I’m Here but Who the Heck are You?

Fri 2nd, Mar, 2012

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Text from one of the Beach Cottage Crew :  ’Mum! Mum! OMG I am, like, sitting on the bus behind 2 people talking about you!’ 

Text from Mrs Beach Cottage : ‘errrrm, what?’

 Text from one of the Beach Cottage Crew : ‘OMG there are, like, 2 women reading your blog!  On the bus!’

Text from Mrs Beach Cottage :  ’haha funny!’

  Text from one of the Beach Cottage Crew : ‘ OMG, now, like, talking about how one made our chorizo stew & boyfriend loved it!’

    Text from Mrs Beach Cottage : ‘sweet, heehee!’

   Text from one of the Beach Cottage Crew : ‘OMG, one of them says her friend who is a nurse reads it at work!’

 Text from Mrs Beach Cottage : ‘I love nurses’

   Text from one of the Beach Cottage Crew : ‘OMG, they are, like, saying something about you and broomsticks???’

  cough cough


 and then I met Mrs Woog, another Sydney blogger who had a similar thing happen & wondered who was reading her blog

and I was sitting with her and a glass of wine as her de-lurking took place

all of the above got me thinking

errrm so these girls are reading my blog on the bus…these girls I don’t know and have never met…but I sure know they are there

…it’s kinda weird right, this whole blogging thing?


today I sit here and you sit where?

 today, Editor-in-Chief

(that’s me)

is taking Blogger’s Industrial Action

this worker is officially on strike

this is a Beach Cottage Virtual Picket Line, I am withdrawing my labour today

it’s your turn to de-lurk and tell me all about you

I can see you you know

I know you are there




are you reading me at work, or do you live on the beaches?

are you a mum or grandma, a youngie or a stay-at-home-dad?

are you Down Under, or do you wish you were?

are you across that big old pond? or lovely old Blighty?

hit me with it Beach Cottage girls



oh and p.s. I got nominated for a  Homies Apartment Therapy Award…

I didn’t realise until a reader emailed me so I am right at the bottom

love a vote from your girls, go here, scroll down and find me lurking at the bottom 

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389 Responses to “I’m Here but Who the Heck are You?”

  1. Fiona says:


    I’m fiona. I’m reading this at home in the UK, which is also where I work. However, tomorrow is my last day at work before I go travelling with my husband before finally settling down under.

    I used to mainly read this blog for some vicarious sunshine, but soon I’ll be reading it as a fellow Aussie :)

    • sarah says:

      oooh you will LOVE it Fiona…exciting times ahead…love love love The Lucky Country!

      good luck, let me know how it goes…x

  2. Susan says:

    Isn’t it funny when you hear about people reading your blog? I have had people come up to me in my favorite cross-stitch store after being pointed out by the owner, to let me know they enjoy my blog. It’s kind of cool.

    I’m reading your blog at work at the moment (shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)
    I’m a project manager, mom to an 11 year old, wife (almost 25 years), college student, blogger, British born, Australian raised, American.
    I don’t live anywhere near the beach, but for years lived on the shores of Lake Michigan outside of Chicago.

    • sarah says:

      yep Susan, it’s strange, even more weird when it happens to one of your kiddos!

      I have had it happen quite a bit when I am out and about…normally when I look like a bag lady and no make-up… ;-)

  3. Lynda Dishner says:

    Hello down there. I’m in Virginia United States of America. My dream is to live on the beach someday while I can still enjoy it. Love your blog been reading if for several months. Hope you are having a good day. Blessings Lynda

  4. sreebindu says:

    hey! am sreebindu, RJ by profession. reading through my net book. from visakhapatnam. India. The best part is I work from a beach view :)

  5. Susan says:

    I’m also a Susan and also a project manager and also from the US. Unfortunately, I’m no where near the beach and live in land locked Cincinnati Ohio.

    I’m the mother of 2 teenagers and 1 pre-teen and the wife of 20 years to the wonderful man who is father to my children.

    I crave the beach and hope to retire there. Until now, I just read your blog and live vicariously through you :)

  6. JanMarie says:

    I’m JanMarie from Utah (USA). I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 20 years. We are retired military.
    I love cottages and the beach! I grew up in Oregon and spent lots of time at the coast ~ I love your decorating style.
    I’m reading you here at home. I do alot of volunteer work in our community and love crafting/decorating.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  7. I live in Va. (USA) I work as a merchandiser in various stores. I love……thrifting, decorating with my finds, reading and the beach. I don’t live near the beach like you ,but I enjoy going to the Outer Banks North Carolina at least twice a year for a week. Not near enough time. I’ve been following your blog for almost 2 years now right before my Mother passed away. She would have loved you. You have helped me through some really…..rough days. I am so…glad I found your blog. You have given me so much inspiration. Keep sharing because I know you inspire so many more people.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Shirl’ I love getting your comments, I don’t think you are a Lurker lol!

      I am glad to have helped with your journey, not sure how I did but I like it

      I will keep on blogging for now xo

  8. Tovah says:

    Hi I’m Tovah and I’m reading this from Washington state in the USA. I don’t have kids but I have a wonderful husband and an awesome dog. I work part time at a horse vet clinic which means I get lazy mornings to read your beautiful blog. I live near the puget sound–and though I love the water views I wish sometimes there was a nice, sandy beach (and maybe some warm weather to go along with that sandy beach.) But really I love living in the Northwest and hope to stay here for a long time. Your blog makes me want to visit Australia though:)

    • sarah says:

      Hi Tovah, haven’t heard from you for a while, hello!

      nice to hear what you get up to and where you live, thanks for stopping xo

  9. Melanie says:

    That’s hilarious! You’re famous. :) I’m a stay-at-home-mom from Washington State (USA) to three small kiddos, 2 of whom are currently dealing with stomach flu, and there’s melting snow outside. So! A little Australian coastal fabulousness is what the dr orders. I love your photos and style but I really love the random stories you tell occasionally.

    • sarah says:

      yes Melanie, we haven’t had ramble for a while have we ;-)

      hello Washington State xo

  10. Giulia says:

    Ha,ha…I reside in Ottawa, Canada – wish I was in warm Australia (never been), have 2 kiddos (3 and 4), a great hubby and a cat and if you want you can lurk as well as a lot of stuff about me can be found on my blog.

  11. Shirley says:

    Greetings from the Hawaiian beaches! I’m currently at home with my 3 month old and we are flying 4000 miles today back to the east coast to see grandparents for the first time. I might as well say good bye to my son when we step off the plane because I doubt I will get to see him at all for the next 3 weeks.
    We love your blog, sometimes I read it to him while he vomits all over my shirt. Don’t take it personally though. I don’t think it has anything to do with your content. ;)

    • sarah says:

      wow i will probably stopping over your way on my way to new york in August Shirley!

      I remember the baby vomit days well. cherish them xo

  12. Kate says:

    hi, Kate from Oxford in England. publisher by day, Mum and wife the rest of the time. I read your blog with my morning coffee as I get ready to start the day.
    I love Saturday club and makeover posts best of all – can we have a scarf typing tutorial please? I can never make mine look like yours!

    Kate x

    • sarah says:

      Hi Kate and hello Oxford, only made it there twice in my old life…pretty amazing city right!

      ok I keep saying yes to the scarf tutorial and then not doing it…will get to it xo

  13. Claire says:

    I’m Claire, back in good old Blighty! I live and work in London town and I’m currently reading on my iPhone waiting for the 5.52pm to pull out of Victoria station to take me home to my very own “Beach Cottage” in south London. (OK, maybe not a cottage and not really near any beaches, but hey a girl can pretend, right?). I grew up in the West Country and have always dreamt of living by the sea one day…For now my work in a language school, which I love, keeps me in the city, but maybe some day we’ll make that move to the coast. I love your blog Sarah not only for your words and stories, but for the lovely photos you post – that’s my passion, seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary through my photography. x
    PS fab sunset over South London tonight!

    • sarah says:

      oh you made me gasp Clair! I used to commute from that very same station and I used to get the 5.52…going to Kent by any chance!!!!!!!!!!!

      well you sure have some great photo opps all around you where you are…gotta love some of the buildings in South East London, huh!


  14. MissE says:

    That is too funny! I always get surprised when I talk about something on my blog and a random girlfriend says, “oh yeah, I read about that”. I still assume my audience is only myself! Here’s who I am: A newlywed in grad school (for architecture) living in SLC, Utah. I love crafts, and I’m slowly trying to create my own beautifully white house (my husband fights me every step of the way, but one day he’ll realize what a beautiful goal it is). I love watching your videos because I think your British/Aussie accent is so cute! I used to have a funky accent from Oklahoma, but after a few moves I began to speak like a generic American (boring, right?). Anyway- that’s who I am, and I’m an avid follower of your blog!

  15. julie says:

    I am Julie. I live in New York. I am a married stay at home mom who works part time at a preschool 3 days a week. My three children are all in school and I am trying to figure out what my next dream in life is.

  16. Jenni says:

    Hi, I’m 25 years old and I live in Finland, so I’m kinda far away from you. :) I study Finnish at the university, but I’m secretly dreaming of working as an interior designer. I used to live inland, but after moving to a coastal town I’ve learned to love the sea and the beaches. I wish that someday I’ll have my own beach house or beach cottage. Until then I just keep going through your blog and dreaming and dreaming and dreaming… :)

  17. Paula says:

    Greetings from Kansas, USA. I read your blog at my home computer, mostly when I should be up doing something else. I am a granny to nine kiddos from ages 18 months to 21 years. Two of these precious youngun’s live with us. A boy aged 14 and a girl age 12. I raised two sons and an adopted daughter, whom we took in when she was 15. Up until last September I worked full time as a nurse in a wonderful little retirement community. Then my husband had a stroke and I became a full time caregiver at home. He is physically okay just memory loss. I say ‘just’! He keeps me busy and I thank God everyday that I was home when he had the stroke or he wouldn’t be here with us right now. I LOVE the beach and I want to live near. I couldn’t be further from one being right in the middle of the states. I am so in LOVE with your cottage and all the wonderful WHITE and I love the decorating style. Wish I could make my home just like that. You are my little escape from reality.

  18. Jessica says:

    I’m a lurker from Portland Oregon (USA). I’m a stay-at -home mom to a little 8 month old, and I read your blog while he naps. I love love love your beach photos and your little old cottage by the sea and your real like stories and fashion. My husband and I dream of one day following our dreams and going with our hearts–the way your family has. Thanks for inspiring us!

  19. Christy says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m Christy from the beautiful state of FL in the US. I’m a 41 yr. old mom to 6 beautiful girls and wife to one pretty good lookin’ hubby. I stay home with the girls, although they are growing up so fast that I only have my youngest at home with me during the day, the rest are off getting educated. Thanks to you and your beautiful, WHITE cottage, I am in the process of lightening and whitening and foofing everything up and I’m loving every second of it. I love to cook, love to foof, and more recently have learned to love organizing and decluttering. Maybe it’s a 40′s thing? Anyway, keep the posts coming, I love them all! xoxo

  20. Karen says:


    Been reading your blog for about a year, love the idea of living by the sea but with a bit of sunshine after growing up in Blackpool , your coastline is completly different. Catch up with your posts first thing and feel inspired by white paint.

  21. Sharon says:

    Hi, my name is Sharon. I live in the United States in a suburb of Cleveland, OH, in a tiny bungalow that was built during WWII. I share this house with my wonderful husband and our silly dog.

    I read your blog at home in my office, which is the smallest room in our tiny bungalow. I have filled this room with all the little things I love – some pretty picture frames and candles and baskets and little treasures that people have given me through the years. My desk is a vintage library table given to me by my mom, and there’s a settee that I bought when I was first out on my own, plus a childhood dresser and bookcase. Every single thing in here has meaning to me and the room is my escape from the stresses of every day life. And so is your blog. :)

  22. Nadine says:

    New Zealand dance teacher (ballet, jazz, zumba) in a TINY town just outside Auckland, 1 husb, 2 boys aged 12 and 9, work from home (studio is Scout Hall over the road), living in a house with LOTS of natural wood (which I love), but not quite enough white . . :)

  23. Ann says:

    This is fun!!! It would be a little weird to know your staff was watching someone who was reading and talking about you!! Anyways, I’m a stay-at-home wife and mom, reading this from my house (but often am found online at the local coffee house, drinking a vanilla chai). I am on the verge of being an empty-nester, as our 19 yr. old baby is working hard to save up and move out!!! :) I LOVE the beach, (hoping to retire near one someday). We have a lot of lakes in Indiana, but very few beaches. I also love the beach cottage style and decorating. Hope you have a great day reading about all of your dedicated followers!!

  24. I’m Jane from Ottawa, Canada. I’m an English teacher by day and wife, mother…the other 24 hours C:

    Had a similar experience in the grocery store a few weeks ago. I’m usually reading you on my iphone but sometimes I sneak in a peak at work.

  25. Peggy says:

    Hello, I’m Peggy currently living in Kokomo, Indiana (USA) but I am by no means from here. I am California born but raised all over as we were a military family (US Army). At 47, I am a stay at home mom to 3 “boys”, ages 18, 15, and 12; and wife to my dear husband of 22 years who has been in the US Air Force for the past 24 years. I dabble in a myriad of things to include basket weaving, cooking/preserving, photography, sewing, and a smidge of writing. I immensely LOVE the beach as it brings back memories of my early childhood. The sound of the gulls cry and salty air make me feel like I am truly HOME! But for now I am content with the call of the red-winged blackbird and fields of corn.

  26. Jules says:

    Ohh, I love this post – reading about all your followers is so exciting!

    I’m Jules, a 40 something wife to a gorgeous Yorkshire-man, married for 16 years, step-mum to two strapping boys whom I ‘acquired’ when they were toddlers, mum to a Maltese terrier! I currently live in a seaside town on the coast up in the north-west of England where I was born and raised. I’ve lived all over the place as an Army wife but we have just returned to my home-town and we are currently renovating our newly-acquired home. My career has been as an Executive PA with the NHS in the UK and the British Army overseas – stressful but rewarding. Now my husband’s retired from the Army (they retire in their 40′s) we’re self-employed and loving it!

    I’ve been reading (after lurking for ages) your blog for a while. I’ve just started blogging (about my coastal renovations and my dream to move to France eventually). I love your blog – you are a Bloggerati A List’er in my book!

    Jules x

  27. Amy says:

    Hi Sarah-

    I’m reading from my rainy home in Washington (the state) in the United States. I’m 38, mom to 6, married to Jeff for 16 years. I originally found your blog when looking for ideas for my master bedroom. And then I just got hooked and have been reading every since. I don’t know if it’s your propensity for painting everything white, or your love of old things, or making new things look old. But I adore you!

  28. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’m reading on my sofa in the UK after putting my two boys to bed. My husband and I spent a year in Australia and it has a very special place in our hearts. It’s lovely being able to see it through your eyes ( and camera lens) on a regular basis. We’re just about to move to the North Cornish coast and I can’t wait to be next to my own beach!

  29. Maura says:

    Hi, I am Maura. I am a stay at home married mother of two. My sonis 9 and my daughter is 12. I live in New England. My kids are home for a snow day and I am in the middle of making homemade granola bars for them. Ive been reading your blog for over a year now. Thanks for spreading the sunshine!

  30. Carol S. says:

    Hello from the Florida gulf coast town of Gulf Breeze! I am an at-home mom and a caregiver to my mom. Your precious cottage ROCKS! I bought your coastal shopping bag a while back, because it says “Marseille” on it. That’s my street name. I have it hanging on the back of a great white wooden bench strung with tiny seashell garlands. Your blog gives me inspiration I Don’t Need!! And I say that in the nicest way! Keep up the great work! I appreciate your time and effort!

  31. Jen says:

    Great story! I’m Jen, 42. I read your blog from my home in West Michigan, about a half-hour from a similarly beautiful (though freshwater and often frozen) coastline. Married 20 years to a sailing addict who courted me beachside; we have a natural affection for all things “coastal”, hence my following your fantastic, beautiful, often hilarious blog. I have three kids (5, 10, 16); the last two are trans-racially adopted, a fantastic privilege. I work from home (as in for others and get paid!) as a virtual assistant/administrator in PR, which makes me one very fortunate woman.

  32. Goldenberry says:

    Love this idea! You have a lot of readers from the USA, and bam, here I am from France. Yes some french people read about your blog as well :) I really love your style and I would love to live by the sea, not to mention going to Australia.

  33. Sally says:

    Hi, I’m Sally. I’m a Hoosier (born and raised in Indiana). I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now. I mainly read them during break at work. I forward posts on to my sister. I’ve been meaning to try the limoncello recipe. And I love your old doors. : )

  34. kathy h. says:

    Hello again! I’m Kathy from Paso Robles, CA- central coast area, about half way between LA and SF. I am a stay at home mom and loving it…trying to make it work so I can stay home with my youngest son, who is 21 months, until he starts kindergarten. I have another boy, who is 12. Yes, quite the gap! But we had been trying and trying, doing IVF several times to no avail, then as I entered my 40′s, said forget it, and of course it happened. Had my youngest at 43! So you know I am doing everything I can to be the ol 40 looks 30, but it’s not happening. :-) This pregnancy thing at a later stage in life wreaks havoc on the ol bod! Love your blog and your sense of humor!!

  35. MJ Krech says:

    Hello from the U. S. of A! I’m Marcia. I live in the middle of the state of Missouri which is just about smack-dab in the middle of the U.S.A. I am about as FAR from a beach as it’s possible to be in this country! I am surrounded by hills and trees and small to large lakes. I dream of sunny days on big sandy beaches and live vicariously through your blog. Which I thank you for! I’m a retired high school science teacher. I am finally a Grannie of a cute little munchkin named Danny. Not much better in this life, I can tell you! Thanks for all you do to keep my eyes on the ocean! I check on you every day and always appreciate your gorgeous photos of the beach and the sand and the surfers! Keep up the good work! I’m sure I’m just one of many many land-locked folks from the Northern Hemisphere who love “our Sarah!”

    • sarah says:

      g’day U. S of A and Marcia, lovely to hear from you!

      thanks for the nice comments..as I read through these the photography and beach keeps coming up which surprises me, but I love that bit the most so it’s my excuse to get more going!

  36. Shar Y says:

    What fun, hearing everyone’s story. I am Shar from Texas and I have read your blog for a couple of years now. Yours was one of my first blogs that I became addicted to! I usually read your blog at work on lunch break or something :) I love your white cottage by the sea, as well as your photography! I really want you to start selling it because there are several that i would so love to have on my wall. I love the beach, and in fact, do have a small place near the Gulf Coast in Texas. I am a Grammy to 5 beautiful grandchildren. And, I live at home with my two standard poodles, Lola and Piper. Still trying to stay in the game! I absolutely love your blog and I hope you keep doing it for a long time!!

    • sarah says:

      oh hello Shar, haven’t heard from you in a while ;-)

      love hearing about you that’s the second one from Texas so far

      errrm I would like to sell the photography…I really need to get going on that don’t I?


  37. Debra says:

    Hello Mrs. BC!
    I’m Debra from Sacramento, California. I work as an office manager and dream of living near the ocean. I love your photos, you inspire me to get my camera out more often and take pictures of the everyday beauty. Your sense of humor and ability to write to all us unknown lurkers in a way that makes us feel like we are friends is wonderful. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year. I make your super simple banana bread all the time!!

