Meet the Newest Member of the Beach Cottage Crew

Thu 12th, Apr, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage friends, well here is the newest addition to Beach Cottage Land.


He is a Cavoodle

He is super soft

He is super sweet.

He is super tiny.

He is super duper loved.

He has a name.


It’s Barley.

What do you think?  Do you think you would love him too?


you can click on here for a slideshow, errrm & you thought I took a lot of pictures of beaches ;-)

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144 Responses to “Meet the Newest Member of the Beach Cottage Crew”

  1. Sally says:

    What is a cavoodle?

  2. Karen says:

    Awwwwww such a cutie! He’ll change your life in so many good ways!

  3. bonitarose says:

    he’s the sweetest thing! Adorable? what is a cavoodle?
    A cross betweeh what and a poodle?

  4. Glennie says:

    I think he’s a cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a miniature poodle … Sarah he is soooo beautiful and I can see that he’s already part of the family and so loved. Cool name! Bless. xx

  5. samantha says:

    So cute, hes diddy!

  6. Kirsty says:

    Oh so sweet! So he is a Cavalier King Charles/miniature Poodle x? Love his markings, he’s very cute! Enjoy his puppyhood, they grow so fast! :) xo K

  7. Laurie says:

    What a beautiful boy Barley is…pure, unconditional love in furry little body :) Enjoy, Sarah!

  8. Sharon says:

    Oh, he is adorable. I love his ruffly ears and his precious face. I think I noticed a bit of a mischievous look in his eyes in one of the pictures, though. :)

    You made a wonderful choice and it is easy to see that he is greatly loved. Congrats and enjoy!!

  9. Jill Palumbo says:

    Adorable! I have puppy fever so bad! I love his name too!

    Jill Palumbo

  10. Oh he is so cute! We got a Jackabee Puppy this Christmas for my daughter. Her name is Jingles. She is always in touble, makes messes and sheds everywhere and I say she is like a 2 year old with ADHD but I LOVE her! Puppies are alot of work but the rewards of warm kisses, snuggles and always a happy greeting make it all worth it.

  11. How stinkin’ cute is he….?????? lol! Oh good gravy! What a doll! Such innocence while all curled up and sleeping….but oh how I remember the potty training stages! lol! Outside every hour on the hour, outside after playing, outside after eating, outside before bedtime. But oh so worth every little puddle and mistake, for sure. :) Will you be crate training him, Sarah? I would highly recommend it. My Maizie LOVES her crate and truly considers it her “safe haven” and “girlie cave”. She loves taking naps in it during the day and is ready to hit her sack at bedtime. Adore the name you picked, too. How’d you come up with it? ♥

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      thanks Laurie, we got a crate but I wasn’t sure about it…but to be honest he took it over and he loves it…door is open and he snoozes in there and was soooo much happier last night xo

  12. Lassiegirl says:

    OH SOOOOO CUTE! We here in OK are so happy for you. Like the name, Barley. Took A LOT of time and discussion choosing our latest pup’s name, too (Piper, a nod to being a Scottish breed). Those 2 breeds (Cav and poodle) are very loving, smart, and cuddly breeds, good choice. And he’s white and tan…two of your favoite, coastal colors. About sleeping in your bed, no big deal, really. Our 4 1/2 mth old Collie still sleeps in our bed part of most nights. When they are first taken away from mama and siblings a pup needs contact and bonding and the night is such a lonely time. All of my pups have started off in the bed with me and now with me and the hubby (helps with housebreaking at night), but do not despair as they will easily break the habit as they get older and have bonded well with the family. Then they will sleep in their own bed. We still have nighttime cuddle time with the older Collie who is 6 yrs. old and did so with all the other dogs that have since passed on. Enjoy this puppy time as it passes very quickly :)

  13. Oh my word, he is so stinkin cute!!! I just want to kiss his head!

  14. Claire says:

    Ahh, bless his little furry socks! Nice to see he’s got some BC colour coordination going on there Sarah!
    Happy cuddling x

  15. Julie says:

    Adorable! And I love his name. Perfect. We’re on the lookout for a new dog, too, at the moment. Can’t wait!

