Beach Cottage Walking the Beaches North Curl Curl

Fri 30th, Mar, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, let’s walk the beaches today shall we?  I must say we have been enjoying some fantastic Autumn weather here on the beaches, after, to be quite honest, a Summer that has had rather a few grey days…

But who is complaining when Sydney throws  a few days like these at you just to keep up the momentum? I am actually not at home today, blogging from Melbourne, no less, my first time at a blogging conference and much more importantly, my first time in Melbourne, the city that everyone I meet tells me I will love love love…will report back soon, with Australian bells on ;-)


So here we are in North Curl Curl then and I often end up at the other end of this beach (South Curl Curl) because it has a lovely boardwalk that you can walk all around the head on and get really close to nature.

This is the other end, I don’t come here too often, but in the last few weeks, Mr Beach Cottage and I took a Friday arvo off and sat on a blanket here for hours soaking up some ocean air and sunshine and then I walked here a few days ago too…

The name Curl Curl is believed to have come from the Aboriginal term “Curial Curial” which referred to the passage of man on the river of life….doesn’t that sound nice…a bit rose-tinted heh? ;-)  I like to think of my journey here to Australia from the other side of the world as a passage on the river of life…tell you want it’s a pretty good place to end up….



The best thing about this beach is you can get a long go of a walk on the sand, add in a coastal bush walk for some leg toning and uphill work at the end, take a stack load of pictures, ooh and ahh at the flowers and greenery abounding and then walk back again, legs feeling it…. multi-tasking fitness I think it’s called ;-)

20120330-03-beach-cottage-blog-footsteps-sand-coastal 20120330-04-IMG_0080

There are an abundance of coastal flowers here growing alongside the beach, I love that.

20120330-05-coastal-beach-flowers 20120330-06-beach-cottage-coastal-flowers

I love this view, sometimes when I look out to sea it’s like I’m on the edge of the world…makes you feel pretty insignificant in your little everyday life compared to this…

20120330-07-beach-cottage-australia-sea-blue 20120330-08-beach-cottage-coastal-sign-seashore

North Curl Curl has its own Surf Life Saving Club, formed in 1921, when after heavy rains a sandbank broke and when huge volumes of water rushed seawards a boy was washed out to sea…  the local people gathered, addressed the need for life saving and the club has been going ever since.

20120330-09-IMG_0073 20120330-10-beach-cottage-sand-seashore-seaside 20120330-11-beach-cottage-blog-surfer-board-rider 20120330-12-beach-coastal-sign 20120330-13-beach-sign

North Curl Curl has a school …this is sport for those kiddos…hello!  do they know how lucky they are?  Probably not…one thing you notice here when you move your life from the other side of the world is how many people have had this kinda living at their fingertips the whole of their life….but many don’t utilize it….and some people I meet and live in the beach suburbs don’t actually visit the beach at all…some ‘don’t like it’ ….my kiddos even know similar age kids who can’t swim, I find that amazing!

The school was built in 1951 using buildings known as ‘Bristols’ as they were manufactured by the Bristol Aircraft company after World War II and exported to Australia from the UK.

I guess the Beach Cottage Crew will also feel like this lifestyle is a right of passage…I will always, though, know how special that is…


20120330-14-beach-cottage-north-curl-curl 20120330-15-IMG_00682 20120330-16-beach-cottage-flower-coastal-seaside 20120330-17-beach-cottage-australia-flag


Really this is a pretty great spot…and just when you thought you might have had enough of the beach, ocean and waves or walking up over the rocks, well how about you turn around and sit by the lagoon instead?


20120330-18-beach-cottage-blog-curl-curl-lagoon 20120330-19-curl-curl-beach-australia


And to top it all off, the whole kit and kaboodle is topped off by these sand hills…which are pretty special, it feels secluded up here and very at one with nature…



there are paths all up over this cliff through the bush …good for the legs and bit of cardio



This is the view from up there, this photo is via Instagram and vintage processed but you can see this is looking down into the sea from that headland above



So that’s about it from me from the beaches via Melbourne, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Beach Cottage Walking the Beaches, have to say this is one of the better parts of blogging…getting to walk around in the Australian sun, taking pictures  and oggling beaches, oceans and seas…

I am looking for a Beach Cottage Assistant… ;-) anyone want in?  