    • sarah says:

      g’day Debra, glad you like the banana bread, you know what you reminded me to get some in the oven today as I have over ripe bananas sitting on the side

      thanks for reading along…and get that camera out, beauty is all around us! x

  38. Susan says:

    Hi I’m Susan (also) a 53 year old, not married (been there done that twice) mom to 3 amazing kids (well adults now) and 3 precious grandchildren! I live in Jacksonville Florida about 20 minutes from the beach but am originally from Long Island New York (yes I still talk like I am from NY). I am reading at work (shhhhhhh)! I am a director of an employment program that helps individuals with developmental disabilities find jobs in the community. On Wednesday I will be the proud owner of a bungalow built in 1917! I am so inspired by your sense of decorating style and have started incorporating white into my vintage, shabby chic decor. I would love love love to visit Australia one day! It looks so beautiful!

    • sarah says:

      yay g’day florida, love florida, we have been holidaying there quite a few times!

      exciting about your bungalow, I wish my were about 30 years older than it is…love that twenties styling, there are a lot of them around here… xx

  39. Teresa says:

    Hi from landlocked Arkansas in the United States. I have been reading your blog for several years, have commented only occasionally and love anything to do with the beach. I would love to someday have a home right on the beach. I am a full time working mother of four grown children, two grandsons who are the absolute cutest ever was and one mighty fine preacher man. I love bloggin although I’m sure I am just about the only one that reads my blog but that’s OK. I started it as a journal for my children someday when I am dead and gone. (Yes I do print it out every two years in book form.) I also have my own junking/furniture repainting business with my sister and a friend so I get lots of ideas from fellow bloggers. Final note…I am a leap year baby and I turned “15″ this year.

    • sarah says:

      I love the idea of your blog Teresa and keeping it for the children, isn’t that the great thing about the internet?

      I hope you get your home on the beach one day…

  40. Tamara says:

    Sarah I read your blog because you are living the life I always dreamed of! I love reading about your life, it gives me hope that one day I will live by the sea in a warm, sunny climate.
    At the moment we are moving house and surrounded by packing boxes and stacked up furniture, moving from Cambridgeshire to Northamptonshire. I am a holistic beauty therapist that dreams of having my own little business by the sea one day.
    Our new home will be a little coastal cottage about 200 miles from the sea!!
    Keep inspiring us with your sea side life :-)

    • sarah says:

      ahhh Tamara I hope you get your dreams too!

      a holistic beauty therapist, hmmm, need me some of that, maybe that would help with the whole 40 is the new 30 thing?

      good luck with your move x

  41. Louise says:

    Wow! I’ve read every comment! This is fascinating! I’m originally from Leeds, England, but I married 24 years ago and now live in Grapevine, Texas with my British husband. I have a boy (18) who’s now away at college, and a daughter (16). I stay at home, but hope to soon work part-time to help pay for college! I read your blog every morning with my breakfast and a cup of tea. I’m seriously addicted! Thanks for all your lovely photos, tips and recipes. Love your Beach Cottage style!

    • sarah says:

      wow that’s a big move Leeds to Texas, I have Texas on my list of places to go….we are hoping to get that dream a reality later on this year…

      I wonder if you miss Leeds? x

  42. I have been reading your blog forever!! My friends and I talk about you all the time!
    I’m in Golden Colorado, USA.
    I have been taking care of my Mom for awhile now and I haven’t been blogging on my blog. My wonderful Mom passed away this month and I’m getting back to my blog! I need to, to keep from being sad.
    You give me so much inspiration! You must have such a wonderful home in such a wonderful place!
    Ha — the grass is always greener!!!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    • sarah says:

      oh wow, how funny that you talk about me all that way over there!

      sorry to hear about your sad time Jane…

      glad to be of inspiration, but yes I do think the grass is always greener (wrapped in a lil’ bit of Aussie sunshine here too though ;-) )

  43. Jackie says:

    I read your blog in Kent in the UK, I also live on the coast and have three children (now grown up). I love reading your blog to see how beautifully you style your house and to see the beautiful Australian beaches. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • sarah says:

      Hello Jackie, fellow Kent girl, I love the Garden of England, and miss the beautiful pebble beaches especially Tankerton before it got all trendy…. ;-)

      thanks for de-lurking xx

  44. Claudia says:

    Hi, I am Claudia, reading your lovely blog from Silicon Valley, California – I am a SAHM to two boys (7 and 5), my husband works from home and we have 2 cats, so it’s usually a full house ;D

    I love to create, plan parties, and organize other people’s stuff. So much easier than my own LOL

  45. Candice says:

    Hi, I’m Candice from Virginia in the USA. I can’t remember how I started reading, but I enjoy reading when I am at work and need to feel like I am outside or in a prettier setting than my office.

  46. Katrina says:

    I’m Katrina in the SE of South Australia, living in the Coonawarra (for those of you who are wine drinkers I’m sure you know where I’m talking about) 41 year old mother of 18 & 16 yr old daughters, married 20 years. Just returned to study…well attempting to study…not working outside of home duties at the moment….I have CMT and it’s giving me merry hell the last few years and i am trying to get my life back in order….I used to live by the ocean but have been inland for many years now and not a day goes by that I wish I was back there and missing it terribly…that’s why I love looking at your blog…it’s the photos of the ocean and beach life

  47. Carin says:

    How fun! And have loved reading through the comments too. I’m originally from southern Sweden, but now live in good old Blighty (Beds) with my Irish husband and two kids; a girl who is 5 and a boy who is 13 months. I am a stay at home mum and love it. I usually read your blog on the PC during the baby’s morning nap, or tucked up in bed last thing at night. He’s starting to skip that nap now though (boo!), so may have to sneak in some computer time during the day so I can get my BC fix.

  48. Lucy B says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m Lucy from Leigh-on-Sea (just across the water from your old stomping ground). I’m a forty something mum of 3 in my final year of University – your blog is the most wonderful distraction from all the work I really should be doing. Hoping to travel down under this summer – so if there’s anything you miss from old Blighty just give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do x.

    • Lucy B says:

      PS, I should really add (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) but my very own Mr Leigh-on-Sea also loves a sneak peak at your blog too!!

    • sarah says:

      well that would be TCP and Germolene seeing as you asked, just about everything else you can get here including Marmite and PG Tips and real English Cadbury’s…

      I am wondering what you are doing at Univeristy?

      hope you make it Down Under…if you are coming in your Summer, the weather won’t be really hot but it will be nice xo

      • Lucy B says:

        I work with in a secondary school with teenagers with social emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the degree relates directly to that (although it works a treat with the kids at school it’s proving absolutely useless with my own teenagers!). I think we’ll be bringing extra luggage for all our pommie friends down under ex-pat requirements lol. Don’t care about the weather, it can’t be much worse than our british summers, just desperate to see that lovely Freshie beach for myself. Keep blogging, you bring so much of yourself to it that I feel like your an actual friend x

  49. Severine says:

    Hi Im Severine, I m from the french Alps, but I married a Californian dude met in the Bahamas…I’ve been living in San Diego for the past 4 years. I live on the cliffs of Ocean Beach and face the Pacific Ocean everyday.

    I love to host, decorate: beach-chic, bourgeois-boheme, travelling (I lived in Rome, Greece, Morrocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Canada and France of course!)

    I DJ w/my lovely husband and we ran a staffing agency, so I also provide jobs for the american people!

    I read your blog everyday and find great inspiration for my appartement on the ocean!

    I don’t have kids but a lovely Boston Terrier named Gypsie!


  50. AlisonJane says:

    OK Sarah – you win! But that’s probably only fair since I’ve referred to you as ‘my friend in Australia’ several times in the past few months! My name is Alison and strangely enough I used to live near the sea – 16 years in Cornwall – but have been in the very landlocked county of Herefordshire for the last 8 years with my husband, three cats, two dogs and four finches. Both children headed off to university within a week of each other last autumn. My desk and computers are in a corner of the bedroom where a lot of my time is spent reading medieval manuscripts so some eye candy, shots of the sea and stories about life down under make a welcome change. xx

    • sarah says:

      oh I wonder if you miss Cornwall? a magical part of the world I think?

      guess your house is much quieter than it used to be nowadays then…

      thanks for de-lurking and hello Blighty

  51. Hi!! I’m Chandler and I live in Florida, US. I’m new to the whole blogging world only having just started back in June last year. I’ve been reading your blogs since I moved into my first adult apartment with my boyfriend in October. We live right off the intracoastal here and your blog has inspired much of my lifestyle and decor for our apartment. I’m hoping to be a full time teacher soon. I usually read your blog sitting on my couch or deck looking out at the water. It’s too inspiring not to look at the water while I read your stuff!

  52. Leah says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m from the south coast of NSW, about 3 hours drive from Sydney. I also live near the ocean and have done my whole life and can’t ever imagine living away from it. You would love it down here. Have you ever been down the south coast? I am a stay at home mum and love to read your blog, especially your fashion posts. Hearing where your readers are from is such a good idea, I may have to try this myself. Leahx

    • sarah says:

      yes I have been down to the South Coast a few times, we have camped down there and stayed in a house…lovely beaches!

      lucky duck for living there all your life xo

  53. i’m barbara i live in ga. usa and you are my facebook friend

  54. Kate says:

    Hiya! I’m Kate, and long story short, I’m a mum from Canada who happens to love making things, all things beachy, and who dreams of going back to Australia to live for a while. You can check me out here… http://www.katewares.com. Oh, and thanks for all of the lovely inspiration and warmth and joy you share. =)

  55. Kelly Waldron says:


    I’m Kelly, a 30 year old who lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I’m newly married to a wonderful man who has is own business. I am working full time as a clerk at a local Bookkeepers but I would love to be a full time wife instead and be able to stay at home and fuss over him and our home.

    Right now I am reading your blog in a big comfy chair before I head off to work but I usually read your blog after work as a way to wind down and relax.

    I’m surprised at how many people from America read your blog! I loved reading all their comments. It feels nice to know I little about the ‘community’ out there in Blog Land.

    P.S. LOVE the bathroom vanity you picked out for the renovation.

    • sarah says:

      hey Kelly, hello beautiful Gold Coast…havent’ been up that way for a while, need to change that…

      thanks for de-lurking…interesting! x

  56. HK says:

    Well my newly appointed name is Mrs. HK but mostly people just call me Heather. I live in Indiana, stateside, with my new husband and our 2 mutts. At 27, I am currently resuming my college studies and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up (again), after spending the better part of my adult years in the hospitality industry. I spend a lot of my time on the internet perusing all types of home/lifestyle blogs and window shopping and I think I might like to have a career related to interior design. I wish I lived on a beach, or at least closer to one as I grew up on the East Coast and miss the ocean terribly – so all of your photos make me daydream.

  57. Megan says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am a mom (to a 6 and 4 year old), an educator, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I live in the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, in the USA. I am also a fellow blogger: http://cottagebluedesigns.blogspot.com/
    I love looking at your images and reading about your life.
    Happy decorating & living to you-

  58. blkeyesuzi says:

    Hi there!

    I’m in Orange County, California and I’m a photographer. Most of my work is black and white, fine art. We live near the ocean and I find a great deal of contentment on the beach as you do. I photograph people, the water, the streets…pretty much anything I find inspiring. I live in a loft/studio here with my husband and our two dogs. My husband is a professional photographer who specializes in fashion. Our children are grown and in University. I love your blog and reading it gives me the inspiration to go shoot when I don’t feel the creative flow, as you have a way of getting me back into the groove. I adore hearing about your life and Australia. One day, it would be wonderful to visit that beautiful country with soooo many photo opportunities! I don’t read many blogs and yours is one I never miss. Your dedication to simplicity and the good life…living your bliss… are the kind of positive blog I enjoy. I’m thankful that you take the time to share a few little gems from your treasure of a life. I’m grateful to have a blog like yours to keep me grounded. I really really enjoy your blog and your great ideas.

    • sarah says:

      what a lovely comment!

      I am a little bit shocked that as a photographer you get inspo from me, but hey ho..you would love love love it here…when I am out with my camera especially when Australia is rocking the colours of nature sometimes I don’t know what to click first xo

  59. terri says:

    Hello Sarah, Im Terri from Iowa usa. I have been following your blog for over a year now and on fb..I look while I am at work sometimes( shhh) but mostly at home. You are just getting started with your day as my day is winding down. I have been married for 30yrs to my high school sweetheart and we have three amazing kids..26, 21 and 19. I work in a specialty store where we offer design services and sell cabinetry,flooring and countertops (benches).
    Your blog was one of the first blogs for me to come across and I will continue to be a follower/looker. I do not have my own blog…but I do try and enter givaways, but it does seems to be the blog owners that are the winners…. I’ll keep trying and maybe I’ll get lucky one of these times :)
    Keep up the good work!

    • sarah says:

      hey Terri, nice to hear from Iowa!

      I love the idea that as you are winding down we are getting up…blogging across the timezones lol xo

  60. Rach says:

    Hi I’m Rach I live at beautiful Port Stephens an hour past Newcastle! I am a youngish stay at home mum to 2 beautiful boys, who is in the middle of planning a family European holiday! We are a 5min walk to the beach and since moving here from Sydney nearly 3years ago have been walking along beautiful white sandy beaches everyday! We are currently renting but can’t wait to buy our own place here as I love so many of your great ideas my fav at the moment is the white chalkboard paint. So other cleaning, washing, and day to day house planning I read alot of amazing blogs and have just started my own and then after our big hol it’s time to go back to work :( just need to decide what it is I want to do!

    • sarah says:

      love Port Stephens, we have holidayed up there a few times, particularly enjoyed it in the Winter when we had gorgeous weather, and just vegged out, watched movies and walked in the daytime….a nice spot of the world to get settled in I do believe Rach xoxo

  61. Jenna says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am a single Mom to a 15 month old boy who works as a Project Manager/Business Analyst for my day job. I live in South Orange County, California about 10 minutes from the beach. I typically read your blog/Facebook/pinterest/instagram from my phone at work (and at home for that matter because if I open my computer at home, H will hit the keyboard and restart the computer for me…such a helpful child!) I love your ideas and am trying to get the courage to paint all my living room furniture white (it’s currently black!)

    • sarah says:

      go for it Jenna, white is the new black hahaha! you will lurve it

      look after that bubba xoxo

  62. Dawn says:

    Hi , I’m Dawn and we have spoken ( emailed ) before. I love your blog and get my beach “fix” from you. I live in the Iowa ( center of the US ) I own a Curves and a second hand home decor store. I am a mom , grammie , wife , gardener, reader , cook , and avid decorator. I love wine ( and cocktails). I made your Homemade Limoncello ( and did a blog post about it ). Isn’t it funny to find out who actually reads your blog. I haven’t been blogging long, didn’t even discover blogging exsited till last year ! It always amazes me when someone comes up to me and says ” I love reading your blog”. The biggest compliment I get is when someone says ” it’s like I’m sitting there talking to you. ” I’m not a writer , I’m a talker , so I love to hear that. Wish I was a more talented photographer like you , maybe someday I’ll get better. This was fun ! Hve a great day !

    • sarah says:

      hey Dawn, you will definitely improve with the photography…just keep taking HEAPS!

      sounds like we are pretty similar xo

  63. Kaye Harper says:

    Hi Sarah,
    My name is Kaye. I am single & 51 years old. I have three children. I have 4 grandchildren & 1 on the way!! Wichita, Kansas is where i call home. I live in my childhood home, I bought it from my brothers & sisters when my Mother passed away. Its a vintage home full of charm (I think). My Mother was from Australia, she was born in Sydney and I will plan to visit there someday for vacation. In my living room I have a black & white photo of my grandparents holding koala bears! Last summer I painted and changed the back room to my bedroom – my BEACH bedroom, I painted the walls a color close to the color you have on your front door! I love vintage things and antiques and the beach. Love your posts and pictures from the beach.

    • sarah says:

      wow interesting story Kaye! it’s actually quite amazing how many people have links to Australia, because of the emmigration etc.

      thanks for reading along xo

  64. Judy says:

    Hi, I am 40 yr old SAHM w 3 elementary age kiddos and live in Philadelphia, PA. Having visited Sydney back in 1994 (and was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks in Australia overall), definitely wish I was Down Under. I read your blog while at home and dreaming of one day living at the beach. Oh so want that life for me and my family. So really I dream of what if…while looking at all your pics and reading your posts.

    • sarah says:

      hey Judy…well good luck with following your dreams…we haven’t looked back, thanks for stopping in here and saying hellooooooo x

  65. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi Sarah and all the rest of the ladies that have chimed in. My name is Lisa Marie and I’m a lurker :-)

    I live in Juneau, Alaska – technically part of the USA but sometimes we feel just as far away from them as Australia does. :-) Juneau is the small capital city on the Southeast “panhandle” of Alaska and I’ve lived here all my life. Its only accessible by boat or by plane because while we are on the mainland, there too much water and steep mountains for roads. So saltwater and beaches are in my blood even tho I live about a 1/2 mile from the water

    I’ve been doing some remodeling/redecorating lately which is darn tough in a small city with limited resources. I saw some color advice that said you should pick a color that makes you happy. I decided that was a good idea but even better would be to decorate coastal/beachy/nautical because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that makes me happier than being at the beach. A month or two ago, I stumbled on your blog and I’ve been lurking ever since.

    Thank you for all the inspiration!

    Lisa Marie

    • sarah says:

      oooh now all I know of Alaska, apologies is from the film The Proposal…myself and miss Beach Cottage know that movie off by heart and I love that house and the scenery…sigh…now Alaska is on my list!

      glad you went for it with the colour choice…a lot of people ask me why I go for white…it’s just because I love it and it calms me…

      thanks for stopping by xoxox

  66. Jane says:

    Hi, I’m a full time working nurse in the middle of moving home, my sister who has glorious kids told me about your blog and now we both read you every day.

    • sarah says:

      g’day Jane, thanks for working as a nurse and doing what you do…if I were PM I would quadruple your pay…

      nice to hear from you xo

  67. Marsha says:

    Hi, I’m Marsha and I live on the Texas Coast. We built our dream home on our land right outside Victoria, Texas. We are about 40 minutes from the nearest beach. Even though I don’t live right on the coast I have a “coastal state of mind”. That’s why I enjoy your blog soooooo much. If I can’t go to the beach for a week or two I can always visit “abeachcottage”!!!! Thanks for all your great posts and visit me over at Every Little Birdie Blogspot.

  68. lol! It IS weird to be recognized and talked about from people who read your blog, isn’t it, Sarah? lol! Not that I’m as well known as you, but when I vendored a local antique market this past summer, I was so embarrassed when gals came into my booth and asked to have their picture taken with me! It was nice…but so weird! lol!

    But you know all about me, so I won’t bore you with the details. I never lurk at your beach cottage because you’re just too much fun not to!! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      no you don’t and I look forward to your comments….not so lonely out here with you around Laurie

      yes the recognized thing is weird and I always get it when I am looking like a bag of old spanners xo

  69. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m from Missouri in the middle of the US. I’m a beachy type, but since we are landlocked, I’m in to the lake thing too since we have them all around and I live on one. My youngest kiddo is a senior in high school and I have two more that live nearby. I work full-time, partly at home and partly in an office and am able to read your blog at my desk as soon as it pops up on my email! I think about blogging sometimes, and might give it a try soon….thank you for your tips. :-) For now, I just close my eyes and pretend I’m on a beach somewhere…..xo

  70. Maria says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes I have a confession to make my name is Maria I have been a lurker on your blog for well over a year now.

    It’s hard to remember how I even found your blog, but I think it was through a random google search for coastal things. I was hooked with your gorgeous photos of the beach and as a bonus you lived in Australia. I’ve always had some curious fascination with moving to Australia since I was small girl although I’ve never had the chance to visit. Basically, my fascination with all things coastal and Australia collided in your blog and kept me coming back for more. I have been reading ever since that day I randomly found you and I look forward to your posts every day.