  16. He is gorgeous! We got a Bolognese puppy at Christmas, it’s been loads of work but lots of fun too. Enjoy your new arrival. x

  17. Kim Buca says:

    oh i can see you dont like puppies at all!!!! lol NOT!! that lil guy is so sweet!!! and so many cute pics of baby barley!!!! he is gonna keep you on your beach cottage toes!!!! and now if dogs are permitted you will have company strolling the beach!!! i knw when we were in the gulf the dogs were not allowed!! hope we get barley beach cottage pup updates from time to time and perhaps a video i wanna hold him sooo cute!!!!!

  18. stav says:

    o he is so lovely! We have just said yes to a pure black cavoodle puppy and we are due to get him next month. we are all so excited. Would love to hear all about him as you house train him. the ups and downs!

    Barley is the perfect name for him too.


  19. What a cutie! I see all of you on the beach now!

    • sarah says:

      yep, many of the beaches are no-dogs but some are ok so I hope to take him with us when he is bigger xo

  20. I’m in love.I love, love, love him! Totally adorable…..

    Since our dogs died, my husband won’t have another one…..but I’m seriously going to have to change his mind…..

  21. Joyce tx says:

    Love the name..absolutely adorable! I agree with Laurie about the crate training. We did with our Lab and, after 10 years, it’s still his ‘safe haven’. He feels protected there. When we moved from PA to TX (3 days by car) he sat in the bottom of his crate in the back seat & was much less stressed I believe. When we’d stop at night he’d be so excited and relieved to have the crate in the hotel room, it just made you say “ahhhh- a little bit of home”. Happy puppy-ing!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Joyce for the feedback, I heard a few diff things about crate training…

      anyway we got one, filled it with a lovely bed & his toys…can’t get him out of there….door always open…loves it! x

  22. Leonie says:

    gorgeous, welcome to the oodle club… we have a 12 month old groodle…. he is the light of our lives, so fun and affectionate… have fun!

  23. I screamed because he is sooooo cute!

  24. Fiona Gaven says:

    Sarah, he’s gorgeous. Our cavoodle is Charlie, but gets called Charlie Barley! He’s now 3 years old. I bought him with that $1000 from Kevin Rudd ( thanks very much! Ha ha) . .
    Have fun. I love that puppy stage”
    Cheers Fiona
    Btw if he bites or nips your hand the way to stop him is to do a little high pitch yelp like another dog would do. It teaches them to stop biting. Works really well.

  25. Helen T says:

    Sarah he is gorgeous and he’s colour coordinated to your home (putty spots rather than stripes!) lol

  26. Fleur says:

    SOOOOO CUTE! Love him already! Barley is my daughters toy dog name, best name ever!
    Congrats on becoming a mummy again!
    PS BB cream half price in Coles this week!!

  27. Ellie says:

    Oh WOW! How cute is that puppy!! Lucky you.

  28. Mrs Woog says:


  29. Steph says:

    Wow he is adorable!

  30. Melinda says:

    super duper cute xx

  31. loulou says:

    Hello lovely sarah,

    now that is a whole lotta cuteness and a whole lotta energy.

    I can here the cottage children now.
    “Barley is my dog, no he’s my dog, no he’s my dog”.

    that is full of excitement and love for you all to share and enjoy.

    I am so happy for you

    have a great day and I look forward to a few more photos of Barley (see you over on Instagram :)


  32. Deanne says:

    He is just gorgeous! Cute name too!

  33. Julie says:

    Those photos are seriously tugging my heartstrings Sarah. Your little man is so adorable. I lost my beloved Bichon Frise in September last year and still can’t contemplate getting another puppy. But those photos might make me think again ….. Enjoy your new family member every day – puppyhood is like babyhood only it goes much faster!

