Beach Cottage Budget Decor Starring White & Pom Pom Love

Thu 26th, Apr, 2012

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G’day ladies, well today we have
white pom poms in the bedroom – yep I’ve blogged colanders, vintage finds & now I find myself gushing about soft, fluffy, creamy white pom pom throws.  Come on in it’s pretty cosy in here.

I am going unplugged this weekend…. remember the 24 hour challenge – no internet, no phone, no social media …. join in here

So, when we first moved to Australia, it was the middle of a scorching hot summer, I literally took off a fleece jumper when we landed at Sydney International Airport and flung it aside, declaring that I wouldn’t be needing that for a very long time.  And how right I was.  Before I acclimatised to Sydney’s pretty amazing climate, a pair of jeans did not touch this little old forty-is-the-new-thirty bod for a very long time.



That was, my friends, until June rolled around.  Yes if you are not from this fair place they call Down Under, you may think that a tad strange…when a lot of the world is finally casting all caution to the wind and discarding their layers to briefly wear a boob tube for a few weeks, those of us Australians are layering it on and I mean thick.


You see, in Sydney, not in other states I have heard, there ain’t much heating baby. (note : please please please no grammar emails, I know all about ain’t thank you)  Oh no, no, no, one does NOT have the complete and utter luxury of life in the Old Country, where one opened the door to one’s house to a lovely, warm, cosy abode care of the thermostat on the central heating timer having clicked in, quite nicely, thank-you-very-much, just before you got home.

Nope, one has to arm oneself with things such as these…


Oh no, what happens here is at best you have reverse-cycle heating, which sounds like a solution, but from what I have experienced of it it’s blindingly stuffy and a bit eeuuuh, nothing like the central heating of my old life…nope, here, especially before Winter real rolls in towards the end of Autumn, one starts to layer…from clothes, to footwear, to beds and sofas.

On come the Uggs, the beanies and yes, unbelievably, in Australia flannelette sheets are not only available, but wanted, needed and advertised.  It was only in Sydney’s Australia, I became acquainted, in the short 10 weeks or so of Winter with the benefits of flannelette sheets, pyjamas and the humble electric blanket and woe betide anyone who tries to make me switch it off.


It’s a funny thing, this short, cool Winter and if you looked at the temps and are from the Northern Hemisphere you might think that we down here who might be moaning a tad about how cold it is are lightweights, you might think we are a load of Jessies, but indeed it’s actually the opposite….we are not fluffed up with the benefits of central heating, where we are buffeted inside in the warm, wearing boardies Mr Beach Cottage, with the thermostat set at 25 when outside it’s below freezing…no here, it’s cold inside too…it may well read Sydney 19C and Sunny in the back of The Times newspaper world weather in London…but friends that does not mean at night.

And so here for us, after a few years of being cold for a couple of months we cracked it.  After wondering why electric blankets, hot water bottles and beanies were at every turn, we quickly worked out why and swiftly joined the party.

Enter the humble throw and more importantly the wonderful excuse to be able to constantly purchase, store and adore them…

When I saw this one, I think there was a squeal, **** there were pom-poms on white.  Yah.

On closer inspection I had misgivings about this pom pom delight…a little OTT?  A little, you know, coochy coo?

But, as per my other posts on budget coastal home wares here what’s a girl to do when faced with white, softness, pom-poms and a supermarket trolley?

Well of course, she throws it in and hides it under the tinned tomatoes.


[nggallery id=15]

This again friends is from Aldi, apologies to those of you who left comments that no you don’t have Aldi where you live, I assumed that Aldi was in all of the States, it seems not.  I also wrongly assumed that Aldi was all over Australia, apparently not Adelaide or WA.  Oh girls, you don’t know what you are missing…. Winking smile

This little baby will probably be better suited to a sofa throw, it’s actually a single size and would be perfect folded up on the arm, or indeed even nicer under it watching TV or reading blogs on my iPad.

I will just have to check that out for myself tonight and report back…

As ever then, onwards & upwards budget coastal beachy decor lovelies…

What to you think of my pom-pom throw?  You know you want one Winking smile


oh and p.s. exercise healthy plan coming up – what I do, if you have any questions please leave them here, or Twitter, Facebook them to me over the next few days– there was some interesting feedback in the comments on my new exercise healthy living post, read that here if you missed it,  it seems a lot of us are heading into our 40’s, or are in our twenties, or doing well in our 50’s and 60’s with the same intentions but sometimes because of life, fall off the bandwagon…let’s get back on it…

 want more from the beaches? Check out Beach Cottage Daily right here xo


I have had many emails about budget decor finds and how I do it, where I look, more on that coming soon but for now if you missed them, below are a couple of links to recent finds…teamed with a bit of white & a few vintage things xo

I am going unplugged this weekend…. remember the 24 hour challenge – no internet, no phone, no social media …. join in here

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56 Responses to “Beach Cottage Budget Decor Starring White & Pom Pom Love”

  1. Candy says:

    I got waylaid with my trip to Aldi but hope to make it over the weekend. I adore the pom poms and am hoping like crazy that I’ll find one there. Perfect for our usually mild FL winters!! Always thought Aldi was just groceries…shows what I know!!! Sweet little Barley…sleeping like an angel on the floor! Such a cutie pie!