    I live in the USA in New Jersey with my husband and son. We’re definitely not land locked here as we live smack dab on a beautiful lake and enjoy boating and fishing during the warmer months. There’s something magical about knowing you’re only steps from the water. We’re also a relatively short drive to the beach which I love (afternoon trips are not out of the question). I normally read your posts in the evenings while I sit with my son as he falls asleep. I read them in a reader on my iphone.

    So since you asked so nicely I am now retiring my lurker status.

    Ex- Lurker Maria

    P.S. I love your vlogs :-)

    • sarah says:

      thanks Maria, so interesting to learn more and g’day to New Jersey! I went to New Jersey once but it was to visit an outlet so that doesn’t really count because all I saw was the freeway and shops!

      I know that Australia curiosity thing…you know what, I still have it and I am here lol xo

  71. Carla says:

    G’day ;) I’m Carla I live in perth in my own little ‘cottage’ by the sea on the the northern beaches of Perth western australia. I am 42 with three kids, Tom 14, Oliver 11 and Neve 5. I am a Graphic Designer who works from home with my hubby while the kids are at school/ Domestic Goddess and overseer of homework and other mummy things when they are home ;). I read your blog in the morning around 5 am before I head out for my morning run…….a new bc post makes me run faster ;) hehe

    I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now, I found you during a ‘down’ time in my life when we had lost a huge contract and our income halved, utilities and groceries where going up etc, and I had to end a debilitating addiction to home decor magazines. Reading your blog perked me up and helped me realise that happiness wasn’t a big income, it was all around me, and how finding furniture in thrift stores and doing a makeover gave me a buzz like no other. I loved and still do love your writing style, its like talking with a friend, warm and funny. Now I shop at Salvos and pick things off the side of the road when we have a collection……….now I’m a thrift addict haha!

    Many many thanks


    • sarah says:

      wow Carla, sounds like we have had very similar journeys

      when we moved to Australia, Mr BC’s income about halved too…this was NOT an easy adjustment…but I think it did me the world of good…I now move in a similar world to before but I am in a different place in it and much happier…

      haha a thrifting addiction is not so bad huh???


  72. Cas says:

    Hiya Sarah :) Well, my name is Cas and I live on the bordering suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with my two girls and a pretty cool husband. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home to look after my family, which also enables me to do the things I love ie., blog, paint, decorate, etc! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites and right now I am sitting on my big striped sofa with the dregs of my morning coffee, hurriedly typing this before the school run, while my kidlets become increasingly exasperated with me ;)
    Have a good day :)
    Cas x

  73. Emily says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s amazing who reads your blog! I’m Emily. I’m most definitely a lurker and I don’t blog myself. My partner and I live in the outer ‘burbs of Melbourne with my 2 year old. Number 2 is due any day and under instruction by the doctor to put my feet up, I’m certainly getting a lot of blog reading time in at the moment.

    I hate living away from the beach (yes we are only about 20 minutes drive but that’s too far, I like to walk) and we have plans to renovate and move back to my little house by the beach where I lived as a single mum, when my daughter was a baby. Can’t wait to break out the white paint!


    • sarah says:

      what a good excuse to sit and read blogs Emily!

      take care of that bub, best time in the world when a newborn is in your life xo

  74. Mary says:

    63 years old, wife for 36 of them, Mom to three grown children – 2 male, one female – Grandma to a little boy (6) and a little girl (3), no pets anymore. I’m still working full time in healthcare finance – hope to retire when I’m 65. My line of work is challenging and stikes me as strange sometimes, since my degree is in Humanities and not numbers related AT ALL!!

    I live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota called White Bear Lake – so, landlocked. But, Minnesota is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes – actually there are MORE than 10K! So, there’s some “coast” – but it’s not the sea.

    I spend most of my free time doing counted thread needlework, reading and just hanging with my husband. I really enjoy reading blogs because it opens so many windows to new outlooks – both the kind we can see (like your beautiful photos) and the kind we need to understand – just makes the world so connected.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us – it’s adds a bit of loveliness and joy to my day.

    Mary in MN

    • sarah says:

      yes Mary, that is why I like blogs too and why I read blogs totally different to mine!

      hope you get that retirement soon…

      thanks for commenting, appreciate it xo

  75. Molly says:

    I’m a 30-something mom of 2, a working woman with a stay-at-home-hubby. I, too, had a dream to live by the sea and have recently relocated my family from land-locked Kansas to South Carolina. I discovered your blog while preparing to move last year. I was worried how to decorate my new home without looking too kitschy ( I wanted a relaxed, coastal style without gluing seashells to everything) I love reading your blog while unwinding from a stressful day at work!

  76. Daniele says:

    Greeting from Sunny Queensland (Brisbane to be exact) where the weather doesnt know its autumn yet, with hot mid 30′s temps all this week .
    I love reading your blog, following you on facebook and instagram Sarah,no im not a stalker, im a little shy sometimes but should comment more on how i love the positive happy feeling you give . Your pics are inspiring.
    Unfortunatley i dont live near the beach, we do have a pool however and live in a cottage in inner city so i empathise with your lack of space issues…
    My husband and i design and make furniture and have been doing this for nearly 20 years, gee i am old ! I work from home thanks to the powers of the internet that allow me do this and be an undomestic goddess at the same time, as well as guideing our 2 teenage girls through their wonderful adolescent years…
    I read your blog in the mornings with a freshly brewed coffee mostly in my study, but sometimes on my deck if the mosquitioes dont lead me to distraction.
    Happy Friday to all
    Daniele xx

    • sarah says:

      g’day Daniele so pleased to be your morning coffee companion, thanks for the lovely comment xo

  77. Melissa Ross says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I love reading your blogs and I am a friend of yours on Facebook! I am the mother of three boys and I live in Louisiana!!! We own two beach condos on the Gulf of Mexico (in Orange Beach, Alabama) and that’s how I found you! I am always looking for coastal decorating ideas because I am constantly buying things for our condos and continually making them better for our renters! I also work part time for the daily newspaper in our city! I love to read your blogs in the afternoon after helping my youngest with his homework!! Keep up the good work!

    • sarah says:

      wow Melissa, sounds like you have a dream job buying coastal homewares lol

      hellooooooo Louisiana xo

  78. Debbie Finlay says:

    Hi Sarah

    My name is Debbie and I live in the county of Devon, England, longtime reader & lurker of your blog. I have been married for 28 years and have one daughter who is 24, presently working as a Doctor’s receptionist. We live about 15 mins from the beach & 10 minutes from the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, today we have spent a lovely afternoon shopping in Tavistock & then a lovely walk in the National Park which was heavenly as the sun was shining.. Read your blog daily & find it so inspirational. Take care Debbie x

    • sarah says:

      Hi Debbie

      I love Dartmoor and Haytor, I think there is a part of me there…beautiful little snippet of old blighty xoox

  79. Emma Tandy says:

    Hi Sarah I’m Emma From Buckinghamshire in the UK, I’m 33 and a stay at home home to two wonderful children who I thought we would never have a 10 year old and a 4 1/2 must not forget the half lol year old.

    as much as we love the UK, the weather not so much so have been looking to move from here, it’s been on the cards for a while but had to go on the back burner because we found out 4 years ago my older child has mild learn problems and we want to get him sorted first and now he’s doing great and now know what he needs to we are ready to get going again.

    I love visiting your blog for a number of reasons, first off love the style, even though my home is not the same style as yours I love it, not sure I would be able to keep all that white looking so lovely, love the recipes and have try many and the fashion.

    also love looking into someones life and seeing the sun and the beaches, takes me away from the grey cold wether we’re having here at the moment, must be fair we have had the sun the last few days just no heat.

    • sarah says:

      hi Emma, nice to hear from Blighty…

      yes the weather is a bit pull for us here, tho today it’s pouring down!

      it is amazing how much the weather effects everything and I really cherish the sunhsine here

      thanks for stopping to comment xo

  80. Debbie says:

    My name is Debbie and I’m a 51 year old empty nester (4 kids grown & off) from Alabama – (southestern USA). I work part-time as a counselor, am going to start work on a master’s degree next fall, and have been enjoying redoing the family home over the past few months, getting it ready for my husband and my next 20 years – out with the kid’s stuff and in with what works for us now. Grew up in southern California where we lived just minutes from the beach, wore shorts and sandals year round. Beach visits now are limited to a few weeks a year when we go home to Los Angeles or spend vacation days on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Husband and I frequently talk about moving to the beach when the last child finishes college (2 years after this May!) Love the whole beach cottage feel to homes near the water and the more relaxed life-style. Discovered your blog when I broke my arm and was looking for decorating info on-line and have been a reader ever since. Hope to visit down under- our middle daughter spent a semester studying there last year and said Sydney was the most wonderful city in the entire world and wants to figure out a way to live there. Keep on writing and taking photos for us land locked beach lovers.

    • sarah says:

      oooh Debbie, I would love to visit Alabama someday

      errrm yes Sydney is pretty amazing, especially if you get to live on the beaches and have the city close at hand, kinda unbelievable really xo

  81. Angela says:

    I’m Angela. 36yrs old SAHM mostly (I work casual 4hrs x 2days per week & also freelance my admin skills). I am married (12yrs) and have 3 kids 6yrs, 4yrs & 2yrs. We live in Brisbane & I read your blog most days, usually in my lounge chair. I love your pictures & recipes & I like to keep my eye out for any good DIY/decorating tips. Thanks for the chalkpaint info! We are a 10min drive from the beach front but we don’t really go there as much as we should (we are trying to get better at this) & since we consider the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast as “beach” we don’t really go to our local to enjoy it’s full beauty, it’s more a walk or fish&chip dinner.

  82. KAREN says:

    HI! SARAH,






    • sarah says:

      well I have seen a lot of kangaroos since we have been here, but I have only glimpsed a koala so if you make it here I hope you see one Karen! x

  83. Hi lovely Sarah!

    I’m Anette Willemine, living in Norway, across the other side of the globe, way north. I’ve followed your beautiful blog for some time now. I think your home is so wonderful, and find some lovely inspiration following your way of decorating.
    I’m a interior designer and a graphic designer, however it’s home decorating that’s my passion. I have my own design company, and work mostly with private clients. My family and I live by the Oslofjord, with beautiful surroundings. I have three kids, 12, 21 and 22, the eldest is now moved out and is studying at the university, and after summer the middle one is following after. So I have now decided that in able to have the youngest stay home as long as I can, I will lock her up and throw the key away!! Ha, ha! No it’s not that bad, but it’s hard seeing your kids move out from the nest, one by one. I’m scared to death that I’ve failed to learn them “all” they need to know before leaving their home, however I’ve somewhat come to the conclusion that’s life. One can’t be prepared for everything.
    Well, that was a small bit of who I am. If you want to visit my blog you are so welcome, and will make me glad!
    Lots of joy from up north,
    Anette Willemine

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I know that feeling, sad how quickly they grow up…!

      Annette you are an interior designer and you read my blog, wowzas xoxo

  84. Audrey says:

    Hi! I am Audrey, 26, French woman now living with my kiwi husband in New Zealand! I read your blog nearly everyday and I love to hear about the things you’re up to! I have my own range of homewares that I sew from antique fabrics I source back home and I stock a few shops around NZ, that’s my job. We bought an old house we have done up and are now looking for the next project!
    I really like your sense of humour and down to earth attitude, it’s a pleasure to read the real life of a real women, with real chores and stuff to do! keep it up girl!

    • sarah says:

      oh Audrey, you must miss France a lot!!!!!!

      yes of course you can send me some of your FRench homewares as payment for reading my blog ;-) ;-)


  85. kerri says:

    Hello Sarah

    I am a mom that has a daughter that lives in Sydney ( I live on the other side of the world)
    Brings me a little closer to her when I read your blog when you show the weather and places close to her

  86. Kat says:

    Hi, I am Kat (Katrina) a happily married sahm to four gorgeous children – girl 9, boy 7, boy 5 and girl 3.
    I live by the beach south of Hobart in Tasmania and love living here.
    Before I had my beautiful tribe I was an infant teacher, now just busy juggling the day to day and love reading your blog and facebook posts for inspiration and to make me smile :)
    I am trying to get in shape (40 is the new 30 is fast approaching in April!) fix up this house by the beach on basically no budget and dream of the day we can afford to extend and renovate this little house to six people.
    I have one more year with my littlest at home fulltime and then I need to figure out what it is I want to do with myself.
    I love to read a good book, exercise, spend time with family, go out for dinner or hot chocolates with girlfriends, walk on the beach and read decorating mags.
    There is probably lots more that I could think of to share about myself, but when you have been busy thinking about young children for amost 10 years, it is hard to think about what you like and want, if you know what I mean?
    Love your blog, your vlogs, your beautiful house and your fashion posts.
    Keep up the great work!! :)

    • sarah says:

      thanks Kat, well you are half way there that you live by the beach, I think there are so very many people who want even to be in a half hour’s drive of it x

  87. Trish says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Trish I live near the Blue Mountains in Sydney ex Dental Nurse not working due to spinal injury Mother of 2 Nanna to 3 Gorgeous boys. I read your Blog everyday and have done so for a couple of years (think I have only commented once) I love your style and can’t wait to see that Bathroom. Love your Blog I know it must be hard work at times so thanks for that and thanks for inviting us into your world I will forever be a fan. xo <3

    Trish. ;)

    • sarah says:

      hey Trish, waving from the bottom of the mountain, nice to hear from you!

      love it up where you are…must visit again soon xo

  88. Catherine says:

    Hi Sarah! It’s Cathy from Northeast Ohio, USA. I love the beach and with no ocean anywhere near Ohio, I live the beach life vicariously through your blog. I’m a paralegal in a law firm by day and a quilter by night. I live in a small town in a 132 year old house—she’s a needy lady who always finds ways to spend my money on repairs/renovations. LOL. Someday I’d like to move into something a bit more modern (dreaming of a kitchen with room for a dishwasher), but we’ve been here for 27 years and I love the slanted floors, creaky stairs and wavy glass in the windows. I’m married to a sweet man and we have two adult children and two cats, Buck and Pedro. Our son is living with us while he pursues medical school; our daughter is married and she and her husband live nearby so we see them often. I lurk on your blog both at work (don’t tell! haha) and at home. I especially like to lurk while I’m out on our deck, drinking Sniderdoodle flavored coffee early in the morning. My husband and I love to go antiquing and search for treasures at thrift shops. Thanks so much for your blog, Sarah. It gives me the opportunity to “travel” to somewhere I would otherwise probably never get to visit.

    • sarah says:

      G’day Ohio…wow your days sound interesting! yes I know all about needy houses lol

      my pleasure Catherine, keep on lurking at work xo

  89. annie says:

    Annie, mother of five(12,12,11,9,2), married, art teacher, time poor artist, house potterer, new blogger, beach lover. Don’t know how I found you but have enjoyed you ever since. Thanks for popping over from time to time in your sea of followers. Loved your outdoor bath.

  90. Dana says:

    I’m a 49 year old stay at home artist and I sit at my kitchen table in Oklahoma and read your blog. Okay, I am actually an eye candy addict and I usually just skim for photos. Have been reading er uh skimming you for a couple of years. I used to blog, too, but gave it up a while back. I have a home in town and a home at the lake. I try to pretend it is my beach cottage. I’m actually landlocked in the middle of the North American Continent. But there are no sharks. So it’s a payoff of sorts.

  91. Surely Sarah says:

    I’ll keep it short and sweet – 31, Brisbane, reading from work usually! I blogged about myself recently, perhaps it’s easier to provide a link! http://surelysarah.blogspot.com/2012/02/me-myself-i.html (won’t be offended if you do not click, you have so many wonderful comments to read through)

  92. I am a Mom to 3 kiddos (14. 11 and 5). I live in Houston TX, USA (although I grew up in Pennsylvania). I am a marriage and parenting coach. I am a blogger. This blogging is weird sometimes. People recognized us at Disney World!


  93. Angela says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I work at the telco here in Eastern Canada. I have 2 babies 6 and 9..k they’re not really babies anymore. I’ve been reading your blog for a year and tonight I’m sitting in front of a cozy fire while I look at pictures of your sunny beaches. I love reading about your completely different but really not all that different life on the other side of the world. My non working hours are also full of the kids sports – hockey and figure skating this time of year. My husband works shifts so when the kids are tucked up in bed I float around in blog land making plans for those home, fashion and self improvements I quite often never get to.

    Lovin the fashion posts!

    • sarah says:

      hey Canada! hellooooo

      nice to hear from you..yes funny who we all do the same things really x

  94. Lydia says:

    I’m Lydia, a 61 year old grandmother living in Pleasant Hill, California – 1/2 hour east of San Francisco. I spend my days in an ugly
    100 year old chemical plant working as a Maintenance Coordinator, but I expect that to end soon. When I get home, I love checking your blog. It is so bright and sunny and colorful! I spent my teen & early adult years on the Monterey Bay in California. Now two of my children live on the California coast, in Santa Barbara and San Diego. (The third lives in Oregon). So the coastal life still calls me. The air is so fresh and the light is beautiful there.
    I follow your blog because I love your blogging ‘voice’ and sweet expressions like ‘tickety-boo’. Your recipes are quick, easy and yummy. Your recent ‘De-Clutter Nautical Bedroom with a Coastal Ruffle’ was hilarious. (I still smile when I think about it.) I share your wardrobe posts with my daughter in Santa Barbara. And, just today, I received my first order of Moo Goo. I am already a huge fan of anything goat’s milk.
    Most of all, I enjoy seeing and reading about the REAL life of Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

    • sarah says:

      ahhh Lydia, I hope you like the MOOGOO…so many readers have emailed me about it…I hope they put you some extras in?

      yes thanks for the blogging voice thing, that’s what I love in blogs too..not the fancy ones just the real ones

      the fashion posts are funny to me but people seem to like them xo

  95. Veggie Mama says:

    Haha I’m Stacey. I live on the Sunshine Coast, right next door to Ms Styling You, Nikki. Yes, right next door. We share a fence. And my cat.

    I teach journalism at uni. Specifically media law. I’m an academic, I’m researching politics and the media, and I write.

    I have one crazy baby and another on the way, a husband covered in tattoos and a full-to-the-brim bookcase in every room of my house.

    I love cheese, I crochet random things and can be found wherever there’s sunshine.

    Oh, and I blog. Mostly about food. Sometimes about the baby. Usually about how ditzy I am.


    • sarah says:

      you forgot to mention that you have been sitting on my desk in my study staring up at me on a vintage bike for the last few weeks…and everytime I put my coffee cup down I sigh…. ;-)

      it’s a small world isn’t it…two bloggers living next door to each other, pretty amazing!

      wow how interesting that you research politics and the media, I studied politics and loved it…I am learning about Aussie politics but it’s a bit hit and miss…

      I will have to come up and eat food with you and get styled by Nikki, haha…

      • Veggie Mama says:

        yeah, that bike is pretty amazing! I can’t wait until I can ride it again. You’ll have to keep an eye out for the new Peppermint, I’ve got a little piece in there too :)

        I love politics, but mostly American. I’m studying Australian politics for my thesis, and it’s nowhere near as cool. But nowhere near as confusing! Hit and miss is right.

        If you ever do come up, we will totally have a tea party. I’m good at those :)

        • sarah says:

          wow you are a popular girl!

