says:

    Hey Sarah, I hope you and your lovely family are all well?
    I think the shade is, although gorgeous, slightly too aqua? Maybe a smiliar shade but one with more of a grey-ish tinge to it? I am constantly choosing the wrong shades, they do end up looking so different on the walls don’t they?! Your wall does look bright and pretty though, but the grey-ish blue I think would look more vintage…..
    Hope your walk along the beach and a coffee is yummy – sounds heavenly….a Saturday morning stuck in the house with wind and rain and thunder for us here in UK!
    Love, Angela xxx

  59. le_third says:

    hello dear Sarah … just my two cents worth – the colour has no ‘body’ to it .. in going pale it has kinda lost ‘substance’ seems to have no depth – maybe the first comment nailed it – maybe more grey …. ahhh what would I know :) go the white ! le

  60. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Happy Saturday from the States…I agree….It’s not the right shade, and you aren’t happy with it anyway…So it’s a two thumbs down…..Take your time, and find the right shade that will make you happy, too. You can paint it white again while figuring out the best shade so you and Mr. BC aren’t bugged daily by a half-completed project. Have fun, and I love the puppy, too!

  61. Lesa says:

    Hi Sarah –
    I think the color is a little too crisp and cold ….We use sea blue or spa blue a lot here in Florida and the best ones have a bit of grey and are very pale. (some of the great ones even look like grey when we photograph them – they don’t translate well) You seem to lean toward soft warm white in your other spaces so I would “muddy” up the aqua to soften it … not too much you don’t want it to look dirty … but a hint would go a long way then I would dilute the color even more with white. But then I would also save part of the paint as it is to use on the inside of a cabinet (or the back of a bookcase) to give it a bit of a pop …

  62. Anna says:

    I personally love the blue but I don’t think it’s you, so I voted no on whether or not you should keep it.

  63. Melody says:

    Wouldn’t this color look great with silver & crystal ornaments during the Winter Holidays??
    I am loving it!

  64. Candice says:

    I really love the way light plays with The Blues so many different hues during the day .
    Your blue is so soft , very aahhh peace blue in the photos , soft on the eyes , calming to the senses .
    I couldn’t just stop with the wall , I would peek into my hidden stash of finds and splash any left blue paint on them .
    A little blue bliss for warming up winter . I voted yes .

    ps Sarah wondering if you have “how to wear / tie the scarf “hints in any older posts .. not feeling the luv from my scarf yet ….

    • sarah says:

      oh dear, no I haven’t, but I MUST get around to it as I have been asked constantly…

      maybe it’s not for you then? have to say I am NAKED without my scarf…how about just draping it around…I saw a girl recently in the hairdresser, she had a long scarf draped around her, not tied, looked fabulous! I am so copying it lol xx

      • Candice says:

        Thankyou Sarah for your reply ,
        same thing happened to me just an hour ago I was at sons school and a lovely lady had a summer scarf look happening , same just draped over her shoulders and tied near her waist . A look I will copy now , I was on choke around my neck and I have long hair so with both scarf and hair it was all to much and too hot here in Queensland . Funny thing was I nearly turned around as we passed each other and wanted to take pic of this womans scarf and outfit to send to you . All in blue and very summer , hot today , she just looked so casual chic .
        so the big question …… is the blue wall staying ? its nearly a tissue moment , for the yes voters ….A Save Sarah’s blue wall moment …. Cheers

  65. HRH Sarah says:

    I voted no, mainly because you’re already unsure about it, even with half the wall done. That’s a pretty clear signal that it’s not really for you.

  66. Katherine Eaton says:

    Hi Sarah,
    My thought was that because it is such a soft blue, that your other 3 white walls are washing it out even further – plus the light of course. And my other thought is maybe that such a soft shade would have more “wow” if painted over all of the walls. Had you considered ALL blue – I guess not ‘cos then it no longer becomes a feature wall, does it!! I think your lovely blue is just getting a bit lost amongst the white. You could try a deeper shade, with more of a grey tint maybe?? I guess if in doubt, just live with it for a bit…..they say a change is as good as a holiday – SLEEP on it : )
    Katherine X

  67. Sally Gee says:

    I agree that a blue with a little grey in it might be a better choice. I love the lightness of the color though, and would like to suggest also that you consider washing all the walls with color. :)