  34. Louise says:

    Oh my gosh! He’s adorable, and almost identical to our cavachon. So soft and so cuddly! Congratulations!

  35. ComfyChair says:

    Love at first sight! Such a darling little baby. Hello, Barley!

  36. Tiff says:

    Congrats on the arrival of the newest member of the BC Crew. Such an adorable little fellow! Love your choice of breed. I have a poodle x and am stunned by his intelligence at times. Watch out for him – he’ll be running the show in no time, thinking that the “B” stands for Barley, not beach ;)

  37. kerrie says:

    He is the cutest thing ever! Love the name. Puppies are so fun…the photo of him curled up on the sofa is my favorite.

  38. He is adorable. I hope he has the intelligence of the poodle .. it would be nice if he didn’t shed but the spaniel in him might come out there :)
    how sweet they are when so small, like our own babies, they grow up too fast ! Enjoy .. there is nothing like a new pup around the house .

  39. Jen says:

    Dear heaven, he is SO cute, I actually kinda want a dog again. And that’s saying A LOT! Enjoy!

  40. Glenda says:

    Great choice Sarah – he is absolutely adorable. Four of my close friends have cavoodles (three of which we have dog sat) They are very affectionate and loyal. Best of all they don’t shed hair. For what it’s worth I thoroughly approve of the name. Just hide those shoes.

  41. OMGosh! He is the cutest thing! My sister has a Yorkipoo, who she named Aslan. It’s making me want a dog, but the cats I believe would protest. lol. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDeditcatedHouse

  42. Janelle says:

    Oh yes, I could most definately fall in love with that little guy!!! And how PERFECTLY does he match in with the decor??!! Well done!! xx

  43. Heather says:

    Oh, my goodness, he is the cutest thing I have seen in ages. I think my new goal in life is OWNING A CAVOODLE.

  44. Lynne says:

    Oh my, I am hooked on your King Cavelier/Poodle . . . and love, love love the name Barley! Perfect . . . How many pounds?

    • sarah says:

      hmmm Lynne I am not sure but he is tiny! these pics don’t show how small I will be blogging more soon…of course! x

  45. Alice says:

    He is stunningorgeouslicioslydorable!!!!!!!! He will bring you many moments of frustrations coupled with a millions times more moments of joy and love and loyalty….I LOVE his name… Barley…. Very sweet… I am a big fan of poodle mixes… Any breed mix with odle at the end I consider…. I’m trying to convince husband that it would be a great idea getting a companion for our old girl – labradoodle would be an excellent match… Very cute…Don’t forget to get him microchipped…

  46. Sam says:

    Hi Sarah,

    He is gorgeous… They are a great breed… We have a 5yo black cavoodle named Guinness. He is a great companion. Enjoy !!
    Xx Sam

  47. Amy S says:

    Beyond cute. Enjoy him!

  48. Sally says:

    Love him Sarah. I am happy to offer babysitting services free of charge. You just need to get me to Australia dear friend!! :) Load him up with buckets of Arizona hugs.


  49. Kat says:

    Very cute and the name really suits him.
    He looks sweet and shy.
    I won’t show this to my kids as they have been nagging me for another dog since one of our two dogs passed away just over 18 months ago.
    Ours was a golden retriever, however we still have our border collie/smithfield cross.
    With four kids and one dog I am not feeling ready for another puppy (baby!) to train just yet, so maybe I will live vicariously through you.
    Enjoy him!! :)

  50. Sally A says:

    Just saw you have another Sally fan. Will have to start using an “A” so you can tell us apart my friend! The A being from Arizona of course!! LOL You are just bet best Miss Sarah!!