          I haven’t got the new issue…yet, I will be getting it though

          I love the Thatcher years in politics in England and the social stuff of the Labour Party….I wouldn’t have a clue about American politics

          yeah a tea part on the Sunshine Coast, sheesh I reckon I would fly on up just for that xo

  96. Laura says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I stumbled onto your blog a while ago and have read it ever since. I was initially intrigued by similarities of your white beach house to mine but really enjoy your style of writing, humour and stunning photography . I’m from Scarborough Beach, WA. I’m a 29 year old stay at home mother and wife to a builder.

  97. Kathryn says:

    What a cute idea.

    Kathryn, mama to one child plus a cat and a new puppy, sometimes blogger, owner of rather messy but lovely old Queenslander!

    Pleased to “meet” you!

  98. Glennie says:

    Hi Sarah. I’m Glennie, 50 something, married for 19 years to my soulmate who I met when he moved next door to me (!!), I work full time in television and film post production, no kids but we are parents to a 8 year old tortie cat called Issie and we live in Devonport, Auckland, NZ which is a gorgeous beach suburb on Auckland’s North Shore. We live a couple of minutes from the beach – bliss. My passions (apart from Mr Glennie Knits and Issie) are knitting, flowers, houses, renovating, reading, cooking and gardening …. As I guess you know from my comments I adore your blog and usually read it at either 6.30 in the morning when I arrive at work, or snuggled up at night at home … xx

    • sarah says:

      hmmm very interesting job Glennis is it?

      I have yet to visit Auckland, my kiddos have, hope to very soon x

  99. Nat says:

    Hi Sarah, I am a graphic designer and every morning I wade thru 70 or more work emails. I save your blog post for last. Its a little sparkly bit in my every day! Thanks. Nat

  100. Debbi says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m Debbi, from the Sunshine Coast. I’m also an expat from the UK! Been here almost 7 years, we’re Aussie citizens now – can’t believe how the time flies.

    We also live by the sea and love it! Every time I walk along the beach, I keep thinking how lucky we are to be living here… Mum to 1 daughter who’s just started on a nursing course.

    Love reading your blog it’s very inspiring…

    • sarah says:

      good luck with the nursing, love nurses and what they do for healthcare! it’s not an easy course…..

      did you cry when you got your Citizenship??? I did..one of the best things I have ever done in my life..xo

  101. Cheryl Pieper says:

    Hi friend (because you seem like one),
    My name is Cheryl and I live on a farm in Iowa USA. I was a stay at home mom with 4 children but now that they are grown, I am a Resident Relations Coordinator at an assisted living community. If people aren’t familar with that, it is apartments with nursing services for the elderly or those with memory issues. I love it. Before my children were born, I was a kindergarten teacher. I read your blog at my kitchen table about a mile from the Mississippi River. I love decorating and enjoy your style both in decor and writing. My husband does not care in the least how I decorate. It is a passion of mine. Keep up the good work. I enjoy visiting you!

    • sarah says:

      sigh the Mississippi River? ooooh I would so like to come stay on your farm!

      sounds like you are doing a very important job Cheryl

      thanks for de-lurking, very interesting to hear where you are reading from xo

  102. Narelle says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a SAHM with 3.5 daughters, aged 7, 4 and 1 with daughter number 4 due in a few weeks. We live in the SE suburbs of Melbourne, although I grew up near the beach and would love to move back sometime. Its such a wonderful environment to raise a family. This is my time, eldest at school, middle at kinder and youngest in bed, its now that I sit in the study and catch up on my fav. blogs. I have a very long list of things I should be doing but this is ohh so much more fun! Have a great day, Narelle

    • sarah says:

      hmm yes Narelle, blog reading is a great way to not do things lol!

      wow you are gonna have some fun teenage years in your house ;-) lucky you to have four lovely girls to surround you with happy times, thanks xo

  103. Janet Purcell says:

    Hi Sarah, I always look forward to reading your blog. Love your photos and recipes and recently tried the lentil salad,, yum, yum. I have relocated to my hometown in Central Victoria to live in my grandparents heritage listed home. However, I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life with an outside toilet so we have undertaken a major renovation. As well as project managing all the tradespeople I have been doing all the painting which is a big effort when you have 12 foot/3.6 metre ceilings and I am 5 foot/150 cm tall. Can’t wait for my vanity (the same as yours!) and new claw foot bath to be installed.

    • sarah says:

      ooooh Janet, LOVE the sound of your heritage home, we can’t afford that in this part of the world, hence the post-war tatty cottage…but I am not complaining

      yes the outdoor toilet does not sound too attractive these days xoxox

  104. Caron says:

    Wow – this was so fun to read everyone’s comments! I think it’s so interesting how many people said that they hardly ever leave comments for you Sarah. In a way, that is so heartening for those of us “bloggers” out there, when we wonder if anyone does read our blogs.

    Where to start? I am a 100% beach girl – cannot possibly imagine my life anywhere else except beside the water. Currently, I live just south of San Francisco – staring out at the middle of the bay from my office windows. We spend a lot of time at the ocean here – LOVE it! I no longer have a cottage, although I used to for many years in the Puget Sound area across the water from Seattle in Washington State. All windows to the sound, and the Cascade Mountain range. Surrounded by tall Douglas firs – almost like living in a tree house. My kids are all now grown and living their own lives in Seattle.

    I owned a retail “coastal home decor” store for 5 years in a small seaside fishing village, it was great! We had great customers locally and online. We were featured in many magazines, including “Coastal Living” several times. But life changes…. I closed our store with a broken heart.

    I found myself back working in the mortgage and real estate industry for Citibank. One day, 1000 salespeople were laid off on a five minute conference call in 2008, that was fun…. Now what?

    I started reading your blog about that time, while I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Then I was led to other bloggers, and beach girls – and guess what? The only solution for me was to reopen my store – but only online this time so that we could travel. I started blogging in early 2009, just as a way to express some of what I was going through, and found that some days I would much rather write than add products to our website (lol!) which also requires a lot of writing, just a different kind.

    So there you go – probably more than you asked for!

    • Lori says:

      I have spent too much money at your online store! A couple of my favorites is a coral table runner and a large rectangle vase with coral on it.

  105. Tiff says:

    I’ve been a reader for a long, long time and have loved your photography since the first. You have the ‘eye’ for it :)
    I was lucky enough to win a competition a while back and have worn the scarf & bracelet you sent many, many times since. Thanks!
    I live in Brisbane but grew up in a little beach town north of Brissy called Hervey Bay. I adore the ocean and my aim is to one day live right on the beach again. It takes me about 40 mins to drive to some beautiful beaches, which isn’t too bad, but you don’t get the laid-back lifestyle when you live closer to the city. I was land-locked for 4 yrs while I lived in the US and I never want to be that far from the ocean again.
    I am a single mum to 2 girls, a foster carer and am studying for my MA, so your blog is a welcome distraction when I steal time to view it!

    • sarah says:

      wow Tiff you are one busy girl by the sounds of it

      I know someone else who comes from Hervey Bay and now I cannot for the life of me think who it is!

      well I think 40 minutes drive is about the same as we were in England from our nearest beach…we spent many daytrips there coming home with the kiddos bundles up in the back of the car after the sun had gone down…I think at least having it near enough to visit is better than being landlocked…I cannot though imagine not being near the ocean now, but you never know what is round the corner x

  106. blkeyesuzi says:

    Yes, of course you inspire me! When I can’t manage to convince myself to pick up my camera, a look at your blog reminds me how much I enjoy shooting and it gets my blood flowing again. Sometimes I need to see someone else moving and doing before I manage to do the same. You are a great motivator for me. Besides, I am glad to see that someone else loves the simple life and all it has to offer. So many blogs are filled with “stuff” and clutter. I like your simplicity. It’s nice.

    • sarah says:

      hmm, very interesting…

      I get a lot of that inspiration from Pinterest nowadays…not all the fancy stuff, but there are some cool simple things on there too…

      nice to connect xoxo

  107. Debbie Panton says:

    Hi Sarah, My name is Debbie, I’m 44 ( Feb 27th), happily married for almost 18 years. I’m a SAHM and mostly read your blog in the evenings. I live in Brackley, PEI, Canada. It’s an Island… so no shortage of beaches and since it’s such a small province, it’s pretty easy to visit different beaches. I think every beach has it’s own feel or something that makes it special. We have red sand on the south shores and white ( not as white as Australia) on the North. I live about 10kms from the beach … so pretty close. We have a small family business that we operate in the summer … bike rentals and hoping to add more to it this summer. It’s right on a wharf by the ocean… so I literally do spend everyday at the beach in the summer. LOVE IT THERE!! The kids, our 2 boys ( Tyler 8 and Austin 2) love it too. Long walks on the beach, playing in the sand, collecting shells, sea glass, and driftwood. I love decorating, photography ( trying to improve my skills… ),. I love DIY and thifty things. Some of my fav things that I have are things I’ve gotten for little or nothing and makeover… really feel like you can do whatever you want with it than. Sort of working on getting blog started too ( I’ve only posted a few things, so not sure how to organize it yet) I love your blogging style, your sense of humour, and how much you appreciate and celebrate the life you’ve made for you and your family. I’ve only been following the blog for a couple of months but have admired your home and photos through Somerset for ages. We have an older home that we do a lot of work on too ( though it needs tons more) and I also have an old Airstream that we gutted last year that I’d like to get finished and have it out by the beach with us this summer ( fingers crossed). Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  108. Pamela says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am a soon-to-be-mom, our first born is due in August. I live in southern California which I imagine temperature wise is probably the same as where you are. I love your BC style and all your ideas for house & home. I just cleaned out my closet (last weekend) because of your inspiring post! It felt wonderful to get rid of all those close and our bedroom has never been more organized. I too am a lover of Ikea – mostly because of the price – but also for the functionality and timelessness of their furniture, so I love to see with the ideas you come up with. I loved the fridge you painted with chalk board paint, and I never knew you could get it in white! So I’m looking forward to see what I can do with it in my little cottage kitchen! Thanks for sending your thoughts out into the unlimited void that is “the web.” I do appreciate them!


  109. lucy says:

    I’m just a farm girl from Pennsylvania, living in the heart of Amish country in a 100yr.old farm house. I started painting things white 20+ yrs. ago and never stopped :) I’m a single Mom of 6 girls ( 2 married ) and have been enjoying your blog since I first ‘ discovered ” blogs! Can’t even remember when, but a,ahem, few years ago :) Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to inspiring us on such a regular basis!

  110. Patti says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Patti. I live in Atlanta , Georgia, USA and blog about renovating and decorating my old house. I’m a Realtor so I’m interested in all house things. Im a mother of grown children and a newbie Grandmother. Usually I read your blog early in the morning but tonight I’m sitting here not really watching American Idol and going through my email–I get your email feed. What attracted me at the beginning was your beachy home but what keeps me coming back is your writing voice. You tell a great story.

  111. gabriela says:

    i´m trying to feel what you must be feeling and thinking right now, after this cascade of comments… It´s a kind of magic… for sure. i really don´t remember when I started reading abc, so far ago, when your posts were table tops the most. Sorry if my english is not working so well. Actually, let´s introduce me: I´m Gabi, from the other side of the world, and however, we share same latitute, cause we have same weather. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ( yes. Messi´s land, Maradona´s land, tango, and the best wine and meat).
    I love your blog, i tried to be a blogger but i realized that I have no the patience to follow it day by day. Anyway, it is something that is surrounding my mind all the time, specially when I discover such a great and lovely phenomena like yours and others I follow. In the case of abc, it´s like the newspaper, it´s part of my daily routine: check mails, check fb, check news, check ABC.
    Congrats Sarah!!! You inspire a lot of people with joy, beauty, love and friendship every day. it´s also very nice to see the way your family encourages you in this double adventure: living in Australia , and making such a big change, and living in your beautiful blog.
    If really exists a feeling similar to friendship here in the blogosphere, well, then i consider you my friend, and please, consider me yours!
    big hug, Gabi.

    • sarah says:

      you mentioned the Maradona word on my blog!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forgive him ;-) ;-)

      thanks so much Gabi, such a sweet comment, brought tears to my eyes actually….I am not quite sure how I inspire people but that seems to be the feedback I am getting

      and HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Buenos Aires, love it xoxo

  112. Hilary says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am 37 year old, living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, hubby and I are in the early stages of renovating a house ( we will be doing various renos – kitchen/bath/flooring over the coming years). I read your blog on the bus, on my way to work – office job in the City. Love your inspiration and love the way the blogging world seems to intertwine mmm hope that makes sense!

    Have a good w/end, hopefully the rain in Sydney eases up!


    • sarah says:

      ahh Hilary hello, so you must be working with the tradies on the Northern Beaches who are like gold dust and charge a bomb, yeah? ;-)

      love the idea that you read my blog on the bus…another one lol xxx

  113. Candice Hames says:

    A Sunshine Coast Qld , Hello to you Sarah ,

    I share my morning cuppa with you and my nite time milio . I am a student of your best of best E course on Blogging . I found you years ago searching for white painted timber floors , placed the foor in my favourites , followed your link and stayed with you since .
    I live 900mts from the sea , born native of this part of the world , with kids aged from 30 to 12 , many changes of decor , the naturals the blues and several years ago falling in love with the shades of white . I Live in a aged tired tiny pole home , when the banks said no to changeing the old to comtemporay , I started healing these dry timber walls with washes of white paint , finding you gave me my extra confidence knowing what I had started in my home was also loved by many others , confidence to just pick up my favourite brush and splah that paint , I have painted every wall , picture frame , every basket , chair , table , chest of draws and beds . I can spray paint now , taught myself , distress , lime wash , you showed me how to blog , I read all your links and visit all those who share with you . Thank You Sarah without you knowing it you have been a great friend to me , you inspire , you cancell out the blue days . I have a FIFO hubby so there are lonely days , tricky parenting days , but they always end with a smile and a sigh when I read you late at nite …
    I hope one day to share my blog with you and your many friends , counting the days down for a PC that is younger than me so I can Blog … Cheers from Yaroomba Beach .

    • sarah says:

      lovely comment Candice, thanks for such an inspiring one!

      it’s so powerful to makeover something old and tiny and make it yours, and who needs contemporary anyway…not me…

      so glad that you think of me as a friend, I have kinda come to think of that place here in the study as one too…even though not many every really talk back… xo

  114. Jade says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Well you’ve finally made me do it…I’m officially de-lurking :) I’ve been reading your blog now for over 3 years and absolutely love it! I’m 26 and live in Perth WA, Married, no kids (yet!). I have a serious blog reading addiction, I work in a corporate office in the city yet am lucky enough to squeeze in a little blog reading each morning with a coffee, starting with yours. I love your beach photos and your fashion posts, your blog is so full of inspiration!

    • sarah says:

      well Jade, you Beach Cottage old timer you!

      nice to hear from you from all the way over there, glad to give you some blog reading with your coffee xoxo

  115. sheila says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I wrote to you last year to tell you how your blog helped make me smile during my cancer treatments. All that is behind me now – clean bill of health, hair grown back, energy returned and I am still reading your blog! I don’t have so much time to read every day now, but I check in when I can. I work as a nurse (lactation specialist) at the busiest maternity hospital on the west coast and I love it. We live a block from the beach and one of the things I did last year besides read your blog was force myself to take a walk along the cliffs every day. The ocean never failed to uplift my spirits. I have two boys, one grown and one in college and my daughter just started high school. It’s much quieter around here these days! I love to read, cook, and decorate (of course!). We have lived in our house for 18 years and it is almost 100 years. My husband and I have had fun fixing it up (well, he might not call it fun because he has done a lot of the not so fun work himself, like plumbing), but it just keeps getting better all the time. We like to keep it simple and that’s one of the reasons I like your blog so much – your simple style is what we like. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your finished bathroom and will keep checking in! Thanks again for your blog and your beachy cheerfulness!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Sheila, I remember your email, so great to hear from you with the good news!

      way to go and I am positive those cliff walks helped the recovery I am a big believer in fresh air and the outdoors in therapy…today it’s raining here but I still walked by the sea…and it was magical and wild

      happy days xoxo

  116. Katherine says:

    Hi Sarah! I think this is fair enough!
    As you can see, my name is Katherine. I have been following Beach Cottage for some time. When I was having marriage problems, a good friend told me to check you out and you would make my day – and you continue to do so ! I am now a single Mum at 43, trying to adjust to parent hood on my own and trying to re-learn this horrible re-dating thing lol, etc. I live in Benalla, North East Victoria – a beautiful part of Victoria ( a bit wet at the moment. All right here, but have you heard about our neighbours on the news? Not fairing so well ). I have an 8 year old son, so my life is pretty “boy/male” orientated/dominated, so a good dose of all things Beach Cottage is just what I need! And love. And enjoy.
    I have recently retrained as a Teachers Aide, & will take up a positon based around that soon. I also intend to hit the study books again this year. Looking long term at working with kids and getting myself set up to be self sufficient….Beach Cottage helps me to dream…..and gives me a laugh when the men frustrate me lol !….
    I love your writing, and your Beach Cottage style, & one of the things I really like about your blog, is that you use all of your own content – you are the only Aussie blog I have stuck with, to be honest! With a good dose of beach thrown in, you totally spoil me!
    That’s why I’m here Sarah! Bless you : )

    • sarah says:

      oh you are so kind! thanks so much for noticing that about the content…I think it is really important to walk the talk and use your own content….it would be SO VERY easy for me to just rip-off a magazine and post pictures of stuff I like…

      I am sorry to hear about your marriage problems but I always think things like that and are meant to be…I have a few friends who were in similar boats and now living very much happier lives, you never know what is around the corner is what I say.

      …there are nothing quite like the joys of 8 yr old boys xo

  117. alison says:

    Re text conversation: ROFL

    I just got excellent news today. No cholesterol medication. My test results indicate it is the lowest it has been in years. I’m doing something right…if only I knew what it was!!!!

    I just did coffee and cake (to celebrate the low cholesterol score) with my gorgeous daughter who is about to have our first grandchild any day. We went to a cafe in Coledale, south of the beautiful Sea Cliff Bridge just north of Wollongong. The cafe delivers fabulous coffee and food and although the decor is a bit “rustic” they more than make up for it in quality, service and their retro orange vase collection behind the counter.

    After our cholesterol celebration we walked/waddled down to the beach in the rain with the wind blowing hard, checked out the ocean and the lovely rrenovated miners’ cottages. Fabulous stuff.

    On the way home we had to stop on the southern approach to the Sea Cliff Bridge and wait for the workers suspended down the side of the escarpment rockface dislodging loose rocks from a landslide. My daughter said, “Mum, isn’t it great to just sit here and watch and not be in a great hurry to be anywhere.” So true.

    I made yet another huge change career wise this week. Two massive changes in 1 year. I suppose my age and minimal debt give me the courage and luxury to do so. Anyway, a new career chapter starts soon…if only I knew what it was!!!

    Sarah, I’ve been test driving my KMart $10 skinny jeans the past 2 days and LOVING them. I ended up getting 2 sizes bigger than usual. I’ll see how they go and maybe next pair, just 1 size bigger. They sit just in the right spot for my challenge area, ie belly, the belly that just turned up recently and said “I choose you!”.


    • sarah says:

      it must be cos you’re reading my blog roflmao Alison!

      souinds like my kinda cafe, I will look out for it when in Woolongong

      oh I hear you on the jeans, mine are getting better and better…which is weird from a pair of budget jeans, normally it is the other way around, I keep meaning to go back and get more, no doubt they will have sold out soon…I have heard on the grapevine the bigW ones at a dollar less at a whopping 9 bucks are good…but I have yet to find a pair of jeans to fit me in BigW or indeed any pants in there that aren’t’ a dreadful cut that puts about a stone of middle weight on

      good luck with the career change, rock it baby

      can you sniff that new baby head for me when he/she arrives, love that smell xo

  118. Marguerite says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m Marguerite. I live in Memphis, TN and dream of living on the beach just like you. I have two teenagers, one husband, two bad dogs, and a hectic job. I love your blog and live vicariously through your great projects. Maybe one day I’ll get to one of my own.