Qualifications : must love Australia, the beach, vintage things, and photography, and must be very very nice to me, you know, like in Pretty Woman ;-)

Sarah  20120330-23-beach-cottage-beach-waves-spray 20120330-24-beach-cottage-beach-curl-curl-north-australia

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50 Responses to “Beach Cottage Walking the Beaches North Curl Curl”

  1. I can almost smell the salt water and feel the sand between my toes. Thanks for sharing the flowers, sand and the water.


  2. Kirsty says:

    It’s so pretty Sarah! It’s funny because I also grew up right on the beaches (just in NZ not Oz) and my Mum grew up in Nottingham, England and she always tells us ‘kids’ how lucky we are, because we do tend to take it for granted when it’s always been there! Even my high school was perched on the hillside over the ocean with views for days and we barely gave it a second thought! As I get older I definitely appreciate all those things more and I’m sure your kids will too :) xo K

  3. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Beach Cottage Assistant? Where do I sign up?

    I hope you’re having fun in Melbourne. If you get the chance, take a tram down to St. Kilda beach – it’s not as glorious as the Sydney beaches, but there are some fun restaurants down that part of town (when I was first married, I lived on Fitzroy Street, right in the red light district of Melbourne – it was definitely a fun experience – the place was buzzing 24 hours a day…)

    I can’t wait to see some pictures of your trip to Melbourne!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Susan I must say I can’ wait to get out and about with my camera, it’s charged and so ready to go….yay!!!!

  4. Living the dream, you are!
    Your pictures are fantastic. I enjoy all of the pics of signs that you share. Being a bit different than those on our coastal shores (US, Washington State), it helps to tell the story. Anyway, I like the signs.

    Anxious to hear your thoughts on your first blogging conference, elite blogger!
    xo Jay

    • sarah says:

      yes it’s certainly not all perfect but I like to take all the good things like the beach and ocean that are now around me every day


  5. Wendy says:

    Welcome to sunny Melbourne, hope you enjoy your stay. Your pics are gorgeous. Wendy xx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Rob says:

    Are male beach cottage assistants also allowed? ;)
    Tanks for your post and inspiring images.


  8. Caz says:

    Beautiful pics :-) Melbourne is fantastic and I’m sure you will love it – its my hometown so I may be biased but I love going back and breathing it all in any chance I can.

    Oh wow yes please where does one sign up to be a BC Assistant?

  9. Assistant? This implies a paid position as opposed to an intern who would work for free :-) I’d take either thankyouverymuch :-) But would one have to have actually been to Australia, you know besides via your blog? Gorgeous photos today, all blissed out on virtual sunshine. Much needed today as it’s practically a monsoon out here.

    ps – Why did I think you lived in the Melbourne suburbs do you live in the Sidney suburbs then? It’s warmer up north then? I’m afraid I’d make a terrible assistant if I had to actually know anything about Australia… maybe someday I’ll get a chance to visit, when the kids are grown and we only have two fares to pay instead of four :-)

    • sarah says:

      yes a paid position at abeachcottage.com must do laundry, cooking, cleaning and taxi driving in addition to blogging skills

      • Yeah…. um…. laundry?…..cleaning?…. taxi driving?….. maybe not then. I’d be happy to do the cooking assisting though :-) You’d have another assistant for clean up after though, right? Just checking. ❈

  10. alison says:

    Thanks for the Curl Curl tour. I haven’t made it to that part of Sydney. It looks like my kinda place.

    It saddened me when you wrote that some kids can’t swim. How does that happen??!!

    And on another note, can I apologise for the reality tv show about The Shire that starts soon. I just know it will be made with ratings as the focus and I’m sure it will give a very narrow view of life here as if we all live at Cronulla Beach. The Shire has the Royal National Park, fabulous education facilities from early childhood to Tafe and a university campus, great aged care facilities and hospitals, large retail outlets, a variety of churches, many entertainment venues and people doing great things for charity and the community etc. I hope I am proved wrong and the show has a positive focus not just a sensational one.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. LOL


    • sarah says:

      I hear you Alison, I think the same can be said of many areas….a lot of places have fantastic things going on in them…one of the reasons I love the show Secret Millionaire, especially the UK one

      I have been around your Shire quite a bit through kiddos sport, it’s interesting and in a strange way reminds me a lot of England, I am not sure how or why…but it does ???


  11. Christie says:

    I love your seaside photos. I live in Hawaii and am amazed at how different and the same the oceanside can be. Thanks for sharing.

