Jami The Freckled Laundry guests

Tue 3rd, Apr, 2012

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OH G’day ladies, do I have a white, linen, Frenchy house-love treat for you today, come on in – you know I love coastal beach decor with a linen/Frenchy twist…well today we have the twist, via my friend Jami, you are gonna lurve her.  Get ready for some serious white house porn.  Swoon.

I have been doing the internet thing with Jami for a while now, coming across her and wasting too much time wishing my laundry looked like hers did, she’s all about what I, and MANY others like in a home blog…she is unique, loves a certain style and gives it her own twist and she blogs in her own voice…you know how I love that yah?

So I asked her to come over for a stay in beach cottage land for a while and tell us a bit more about the story behind her very popular blog over at The Freckled Laundry 

Hello lovely Jami, welcome to Beach Cottage land….tell us a little bit about yourself, your house & where you live?

Who I am: Hello, loves! I’m Jami, author of the DIY Vintage Chic blog, freckled laundry. I can’t believe I’m over here, telling beach cottagers a little bit about moi. Seriously. Pinch me, please. Thank you for having me, Sarah!


Where I live: My husband and I purchased a small, 1960′s rambler (ranch) in s.e.r.i.o.u.s. need of love in a quaint town (Well, parts of it.) in Elmira, New York, a few hours north of New York City. If you’ve ever read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or other classic works by Mark Twain, you might have heard of it. Elmira sits in the Finger Lakes Wine Country Region so you can often find me making the half-hour drive to Seneca Lake to take in this view over a glass of wine. 

It’s a much bigger stretch but if I had Sarah’s listing agent, perhaps they might call my place a lake cottage instead of a beach cottage. ;)  Well our listing agent has very good deception skills as you know! 

What I do: I’m a stay-at-home mother of a 9 year-old son, and 2 year-old boy and girl twins, and in those quiet moments, I’m fixin’ this place up, blogging about it, and working on a little dream in textile design and selling vintage chic wares.

How does your day rock and roll?  I am all the way down here and you’re up there love to hear about how other girls in  different parts of the world go about their day…what does a typical day look like for you?

Oh, gosh. Skip the rock and roll and go straight to death metal. That’s a bit more the pace around here. So it seems. (For the record, I do not listen to death metal. I’m more of a Reggae, Classic Rock, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter girl. For another record, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” has to be the best house cleaning song ever. I press play and I’m instantly catapulted off the sofa to grab my microphone broom.) 

Okay. So a typical day. I’d love to tell you that I pedal my pink bicycle to market every morning for a cappuccino and a bundle of fresh flowers but alas, that is simply not the case. I live a real life. A typical day for me begins with opening my eyes to find a twin {or both} hovering over me (thebest way to rise and shine), followed shortly by a gallon cup of coffee while I make breakfast, which lately is scratch cinnamon, sugar and vanilla pancakes. (I make my batter on Sundays and refrigerate it for the week so I guess it’s half scratch. Oh, and they’re whole grain. Do I get extra points for that?) After I get my little guy off to school, I usually sit for a minute and answer emails, check facebook, twitter, read a few blogs and such before I do the daily mama things like make beds, take a quick shower, get the twins dressed, clean, throw in a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, take the twins to storytime, make lunch, etc. I use almost every single moment of a 1-2 hour nap time to tackle projects and my favorites usually involve a bit of this…  oh yeah Mrs, extra points for any kind of hot food that does not come out of a crinkly packet in the morning…


My son gets home from school around 3:00 and another late afternoon and evening routine begins.

I love being at home {inside or outside}. It’s my peaceful little slice of the world, filled with my favorite people. Too much time at home jams my frequencies though, so I sprinkle in morning coffees at the bookstore to flip through my favorite magazines {uninterrupted} or chat with a friend, thrift and antique shopping every Wednesday morning, and cooking classes on Thursday mornings. One Friday morning a month, I try to hit an antiques or estate auction. My husband leaves for work around noon until 10 pm so whenever I can, I scoot out the door for a solo hour or two in the morning.

…love me some morning coffee sprinkles 

What are your favourite ways to decorate your home?  You love white I know, but how do you work that into a look that is yours?

Laundry and simplicity with vintage sprinkles are the key ingredients in my own look recipe. Aside from a splash of faded lavender here and there, I work with a relatively monochromatic, neutral palette. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and a subtle backdrop for the laundry that I love. 

I’m all about the way something feels. To me, true comfort is tactile so instead of more traditional upholstery and drapery weight fabrics, I choose to decorate with jersey knit, soft cottons, voile, Belgian linen, etc…snugly textiles that are a dream against the skin. Simply put, if I wouldn’t wear it, I probably wouldn’t use it in my home.