  119. Lori says:

    I love your blog! I live on the Connecticut shoreline and absolutely love living near the shore. My perfect vacation would be to travel the coastlines of everywhere….ha!

  120. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Chantel, I live in Indiana and I like to blog about fashion and lifestyle. I am a restaurant manager and a part time Apparel Merchandising student. I live in the woods with my husband Doug, our dog Lulu and our kitten Addison. I have recently taken a liking to coastal style as I really want to visit Main this summer, so I Googled coastal blogs and there you were. I love your witty take on daily life.

    Thanks for blogging,

  121. Wendy says:

    I’m from Brisbane, Just turned 40, married with two kids. Your blog is my little holiday escape. A bit like a magazine but real, real all stuff I can relate to. I appreciate the effort you put into writing your blog and sharing parts of your life and the tips and tricks you include. The variety is great and you seem so normal. Thanks for sharing.

  122. Reading from Washington state just outside of Seattle. Stay at home wife and mother of two (almost 9 and 10). Have one friend who’s family just moved for a contract job to Melbourne so hope to be visiting your fair isle someday soon!

  123. Lorna says:

    Unlurking to say I read your blog here in rural Virginia, USA, about a 6 hour drive from the Atlantic Ocean. Born and raised in Ol’ Blighty, moved here when I married a tall, dark, handsome American. Homeschooling mum of 3, plus a preschooler and a toddler. I love your style, both the relaxing decor, and the refreshing writing. I love the light in your photos, both indoors and out. I love your real life recipes (dump and go!) I love the sparkle you put into your words. Always makes me smile! Thank you!!

  124. pam in oregon says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am a divorced mom in the mid 50′s-is-the-new-40′s, and I have a daughter, age 25. I live in a beautiful area in Oregon where it looks similar to Italy with it’s vineyards. I’m about 30 minutes from Portland and an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean. I’m visiting in Arizona right now and I’m trying to adjust to the desert when I’m used to lush green and trees everywhere. I dream of living near the ocean, but the desert,
    not so much!

    I love your blog, love your writing style and how it seems like you are a dear friend from just down the street. I love you sense of humor, and style, and the fun Aussi words and expressions that I’m learning from you. Thanks for blogging so faithfully, and for keeping’ it real.

  125. Lee says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve also been lurking for a couple of years now, I so enjoy my daily dose!
    I’m from Launceston, in Tassie. Way down south (and bit more). Family of four, with a little brick house on a hill, we’re busily renovating at the moment. (And all walls at home, dulux antique white usa – love it!)
    I’ve also started to blog about it, but I’ve a motivation problem (procrastination more like) ;) so I’ve a few hurdles to get over before I find my mojo.
    I’m a daily reader of ABC, and have also tried out your chicken parcel recipe a couple of nights ago – the flavour was awesome, but for some reason my carrot and potato turned out crunchy, hmmm might have another go next week :)
    So big thumbs up from me (a very happy reader!)

  126. lizzie says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m 42 and live on the east coast of Austraila. I love your blog, the style and the way you share.

  127. Jacey says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am a teacher from Manitoba, Canada, and nowhere near a beach, but certainly enjoying the beautiful falling snow outside. It’s just me in this house o’ mine, and I love it. :) I love your photographs and enjoy reading about life down under, and your home projects. I read your blog at my kitchen counter in the evening before heading to bed. Thanks for all that you share!

  128. Kay says:

    Hi Sarah.. I am a middle aged librarian in NZ, kids left home many years ago and still hoping for grandchildren one day. I am a bit of a blog addict and read over 500 blogs using an aggregator (I know.. get a life!) . I have them all neatly sorted into folders such as food, houses, crafts etc….. except for yours. I am not entirely sure why.. it is something to do with they way that you manage to connect with your readers and make things seem possible and achievable.. it is in a class of its own and too good to lump in with all the others! Thank you for all the pleasure that you bring us!

    • sarah says:

      well thank you! I am very honoured

      500 blogs, sheesh you should start a blog on blog reading tips haha or at least give talks on it…kinda interesting that you are a librarian at the same time…that is the modern world for you and modern communication …non?


  129. Hi, I’m Carrie! What a fun post. I’m new here and I have been looking around a bit tonight. I am a small town girl from LeClaire, Iowa USA. I really feel like I was meant to live near the beach. For now I will settle for living in the small country town nestled on the riverbanks of the Mississippi River where my husband & I both grew up. I love all the simple things in life. We are about to completely remodel our new home. I’m thinking about taking your blogging course too. Best Wishes.

    • sarah says:

      you are the second person on here today from the Mississippi River…sounds pretty romantic to me Carrie!

      welcome to my old place, I hope you enjoy it here , thanks for saying hello xo

  130. sharran miles says:

    Hi Sarah ….I’m Sharran from sutherland (near cronulla ) been following you for a while now my husband says “you stalking again ” when he sees me make a coffee and sit down at the computer !!! love you style and sense of humor…. About me I also have a wonderful handy husband and 3 kids and love the costal look for my 80 yr old house !!!! thank you for giving me an excuse for MY time !!!…..

    • sarah says:

      hey sharran! my son right now is jumping in a pool with a girl from Cronulla..small world

      I love stalking blogs haha x x

  131. Kristen says:

    Hi Sarah happy friday to you and its nearly wine-o clock :)
    I can’t believe how many people follow your blog from overseas so heres one for the Aussie Map
    Dubbo central west NSW ( Home of the western plains Zoo ) and many other wonderful things and People.
    Im A stay at home mum of 3 which i love after many years of working but we have our own business as well, so I do alot on the sidelines when most of the household is sleeping,
    Also building our dream home :)) with white brick laid tiles and timber floors
    that we have built to resemble an old farm house and cannot wait to move in and start on the garden with chooks, veges, roses and hydrangras everywhere.
    I love reading your blog most mornings i also love things recycled & white :)
    Cheers Happy friday Kristen

  132. sharon says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a SAHM, with a nearly 2 and a 4 and a half year old. I used to teach piano full time and teach an early childhood music programme. Also lived near Bondi and moved up to the Central Coast when our first baby was 8 months old…what a CHANGE!! My days now just revolve around the children and serving up hot dinners to my commuting husband. LOVE my life but another change is coming when the older one starts school next year, so meanwhile I’m just enjoying the under five utopia..haha…ADORE your blog, slowly filing away ideas for when we buy our cottage by the sea(we’re still renting)

    • sarah says:

      Yes big change from Bondi to where u r now i am thinking

      We have visited the central coast heaps through kiddos sport…love the beaches and the colours a bit further north from us xx

  133. Nicole W says:

    I discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago whilst holidaying in Esperance WA & have been stalking it every day/night since! { we live approx 3 & half hours inland in Kalgoorlie } I have always loved visiting this little coastal town, it takes me back to my childhood where we would often holiday & then as teenagers, when life was so simple & carefree.. We hadn’t visited there for over 2 & half years & I just had an urge to see white sand (we have red dirt) & blue water that wasn’t our backyard swimming pool! So I booked a beach house for the following weekend, packed the kids & husband up & went! This was the 1st trip away that we didn’t have to pack a porta cot, strollers etc so it was much easier! Something inside sparked my love of this quaint coastal town again & I made a decision we were to visit at least 3 times a year! I am a SAHM to 2 girls & 2 boys ages 8, 7, 5 & 3.. My decorating style is based on French vintage/natural, beiges, whites, greys & lattes with hints of duck egg blue & natural, distressed pieces.. Since reading your blog I have started incorporated some more coastal pieces, I’ve dug out my collection of sea shells & now proudly display them! Ive purchased your clay tags tut & my first batch is proudly strangling my collection of white jugs & anything else that a piece of jute will go around ;o) i have the kids wooden toybbox in my living area read to be primed in zinnser primer & then lashings of white paint! { I too paint indoors lol } We built our home approx 5 years ago so although it isn’t tatty it can be a challenge to take it from cookie cutter house & make it look “lived” in & comfy !! I watch your vlogs & have a good chuckle for quite some time after ! You are a hoot woman! So now my youngest spends 2 & half days @ kindy a week, THANKYOU for inspiring me to get off my butt & finish the projects I have around here!! My other loves are also IKEA, my Canon, polka dot oil cloth of which never leaves the table, tissue paper Pom poms, Donna Hay mags, my hills hoist, fabric bunting & my cream kitchenaid! Keep up the awesome work! From the other side of this amazing country, Nicole x ps I have just claimed the 1st 10 lemons to come off my parents lemon tree, I’m going to give your limoncello a go, I was watering at the mouth reading that post!! pps Sorry about the long post! xx

    • sarah says:

      Lovely comment and very inspiring Nicole.

      We love all the same things tho I still haven’t got me a kithenaid lol!

      Omg the limo cello will be amazing with home grown lemons. I just had a little night cap of my own actually.

      Cheers from this side xox

      • Nicole W says:

        Thanks for replying you have made my day! There is a bit of a story that goes around our family on how to acquire a kitchenaid courtesy of my husband! My sister has tried many a time ;o) a coupla years ago I was INSISTENT I was making homemade nougat for Christmas.. So I get to the step where I’m adding the warm syrup to my stiff egg whites & my poor other brand mixer was not up to task so it’s internal gears shot & refused to budge… I still had other home baked goodies to make so I sent my poor “don’t argue with the mrs on Christmas eve” husband to fetch my mums also other brand mixer.. On coming home he opens the tailgate to remove said mixer & of course the thing rolls out hits the concrete with an almighty THUD!! Cutting a long story short my poor husband had to buy not one but TWO Kitchenaids.. So as my sister has asked many a time “Blair, wanna borrow my mixmaster?!” ;o)

  134. Alison says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m from Texas and I love reading your blog. I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend, dog and cat but dream of owning a home near the water. I love all things coastal and your blog gives me so much inspiration for my tiny space. I even recently purchased a new white slipcover for our Karlstad Ikea sofa, and boy oh boy did it make a huge difference in our living room. Cheers to you and yours!

    • sarah says:

      G’day Texas! Tiny spaces are lovely places.

      And yep white slip covers make a huge difference to a space!!!

      Thanks for commenting and saying hello xx

  135. Wendy says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a grandma of 6 kids with 2 more on the way, I live in a 50 year old beach cottage near the heads of Port Philip Bay about an hour and a half from Melbourne. I retired from work in January and my husband and I now live a much more simple life in this beautiful part of the world. I love your blog and have been lurking for a couple of years but as today is de-lurking day I feel it’s time to come clean! Thanks for the tip about Emerson at Big W, new wardrobe for practically nothing. And thanks for all the great decorating ideas. And a big thank you for sharing your life with us. Take care xx

  136. Melanie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Absolutely adore your blog! Thank you for all the hard work you put in to this site. I love all things beach/nautical and that’s why I enjoy your site so much. I live a block and a half from the beach and some day I hope to visit Australia. So here I am, stopping by to say hello. Thanks again!

    • sarah says:

      Hello Melanie. You would love Australia. Who wouldn’t ??

      Lucky u for living so close to the beach xx

  137. Jen says:

    Hello Miss Sarah, I just love ABC.

    Wow, this is so cool, delurking and discovering where all your readers are…woohoo.

    I started reading blogs just before Christmas & can’t believe this wonderful world exists….joy joy. Sarah, thank you for blogging…your style, home and snippets of Sydney beach life are a delight each day. Really love your content especially that the pics are yours! You are quite a photographer.

    I’m a 40 yr old SAHM to a precious boy with Aspergers/SPD/ OCD who is currently transitioning from a special school to mainstream (ahhhh) so with my surfer hubby our lives are pretty full on, but fun…think Lego, playing trains & jumping in the pool. We live on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula across the road from Port Phillip Bay, our beach is gorgeous yet I realised at christmas we barely acknowledge it, but since discovering ABC I’ve made a concerted effort that we make the most of what’s on our doorstep….it really is a blessing. So now we carry our dinner over there on a warm night, ride our bikes along the foreshore & get over there early to watch the racehorses swimming before we get ready for school. A beautiful way to start the day.

    I’ve always lived close to the beach; Margaret River’s Gracetown, San Diego’s Pacific Beach and even now, we dream of another move one day to another beach up Queensland way.

    Keep up the great work…you’re a star!
    Jen xx

    PS whenever my husband spies me on the iPad, he’ll wink & say “‘just checking the pommie Aussie chic again are we” coz he knows something new is about to happen– searching Supre madly for a stripped skirt (got it, love it), chalkboard painting or making your layered salad (another recipe hit).
    PPS love your Instagram too….like a quick sugar hit!

    • sarah says:

      Thanks I am so glad people have noticed the content is all mine…that’s somethingni am quite proud of…it’s so easy to just copy and paste from magazines and so not real!!!

      I know a lot of Aussies who don’t even go to the beach….some of my kiddos friends live here near us on the beaches and cannot swim!!!!

      One of my sons friends had been to the beach twice in his whole life!!!!!

      So good to hear you out there…this country sure is pretty special and blessed

      Hmmm I like that he called me a pommie Aussie chick haha. We play Aussie / pom in our house on what we like best I.e Aussie beer or pommie beer. Aussie beach or pommie beach. Aussie pub or pommie pub. Normally Aussie wins hands down but NOT on the pub or hot chips


      P.s I shoulda got commission on the skirtsnand have you tried the MooGoo?? X

  138. Erin says:

    Hey Sarah, I’m Erin from Perth and also a 40 is the new 30. (Except for the under arm thingies that definitely weren’t there at 30!!!) I have been reading ABC for a couple of years and found you thru Gail McCormack’s site. She said your blog was addictive and she was right. I have 4 kiddos, but due to the fact 2 of them were born about a decade earlier that they should have been, they are now both married and have their own homes. (and generously making me a nanny at the ripe old age of 40 :) I am mostly a SAH mum, but work a couple of days a week out of my home and in someone else’s. I work with children teaching Sunday school. Love my house and always looking for inspiration to paint and decorate. I also adore white paint, anything French, stripey, beigey, vintage-y and easy to cook.

    • sarah says:

      Yuk I hate those under arm thingies!

      Wow a grandma at my age! Well I had mine young but not as young as you tho if history repeats itself it won’t be too long til I am in the same boat!!!

      I must catch up with Gail…xxxx

  139. Steph says:

    Hi, I’m Steph I live on the northern beaches in a little old cottage with my partner. It’s our first home together so all yr hints and tips of style on a budget have made our house into a home. Yr blog gives me something to read while my partner is watching footy or cricket. Needless to say I owe you! Keep up the good work xx

    • sarah says:

      Sounds like a pretty rocking place for a first pad ;-)

      At least it’s not afl or soccer which is what is in our house xo

  140. Cheryl says:

    Hello Sarah
    My name is Cheryl and I have been following your blog since you featured in the Real Living magazine some time back. I’m a mum of two gorgeous teenage boys and one hot husband. We celebrate fifteen years of marriage today! I grew up in a small town not far from Goulburn and moved to Queensland when I was 22. I live in the country near a small town called Boonah in a little old church and whopping big garden. I love decorating and am constantly changing things around and hunt for all things vintage. I work at a primary school as an art assistant which is pretty full on as you can imagine so after I get home from work I jump on line and visit you and your beaches. It somehow refreshes and inspires me when the chips are down and I’m feeling blah.. I love your stories, recipes, fashion vlogs, photos, but most of all your down to earth and honest nature. I love REAL people and consider you one of them.
    Thank Sarah for your inspiration x

  141. Toyah says:

    Hi there! I’m 30, a surfer and live in Cornwall back in your Homeland with my boyfriend and 3 crazy dogs. whilst my house is not at the beach, it’s close enough. It’s our own beach cottage that we’ve been decorating for the last year or so. We’re lucky enough to go to an amazing part of France each year for a surf competition so have over the years picked up various shabby bits for our home. When we moved in our house we moved from a furnished rented house so we had to fill a 3 bed house from top to bottom pretty much from scratch.

    I had not at that point read many blogs and certainly none about furniture makeovers but had fallen in love with several pieces of over priced shabby furniture but figured i could do it myself . So i gave it a shot and it came out pretty good! So our furniture solution was solved- we got our hands on a load of second hand furniture and i got to work. It was then I thought other people must be doing the same as me and found your blog.

    I’m a solicitor but lucky enough that I get to work at home with my 3 dogs all day and do a bit of painting before work and at lunch . I’ve even started selling piece online now that I’ve done. Unfortunately we don’t have the same roadside finds here so I have to trawl the charity shops and eBay but it’s worth it for the buzz you get from seeing an ugly piece turned into something beautiful

    Keep up the good work from one British chick to another

  142. Sharon says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sharon here. I discovered your blog around Christmas time when I was looking for beach glass on line. I relocated from Auckland to Melbourne in April last year and have been in limbo housewise until now when finally our stuff is coming over after being in storage. I live with my darling husband and our 19 year old daughter has just joined us from NZ. Our 17 year old son is still in Auckland to finish his last year of school there and visits us in the holidays. Im an exeutive assistant and read your blog after dinner to see whats been happening……its like meeting up with a friend as i havent made many here yet. I love your blog because we used to live one street back from the beach in Auckland and now live in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne……and I miss the beach every day. Your blog stands out for being fresh and light. Thanks for the lovely recipes – I tried the layered salad a few weeks ago and of course it was a hit. Have a lovely weekend.

    • sarah says:

      Moving is a big step Sharon and finding friends to chat with. I guess you are not too long of a flight away. Xxx. Thanks for leaving me a comment today and isn’t that a fab salad?

  143. bep lengkeek says:

    Hi Sarah, love reading your blog, you always make me feel so positive.
    Although my house has hardly any white in it, I like your style !
    I live in Holland with my husband and 16 year old daughter and 2 cats. I do administrative and sales things in the packaging machine import company I run with my 2 brothers.
    We are about half an hours drive from the beaches but they sure are different to yours and I think I like yours better and I am sure the
    weather is better where you are.
    Hope you keep inspiring us for a long time to come !
    Groetjes from Holland.

    • sarah says:

      Wow waving to Holland. Only been there twice and I always remember all the quilts hanging out ofnthe windows upstairs to air. Funny!

      And of course the fields of flowers form the train window xxx

  144. Neen says:

    Hi Sarah, I love your blog, my daily read gives me inspiration about decorating and life luvvie. I grew up in country NE/Victoria, Australia ( hi to everyone in the Kiewa Valley) on a dairy farm and couldn’t wait to move to the ‘city’ ,well central Victoria does have a big city. I have been living here since 1997, went to uni, met my hunk of spunk hubby and stayed. We live in a ‘Victorian’ style house with high ceilings, 3 little bedrooms and 19 years ago moved the tiolet inside !! I stayed home with our two kids for 10 years and returned to work doing Casual Replacement Teaching. I now have the dream job of tutoring ‘Right Brain’ learners who find the school literacy and numeracy programs too inflexible for their style of learning. I LOVE my job…..we will build a school one day in the future. We have been teaching in an old stone barn for the past 5 years ( outside toilet, cows calving, chooks to feed, room to climb trees and build cubby houses) the atmosphere in the building makes teaching and learning incredibly easy. We have been renovating our house for 19 years……we are now re-doing rooms that needed a freshen up. The kids bedrooms have fresh paint,( Antique White) AMAZING cornice, polished floorboards and finally robes for storage.( IKEA decorating knick nacks, desks and bookcases) Ensuite plans are at council and I dream (daily) of storage for my plates and knick nacks. We try to get to the beach once a year to refresh our souls. My decorating style is neutrals, beachy, relaxed, old plate style ???? Love your work, so REAL and HONEST. So, Hi from me !! :)

    • sarah says:

      Ummm hi Neenah can I come live with you? Pretty please? Xx

      • sarah says:

        Ooops sorry on my iPad and predictive text called you that xxxx

        • Neen says:

          I get Neen (family), Neeno (nephews and nieces) ane Neenie ( stuedents ) so I pretty much answer to anything, predictive text too !! Sure you can come and visit, my home is open to all and sundry. I re-read what I wrote and need to actually appreciate that LIFE IS GOOD more often. Thanks for the oppportunity to share.