  51. Desperately in love! Syne this would solve my baby want?

  52. Lark says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  53. Cas says:

    Oh Sarah, Barley is super-adorable!
    Cas x

  54. alison says:

    Cute as! Lovely name too. And I’m not a doggy person or a cat person, despite sharing my life with Bella, the special needs cat. Oh why didn’t the family pick up the massive clue at the RSPCA!! Bella had to have her OWN cage! But she’s one luckyyy girl. She’s been with us nearly 10 years. Nearly 10 years of therapy. She has reached her highest potential I’m proud to say.


  55. Michelle says:

    He’s adorable Sarah, I’m sure he will bring you and the rest of your family much love and lots of good times…..

  56. Kris says:

    Congratulations beach cottage family, Barley is adorable. XOX

  57. Leanne says:

    He is gorgeous, love the cavalier colouring. Hope that the poodle part solves the hair dropping issues. I have a cavalier and she sheds more fur than a yetti!

  58. Tammi says:

    Oh he is just too cute for words!! Love the name, love him :)

  59. AAAWWWWWWW so adorable you could eat him!

  60. So sweet! Happy new puppy!

    : )

    Julie M.

  61. lisa says:

    Oh he is just the cutest – definitely not showing him to my children! They are nagging me to get a dog and will succumb once we are no longer in a rental property. I love small fluffy dogs and he is definitely a keeper!

  62. Lucy B says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE him! I wasn’t a doggy person either till Baxter entered my life (he’s a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu cross – otherwise know as a Jack Sh … I’ll let you work out the rest). He’s my constant companion and the only one I don’t get on my broomstick for!! I bet the only argument in your house at the moment is who gets to cuddle him xx

  63. Lucy says:

    Ohhhhhhh my goodness he is AMAZING! I can’t stop looking at the pictures :) Love the name too xx

  64. Chantal says:

    A-do-ra-ble!! Way too cute!
    A puppy brings instant sunshine in your house, doesn’t it?! Have fun together :)

  65. Ahh the sweetest thing is puppy breath, right up there with baby head smell. Hopefully he isn’t missing his brothers and sisters too much and you can get some sleep! Enjoy! I occassionally breed Cairn terriers so know all about puppies and how they mess with your heart!

    • sarah says:

      he is not too sad, but he is getting LOTS of attention, especially as it is school hols! x

    • Kim Buca says:

      omg peoploe always think i am nuts when my mother and i say that is one of our fave smells they look at me like i am nuts lol

  66. Rukmini Roy says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… okay he is the best. I love everything about him. And right now, I want to hold him and give him a peck on his wee nose.
    Bundle of joy he is Sarah…you know I love coming home to my pets and their unconditional affection. No matter how bad your day was, no matter what have you been through, a look from this cupcake and you’re butter. I am sooooooo happy you got him…now I have all the more reason to go to the beach cottage :) If I dont hold him once in my lifetime, my life would be incomplete. Can you tell I am excited?

  67. Angie says:

    I love the name. I bet he’s getting spoiled rotten! Gorgeous.

  68. Neen says:

    Barley is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, what a lovely little puppy. Can I say that he matches the colour scheme sooooo well too. Adorable.
    PS: Found the Mix black-wrap dress and it’s a WINNER !! Thankyou ;)

  69. AlisonJane says:

    Well Sarah, I looked in last night when the ‘comments’ box was empty and thought either everyone is going to be lost for words, or you are going to be deluged. Clearly it was the latter and I should have got in there before the rush! He’s utterly gorgeous, but as that has now been said in so many ways ‘ahh’ will have to suffice. Alison xx

  70. Marleen says:

    Congratulations!!! Welcome new member. So cute and cuddly.
    He will so be your best mate.
    There’s one right here, wandering from the garden into the house and back again , where the sun shines.
    Can’t imagine my live without him anymore.

  71. Christy says:

    So cuddly cute! I hope we get to see lots of pics of Barley in future posts! We had a puppy once…now he’s a 95 lb. big boy, a white Lab. I want a little fluffball puppy now!

