Easy Like Beach Cottage Sundays

Sun 25th, Mar, 2012

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Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers


G’day Beach Cottage friends, broadcasting from an easy Sunday on the beaches this morning, I have been trying to learn more photography skills the last few weeks…

So these photos were from Friday morning on my walk…it had been a busy morning before school in our house, the usual stuff that’s part of getting three kiddos to school and I had, to be honest, as is usual, gotten up a tad too late, ahem…meaning a forty-is-the-new-thirty mummy running around scantily clad looking for sports gear and gulping down tea and a banana on the run…but it was a beauty of a morning, you could feel it in the air, you could see it in the light in the air and I ran back in to grab my camera thinking she might be a pretty good walking companion that day.

I was pretty sure that there would be the magical light over the ocean that comes at this time of year…and yes it was there…

But not only that, the surf was up, which in this town, means the place is teaming with surfers…I walked up the beach a bit, grabbed a coffee, sat down on the sand and started people watching…it’s amazing what you see and what goes on when you sit down and stop and think…I think I could people watch about all day…

There wasn’t much exercising going on for me, I sat there for ages, watching surfers come and go, joggers run past, mummies with toddlers waddled by and old guys on boogie boards and flippers met in a big pack and headed out the back…

…and these two caught my eye…my mission was to try and tell a story in pictures and as soon as I saw these two looking out to sea checking out the rolling of the waves, I thought I’d try it on them…


Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers

Did they ever perform, it was like they were dancing to the sound of the waves, some unspoken synchrony unbeknown to surfer watchers like me

after staring for a while, all of a sudden they took off in unison




Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers

a dance I don’t know

Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers

perfect performing as they headed in Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers

 and this week’s lovelies and not so lovelies


very deserved gold medals at sport for much hard work
discovering renting movies on the iPad (where have you been all my life?)
long walks by the sea – I had been letting this slip a bit because I was busy…this week finding out again (duh I am forty-is-the-new-thirty now I should know) that this is my best way to get through anything
kiddos studying hard & it showing in results
soaks in the bath

Mr Beach Cottage walking in the door after being away
very very happy blogging news
taking a whole weekday afternoon sitting on the beach

beautiful Autumnal weather

Not So Lovelies

parenting stuff
big big bruises
Mr BC away on business

Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers

What do you think of photo-storytelling?  I tried to nail :  the light, the icy blues at one turn, the aqua greens on the other, the beauty of the surfer dance, the crashing of the waves, the smell of the sea air…(a shame I couldn’t get that last one)

oh and I’d love to hear your lovelies, and not-so lovelies this week

I’ll be off for now then…pancakes to cook and our house guest to entertain


Easy Like Beach Cottage Sunday Surfers


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45 Responses to “Easy Like Beach Cottage Sundays”

  1. le says:

    morning sarah … loving the one leg up image – well caught :) my lovey this week was moving from 160 boxes to unpack to 31 !! will be under 30 by the end of toady – have a great week le xox

    • sarah says:

      wow that’s some work! we still have stuff in boxes from moving to Australia lol x

      • Robyn says:

        So do we! People can’t believe after 18 months we still have a store room full of unpacked boxes. Makes you wonder if we actually really need it…

        • sarah says:

          hmmm well a lot of mine holds my memories (in china lol!) so I can’t get rid of it…I even have my first crockpot out there…that thing means a lot to me lol x

  2. Janelle says:

    Great pics Sarah, I can almost smell that yummy salt and sand! Lovelies for me this week…lighting our first autumn fire (the wood heater! We’re not arsonists!!), scoring a pair of skinny jeans that DONT make me look like a drug addicted bogan and snuggling up with my 4yr old all night whilst husband away. Not so lovelies….husband away and 7yr old ear infections. Oh and youre house guest is VERY cute!!!! Happy Sunday!! xx

    • sarah says:

      haha to the drug addicted bogan, I know exactly what you mean by that…where’d you get the skinnies?

      I am jealous of your heater, we are hoping to get a wood burner put in…it was meant to be done in the Summer but it didn’t happen…though we don’t need it for a few month’s yet

      yes, my house guest is a cutie xx

      • Janelle says:

        Skinnies are Sass. Comfy, not too exie and not too sprayed on. All good things for this forty-is-the-new-thirty body! x

    • Pam Burke says:

      Fantastic photos Sarah.Spent our day walking along the coast on a golf course at beautiful Wollongomg with a golf buggy and great friends on a weekend recharge for 8 friends. Wish I new how to post our sea photos from the 2nd fairway at Wollongong Golf course .spectacular. My mission this week to work out how to do it.
      Thanks for the glimpse into you life. One day I hope we meet.. !!!!!!!!