          • Neen says:

            My 12 year old son just read our msgs to each other he thinks you are soooooo cool to reply. My oops with student spelling above, typos aaargh!! My students would be so happy to see that mistake as I am constantly telling them everyone makes mistakes it’s how we handle them that matters. It’s ok to be wrong and there’s more than one way to problem solve.

  145. RosieRose says:

    Hey Sarah……….

    I am RosieRose………38yrs old Melbourne girl who is wife, mum and carer to my darling 6 year old high medical/special needs son and a healthy hilarious 4 year old boy….
    We are just about to move into a new home which I have dubbed Rome (as it has taken such a long time)..we are owner builders and have built this house with blood, sweat and lots of tears but it was only way we could afford this house which wheelchair friendly but most importantly beautiful……Refusing to let our difficuties get me down I distract myself by placing a lot of emphasis on “The Pretty” I want a pretty house, pretty clothes and love reading and experiencing beauty in the world. Whilst breastfeeding my youngest (for 3 wonderful years) I started reading blogs and found yours which I am addicted to….its your style, your honesty and your blog presentation…. When not in blogland I am also chatting on The Decorating Forum http://www.decoratingforum.com.au why don’t you come across sometime for a chat…..:)

    • sarah says:

      Ahh hello Rosie I am actually a member of the forum but never have much time it seems nowadays ;-))

      Sounds like we are very similar, lucky you to be able to build your own home!

      Nice to hear from you from Lurkdom x

  146. HI Sarah, I am a wife of a very busy Stock and Station Agent (buys and sells cattle for people) and mother of 3, 2 are at home and the eldest is at boarding school in Toowoomba. They are all high achievers! We live 6 km from our town in North Western NSW- Moree where we have 3000 acres of farming and grazing country.

    I work full time at the local high school (years 7-9)as a Teacher Librarian, which I absolutely loooove but is tiring yet very rewarding.
    I sometimes read your blog at work, but only in my lunch break, I am waaaay too busy otherwise. Lunchtimes are me times, and I lock myself in my office with my lunch(if I have packed it!) and Ipad and read away.

    I entered the blogging world last year as I have a ‘need’ to learn what it is all about. I looove technology and like to keep up with it. I kinda have great memory and an insatiable thirst for knowledge!

    I like to sloth around waaaay too much after work, in holidays and on weekends! Hence my house is a wreck most of the time.

    • sarah says:

      Jodie, I need to talk to you about going to stay on a cattle station!

      I am determined to get to one this year, I wanted to go in the big heat of the summer, but it looks like I have missed that now! I am scheduling a weekend away for myself and Mr Beach Cottage…it’s on my bucket list and I am not waiting around for much longer to tick it off….

      wow sounds like you have a busy job with that age kids…good on you!

      you know what when I read you say ‘i love technology’ I nodded in agreement…oh yes me too

      thanks for reading along, too kind x

  147. Robyn says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m Robyn.

    Born and bred in South Africa. Lived in Paris for a couple of yrs in my early 20′s. Moved to the UK in 2002 and then to Australia in 2010 so still new here in Melbourne. I am a SAHM to a 13yo and a 5yo but have recently started working part-time at an enviromental monitoring company. Found your blog a couple of yrs ago while doing image searching on Google and been following ever since.

    I used to read your blog during the day after school/kinder drop off, but now it’s in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed and I can read in peace!

    Thru your blog comments and FB I have met and made some other friends in the area! How cool is that!?

    • sarah says:

      That is very cool! I have made friends here too via the same routes. Amazing. Love to you and thanks for being a regular commenter here I appreciate that xx

  148. Hi! I’m reading your blog from a seaside village located in the West of France. I usually read it at home over a cup of tea, sometimes in between marking papers, as I’m a teacher. I know what you mean about the strange thing that blogging is. I began mine just because I thought my friends and family would love to see what my new life was in my little fisherman’s cottage and it turns out most of my readers are strangers… But I love it, it’s a bit like having penpals all over the world, which is something I loved when I was young. Also, reading blogs from all over the world enables me to say true and funny stuff to my pupils. Like in a post a few months ago, you wrote that the weather wasn’t so great for the summer… And I told my pupils the next day (they are young and didn’t even know it was summer in Australia when we were in the middle of winter!).

    • sarah says:

      Be still my heart! G’day France!
      Love to hear you talk to yr pupils about australia. I talk to my family about the people whose blogs I read in all parts ofnthe world too.

      Thanks for being a part of today’s delurk. Xx

  149. Lucy says:

    Hey Sarah!

    I’m Lucy… I’m 28 and live in Southsea over in Dear old Blighty. I started following you about 8 or 9 months ago, my mum suggested I might like your blog and she was right! I work in office administration and usually read your blog (along with others on bloglovin’) when I get into the office whilst drinking a cuppa.

    I was in Australia during 09/10 on a working holiday visa… that’s where I met my boyfriend and we’ve been together ever since. So when I returned to the UK, I took up his offer of living with him in Portsmouth instead of heading back to the midlands…. after my year in the beautiful land of Oz I just love being by the sea. I grant you it’s not the same as being on Cottesloe beach and watching the sunsets there but it’s the next best thing. I daydream every day about one day living in Australia again but it’s a way off yet. One of us has got to have a skill or something else that will guarantee us a place in that amazing country. Meanwhile we’re saving for a holiday there later this year. So exciting…Your photos take me there instantly and I go through waves of ahhh amazing, wow etc to grrr I’m sick with jealousy!

    Your cottage rocks and so do you… I’m slowly but surely turning our flat from dull magnolia boys pad to lovely, cool, quirky and awesome home… we recently had a bathroom done too so it’s been interesting reading your journey along with ours! Ours is very white, but that ain’t a bad thing hey!?

    Look forward to your next posts :)

    • sarah says:

      Lovely comment Lucy!

      You know what the English coastline is pretty special too. Looking back now I wonder why we don’t celebrate it more I guess it’s the weather

      Good luck with getting over here it was not easy for us we didnt have a skill as such so had to find other ways xxx

      • Lucy says:

        The coast line is beautiful here yeah, just depending on the weather! I want to explore some more of it over the summer… Dorset, Devon and Cornwall etc.

        Any tips on getting over there would be greatly appreciated… What other ways are there? All the different visas are so confusing!

        • sarah says:

          well we came on a 457 visa which bascially means you have to find someone to sponsor you for a job position that cannot be filled by an Australian…

          or you can come on a study visa, which was our back-up option – I would have been studying and Mr BC working – but on that visa he could only work part-time and you have to have funding too….that was the expensive way of doing it and luckily Mr BC got a couple of job offers over here and so we came that way…it was a tough gig and took nearly a year of planning, networking and scheming, but we made it

  150. Marnie says:

    Hi Sarah
    I have been popping in on your blog probably for the last year or so… I’m a stay at home mum with two rascal girls, 4 & 2 :) Live near the beach in Perth WA. Used to live (rent) in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Got married on Coogee Beach :) Love reading your posts about life in the northern beaches of Sydney. I sooo want to get back there for a visit! Just love your humour and fabulous stories on life/clothing/ decor etc… It does bring a smile to my face. I am a decorating addict and just love reading blogs though I just have a select few these days I check in on otherwise I’d get nothing done! :) Looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom. Love your budget savvy realness :) Keep up the good. Marnie x

    • sarah says:

      Hi and hello Perth. Well what a place to get married. Lucky duck. Thanks for reading along xx

  151. Go you amazing thing Sarah! Love your work. And love openly lurking here!

  152. I am a follower, sitting in New Brunswick, Canada (yes, we still have snow, uggg!), in my livingroom, as my daughter eats her breakfast. And, I’m wishing I were there, with those gorgeous beaches!!!

  153. mel says:

    Hi sarah, im another nurse with a 3 yrold daughter. its just us two and i have always lived near the beach alas renting. i have just managed to buy my own little beach cottage up the coast to do a few bits to and live a life more chilled, with more family, a veggie garden and a hammock under my big tree. I love sydney but its just time to go now. The little house just needs my old furniture in it and a few bits doing to it. So your blog is an amazing reference as i have collected old furniture for years and white washed it. Im moving up to forster. One of the most gorgeous areas ever. I adore your blog and style. Perfection.

  154. Rochelle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m a mum at home, trying to get my own blog up and running. Don’t have time everyday to read your blog, but I sure try. I am in Denmark. Love the destressed table and the styling going on in the picture. Love your blog.


  155. Julia says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Julia, writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I read your blog each night before going to sleep (around 11am your time) and read the comments next day while having breakfast. I’m a Project Mgr for a US-based Co. working from home, live with my husband and cat… I’m always redecorating and I think I arrived to the beach cottage through some decoration blog.
    Hugs, J

  156. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah, This is too fun! Wow! We’re from Everywhere! I’m a longtime 2-3 year follower, but an occasional commenter. I’m reading you and comments over morning coffee in my loft before getting ready to go to work. I’m in public relations and enjoy your tales about that…There’s a lot less glam in it than people think! An empty-nester… I was a single Mom for nearly all my girl’s upbringing. Always loved the ocean, and now live in Laguna Beach, Calif. No ocean view, but just up the road from Main Beach. Worked hard to get and stay here. Mentioned once that my 2-bedroom was light, bright and airy. That’s where I come from in my heart, and why I love your blog! Love your ideas, spirit, down-to-earth pragmatism, and of course, the beach cottage. My home is a mix of coastal white and blue and I’ll be looking for white chalkboard paint on Saturday! Who knew! Have a great weekend and many thanks for inviting us into your life, family and cottage!

  157. Paige says:

    I’m Paige, a thirty-something housewife and military spouse. I live in San Diego, CA with my husband, cat and 2 labs. I love the sea, shells, stripes, and all kinds of beachy things. I stop by when I can to catch up on your blog, but I follow along on twitter, pinterest, and instagram.

  158. Isabel says:

    Love your pictures, Mrs. Beach Cottage ;-)! My favourite is the green chair standing in the water. I’m in Zurich, Switzerland. I read your blog when I’m off work, it helps me wind down. I have always liked your posts about home decoration. This week I tried your chicken tortilla soup and my husband loved it, too ;-). I’m 33 years old, we live in an appartment block (dreaming of a life in the country – as there is no sea around here, just mountains – and planning on moving soon!). I work as a secretary to a lawyer specialised in banking law…


  159. Sarah W. says:

    I’m Sarah, a 26 year old single gal, from Kentucky, USA. I walk dogs for a living, which is a lot more work than it sounds. I read your blog everyday and dream of having a place of my own to decorate. And while I love the sea, I lean towards more cooler climates than yours.

  160. Mandy says:

    I am Mandy – a New Yorker, event planner and new blogger (http://littlemaison.com). I just discovered your wonderful blog and can’t wait to keep following! The images are just divine.

    More about me: I am an only child, have a parkeet named Lucky, have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, secretly wish my art school education had been for either photography or home design (what did I know at 18) and I am also an avid reader (just got a nook!).

    Keep up the fabulous work! Mandy

  161. Pamela says:

    My name is Pamela, I live in the USA…in the midwest. I’m a stay at home mom of two that are 23 & 16. Yes, my kids are grown & pretty much grown. I do daycare at home for 13 years now & would now love to find a job outside the home.

    I love your blog!!! It was your blog that got me started reading…well…a lot of blogs. I love your home, pictures of the beach, stories, food…EVERYTHING!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  162. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Your pics are awesome. I’m in the Sandbridge area of Va Beach, Virginia. I’m a mom, a grandma (to 2 wonderful girls) and a commercial photographer. I live on the water in a beach house that I’m renting and is in desperate need of “rejuvinating”. Apparently the owners are stuck in the 70′s as far as decor goes. But no matter how ugly the almost black velvet paintings are that were on the wall (I HAD to take them down when I moved in and replace ‘em with my work), it’s still on the water and I still love it. Keep up the great work!

  163. joyce tx says:

    Your beach pics bring back memories of trips taken… I can even smell the ocean, too! so- Thank You! You’ve a fan/stalker/occasional commenter here near Austin TX. This is our 3rd year here & I am not missing the Pennsylvania winters we had, at all! [Kind of surprised at that myself!]
    I’ve always loved to decorate/arrange furniture…get the creating juices running kind of thing. Your style strikes close to my heart & I try to bring touches of it into my house, which, sadly is decorated in a husband-compromise style! My sis and I used to create rooms in the woods near our house- outlining the walls with stones and decorating with what we found. Great memories!
    I taught for 35 years…Kdgn the last 27! I’d warn my kiddos when I’d pick them up to head up to the room that “I moved the furniture, so be prepared!” Once they got over that first time ‘What!!!! Uh-oh!’ ” moment- they had a great time exploring! You’d think it was a brand new place, not one with the same bits moved here and there! That’s what I like- the sense of newness when things get moved around… felling the new vibe of the room.
    Truly enjoy your blog, love your outlook on life, and envy your beach living!

  164. Christine says:

    Hi Sarah, I have been following your blog for nearly 2 years and am a huge lurker fan. Love your down-to-earth view on life, fashion and homes. I am a fashion designer from Geelong, Victoria so also like to read about and envy your Sydney weather. (though not at the moment!) I have 2 older teenage sons (both into sport, like your kids) so need lots of girly things to balance my testosterone-filled life. Even our cat is male! Keep up the lovely blog and I will make a point of commenting more. It never occured to me that you might like to know your readers!

  165. Lynne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I live in Seattle, Washington. Lots of rain here, just like they say. But also mountains, oceans, islands and beautiful views. I’m the mom of four, but the youngest is 17 now and I’ve gone back to work — I love it! I read your blog and dream about having a house on the ocean and drinking limoncello on the porch in the evenings.

  166. Janet in Kentucky USA says:

    Hi Sarah, I am a 57 yr old beach goddess living in Louisville, Ky. I used to live at beach in Florida and met my husband there. After marriage we moved to his hometown in Kentucky. Would love to move back to beach someday. I love your blog! It makes me say “aaahhhhhh” and relax. I pop in at different times during the day. Fun to see where other readers are from. Makes this big old world seem a lot smaller. I think I found your blog from Pioneer Woman blog and so glad I did.

  167. Tim says:

    Hi – I’m not a regular reader, but I hopped on over from twitter to read your blog! I’m a blogging enthusiast, in fact that is my job with W.J. Wheeler – and insurance agency in Maine. I enjoyed reading your post and I’ll visit from time to time! Nice work :)

  168. Karen Llyn Milholland says:

    I’m 55, 56 in June, I’m in Greensboro, NC, USA, and an administrative assistant for a newspaper for the furniture industry (Sandow Media is our parent company). I don’t have a computer at home, so I check your site on my lunch break most of the time, sometimes before or after work. I think I inherited my love of the sea from my Mother who grew up in Southampton, NY. We used to go visit her family up there for a week each summer. The sea is my most tranquil place – there’s something so soothing about the rhythm of waves. I hope someday to live by the sea. Until then, I decorate with seasonal touches – the sea from June through August. Until then, I love the glimpses you provide of the sea and of coastal decor. I am single, never married. I used to be painfully shy. Work has helped pull me out of my shell. Just hoping to meet a good man with a kind heart. Good luck on your continuing remodeling project. We seem to like so many of the same things, I think we are kindred spirits as Anne of Green Gables would say. Best wishes and keep on blogging. Take care.

  169. Nuria says:

    Hi Sarha

    I’m Nuria, a reader from Barcelona, and right now I’m surrounded by dozens of boxes as I moved to a new house just one week ago. Seeing your beautiful posts relaxes me in these hectic days!

  170. ameriga says:

    I just discovered your blog a while ago, I read it every time you post an update on twitter! I am italian but live in Santiago (Chile), no sea in sight but my apartment could easily be facing the sea in Miami :)
    love your blog!!

  171. izzie says:

    Have been a follower for about a year now. I am a 49 year old mum to 2 girls – 24 and 19 and 4 stepchildren – girls – 18 and 27 and boys – 21 and 24- phew!!, I live in West Sussex U.K – 3 mins walk from the beach.
    Been great reading about the other fellow beach cottagers – just an idea – maybe we could think about doing holiday house swops – we seem to have people the world over – who obviously are interested in similar things otherwise they wouldn’t be reading your blog- What does anyone think??????

    • Susan says:

      What a great idea Izzie! Isn’t amazing how many people connect over a blog – from all over the world!

  172. Tors says:

    I’m sitting in sunny Wales (no, it really is today, I’ve made a note in my calendar, don’t worry). I read your blog from home, where I work … sort of. I want to set up my own copy writing business working from home, where I live with a very large dog that looks like a wolf and a little black and white cat. I’m also in the middle of removing all the woodchip wallpaper covering every wall and ceiling of my entire house. Oh the fun. I used to work in television production, but there’s not enough work here to support myself full time and pay the mortgage, and apparently working in telly makes you unemployable to anyone else so self employed it is! ;)

    Thanks for all the great decorating ideas! I’m going to be scouring your back catalogue for tips and tricks once I’m wallpaper free!

  173. Ellie says:

    Hi I read your blog usually when I am home in the evenings. Sometimes I take a sneaky peek into your blog while I am at work (I work outside the home fulltime) but that doesnt always work very well – slow computer can’t cope. Anyway, greetings from the west of Ireland and keep up the good work! Love the blog.

  174. Lesa says:

    Hi Sarah –
    I’m a mother of three who works as an Interior Designer in sunny South Florida, USA – and I am lucky enough to live less than a five minute walk from the beach! My kids are a bit older than yours, post college, college, and finishing high school – so we are in the time of our lives (and houses) where a major shift is about to take place (downsizing to suiting my husband and myself rather than the needs of a family) …. I think that’s why I have related to your blog – with your GIANT move across the globe. Admittedly, I have been lurking on your blog for a couple of months now and really enjoy wading thru your day with you. My favorite parts – have to be your style/fashion posts. I love to see how you have dealt with a casual, polished look in heat and humidity… while not blowing the budget on $500 scarves, $12,000 handbags and $600 jeans, etc. You are a great inspiration for many – so please keep up the good work!!

  175. sandy johnson says:

    I am a follower from Alaska. No beaches here! I think that I have been following you for about a year. Love your style, your posts and can totally relate to the broomstick at times! In the depths of dark, cold winter, it is nice to read about something warm. I would love to move to Australia and live the “Beach Cottage” life! My 4 daughters are grown and off on their own. I have 2 cute grandkids. I love to change things up but spend little. Keep on going, you give me a pick-me-up every day!

    • Peggy says:


      Where in Alaska? We moved to Indiana from Nenana just over two years ago… Oddly enough I do miss Alaska, just not the harsh cold of winter.

      • sandy johnson says:

        I live about 20 miles north of Anchorage. It is beautiful. . .in the summer. I love it then. We have had a REALLY snowy winter and I am tired of snow this year. I am ready for sun, green grass and leaves on the trees!