  72. Julie says:

    He is totally gorgeous, and matches your colour scheme so nicely too ;)

  73. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Perfect pooch! Perfect name! Soooo cute!

  74. Julie Johnson says:

    I know you’ve heard this a hundred times but he’s absolutely darling. What a sweet baby.

  75. Omg, just so precious! Congratulations!

  76. sue austin says:

    Barley is adorable! I had never hear of this breed so I did some research. Good choice!

  77. Joan says:

    Oh my goodness that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  78. Jennifer says:

    Your Pup is seriously adorable! His name is charming! I just want to scrunch him up and snuggle him!
    Have fun!
    Thanks for your inspirations!

  79. Sarah says:

    I love your new addition. He is so cute and a wonderful name. Will look forward to seeing lots of pictures of him in the future. Hope you had a better nights sleep last night.

  80. beautiful puppy, congrats. And loved the name. I thought you would buy a labrador, with all the swimming and surfing that goes on in your family!

    I was also very happy to notice one of your boys with a pair of shorts with the brazilian soccer team insignia!

  81. Terry says:

    You can never have too many pictures of a cute baby! And he is a cutie!

  82. Shar Y says:

    A dog really completes Beach Cottage Land. Congrats! He is a cutie!

  83. I do love him. But I would. We have a cavoodle too. She started off rich apricot colour and is now a sandy blonde. Cavoodles are fantastic dogs and so neat – I love a non-shedding dog. Wishing you and Barley years of happiness. Rachel x

  84. Candy says:

    Can’t see enough photos of the little guy!!! He is definitely a heart stealer in the best way! Cute name, as well.

  85. Stína Sæm says:

    he is adorable. I first thought he was a cavalier, I have one in just one color and simple love them all. But I have never ever heard about a Cavoodle, he is a good mix, has the adorable cavalier face. You are going to love him… simple no doupt about that

  86. Katherine Eaton says:

    He is super adorable!! Have lots of fun and love with Barley

  87. Susan says:

    He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Congratulations to all!

  88. Jasmine says:

    So, so, so cute!!! I’m not a dog fan, but I might make an exception for this little guy!

    x Jasmine

  89. Trish says:

    Sarah, Barley is so cute I just love dogs to bits. This little QT is going to bring you years full of wonderful memories he is just precious enjoy!!! ;) Trish xox

  90. Barley is just gorgeous! He reminds me so much of our Cav. King Charles Spaniel (just without the curls!). Trust me, if he is like our Ziggy-Stardust he will be the most sweet and loving thing.

  91. Ruth Gardner Lamere says:

    We have two tri-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are 4 and 2. They are just so cute and loving. I have had the breed for thirty years, these being numbers nine and ten. When our children were little we sometimes had three at a time ! have fun !

  92. ellen harris says:

    Precious!!!!!!! Love his name!
    We have Brady, Blenheim KCCavi
    I want a Cavi Golden mix!!!! Saw a cocker/golden mix the other day…….so sweet!

  93. Emma Green says:

    Oh so so cute! I love the name Barley too. What a sweetheart. Loving the cute pics, keep them coming!!

  94. Katie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! gorgeous! i have two little fluffy chihuahuas and a little dog obsessed.
    i also love all your white interiors, so pretty! xxx

  95. Well, I remember for an older post …you said you would get one, and you did it! Barley is adorable.

  96. Karlie says:

    I love your style! Fabulous you’ve been featured in Houzz, its a fantastic website!! Can I ask where you got Barley from? He’s adorable and we’re looking for a reliable breeder. Can you email me if its too forward a question for your page? Thank you!

  97. Helen Harrington says:

    Ive been wondering which colour Cavoodle to have join our family . Im loving the Colour of Barley. can you tell me if you find that as he has the cavalier colours does he tend to shed alot of hair ?
    Thanks Helen

  98. Belinda says:

    Barley would love the group Cavoodle Dog Owners on fb.