I blog about a colander. Well it is white and in my cottage near the beach.

Mon 19th, Mar, 2012

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I am going to blog about a colander.

A few years ago if you’d told me I would be in Australia, a blogger from the beaches, I would have said don’t be ridiculous…if you had carried on and said that I would be sitting on the floor, loving a camera nearly as much as I love my babies, taking pictures of said colander I would have thought you were the loopy one.

And you know I said my New Year’s Resolution was to get a life, ooops I mean, get out and meet some other bloggers, well I think that’s one of my better ideas don’t you, rather than sitting on the floor of my old house (which I might add needs a serious clean) snapping and oohing and ahhing?

When one realises one is blogging to the whole wide world about their undying love for a white colander and how they went to bed with it the first night that means things are going a bit too far…



…and the funniest thing was that as I was uploading these photos, I was like ‘oooh yeah, I about lurve this colander.”

And I said it out loud.  To myself.  Well at least, I thought it was to myself.

Remember, as I said earlier, I have had an injured soldier with me this afternoon, I was not actually in this old cottage talking to myself waiting until 3pm when the humans come back, no, today someone else was here with me.

There was a little laugh (a nice kind one) from the sofa in the Family Room…and a

‘do you really love it that much, you are a loony?!!’

cough cough

I arrived at nearly the same home ware crush on the mugs..they are coo-worthy too aren’t they?



be careful, Beach Cottage friends, they are a tad on the exxie side…

2 bucks each…

…come to me baby

thank you KMart , feel free to come over, settle down on a white vintage chair and share a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin…warm from the oven and talk about your ideas for stuff to feed a home decorating, beachy or not, accessories habit… ;-)



actually the white colander of my dreams, is from Aldi, another store I stalk for good things…


I am sorry not to be able to give you the exact price, I think it was six dollars…and what was hilarious was that I actually pondered that!  You see I have two vintage colanders already and I knew that really, it was not needed.

But a girl needs a white colander in her life, right?

Yes.  She does.

Especially as said girl saw a very similar one in a very nice, thank you very much, boutique French beach decor shop for, oh, 10 times the price….

So Beach Cottage people, I hope you enjoyed those budget busters in Beach Cottage Budget Coastal Home ..a little theme going on here this week…




Errrm, just wait for tomorrow…there’s glass…and it’s blue…and it’s very very yum for a very very low price

Bonsoir friends, bonsoir





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45 Responses to “I blog about a colander. Well it is white and in my cottage near the beach.”

  1. Marnie says:

    I have the cereal bowls in the same taupe stripe from KMart and I love them. My local Kmart is open 24hrs, so I often escape to there during the late night to print my photos. I even got a glass salad bowl from there that was identical to one I got from Ikea.
    Love the K Market (my MIL used to call it that with her broken english…lol)
    x Marnie

    • sarah says:

      can I come on a late night KMart run with you! do you take beer and wine in an eski ;-) x

      I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo starting to call it The KMart xoxoxo

  2. the freckled minx says:

    The House of K is truly to be loved……B:)

  3. Katherine says:

    We always love a budget buy Sarah! We so get it ; )

  4. cherrie says:

    Friends of mine knew that I only had one major thing left over from my defunct marriage – a green plastic colander that I inherited when I married the ex. I wasn’t keen on the green but it did a good joab and I could never settle on a replacement. I just don’t dig ones that let the rice in. Enter Aldi’s catalogue and they came up with the kind idea of buying me one. A white one. DD2 loved it so much she threatened to pinch it. So I bought her one for her glory box, also white. I mentioned her love for the new item to my friends but not my purchase as I didn’t want to let on that I knew how much it cost. Next thing you know they are knocking on our door with a colander – black this time. So now we own three brand new, shapely Aldi colanders and the green one has disappeared to the local tip. Cherrie

  5. Alice says:

    I have this exact one from Aldi but in blue (bought it when they first came out)… I remember it being around the 10 dollar mark (give or take)… Out came the arsenal…There was alot of begging…. Puppy dog eyes…Most powerful, apparently very hard to resist pout… I think I might need another one….Actually I KNOW I need another one… hee..hee.. I talk out loud like that all the time!

  6. Jasmine says:

    Super cute! I love me a cute colander! I have a silver one and instead of little holes, it have little apple cut outs. I love it!

    I love the spotty and stripey mugs too! They’d actually be perfect to fill with little Easter eggs and give away! Hmm … I may have just stumbled across my Easter presents for this year! :D

    x Jasmine

  7. Susan says:

    Cute colander. I have two colanders, but neither of them are white or vintage looking, but with two perfectly good ones in the house, I don’t know if looking for a vintage one is on the calendar.

    I haven’t been in a K-Mart since I lived in Australia :( – sadly, there isn’t one near me, so I get my budget fixes at Walmart :)

  8. ha! this was an awesome post title & i have laughed with odd comments and I’ve seen on my fav blogs as of late….blogging does bring out some great phrases…..like a i love you colander or that boot with flowers in it is my favorite part, etc. etc. p.s. I’m in love with your colander too! xo

  9. Cas says:

    Hiya Sarah :) this is one of the reasons I love your blog….beautiful pictures of ordinary budget-buy homewares and hilariously honest writing. Thankyou!
    Cas x

    p.s. I soooo get where your coming from with Kmart….I’ve been making almost weekly visits to their homewares section lately!

  10. Mandy says:

    Your photos are so beautiful! I have that colander in yellow and they really are so chic.