This is where I blog.

hmmm, now thinking where I blog needs an update ;-)

You won’t find many prints and patterns around here. Instead, I look for other details that make laundry lovely, like wispy voile panels with sweet and simple ties…


…or ladder stitching on vintage linens. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a ruffle?


I like to repurpose textiles whenever I can. I slipcovered the chair cushion above with a vintage, lavender, linen napkin. The laundry bags in the sorting station below were made from a cotton mattress cover that I found at a thrift shop for $1.99.


I used a 99 cent thrift shop shirt to make the chair on the left.


My favorite part? I can throw it all right in the washing machine. Pretty handy when you have a husband and toddlers.

My style wouldn’t be vintage chic without plenty of vintage and antique pieces. Old windows, frames, linens, mirrors, zinc, pewter, silver, lavender jars and bottles. Yes, please.



How do you balance everything?  Yep that same old question, but I love to listen to ideas!  You have 3 kiddos, a blog and a serious decorating habit, I mean c’mon, spill the beans…

I don’t. Honestly, I don’t think there’s ever a balance when you’re passionate about something enough to stay up waaaay past your bedtime doing it! Taking time to do all of the things I love, keeps me feeling balanced but I have to keep myself in check. I love fixing up my home. I love making things. I love blogging. I love my family. (I love the word love.)

I know that when I choose to do too much of the first three, the last takes a hit. I’ve come to realize that my own choices dictate balance so I try hard to stick with a daily routine and squeeze every last drop out of my down time. This might actually be helpful - I’m a list maker. My Command Central binder keeps me in line with everything from daily, weekly, and monthly routines, goals, weekly meal planners, blog calendar, lists out the wazoo, etc. 

Same here on the balance thing together with the what you are passionate about thing…they go hand in hand I think 


I love this philosphy on your home 

‘although it’s nice to have good bones to start with, I hope to show you that you don’t need them. It doesn’t matter if you live in a double-wide trailer or a 100 year-old Colonial; You can love where you live’  ….these are so my thoughts too, my home is so very far from perfect whatever some may think…how do you go about loving where you live? 

For me, it starts with a place of gratitude. It’s about living simply and appreciating what I have. I love decorating and tinkering with my house but at the end of the day, full bellies, warm beds, hugs, and a roof over our heads are all we need. I’ve never been one to keep up with the Joneses because they don’t live here or make my monthly mortgage note. I do. ;) That said, I’ve had a decorating obsession ever since I can remember and by default, I like my material pretties too.   wow couldn’t have put it better myself! 

Loving where you live is about working with what you have, which could be a tent in your parent’s backyard for all I care. It’s about your style. Whip up a wire and crystal chandie to hang from the center and scatter some fluffy white linen pillows. Rock a milk crate for your dining table and proudly serve your guests instant coffee in Sarah’s precious Kmart mugs when they come for a sit. Do you see where I’m going with this?  Ohhhhh yes I do, I certainly learnt that lesson when I moved to this old cottage on the beaches…

If you love it, they will too. (But the latter shouldn’t matter as much.)

I didn’t buy the fanciest house on my road. I bought the one with the most potential and embraced the imperfections. Project after project, my hands are all over this house. I’m infused into every little {finished} inch and when someone comes to visit, they get a nice dose of me and my style, not someone else’s. I’m sure not everyone loves it, but I surely do as I pitter patter around this place. Ooh!…and I love whipping open a catalogue to find something for $100 that I happened to find for 50 cents at a yard sale. Total rush. Maybe you happily paid the $100 for it. Doesn’t matter…  total, utter rush!  we need to thrift together my friend

Fantastic, that’s it from Jami for today…. I just love Jami’s take on where she lives, I adore how she says that people get a dose of her style that’s not someone else’s…exactly what I think too…
Take a look through the gallery for more beautiful pictures (just click on the picture to see them bigger)
I hope you enjoyed it Beach Cottage girls…now shoo shoo shoo, get back to wildly throwing anything with colour right out that front door…you know you want to…
Hop over to Jami’s place for a little read, don’t blame me though, if, while looking at her laundry, you don’t get yours done today

Sarah x

p.s…. love love love this shot


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38 Responses to “Jami The Freckled Laundry guests”

  1. Oh, I love Jami, too! I got to know her a bit more when I “interviewed” her as well for a series I’m currently doing on selling handmade online. {Today is the second to the last day of it.} I love her beautiful style and care she puts into her handmade things… And, I love how she calls us “Loves”… It makes me feel, well..loved!:)

  2. Ellie says:

    Its great to read about the real lives behind the blog. The coffee, organisation and chaos that makes up a real life. Nice to know we are all in the same boat, juggling several balls at once. Fantastic photos – thank you for inviting Jami over Sarah.