  2. Rasonda says:

    I am so excited- we actually have a few Aldis in my area of Indiana- EEKKKS!!! Love the pom pom’s.

    PS- I cant believe people actually correct your grammar- HAHA!!!

    • sarah says:

      yes Rasonda, many an email regarding my use of the English language…I am over replying to it to be quite honest lol! this isn’t quite The Times!

      lucky you for Aldi x

  3. Is Barley a bed sleeper yet? Or are you worried He’ll fall off? The white throw at the end of the bed will be perfect for him! It loooks like microfleece- ever so easy to care for. My doggies sleep on fleece bedding.

  4. Margaret says:

    I have two of these georgeous Aldi pom-pom throws – one I bought for myself last year, which was claimed by my younger son, and one I bought last week, for my older son, to stop the fights over the other one. We bought the very last one at the Mona Vale store, so now I have to wait until next year to get my own!#!$% My boys wrap themselves up in them and won’t take them off. But one warning…. the pom-poms come off! I have a bag of them from the first throw (started with great intentions of sewing them back on – but that didn’t happen). Can’t wait to see the photos of Barley chasing pom-poms around the house!

  5. Julie says:

    I will freely admit when I moved to Brisbane from Canada in July several years ago I searched high and low for the perfect hot water bottle! No central heating at night = being able to see one’s breath in the morning. BRRRR!

  6. Deanne says:

    It was cool here last night, I think a fire may be lit tonight if it is the same!
    Time to break out the winter woolies and flannie sheets! Amazingly our town has an Aldi, but no K-Mart, went for a trip on Tuesday and had a little K-mart shop, but no pretty aqua stripped bowls and cups left :(

    • sarah says:

      no I think they sold out quickly, I have had a lot of emails about them too! hopefully another shipment will come soon x

  7. Selby says:

    Yep I want me some pompom love & I’m not afraid to admit it!:) looks great, like cuddling up in a marshmallow cloud:)

    As for hot water bottles- embarrassingly I admit after a bad watterbottle leak incident where I got a really hot in bed bath I don’t use em… But I still have some for the cute . Instead I tend to use grain bags as I know I won’t get soaked if they bust hehe:)

  8. Ellie says:

    Definitely have not seen that pompom throw in our Aldi…I wonder are we a few weeks behind on offers…?!
    As for heating, my DH had a very funny conversation with a young Aussie colleague and an Asian colleage lately, it basically went along the lines of “Radiators? In your house? Like in a car?” So DH had to explain how our central heating system works. They hadn’t thought we needed heating in our homes, and we never realised they had never come across radiators!

  9. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Growing up in Melbourne, we never had central heating or air conditioning, either. We had one gas forced wall heater in our living room, but for the rest of the house, we had to make do with electric blankets and slippers.

    I remember going back to Melbourne one winter, after I had lived in Chicago for many years, and I was complaining about the cold. My mum told me I should be used to it by now, having lived in Chicago for so long, but I pointed out to her that an Australian winter (maybe just specific to Melbourne) is very different to a winter in Chicago – I could handle the cold in Chicago, it was the “dampness” of the winter in Melbourne that I couldn’t handle.

    Barley looks pretty comfortable asleep on the floor. Does he have his own mattress? (My dogs are crate trained, so they love snuggling in their beds, which are in crates in my bedroom.

    • sarah says:

      yes people tell me all the time I should be used to the cold…I have really given up explaining it to be honest, other english people here tho get it!

      yes Barley has a very cosy bed – he is not sleeping on our beds though….he is in a crate at night and goes right in there on his own and snuggles down, funny how he seems to know that routine already, in the day however he seems to prefer the bare floorboards…I have tempted him with his bed and with small rugs but he just collapses on the floor! x

  10. Fleur says:

    Hello Lovely
    Gorgeous pom poms, yet again I missed out on this great Aldi bargain, must stay FOCUSED!
    Hope all is well with you and the gorgeous BC crew. Just about getting cool enough up here to think about wearing jeans, today I have my gorgeous Emerson black skinnys on! Thanks for the recommendation.
    Lots of Love Fleur xxx

    • sarah says:

      well since I missed those cast-irons you told me about I am a stalker lol!

      oooh glad you liked them…they are soooo comfy…I am just trying to get another pair, they are ALWAYS sold out…no wonder really xo

  11. Liz says:

    Oooh, makes me wish we had Aldi. The pom pom’s bring back the memories of when I was little. They were big then. I live in Florida and you’d think we’d not need heat, but we get plenty of cold nights in the winter, depending on the year. My house has no heat, brrr… I go for the rice bag type thing-a-ma-job heated up. It has saved me many a time! Your room looks so cozy!