  176. Amanda says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a 37yr old married mum to two busy school aged boys and one cheeky Labrador. We live over the ditch in Auckland, also on the coast. Have been reading about you and your lovely beach cottage for over a year now. Your posts are just delightful, full of what I like in a blog, decor, fashion, humor and the beach. Thanks for injecting some sunshine in my week!

  177. Aisling says:

    Hi Sarah, I am an interior design magazine junkie (and some blogs) :)) I live in an old wooden 1900 house that used to be a villa, probably, on the beach in Island Bay, New Zealand. I have been reading your blog for about 2 yrs and post occasionally. I have been known to read your blog on the bus :)). I have two kids 8 and 9 and work full time in IT. I love sitting on the deck with a glass of wine looking at the sea and your blog reminds me to do more of that!

    I love your ideas and since reading your blog I have bought far too much old tatty furniture on Trade Me (NZ version of ebay) intending to paint it white….. sometime… soon….

    I have a piano stool to paint and reupholster (I have not reupholstered anything before – I know the fabric I want and the colour of paint (white of course – I have even bought it but it is still in my shed….), an old pine sideboard bought as a bookcase/cupboard for my daughter’s room, some bedside tables etc, etc.

    I have recently started a little part-time business to itch another passion – cooking – I am selling my jams and chutneys at local fairs and it is fun!!!

    Your slow-cooker recipes have been a big hit too! I have made the forty garlic chicken and chorizo stew


  178. mellie lang says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m Mel, sometimes I call myself Mellie because my husband calls me this and it’s the nicest name anyone has called me, it makes me smile.

    Anyway I comment on your blog from time to time but I read it a lot and it connects to me more than most bloggers, I think it’s because you write as you would talk about things that genuinely interest you so I love reading it. I discovered your blog one day at work on launch break, I was a fashion designer working for a Uk brand at the time but last year I left and started designing and making things to sell for myself so I work away on my knitting machine in my attic and I love on a tea break reading your blog to see what you’ve been upto.

    I currently live by the sea and in a cottage too, in a tiny place called Pembrokeshire in West Wales, not sure if you went there when you lived in the Uk but it’s really pretty and coastal and beautiful when the sun is out.

    I have lived here for 8 years, and had 5 years married and in our little cottage. I have loved decorating it, I have just finished all the big jobs around the house and about to start doing all the fun finishing bits and bobs but now things are about to change quite dramatically.
    We’re going to be leaving our little cottage in 26 days and we are getting on a one way flight with a 457 visa to Perth AUSTRALIA for 4 years!!!

    We are very excited, but I am a bit sad about leaving our cottage. I’m hoping things fall into place with a lot of hard work and maybe we’ll find a new cottage project to work on.

    Thanks for sharing the story of the bus conversation, great read as always, keep up the great work Sarah,

    Love Mellie xxx

  179. Annastacia says:

    Ha ha a little bit of a lurker. I take full credit for that, but I kind of like being a lurker :) Anyways, I am young, early 20′s married to an amazing man who is a law student. We have an adorable and sweet little man who I have the pleasure of staying home with :) We live in Nashville Tennessee but aren’t from here. We have moved a lot but this is home and I love it! I read your blog sitting on my ugly $50 couch during nap time. I think what I love most about your blog is that you share they beach with those of us poor landlocked girls and that you inspire me to be a cute momma! Thanks for all you sharing!

  180. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Tania Maree and I read your gorgeous blog from Newcastle, just up the coast a bit. We built our ‘cottage’ 2 years ago and it’s a white weatherboard house, not like a usual new build at all. Most people come here and ask me which part is the extension! I’ve decorated it with 80% vintage finds to make it feel like we’ve lived here a long time……
    I have to say you set the bar pretty high for the rest of us bloggers just starting out. I’d like to believe you used to fumble around like me, however I sincerely doubt you were ever anything but awesome! It’s nice to know that someone else has trained their hubby to pull over to the side of the road at a seconds notice for a collection day treasure ;o)
    Have a great weekend, in spite of the weather!
    Tania Maree xx

  181. Heather says:

    I’m Heather and I read from Roanoke, Virginia. I’m a 26-year-old middle school English teacher and my husband and I have been living in our townhouse for eight months. I love to live vicariously through your photos!

  182. Moira says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m Moira, from Adelaide, South Australia. Love reading your blog, and have been doing so for yonks. Have had lots of inspiration, particularly your lovely table vignettes…and the blackboards….and the mirrors on the wall….and the white sofa….and…the list goes on. You’re pretty much responsible for how my lounge room currently looks :)

    I’ve got 3 sons, who are also into lots of sport – football in winter (good old Aussie Rules), and….drum roll…..Baseball in summer. Yes, I know – how very UN-AUSTRALIAN!!! But there you have it. I have a boarder every weekend from the country, who comes up to play baseball. He moved to Oz with his family from the USA a couple of years ago, and he’s just been signed to the Kansas City Royals (I think), so he’s off again soon – sport can certainly take you to places you never thought of :)

    Anyway, with all those boys around my house, I love your blog – its a bit of a refuge from the dirty socks, and sports bags and bats and balls that seem to pile up around the place when I’m not looking…thankyou for sharing and inspiring :)

  183. Caz says:

    Lovin your work from Qld where I live with my Scottish hubbie and a naughty 5 year old German Shepherd. I’m new to empty nesting as my son has left home to live closer to uni. Your blog brings joy to my day I love your stories, recipes, pictures makeovers and your sense of humour and this is just my all time favourite blog where I love to come to catch up with the goings on in BC land and leave feeling like I’ve just caught up with a girlfriend for coffee :-) Thank you Sarah xxx

  184. Gay Puckett says:

    I love dropping in and sharing a day with you. My daughter give me your link. I live in Arizona. I will be 62 in a few days. Your blog is fantastic. Very relaxing! Keep up the great work.

  185. Alima says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve been following you for about a year now. I stumbled upon your blog from another home decor blog (can’t remember which one now), but I immediately feel in love and have read it almost daily ever since. I wish I could show you pictures of my living room from a year ago and now. You can see your beach cottage inspiration everywhere and I LOVE the change!
    I live in Alabama, not near the beach, but I grew up on the beaches of Florida and still consider myself a beach girl at heart. I am a mom to an adorable 2 year old boy and my husband and I own our own business.
    Keep up the great work of inspiring us all!

  186. Yvonne says:

    I follow you on Twitter (@safespace) and this weekend I wish to get to know you better so am checking out your Facebook and blog pages.
    I lived in Melbourne for 6 years and have been in NZ for 3. I miss the beaches and the sun!
    I think your site is very visually pleasing and I am enjoying having a peek into your world.
    Sitting with a cup of herbal tea as we are currently being hit by what they term here a weather bomb. Snuggles inside and dreaming of the beaches I left behind in the South Pacific just in January when I cruised around there…..

  187. Kristin says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m Kristin – I live on the Gold Coast, QLD… been reading your blog for about 2 years… I’m 38, mum of one, work full time and lovin your blog… great recipes, inspiring decor, witty writing :)

  188. Jen says:

    Hi Sarah – yours is the first blog I ever read. My son was in hospital having chemo and I stayed with him on a very uncomfortable fold-up bed for months. Being trapped inside like that in such a horrible situation increased my usual love of daydreaming. I often looked outside watching the world going by and wishing we could be out there. Then one day I stumbled across your blog – it was such a good escape because the beach for me has always been a very therapeutic place. The smell of the ocean, the crunch of the sand, the sound of the seagulls….. Reading your blog helped me be there for a little while every day (if only in my mind). The colours soothed me and your tales made me giggle. I could hardly wait every day for the next post to take me away from the hospital. I still read your blog and think about how it helped me through a very bad time. Thanks x

    • sarah says:

      Hi Jen

      sorry to hear about the situation you were in when you found me and glad to have helped you through a difficult time xoxo

  189. HRH Sarah says:

    Hey, Sarah~
    I’m a Sarah, too! I live in Richmond, Virginia. I used to be a stay at home mummy, but have been working for the last year as a chef at a new restaurant. BIG change! I love decorating, and all things coastal. In summer, my daughter and I spend quite a bit of time at the beach, either the ocean or the bay. They each have distinct features, and we love them both! I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years I think, and am always amazed by your simple, witty posts. They are so full of your bright personality, as well as, useful info for those of us who just can’t leave anything alone- ahem… have repainted the living room 4 times (and 4 different colors) in the last 6 years.
    So cool hearing about your blog from complete strangers that way, must mean you’ve been doing something right ;)

  190. Melinda says:

    Hi Sarah,

    gosh what a huge response – you will most likely have square eyes at the end of all this! Think I have to join in too, hope its not too late

    I’m a 40s is the new 30s girl – and loving it

    I spent 14 years living on a cattle property in NSW. I had left work and life in Melb to marry my husband and spent those years learning to be a country wife and then mother and living in a beautful if somewhat isolated spot ( it took me an hour to drive to the supermarket!).
    I baked, crafted, made relish, gardened, painted, waterskiied, mustered cattle, raised calves & puppies & drove 5 hours to Melbourne when I needed a city fix with my babies. I gabbed for hours on the phone to girlfriends far away and then started reading blogs….

    A few years ago, my husband, kiddos & I took a leap of faith and moved to the beautful Mornington Peninsula where we now enjoy views of the sea, life on the beaches surrounded by vineyards, and have kangaroos/echidnas and wallabys in our garden. AND I can pop up to Melbourne far more easily. I feel we are very lucky

    I really enjoy reading your blog, love the BC TV, your beaches, recipes, painting, photos and fashion – its all fun, Ive tried new things and been inspired

    Its a happy place Sarah, so thankyou for that!


  191. Jos says:

    I love your blog and as a diehard foodie and have pretty much cooked everything you mention! Yum yum yum. Live in Sydney during the week and then fly on my very own super owe red broomstick down to Exeter in the Highlands where I cook up a storm, garden, drink wine on the verandah, craft away making all sorts of paper objects and mull over how I can convince the 11 yr old that life in the country 24/7 would be a thing of beauty. When not writing, I’m cooking, gardening, crafting or spinning BS with my fab gfs and bfs. Ohh and nana napping – working from bed is a mandatory in our house!!!! Life is for living out loud and being at one with the sea and country air. And falling on and off broomsticks!


    PS – Sell broomsticks in your store – it would be laugh out loud hilarity!

  192. Kaili says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Kaili, I am 28, live in Brisbane, Queensland, work in event marketing, and from reading the above comments it seems I am quite unique from the rest of your readers, as I am not married or have any children. I found your blog mid last year when all of a sudden I decided I was into decorating, cooking and gardening and instantly devoured everything in your blog. I only rent currently, but I am looking forward to the day when my partner and I buy a house and I can decorate it and have a lovely garden and deck to look over it (with white adirondacks of course!) Alas for now, balcony gardening and dodgey small apartment decorating it is for me! I read your blog on my commute to work each morning and am always entertained and inspired to make life that little bit more beautiful – so thank you!

  193. Robin says:

    Sarah, I’ve been reading you for about 4 years now, give or take. You are my inspiration at home, here in hot hot hot Austin, Texas, US of A. Landlocked and in a severe drought, there isn’t a body of water in sight, sadly, but I can dream, can’t I? I’m living vicariously through you, apparently, and a good job you are doing for me! Keep it up.

  194. Mandy says:

    Hello, I missed this post yesterday. I am Mandy from the good old north of blighty (!). We (family of four) are currently going through major home renovations so i come to your blog for inspiration and escapism. I have also just hit the forty is the new thirty era….and so far so good! Love your relaxed timeless style.

  195. Liz says:

    Hi Sarah! Just now catching up on things, busy renovating our beach house so there will be no laying in bed for me today! I am a forties are the new thirties mom of two, stepmom of one, picture framer by trade. Our two girls, both 23, are both getting married this year and the boy is in his 2nd year of college, so this is a very busy and exciting time for us! I am new to your blog and am enjoying the design inspirations and love your easy recipes. Your photos are motivating me to learn how to use the fancy new camera my husband gave me for xmas, just haven’t had time to get to it. Guess it will have to wait til after we get settled in the new house, hopefully in May, just in time for summer here in New Jersey, USA. Hope you are enjoying your lazy saturday, you deserve it!

  196. Hi Sarah – hope I’m not too late with this post :-) I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, having ‘discovered’ you via the fabulous Miss Styling You. Feel in love with your blog instantly; the cool, clean lines and the amazing photos had me hooked in from my very first read. I’m a Mama to one adorable 2 year old boy, an Australian expat currently washed up (with the husband and the son) on the sunny island of Singapore. Landed here after spending a little over 3 years in Hong Kong. Missing Australia but enjoying our S.E Asian adventure at the same time! Tend to read your blog when I should be doing other things – boring things like washing dishes or folding clothes – as I am the master procrastinator and much prefer to be reading about your adventures at the beach cottage, as opposed to doing my own mundane chores! Love your style :)

    • sarah says:

      Hi Sarah

      yes Nikki is an inspiration, I met her recently…she gave me a LOT to think about…

      I hope you enjoy Singapore, always been on my list of places to visit x

  197. Maggie says:

    Nice to meet you Sarah. I’m Maggie and I’m a mom, grandma and recently a great grandma. My husband and I live in southern Ontario in Canada just 5 min’s from the lake. Living with us is our cocker spaniel Heidi and 3 rescue cats Molly, Abbey & Jack. Jack is a maine coon and never fails to make us laugh each day. Over the years I have spent hours in thrift shops looking for furniture to bring home and paint with a coat of new personality. I have mostly been a lurker here but I do stop by very often to see what you are up to. I just love looking at you photo’s….. they are eye candy. Thanks for sharing your cute beach cottage by the sea,

  198. Patricia says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m Patricia. Just found your blog TODAY. I live in a small town in Ontario Canada where I am watching the last of our winter snow melt away and thinking about next summer at the cottage. I’m a very busy self-employed psychologist who is suppose to be writting reports on this lovely Saturday but stole a few hours to google “cottage”images.

    I spent my childhood in a 100-year old family cottage filled with light and where ever inch was painted white. Sadly last year I had to relocate to make room for my brother’sgrowing family and now have to recreate the feel of my beloved family cottage in a 25 year old dark wood cottage. Your photos provide such inspiration that it can be done! Like your place, my new cottage has great potential once the old carpets are removed and that white airy feeling is returend. I am also looking towards IKEA to redo the kitchen. Your style is exactly what I am looking for and everything you have done is inspirational.

    My husband is a great DIYer and we has done major renovations to 3 century-old homes – I bet he and MR. BC would have a lot in common. Having just turned 50, I find it more and more difficult to get motivated so I thank you so much for the inspiration you gave me today. While the advantage of age means that the DIY budget is increasing and we can afford to pay others to do some of the work – I also know that no one else can add the TLC that is needed to make these projects a success. I can see your own TLC oozing from the pages when you described scrubing windows with a tooth brush. No wonder your projects are such a sucess.

    I love your style, your lifestyle and just had to say THANKS for the inspiration.

  199. Lynn says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Your work IS inspiring. Cove time is my excuse for this tardy response. Susan at Between Naps on the Porch led me to you. My name is Lynn.

    Our cottage in lower Alabama (USA) is nestled between woods and water. What started as a 12 x 12 has turned into a complex of five buildings. It is a decorating heaven as nothing has to flow. Each room has a function and it’s own personality. All are works in progress as am I.

    Thank you so much for all the lovely work you have put into this site.

  200. You know me!! I am Fiona, I live in the US in the state of Oregon (Pacific Northwest), on a small farm. I have a hubby, and three almost adult kiddos. I have been a photographer for about 21 years, but I have also taught music, home schooled my kids for 18 years (that’s total years, not each-lol), was a music pastor at my church, and done a couple of movies.

    My claim to fame is that I got hired to be in the Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner movie “Maverick” . But I got kicked out because I was too tiny to fit into the costumes……they needed average sized people. Oh well. lol


  201. Rosa says:

    I’m Rosa and am from Missouri. I used to live out East, a couple hours from the coast, and miss it terribly. We plan to move back next year – yay! :) I’m a SAHM with two little boys and read your blog while sitting on my couch. Love your coastal style and blog – so pretty & such an inspiration! :)

  202. Tammy says:

    I am a nurse from the sweet Carolinas in the USA. I love reading your blog and daydream of someday living on the water in Historical Beaufort NC, home of the pirate lore. I am so impressed with you and your “stones” to move so far from home and make it A HAPPY ONE. I take care of our Veterans in our Veterans hospital and feel so blessed so be a part of their lives.

  203. Leisa Flanigan says:

    I’m from Queensland, I don’t live on the beach (but wish I did). I have two children aged 22 and 19, I am married, I work full time at QLD Health. I love renovating and looking at photos of houses and house magazines and pottering around my house. I love your blog because of your tips, the makeovers and your style. I always read your blog at home, not enough time at work and I drive to work. How funny it must have been for your family to hear “strangers” talking about your blog. xx

  204. Lisa says:

    I am a wife and mom of 1 (plus another on the way) who works parttime and lives in a small beautiful city on the Colorado River in the very hot desert of Arizona. I follow a wide variety of blogs and enjoy pics of your tattered cottage as it is such a contrast to the homes where I live.

  205. Girlygirl says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have lived at Frenchs Forest in the same little 3 bedroom cottage for for the past 10 years and am married to a lovely guy – my sweetheart for the past 21 years. I have 3 little girls aged 3,7 and 9. I work as a nurse 3 days a week – have been nursing for 17 years and still love it!. I am also a part time cake decorator – something I adore (I just made a Manly Football Jersey yesterday:). I love thrifting and renovating and adore the thrill of finding a ‘treasure’ on the side of the road or at the op shops and taking it home for some TLC (usually much to my husband’s dismay :)). I am obsessed with ruffles, bunting, white things and flaky paint. I read your blog at home and find it so inspiring with your amazing sense of style both within your home and in the fashion you wear. You seem to have a fantastic, fresh and down to earth attitude to life and you crack me up with some of the things you say.

  206. Jen says:

    I am a stay-at-home mother of 4 boys (18months to 16yrs. old) in Orlando Florida….dreaming of blogging but haven’t mustered the courage to do so. I am so inspired by your carefree beachy blogging style. I also am a fan of white and weathered, Ikea and all things DIY. I am obsessed with creating a beautiful place to raise my family, create memories and enjoy all life has to offer…with a cup’o joe in hand! LOL!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  207. Sheri C says:

    I am a SAHM living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I read your blog about 3 times a week, it’s the only time I have carved out for myself. I am obsesses with decorating our house cheaply, but doesn’t look cheaply and my husband is not liking all the furniture I am painting white lately (I have requested a paint gun for my birthday). I thank you for that, he has started work at a company that has a office in Sydney and has requested a transfer, I think we have a long wait for that. Maybe we might live by the beach as well, can only dream. Love your blog.

  208. Lorraine says:

    I live in Collaroy and a mother of two young men 21 & 19.
    I will admit that when I’m at Coles MV looking at the clothing I always have my eyes peeled for a possible Mrs BC sighting

  209. Ineedavacation says:

    I am a stay at home mom of two young teenage girls. I too live near the beach but the beaches in Edmonds, Washington, USA are NOT like the beaches in Australia. That is why I read your blog. To get my warm beach fix. I love that you are not a native to Australia and I feel like you are still discovering where you live. And I love your videos set to music!