  3. Ann Rachel says:

    I was cruising through here in rather a hurry, saw the first photo of the translucent green waves, caught my breath, dropped everything, slowed down, and read your entire story. I’ve never heard of syncronized surfing. Their tandem moves are amazing, particularly in silhouette against the sea. My favorites? that first green, glassy wave…amazing. The final photo of the waves “creaming and shimmering” as Lucy Maud Montgomery loved to describe it at Prince Edward Island. And the soft, icy blues and greens with white foam lining in your third photo. Lovely, lovely photos. Like the feet in the air…nice catch on the other body part, too. :-)

    Lovelies? I’m painting a series of “driftwood” signs tonight, called Sea Dreams. And loving every minute of the colors. I blogged once about it, and will probably do a finished product post, but the creative enjoyment and sea calm coming through it are what count. Not so lovely? Well, I’ll keep those things to myself. Don’t really even want to bring them to the forefront of my mind enough to write them, but am thankful that the unlovelies this week are mere annoyances.


    • sarah says:

      yes I loved the feet coming out of the wave too…wondered if anyone else would think the same! x

      I like the sound of your Sea Dreams Ann


  4. Kat says:

    Really beautiful.
    Reminds me as I clean, vacuum and tidy on this sunny Sunday morning in Tassie, that I really need to pop down to our beach for a long overdue walk and just to breath in that fresh sea air. (therapy eh?)
    Ah did I inspire you to make pancakes this morning? :)
    Thinking the pancakes, muffin I ate yesterday and pizza last night, combined with not as much exercise last week is showing up on the scales today. Oops.
    Not helping me look fab in my “40 is the new 30″ dress in five weeks time.
    Better get my butt into gear ;)

    • sarah says:

      errrm yes to the pancakes!

      hmmm well if you get to the beach and walk you can eat more bad things…at least that’s what I do! x

  5. Those are some gorgeous pictures! And, the waves! Just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. I think you’ve nailed the surfer photos! Are you renting the movies through Itunes? Do tell! Gold medals are for? much congratulations there. and I know all about bruises! I found the Arnica cream by brauer fantastic! probably better than hirudoid.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Jodie!

      Yes renting through iTunes…about 6 dollars and loving watching movies on it…

      medals are for one of my kiddos sport and yes the bruises came from that too..we tried a few different things, Arnica and black tea…I have never seen a bruise like it!

      • oh dear, slather the creams on!! There’s also an arnica tablet that you can put under the tongue. No aspirin or nurofen as it promotes the bleeding, it may still be bleeding underneath, if it’s still growing ICE it, or cold packs. Mine was a huuuge deep haematoma on my thigh. You just don’t ever want a calcified lump in there! The scariest colours are still to come.

  7. Susan says:

    Love the pictures of the surf!

    My lovelies this week:
    Picking up my dogs from their respective boarding places after our vacation
    Having Mr. R. build a tabletop for me for my blog “staging”
    Learning to use Adobe Lightroom to edit some of our vacation shots
    Learning that my mother-in-law bought a place in the same community we stayed at on vacation, so we’ll be going to Florida every year for spring break – woo hoo!

    Not so lovelies:
    Back to work after vacation

  8. Gorgeous pictures Sarah….

    You have captured the beautiful surf & the surfers (even their BUTS!!) beautifully~

    My lovelies…

    My 25 yo son renting his place on the gold coast & moving to his new abode in Brisbane…
    so I am off to qld this week to help him shift/move~~& I LOVE his new suburb~~ MMM lots of yummy shopping~~

    Ebay sales non stop…

    finding lots of lovely vintage goodies for my ebay store~~

    hubby home for 2 nights in a row!!~~

    Hit the tennis ball like a PRO!!~~

    Not so lovelies…

    Hubby turned 58 yesterday..which reminds me I am 55 this year!!~~OUCH..
    the old fingers are a tad sore with arthritis..
    LOTS of cleaning to do ~~~ lots of gardening to do ~~~ (hard work for the old girl)..~~
    having to leave my gorgeous blind 13yo toy poodle whilst away in qld…(he is in good care with my parents..but hate leaving him)!~~

    okay…back to cleaning now..

    xx andrea

    • sarah says:

      oooh I like the sound of the suburb/shopping Andrea

      go you on the Ebay sales, I love hearing those success stories!

      hmmm you will never be as young as you are now right? xoxoxo

      sigh to the cleaning…I have the same to do..x

  9. Tiff says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if our laptops, ipads etc came with a “scratch & sniff” function/app?! Then I could smell the fresh salty breeze in your pics. ;P
    My not-so-lovely, in fact absolutely terrible:
    A long-time netball team mate’s sudden and very premature death – such a loss to her beautiful family and all she knew.
    My lovelies:
    Spending a long time just chatting with my 14yr old daughter in a way I don’t often get to now that she’s got tons of homework.
    Having a great conversation with my 17 yr old foster child and seeing some lights ‘go on’.
    Spending time with friends appreciating life and savouring each moment of it.
    Seeing the sun come out after a long, wet couple of weeks.