  12. Tiff says:

    Growing up my electric blanket was my best friend. When I moved to the States I did not know how I would cope with the sub-zero temps, snow, ice etc. I needn’t have worried. As you say, with heating inside every building you rarely feel the extent of the cold. I have always felt colder in Qld than in America, but I think my friends & family don’t really believe me! The funniest thing is when we have visitors from the States they usually come in our winter. I always let them know to bring warm clothes but they just can’t conceive that Australia would be cold. They usually change their tune within 24 hrs of arriving and I then have to take them shopping for warm clothes!

    • sarah says:

      yes funny, the number of visitors I see in ‘Australia’ hoodies, obviously bought in tourist shops!

  13. Oh that pom pom throw is quite dear, isn’t it? I do like it, very much. Isn’t it funny how you acclimate to your climate? This past weekend was gorgeous here. By afternoon my daughter was complaining about how hot she was. It was 73°F Silly girl. All your autumn nesting is making me wistful for the season, it’s my favorite.

  14. alison says:

    I love your culture contrast posts. They make me smile. Have you seen “The Castle” dvd ? So much Australian culcha.


  15. Em says:

    Love the grey and white polka dot doona cover, very pretty.. where is it from ?

  16. What a sweet little pom blanket! I laughed at the part about the electric blanket though. I still haven’t experienced hot flashes, but one night I thought I did. I turned my blanket way up before I got into bed, and fell asleep with it on high. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking “Oh, THIS is a hot flash” until I realized my husband’s side of the bed wasn’t nearly as hot as mine, lol. Enjoy your day!

  17. Tricia Rose says:

    Not just houses that don’t have heating: I FROZE at school in Sydney, sitting in a draughty concrete classroom with our gloves on, sweater and blazer, and lisle stockings with long bloomers which always slid up to leave a whistling, icy gap at the top of our thighs. And being so cold in bed I couldn’t sleep – sounds Victorian, doesn’t it? There was a gas fire in the living room and that was IT, sounds like not much progress since then …
    However, air conditioning in cars is a big hit in Oz! Used to be we had to go to a mall or a cinema to get cool, and in heat waves we’d go to the beach at night and it was crowded with people sleeping. Ah, the old days.

    • sarah says:

      haha well I have heard the same story about the cars in the summer…I can’t imagine it on those days over 30C…those days I BLAST the air con on lol!

      I actually like the cold when in bed at night, it was weird for us to have lots of layers on the bed in comparison to England…I do not like the icy air when you peek your head over the covers x

  18. Tricia Rose says:

    p.s. don’t let the bub eat a pompom.

    • sarah says:

      no he already tried with the hot water bottle so I am aware of the attraction…it’s actually higher up on the bed now than when these were taken…learning as I go along ;-) xx

  19. Steph says:

    Yr polka dot linen is to die! May I ask where to find it?
    There is a similar Pom Pom throw at country road for over$200 so great find!!! Thanks for cheering my day x

  20. Rukmini Roy says:

    Love the pompoms! I never knew Australia gets so cold during June. Blame the hemispheres.

  21. Christy says:

    I LOVE your Aldi finds! I am lucky t have a clean, wonderful Aldi right around the corner from me, and people are always asking me where I got this or that in my home and are shocked when I tell them Aldi! LOL Most of my friends think it’s a place that only poor college students shop. Nope, this mom of 6 loves to save money AND foof her home and Aldi provides opportunity to do both!

    I for one am thrilled you are going to share about your fitness/healthy living routine. I had commented a few weeks back on facebook that you should share it with us. You obviously take care of yourself and I think you look fabulous! I too, am a 40′ish woman who is determined to look good and feel healthy well into my old age! Personally I am finding that I love my 40′s, and I feel and look much better than I thought I would when I was 25 and the thought of being 40 terrified me. It’s not so bad after all! :)

  22. Candice says:

    Sarah hi

    In Pom Pom envy here , they would become Pom Pom Chew , we share home with a 54kg , 8 month old puppie .
    Your bedroom photo’s I love , you must have a happy sigh when your head lands on the pillow . Really lovely mix of colour and textures . Is this the room with the frill curtain ? That would look so good together .. pompoms and frills .
    The blue glasses , so perfect with the white china . They are a on the scale of a 10/10 find . I have to pass on the shopping queen crown to you . Every find has been the right BC object that just looks like it has always belonged . Just perfect Sarah .