  3. Jami says:

    Thank you again so much, Sarah! What a lovely introduction (and conclusion)!…Mind if I borrow that gallery for my own blog. ;) Very cool. xoxo Jami

  4. Wendy says:

    Ooooh – I think I have a new blog to read on a regular basis. Thanks

  5. You were already perilously close to converting me to the bleached out white, ruffled and slightly frenchy coastal look……
    This post could maybe tip the balance! I LoVeD it!!! Now I’m kind of feeling like I don’t know where to start today…….in a good way!
    I really enjoy having a peek into the day of other people (esp. like minded ones).

    I share yours and Jami’s philosophy on life and keeping things simple.
    I liked your comment yesterday on your simple life and lack of pretension. It made me feel so much better about myself. You were pretty much describing me……no claim to fame or flashy credentials either……clearly you are a good example that these things don’t mean everything……I like that you are just you, and that’s enough!!!
    Now I’m off to be just me……oh, and check out the Freckled Laundry!
    The kids might be late to school today. I’ll just tell them it was Sarah’s fault ;o)
    Thanks again and have a great Sunny Autumn Day!
    Tania xx

  6. Karlee says:

    Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing Jami with us Sarah….and thanks so much for sharing with us Jami!
    The pics are great! Love all the white. Enjoyed hearing about how you juggle and balance all the elements in your life

  7. Caz says:

    Who knew when I headed over to my favourite spot today I’d be treated to a new white place to add to my hangouts. The pics are gorgeous :-) and i so want to go and make me some more pretty places today but gotta start by massive clean up in the kitchen its a little more than feral!

  8. Loved this interview! And love finding new blogs to read – you should do this type of feature every month!

  9. Janelle says:

    Oh yeah…just Gorgeous. Guess where i’m off to now?!?… x

  10. robyn says:

    Oh that was FUN! I LOVED getting to meet a new friend! And one with boy/girl twins too! LOVE love love her style!

  11. Selby says:

    Oh just beautiful and the fact it’s all thrift just makes it all better:) thankyou for the eye candy

  12. Alice says:

    Funny that…. It’s my laundry day today….Just finished the last load for today… I feel the same way about my home… I have people in my family who have and continue to turn up their noses at my little house and the area that I live in so I have to constantly remind myself that this house is special because of the touches both hubby and I are putting into it… I like the fact that it isn’t your typical Mac Mansion that seems to plague this cute suburb and I am sure as hell going to remain true to this house and our home…I know I am grateful simply because it is ours… (Will be once the loan is paid off lol)….Funny too my “style” is coastal with a French provincial twist… Love it when those 2 styles come together….My fav.book at the moment for inspiration is French Seaside Style by Sebastien Siraudeau… I also like Coastal Style by Sally Hayden and Alice Whately… These (especially the French) are my go to books when I need cheering up lol…I might be a little obsessed I think… Great interview… She has great philosophies to live by, and I live by essentially those same…What a beautiful soul…Thanks!

  13. Great post, I love Jami too, I have been following her since right back when she started and I just knew she and her little blog were going to go places. She just has that ‘x’ factor, doesn’t she?

    Anytime you want to visit down under Jami, you are welcome…come up the coast to my place after you’ve finished at Sarah’s :)

    xx Karen

  14. Kat says:

    Wow I think the universe just sent me a much needed message today through yours and Jami’s words.
    That is to love my home as it is. Sadly some days (like today) I find that really hard.
    Going to visit two friends whose homes look beautifully styled today hasn’t helped my outlook on mine :(
    Off now to take a look at her blog and try to embrace my house.

  15. alison says:

    What a lovely diversion into another blogger’s world. Thanks Sarah. Thanks Jami.


  16. HI Sarah~I had the pleasure of having Jami as my house guest these past two days~she just left this morning for the drive back from Boston to her pretty house in NY. I had such a fun time with her, she is as sweet and lovely as they come. We had a wonderful time at the Annie Sloan paint workshop here~so great! So it was great fun seeing Jami featured at the BEach Cottage today!

  17. Thanks so much for introducing me to Jami! I’m going to start following her and of course I’m already addicted to you. he! he! I do love what she said about loving where you are and making it your own not someone else’s. That is why I have followed you so…long because you believe the same way. I have gotten so..many ideas from you over the time I started following you and looked and used things that I have had all along but now use in a different way. What a truly inspiring post today. Thank you so…much Mrs. Beach Cottage Sarah!

  18. Gorgeous spaces and wonderful to see that it is a house full of kids C:

  19. Bec says:

    Another inspirational blogger, thanks Sarah x

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been following Jami’s blog for awhile and just adore her. She is so genuine ….I love her down to earth attitude and she’s so extremely talented. Her home looks lovely and very peaceful. What a wonderful guest post and fun to get to know Jami a little more! Nice to meet you Sarah!

  21. Becca says:

    Oh my, do I ever love Jami’s space! I can never see enough of those beautiful images! Great feature!
    xo Becca

  22. Carol says:

    I love Jami’s attitude about her home , family and decorating style.

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