    • sarah says:

      oh I love it when the sun comes after a long time away Tiff…being from England that is very sweet to me :-)

      I am sorry to hear your news…you never do know what is around the corner xo

  10. Karlee says:

    Awesome pics Sarah. Love sitting on the beach watching people enjoy themselves!!
    Lovelies this week – ordered our panoramic pic of the Taj Mahal from when we were there a year ago…exciting! nice births at work (one in particular – Indian couple wanting pictures of me with them and their baby hehe- gorgeous people), a beautiful day yesterday with my man spent driving, patting white horses, gardening and beers around our outdoor fire. Sunday breakfast with friends. Mums birthday! Sunny weather.
    Not so lovelies – night shift and tiredness from same, no time to blog.
    Happy Sunday

    • sarah says:

      oh you are doing a fabulous job! sounds wonderful

      wow your week was good…white horses, gardening, beers & Sunday breakfast! bring it on x

  11. Mandy says:

    This certainly made me smile! I liked the photo story telling.

    Nothing too non lovely to report this week Things were pretty nice and relaxing.

    Great post!
    Mandy @ Little Maison

  12. Robynne says:

    I’ve only got lovelies Sarah….beautiful, sunny, mild spring weather…(yes you did read that right)…daffodils popping up in the garden…a vintage fair in the village hall next door…lovely young women dressed in colourful vintage dresses selling vintage china with flowers planted inside them…a dirty big piece of chocolate cake and a coffee with a friend at a table with pretty flowers in a jam jar…homemade muffins and a little sponge with eggs on top to bring home…and a glass of prosecco as the sun went down in the front garden!! Oh and daylight savings…yay!! Robx

  13. Alice says:

    lol Sarah I loved your photo story telling! Those surfers…The surfers.. The text synchronised surfing! Too funny what a feat! I personally love photo story telling… It is a favourite past time of mine and I mainly do it just for family and friends as a way to catch up (through emails) with them (well them with us)… Usually of the kids (they are gold) but our cat and dog ahve given us some golden momments too… You know I thought I was crazy (about the whole light thing)… I can always tell when the new season has arrived – the lighting changes… I’m glad to see I am not the only one that has noticed ;)… I know what you mean about having the Mr. away… Though mine doesn’t go on business trips (not exactly) he has very long days and it is always wonderful to hear his car drive up the drive way and see him walk through the door…

    • sarah says:

      yeah I love the light changing Alice…I can’t explain what it is here in Autumn but I like it lolx

  14. Lisa says:

    The photos are amazing – you certainly did capture the light and the icy blues and aqua greens with your camera! Thank you for sharing your little bit of paradise! We had amazing weather in Massachusetts this week…..nothing un-lovely comes to mind – which is lovely!

  15. Jos says:

    Great photos and great story telling – what camera did you use for these Sarah?

    Getting off down to the country for a long weekend – gfs stayed Friday night and now it’s just me and the pooch and a garden of lovely jobs to do – and lots of snaps and playing with Instagram – might not he’d back till Tuesday even?!
    Welcoming a v tired but happy Monty back from camp
    Date nights out with B while M on camp
    Planning lovely dinners and activities for Easter holidays down here in country paradise

    Not so lovelies
    Booking and anticipating a fab meal at one of Sydney’s hatted restaurants (big treat bday dinner for B) only to have them get it so wrong it was dreadful and ended up eating gluten so have been in allergic state ever since. (I’m a coeliac sadly)
    Still in pain and now have insomnia as a result! Thanks Tetsuyas – can you believe it? Bday ruined and so am I at the moment internally. Ow.

    • sarah says:

      I like the sound of your lovelies, but not your not-so lovelies! sorry to hear a ruined birthday, but then again that’s why I avoid fancy restaurants like the plague…x

      • Jos says:

        I know what you mean – although a little silver lining – Tet just called me to apologise and has invited us back for another sitting – funny thing is – I’ve booked for Friday the 13th!!!! Hahaha – don’t you love the irony?!

  16. Caz says:

    Another great story Sarah and the photos are so beautiful you really capture it so perfectly ! Thanks for the beach lovin :-)

  17. Jasmine says:

    Love the story (and especially the one-leg up photo!).

    My Lovelies for the week:
    - Catching up with my brothers and sister
    - Seeing The Hunger Games (you must see this!)
    - Spending time with my husband

    - Waking up sick this morning

    x Jasmine

  18. annie says:

    It was a week end of waiting, weeping and wondering for us but filled with a wonderful rally of spontaneous drop ins and lunches and cups of tea. I do love a spontaneous week end. Some beach time might be the perfect thing here right now. Thanks for the subliminal suggestion!

  19. Oh i would LOVE to walk the beach and watch the surfers!!! But your pics transport me there (= My lovelies were having friends and family for a visit this weekend; not-so-lovelies, my teething 6 month old and too many bills to pay!! )= Thanks for keeping it real! The bathroom is gorgeous, btw!!

  20. jody says:

    gasp! beautiful!

  21. alison says:

    Just lovely reading your thoughts about your daily life. Thank you.

    alison x

  22. Sarah says:

    Your photos are wonderful and the colour of the sea looks so much bluer than England! I love telling a story through photos I often see something that will spark off a tale to show on my blog.

  23. Rob says:

    Nice story telling with these pictures!
    You’re making me very very jealous by telling us You’re spending ages at the beach. Just watching and enjoying all the beautiful the beach has to offer….;)


  24. amazing pictures… i want to be there..