    Re on the fit chat .. Have you tried to sit on a exercise ball while you type away on the pc ? A friend sits on the big blue ball at work all day , she’s got a great flat tummy and great posture now .. I am on my L’s rolling alot , after 1st try I was feeling it tummy wise .

  23. Alice says:

    You know what the worst part about our winter and our homes during this mildly clod winter of ours…. My bloody house actually gets colder than the outside temperature!!! I don’t know about others but I find myself sitting myself in the sun thawing out from being inside the house lol….Temp outside 15celsius inside my house 10-12! Sorry the cold really makes me cranky…. The heat just makes me drowsy and mellow… I like the pom poms but they would never make the trolley…You guessed it my arch nemesis – the hubby lol! I have managed to sneak some from Ikea hee…heee….

    I can’t go unplugged… The internet has become my main source for socialising with grown ups since everyone else around me has decided that they are too busy with each other to bother with me or/and think I live way too far for them to visit (I have no car, they do or else I would gladly do the drive and go to them)…. Is 21km from the CBD that far away? My husband thinks I have very strange opinions when it comes to things taking a long time – they always seem to take too long or being too far – never being that far (considering I can be quite happy to walk for 2 hours straight go shopping then walk 2 hours back without complaining lol… he may be right?)

  24. samantha says:

    It’s meant to be spring, moving on into Summer where I live, which, I might add is supposed to be ‘The warmest place in the British Isles’ (Jersey just in case you don’t know) but let me tell you I’m (insert naughty word here if you want to, I’m too polite) freezing today! Back to wearing boots and a scarf. So I could do with a few of those blankets too.
    As for the health thing, I thought you looked pretty slim in your trip to the diy store photos for exciting white paint for bedroom post.
    As I’m of that age, you know the forty is the new thirty I could do with some motivation, so I think there should be A Beach Cottage work out video, what do you think. :-)
    I simply don’t do unplugged, I couldn’t make it through with out manger withdrawal symptoms.

    • sarah says:

      haha I will not be doing a workout video lol!!

      my healthy plan is re : eating, getting fresh air and exercise, stretching, don’t really need the weight loss side of things

      yes errrm, doesn’t Jersey have a Meditteranean Climate in all its tourism literature???


      • samantha says:

        That made me laugh! Meditteranean! not quite, we are taking British Isles here you know. Actually when the weather is on form its a lovely place to live, clean air, greenery,and beaches, and a little warmer than good old Great Britain, but certainly no the med. :-)

  25. Claire says:

    Very interesting your observations about heating Sarah. My other half hails originally from Bogota, Colombia, so we’re there usually once a year on our annual family visiting trip. No-one there has heating in houses – it’s not hot in that part of the country as many people expect, being high in the Andes, temperatures range from 18-25 degrees C during the day (all year round) and there’s quite a bit of rain. However it does get colder in the evenings and there is the same culture you mention of blankets, beanies, bodywarmers and suchlike. It does make me giggle though when people are outside at night and grumble about “how cold” it is – try a damp, dark English winter in Blighty I think to myself, then you’d know the real meaning of cold!!! Next time we’re in Bogota (December this year) I’ll be sure to check out the pompom situation and report back!!

  26. Carol says:

    Wow what a beautiful post and picture you have here. I love it especially the combination of color.

  27. Sarah says:

    I love you pom pom throw. Hope Barley doesn’t take a liking to it too! It was very interesting reading how you do feel the cold in Australia , I assumed it was warm all the time!
    I can’t get your link to work for the switch off!

  28. le_third says:

    love love love the pom poms … always have always will :) le xox

  29. Tammi says:

    I am down with the dreaded flu at the moment so looking at your pom pom blanket makes me want to curl up with a book and read the day away :) I am also swooning over that top ruffled sheet!
    The winters of my childhood were bitter so we grew up using the trusted hottie bottle and I still use them to this day though they are not dressed quite as delightfully as your stripey cover.

  30. Nst90 of Bne says:

    Yes, I think you’ve gone TOO far with the pom poms ………. (tut tut)

    Just kidding….. I’m off to Aldi, even though I practically just got BACK from there. I went in to check if they had those lovely Urbanspace thingos.. which they did, but only the SOAK bucket and the peg bucket… not the sealed container you mentioned. Why were these. not. ADVERTISED in my local catalogue???????

  31. Robyn says:

    Just catching up, so missed all the Aldi excitement. Might go on the weekend and see if there is anything left…doubt it though.
    having said that I did make sure to pack all our gorgeous cosy throws from Dunelm – we all know Melbourne gets cold! ;-)

    Loving the new look BTW

    • sarah says:

      hey Robyn

      nice to hear from you, yeah don’t think you will have much luck in them still being in Aldi, but you never know x