  210. Shannon D says:

    Love the idea of this post! I am a lurker old and new. I followed for a while when a friend sent me over, then I went blogging MIA while I worked on my business, now I stop in because I love reading what you have to say and I love the things you share, many recipies have been a big hit over here and I love the stripey skirt!
    I am a stay at home Mum of two, who has her own handmade kids clothing label. I leave on the Central Coast of NSW and we adore the beach too, just wish it was in walking distance, we have a 10 min drive (but that is to about 6 different beaches and they are all amazing!
    It is lovely to read the simple things of life that I can relate to and I love getting different dinner ideas! I also have a friend whom I mentioned your blog too and she said she used to chat to you(via her blog) when she was blogging about building her house too, and she was glad to be reminded and revisit your blog, funny how things go around! Enjoy your day xx

  211. Ellie says:

    I am waiting for the 2 ladies on the bus to comment. LOL that is very cool Mrs BC

    • sarah says:

      OMG! I didn’t even think of that!!!!

      they haven’t come out of the woodwork have they?? funny ;-)


  212. Susan Tucker says:

    I’m from Florida, but not the beaches. I live “way down upon the Suwannee River”, if anyone knows that old folk song. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 25 years. We have three kids and 2 dogs. I’m a stay at home mom and love it!
    Your blog is one of my favorites. I love the beaches, your home, and you. It so much fun to follow someone with similar interests on the other side of the world. Sometimes it makes me feel like a world class traveler.

  213. Jen ( SE Qld) says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I’m Jennifer from Victoria Point, a 40 is the new 30 something happily married, work at home Mum of 1 teenage daughter. Born and bred in Qld , my family are all from Western Queensland so I spent a lot of time there growing up and love going back and I am kinda torn between whether I am a country girl who loves the beach or a beachy girl who loves the country, having lived here for over 20 years now.

    I found your blog, gees it would have to be well over a year ago now, when I typed in “white, coastal, country inspiration” in Google looking for some ideas for our old place and somehow ended up at your place and have been a regular visitor ever since because I just love your work. I too don’t have a blog, life gets in the way at the moment with a full time job and stuff and doing up an old Queenslander, but I would love to start one soon maybe. Love your’s though!! xx

  214. Chantal says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You’re right, we all now who you ‘are’, but you don’t know a thing about us… So, I’ve been a follower for a while now, and this is who I am: Chantal, Dutch, returned to the Netherlands last August after having lived abroad for 8 years (expat-wife) of which 6 in beautiful Brazil and 2 years in fabulous France :) I’m 40+, married, 1 son (almost 13 yrs old), a Golden Retriever and so far, SAHM, although on the look-out for a part-time job. Or I hope that I will have the guts to start my own business…
    Love your blog, the viseos, the pictures you make & especially in winter time here, it gives me back the feeling I had when living in Brazil!!
    Take care!
    xo Chantal

  215. Lauren says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Lauren. I live in Philadelphia, PA for 6 months of the year and Quogue, NY for the other 6 months. Quogue is a beach town and I started following you when I was looking for inspiration on how to decorate our beach house. I’m 42 y/o, married, and have a rescued greyhound named Fred. No children. I’m a professional photographer working in the music industry. My husband’s a tennis pro. I’m obsessed with blogs and love yours! Thank you for it!!

  216. Lori R. says:

    Hi Sarah:

    I am Lori from NE Ohio. I’m an interior designer working for a construction company. My children are mid to late 20′s. Two are special ed teachers and one is an accountant with a well known international firm. We live one mile from Lake Erie. I grew up with boats and beaches. I will retire with my hubby in two years (he also teaches) and begin my own blogging adventure at that time. I love gardening, reading and all the birds that visit my yard besides my home remakes. Today I turned 55. I love this bloggy world and you are one of my favorites Sarah!

    Keep on bloggin’ and using your great photos.

    XOXO Lori

  217. Anonymous says:

    I am Daniela, executive assistant at a financial services firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 45 years old and I LOVE your blog! Actually is my break whenever I just need to breathe and keep on going….! Anxioulsy awaiting your bathroom reveal!


  218. jane says:

    hi sarah. i stopped replying a while ago but i read your blog regularly and love the photos! i live inland in southern california, usa. i have beach touches, but not a beach look because i’m not really close to the water. i love your stories of easy access to coffee, walks on the beach, dips in the ocean. it seems an ideal life made more precious with the odd broomstick event. without it where would we be? jane

  219. Sylvia says:

    I am retired and live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. We have about another month of freezing weather and snow to look forward to, then another month of rain and mud before we finally get to see some tiny buds of green appear on the trees and baby blades of grass push out of the ground. Your lovely blog reminds me that somewhere there is warmth and the beauty of nature, and I hope to get to see it all again in real life someday. Meanwhile, I’ve painted the inside of my apartment in beach colours and am slowly decorating it with seashells and thrift-store finds, trying to create a sanctuary from the concrete jungle outside. Your blog is such an inspiration.

  220. Kerry says:

    I’m Kerry and I’m from Illinois. My dream is to move to Florida and am working on that. I love life, my job, my family and friends, and most of all, God. I am new to the blogging world and am in awe of people like you. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with your followers!

  221. Roz says:

    Hi Sarah. I’m Roz and I live right across the street from the beach in Mudjimba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. I’m an ex-chef and I now make jewellery for a living. I am a grandmother of three who lives and breathes anything about the beach. I don’t spend as much time blogging as I should. I seem to be always creating! I love reading your blog and seeing what you are doing. I am determined to be more dedicated to blogging but I am about to move house to a smaller townhouse which is only 10 metres from the beach in Marcoola. I will be even more in heaven. I love collecting shells and driftwood and have made some pretty decent indoor decorations lately! It’s very addictive. Thanks for providing this reader with an entertaining blog! xxx

  222. Rob says:

    I agree, this blogging thing is so weird and wonderful sometimes…I’ve met two bloggers in person and they are both lovely ladies…it’s great to meet like-minded new friends…you’re never too old (I spout)…to make a friend!! Those two ladies on the bus are going to have a laugh when they read your post!! Robx

  223. Marnie says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I’m Marnie …I live in Melbourne, but I’ll always be a Queenslander at heart.
    I’m a Mum to 3 little boys, a wife, a make-up artist, and a blogger too.

  224. Tabby says:

    Woops, I missed this request…

    I am Tabby from Arkansas. I work at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. But I live in Siloam Springs. I drive about 45 minutes each way for work/home. My husband and I have been staying with his mother who was raising her youngest granddaughter. The granddaughter turned 18 this month and is out on her own. My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship, she is 29 and has two sons. I have a son from a previous marriage he is 25. He spent two years in Iraq and is back home safe and sound.

    We just found out we will be moving soon, a lovely home in the country with of all things, a huge jacuzzi soaking tub. Can’t wait for that!

    I love reading your blog. I’ve always wanted to live on the ocean. We spent six months a few years ago caring for a sailboat a friend owns, it had damage from a hurricane. It was the most magical six months of my life. I could totally see myself living that way the rest of my life.
    I love the photos of the beautiful beaches in Australia. The flowers, the lovely sunny days. I guess I just envy the walks on the beaches and the days of nothing but beautiful beaches.
    I guess I’ve rambled enough.

  225. Gina says:

    I’m a stay at home mom who loves to teach,all things white and blue,hiking,finding treasures at flea markets and thrift stores and the like,crafting,sewing,knitting,writing,and spending as much time with my family as possible. My son is so awesome as a person that even if he weren’t my son I’d want to hang out with him and my husband is my best friend. I love serving my Lord through ministry work and love baking a little too much. Live in WI.

  226. sue austin says:

    Hi Sarah, I live in land-locked Mexico, Missouri, but I spend time each year on my two favorite beaches – Sanibel, Florida and Zihuatanejo, Mexico. (Or some other beach in Mexico, the country, not Mexico, Missouri!) I am possibly your oldest reader. I will be seventy next Feb. I have an antiques business. Not a pretty little shop, but a big old warehouse type place. You would have lots of fun shopping here. What drew me to your blog was our mutual love of all things white. I wish I had the energy and talent to blog. I really enjoy reading blogs, but I’m too lazy to write one. . . Thank you for sharing your life with us. Sue Austin, Mexico MO
    p.s. A few years ago I mailed you a stack of magazines. Remember? I don’t remember what they were. . . . lol

    • sarah says:

      of course I remember you Sue!

      I think I need to come and poke around in your shop! xoxoxo

  227. Hi Sarah,

    I have only recently discovered your blog – and love it. I am keen to renovate and sell my house (haven’t informed my husband yet) to buy my dream house. In order to do that I need to actually take action and throw out a good deal of the detritus of 12 years of co-habitation, do some repairs and a great deal of cleaning; apparently buying home improvement magazines and sighing doesn’t do all of that for you.

    I am a SAHM of 4 kids aged between 4-11, and we live in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland. We love it here but I have a soft spot for Sydney, and the Northern Beaches, as I used to visit regularly with an ex boyfriend in my carefree childless days…..

  228. Colleen says:

    I am Colleen, i am a mother of three sons, grandmother of twelve and great grandmother of four. I live in the Brisbane Vally near Fernvale Queensland. Live and love my life in the Great Australian Bush with dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, cows, chickens and the wild life. Yearn to smell the beach once more but never live back there.

  229. Steph VW says:

    I’m Stephanie, I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, just across the harbour from the better-known city of Halifax. My husband and I along with our 2.75 year old son, live in a 90-year old semi-detached Arts and Crafts style house. If you stand on your tippy toes in our bedroom, you can see the harbour. Dartmouth/Halifax is a wonderful place for toddlers as we can wander down to the passenger ferry terminal, which is just past the train track, hop on a ferry, marvel at the military and other helicopters flying by as we make our way across the “Big Harbour” to see “Theodore Tugboat” on the Halifax side. And while we enjoy our city life, we love spending time at our family’s “beach cottage” on Grand Lake in New Brunswick, where we swim, read, relax and eat lovely things and whenever the family can’t find me, they know to check the blueberry field.

    I very much enjoy your blog. We’re in the midst of some upgrades and will be painting our house over the course of the next few months.

  230. Jasmine says:

    Hello, hello!

    My name is Jasmine and I live in Brisbane. I follow you on Instagram (lavendersgreen) and I love the daily dose of Beach Cottage and beach beauty you give us :) I live very close to the city, so the beach is a ‘sometimes’ thing for me. I’m newly married and am in the beginning steps of doing up our 90+ year-old Queenslander workers cottage.

    I’m currently sitting at our dining room table, listening to my newly created gym playlist (trying to iron out any dodgy songs). I work in IT, which is a frightfully boring job at times, so I love reading inspirational blogs like yours to get my creative mojo back :)

    x Jasmine

    PS. Have the bus ladies said hello yet?

  231. Sally says:

    Hi Sarah
    I started following a few months ago and love your posts. I’m on maternity leave until June so in between nappy changes, feeding, & sleeps I check a few blogs & twitter for doses ofsanity time. I live in Melbourne and dream of one day owning a homewares shop and living in a house like the pages of my coffee table books.
    Keep up the good work!

  232. Jacqui says:

    I’m Jacqui, I live in Melbourne and am also one of the lucky ones to now be an Australian! I moved from South Africa with my family in 1999. I follow a lot of different blogs through Google Reader, and A Beach Cottage is one of the few in my favourites folder! I usually check during my mid-morning coffee break at work, or in the evenings after work. I don’t get to the beach too aftern but whenever I do I always wish I brought my camera so I can get photots like yours!

  233. Kristen says:

    I’m Kristen and I’m in Maine. I work just outside of Boston. I read at home on the couch while watching tv after putting the LOs to bed. I NEVER read at work ;) Oh, work – I work in IT in healthcare. I set up interfaces for EMRs. We live in a 1850s cape-style house. I just wish I spent more time in it instead of in the office – so I could put in place some of your inspiration!

  234. Christine says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m Christine, 38 year old wife of a gorgeous man and mum of two gorgeous kids aged 11 and 8. We live in Perth, Western Australia mid-way between the beach and the city :)

    I have only recently found your blog so I’m working my way through your archives, rushing to get my jobs done in the morning so I can sit at the laptop with my coffee and indulge myself! Absolutely love your fashion posts, we have a very similar style and my “uniform” is a lot like yours. We have just sold our house and are building a new one, in the same suburb, though a bit closer to the beach! Getting lots of inspiration from you. I love your photography and you’ve made me realise I need to get a decent camera!

    I’m off to KMart today to get me some of those gorgeous blue glasses – what a bargain at $10 hey??!!

    Lovely to meet you and keep up the great work!

    Christine x

  235. syrahsuzie says:

    Hi Sarah

    I’m a 54 yr-old Brit living abroad near the beach. I live in France near a small village on the Mediterranean. I’m married and we have two daughters in their 20′s and 2 dogs. We moved to France 20 years ago and moved to this house by the sea just 2 years ago which is when I found your blog. I love your style, especially the doors and the table settings.

    Thanks for sharing.

  236. Jackie P says:

    Just discovered your site today. Love the beachy cottage look. Have lived near the ocean for many years in lovely old houses. Currently, am landlocked in New Hampshire USA but with aspirations to return to the East Coast in the near future, where all of my beachy things can once again be home! Am the mother of two wonderful blK & white English Springer Spaniels who look wonderful on white linen and down pillows! Enjoy your site and will check back often.

  237. Sabine says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sunny greetings from Hamburg in Northern Germany. I am Sabine, running my own business as a consultant and live together with my husband and two charming cats in a “Strandhaus” (the German beach cottage). I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and love the inspiration not only for the house but also for reminding me of the best beach in town nearby. I love your Saturday Club (yes: life looks better in wellies!!) and looking at your fabulous beach photos dreaming of the upcoming summer at the North Sea beaches. 1 love the idea that there is someone in Down Under and woman all around the world following your blog loving the same things than I do. When we moved to our house a few years ago everyone around asked me how my house could be a beach cottage if the beach is not directly in front of it but 10 minutes away ;-) But with “white, vintage and nautical” I can hear the breaking waves of the North Sea even if it takes a two hour journey to get there. And so in the last weeks your blog turns out to be one of my daily goodies with photos and stories from the other side of the world about beaches, puppies, white, nautical and vintage. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas about the things you love.

  238. judy says:

    Hi Sarah I love your blog and read it regularly.I dont live near the beach but love to visit them.I live in a little town called Nundle it is a very pretty place to see.it is on the part of the great dividing range and occassionally we get snow in the winter.thanks for sharing your life, you keep me sane at times! I am a mum to 2 great boys 15 and 20.i love to ride my horse,garden and sew.Of course I have many WIP things on the go! Im slowly painting the inside of the farmhouse we live in (it comes with my husbands job) but its very slow progress! I work casually in the library in tamworth which i love>wow there is so many books out there to read.need to make more time in my life.
    thanks for your fashion tips I eally enjoy them. What sort of camera do you use? thanks again for sharing your life Judy

    • sarah says:

      thanks Judy I use a Canon with a 50mm lens mostly

      I love the sound of your little town, Nundle, what a sweet name! x

  239. Shelly says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m from Melbourne and before I found your blog I would purchase mountains of decorating magazines looking for ideas for our home and then I stumbled across your blog. Thankyou for showing us your home and beautiful ideas and bargains. I am new at this also I am married with 3 children and 3 step children and a stay at home mum. Thankyou again for giving me somewhere to go and dream a little. Kind Regards, Shelly.

  240. Deb says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Deb, from Aldinga Beach, South Australia. I am a professional photographer, running a business from home, mostly weddings and family portraits, am a mum of 2 kidlets, 9 yr old son, and 3 yr old daughter. Happily married for 16 yrs, and have live a block from the beach for the last 14 years, the 1st 4 yrs in QLD on the sunshine coast. Been in our house for 10 yrs now, and I came accross your blog while looking for white beachy inspiration, as our house was built brand new, but was definitely lacking in a scheme and character! I follow you on facebook also, but look forward to my morning coffee, and checking my emails, and your daily update. Probably found you about 6 months ago, and slowly trying to catch up on previous posts when I can.
    I love your pics, and the funny things that go on in your every day life. Keep up the great work!
    Deb. x

    • sarah says:

      Hi Deb

      Thanks so much for the blog love!

      Sounds like you lead a very busy life, nice to ‘meet’ you!


  241. Severine says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I juste stumbled across your amazing blog 2 weeks ago and we’re now recycling and doing the house following your DIY posts and so on. A great source of inspiration. I live on the seaside, West South of France (near Hossegor a place which is well known among surfers of all kind). Beach is part of my life since forever… I am 33 and a pro photographer :) Nice to follow you !
    Sev x

  242. Lee says:

    Hi Sarah
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time. We live on the Sunshine Coast on the hill overlooking the ocean. I share your love of the sea and beach living and enjoy watching your house evolve. I admire your ability to take old things to a new level and help continue their life rather than being thrown on the scrap heap. Recycling is close to my heart.
    Our household of 3 has now dwindled to 2 as our son has moved to Brisbane, and we do miss his presence, but not the mess. His visits are precious. My husband is a self employed architect and I help with the non creative side of it. It’s been fun, but retirement looms and another stage of life begins.
    So yes this is another silent participant in your wonderful blog and tell Mr Teen I loved reading his entry on your blog recently. You have obviously inspired him to ‘see’ not just ‘look.’

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Lee, that brought a tear to my eye…he so seems to be ‘seeing’ I know exactly what you mean, I LOVE seeing that in my kiddos…a precious gift

      I have been to the Sunshine Coast a few times now, I have to say it is one of the loveliest places I have been here…I loved seeing some of the history up there too!

      Enjoy the next stage of life…I am presuming it is calm and nice


  243. Kim says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I just discovered your lovely blog this weekend. I live in a little stone cottage in Montreal, Canada. I too am facing an empty nest this summer, when the youngest of my three sons moves out. I have so enjoyed making a.nest for my family, and continue to do my best to make it a welcoming place to visit if only for a good meal on a Sunday, or to use my much beleaguered washing machine and dryer! I guess I’m a fan of the beachy “look” because of the fierce Montreal winters. Summertime is a much welcomed state of mind,especially during those crazy snow storms! Keep up the great work!

  244. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog today and it is such a breath of fresh air. I love what you and your family have done with your cottage! It was inspiring to read that you wanted a seaside home and went for it, moving far away from your original homeplace. I am from Arizona and have 5 kids and 11 grandkids. Keep writing your wonderful blog it’s great :)

  245. Beck says:

    Hello Mrs BC – I am sitting here reading through lots of your older posts and came across this one – asking who your readers are. I’ve been following you for years. I comment every now and then but haven’t for ages (have 2 young children 3 & 5) so get to the computer in bursts ! I recently turned the big 39+1 (have a hard time writing it the right way !!!). I live northwest sydney – have always dreamt of living by the sea (so coming across your blogg was HEAVEN) . You have inspired many projects in my home. You had an old white cupboard that had pressed metal panels (I think) all painted white of course. Well that inspired me for a desk I had purchased (that was inside a cupboard ) so you could have all your mess and computer and then quickly close the doors and no one know its there. Well pressed metal was too heavy to hang on the cupboard doors – so I purchased white embellised wallpaper that looks like pressed metal patterns ! and bought old handles to make it look vintage. I just love it ! all inspired by Mrs BC. I have painted old bedside tables white and spruced them up, have created photo hanging racks from old cane fencing (painted white of course) all inspired by just looking at your beautiful pics. I read a few other bloggs – but very rarely do any of them take me to another place like yours does. There’s lots of people out there writing writing writing – and sometimes it doesn’t make you feel better – coming to Mrs BC’s Cottage – always makes me feel lighter and brighter and positive – a breath of fresh sea air !!! I’m so very glad that I found a BeachCottage – you are my home away from home ! (and your home is what I dream of !!!) Oops – can hear the littlies squabbling – must log off and out I go into reality !!!! thank you Mrs BC for helping me dream of the sea !!!!