  11. Candy says:

    We call it ‘The K-Mart’ here in the south (FL, that is) and I’m on my way there to find stripy and polka dotted mugs…thanks, Sarah!!!
    Unfortunately, no Aldi nearby, but LOVE your white colander, also! Hey, it’s the little things….

  12. Now you need a baby white one, or maybe pale blue… for berries. :-)

  13. Rukmini Roy says:

    Yes, absolutely. A girl must have a white colander. :) It’s a must. And when they have, they must set some lovely veggies in it and blog about it. If this is not achieved, nothing is achieved. Salut.

    Love your cups Sarah. I’m a die hard cup/mug fan too. Polka dots, stripes and English roses and a cup of good tea. Nothing more I’d want from life.

  14. First off, I love the collander. As I have told you before my Mother died almost 2 years ago. She had everything anyone would ever want or need for the kitchen oh well the home and beyond. Collanders well lets see she has about every size and color. One thing about Mother she used her stuff. I am blessed to get to use it now as I live with my Daddy along with my sister and her daughter. They don’t do alot of cooking or baking that’s where I am blessed to get to use her stuff. When I read some of the things you blog about if my Mother were here she wouldn’t think nor do I you are looney. She felt the same way about her things. She called Target tarjay and K-mart Martha Mart. of course after Martha Stewart. The carrots and lettuce look yummy, perhaps we will be having a salad this evening along with our chicken breast. Thanks again for your inspiration Sarah!

  15. samantha says:

    I would have to agree that it is rather a lovely colander, and fully deserving of being photographed from every angle, I found myself photographing corners of my living room yesterday, and a bulb of garlic….
    Though my photos aren’t as lovely as your.
    I wonder Sarah, would you do me the honor of being a guest blogger on my little ol blog? I’d love it if you did one of your food posts, a dessert one would be really lovely :-)

  16. Susan says:

    Fun! I have the same white colander in two sizes. (Purchased at a discount shop here called “Home Goods”.) I love them both, and definitely think they are worth a post of their own. :-)

  17. Sharon says:

    Oh my, I do love that pretty colander. AND there just so happens to be an Aldi very near the KMart I am going to this week. I planned my trip before your blog posts this week but now I am extra excited about going.

    I do hope my Aldi has that white colander. I already have 2 colanders, but they are ugly. Oh sure, they are functional, but they are not pretty and I think life is too short to continue to use my ugly colanders. I use one practically every single day.

    I hope your kiddo is feeling better.

  18. Jos says:

    Too funny! Love a girl who is in deep lurvvvve with her kitchen paraphernalia!!

    And as for Aldi – OMG – shoppers’ heaven! Was sniffy about them when they opened but heard they have a great range of gluten free products so ventured in – under the stairs here we are now running our very own Paddo Aldi – I bought 40 packets of gf flour the other day!

    But their specials are amazing – have gone to the edge and bought some of their electrical bits and bobs. All shut the front door fab! Better than the brands from those guys who make the truly bad singalong tv adverts. Go Aldi I say – some of the best products around!!!

    • sarah says:

      YEAH me too, I noticed their GF range and thought how expensive other places have that for….

      I love Aldi products and also have an Aldi store here…it’s not under the stairs but it’s in the storage cupboard in the study…xx

  19. VERY much looking forward to seeing the blue glass. I’m on the hunt for a shocking pink colander (yes, I already have a couple but…). Hope that wounded soldier is on the mend. C:

  20. Poppy says:

    I don’t have a white colander, but I do have a vintage cream one and a newish pale blue one, which is now looking happily less new and more vintage. I love using them – they make me very happy : )
    No KMart here, or W Mart and only a small Aldi, but I drop in every now and then to check out their wares and I do find the odd treasure to sneak in the house…………..
    I am commenting from England and it is weird how your dates say 20/3/12 and mine still say 19/3/12.

    • sarah says:

      yes it’s weird for me sometimes when people comment when I am asleep and I still haven’t got used to July being Winter!

  21. Selby says:

    Hehe I so get it- I danced when Kmart did a replica of a too expensive colander I’d been swooning over at Myisntthatexy

  22. federica says:

    Hello Sarah, your beautiful sieve, I have found one here
    I too have a vintage, but this is very cute!
    Good day!

  23. Naomi Ellis says:

    Gorgeous pictures Sarah. I so love hunting for bargains in the local stores. Great finds. N x

  24. I hang my colander collection by hooks on an Ikea Grundtal rail in the pantry and kitchen.
    It’s so easy to put my hands on but not cluttering the cupboards and drawers etc.
    I LoVe how yours looks in these pics.
    I’m back to Kmart tomorrow to get more of the cups and bowls etc in the stripes & polka dots……
    Tania Maree xx

  25. Nst90 says:

    You blog therefore I buy!! :)

  26. Nicole says:

    I have that colander too! Love the beach table setting and beach pillows in the back ground.

  27. Eileen @ CBH says:

    I love your colander. I have a vintage one that is very similar , which I came across thrifting, and I love it too. I swooned when I spotted it! My kids thought i was a bit batty when they found me snapping pics of it.
    They haven’t aquired the taste that we have, just yet!

  28. alison says:

    Your colander’s cousin lives in my house. I have a beautiful cream coloured one given to me by my friend, St Therese (because she is).


  29. I adore your style. Photos are delicious. And am very much loving the tablecloth being decorated by white colander! xx

  30. Maya says:

    What a lovely post. I’m about to buy a similar colander online and can’t figure out what size to get. (I’m awful with sizes/numbers). Would you be able to me know how large in diameter the colander in your pictures is? Thank you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.