    • sarah says:

      next stop Hawaii for me hopefully one day Christie!

      • Christie says:

        And someday I will hopefully get to visit Australia. It’s on my list along with Ireland and Japan. Maybe when my kids are grown up. Luv your blog and cottage style. Mahalo.

  12. Katherine says:

    interesting and nice eye candy Sarah! Enjoyed : )
    Hope you like the capital city of my state? You will find it very different to Sydney.
    If you get a chance, make your way to Williamstown and head down to the docks – for a bit of history and an amazing view of the city across the water. It may be a bit out of your way if you are staying centrally – but well worth a visit if you get a chance. I think you will love it. It’s a special place to me – home of my sea faring ancestors – who came across the seas from the Orkney Isles to this amazing country, that we love so much.
    Enjoy your time in beautiful Victoria ; )
    Katherine X

    • sarah says:

      wow that is a very long journey from the Orkney Isles! one amazing part of the world to another I think!

      I hope to get some great photos in Melbourne x

  13. Lark says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Can’t wait to see some from Melbourne. I’m also loving the shot you took from the airplane.

  14. Christy says:

    I will be your BC Assistant for FREE! I have lots of experience doing laundry, cooking, cleaning & taxiing my 6 kids around! They might miss me though….
    This was one of my favorite beach walks you’ve done so far! Not sure why…but I felt like I was right there with you! Thanks for the escape! :)

    • sarah says:

      I was aiming to get that feeling of you being with me on the walk, so thanks for the feedback x

  15. Janelle says:

    Yep, we aussies have it pretty good here dont we?! Thanks for the gorgeous reminders! Oh and speaking of pretty…looking good for the conference Sarah!! Enjoy! xx

  16. Tiff says:

    I needed that walk to explore Curl Curl – thanks so much :) The area has all of the elements I consider essential to a perfect beach experience.
    Hope you enjoy Melbourne. I’ve been there twice and loved the feel and culture of the place (and the food!).

  17. the freckled minx says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane – north curl curl was one of our favourite beaches followed by Coogee…….B:)

  18. suzanne says:

    Curl Curl is a great surfing beach as well as Warriewood, where I spent millions of weekends lying on the beach while my then boyfriend was cruising the waves. We always parked our brown bods in the middle of the beach away from the flagged areas, it was heaven and now that I live in the hills areas, I miss it all very much, but your photos do, do it justice.
    I would love the chance to be a BC assistant, and I am a handy old beach girl.
    Thanks sarah,

  19. Alice says:

    Thanks Sarah… I have always wanted to head out to Curl Curl… Now I know I have to go… Beautiful…Could make a day trip out of it… Loved every single photo…. Trully captures the vibrant colours of the Australian shore…. Those kids really are lucky, I can’t believe there are people who wouldn’t appreciate/like or use their beach nearby… I don’t think you could get me and the kids out of there (not a great swimmer myself so I don’t enter the surf but I still love the sand and sea air and the view!)if it was us living anywhere near one! Really don’t know what they have and how lucky! I hope Melbourne is treating oyu kindly and that you are loving it.

  20. Emma says:

    Pick me! Pick me!
    Oh how I’d love to be,
    a beginner assistant to thee!
    Not sure I am what you require,
    but I do always aim to reach higher….

    Resume: Stay @ Home Mum of 3, beachside wannabe, photography learner and I LUV it, and I am thrilled to be an Australian.
    If you’re serious (I can’t quite believe that you might be!) send me an email and I can send sample pics, or any other bribe necessary:-)

    Enjoy Melbourne. Try Lygon St for food, though you will need many beach cottage walks afterwards!
    R, Emma.

  21. I enjoyed the walk……I didn’t even break a sweat! ;o)
    I will be heading to Melbourne in a few months so I am keen to get your feedback……
    Take Care! TM xx

  22. This post is just divine. I can almost smell the salt & feel the sand under my feet. Your words & photos are true perfection. I live in QLD….lived on the beach at Caloundra {Sunshine Coast} for 6 months {pre-kids} and it was the most refreshing & soul-energizing 6 months of my life. The beach is my church!
    P.S. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! for the BC assistant. {fine print though: i suck at laundry, cleaning & cooking} BUT love the online world & blogging :)

  23. Jasmine says:

    That beach looks amazing! I love that there is a beach, a lagoon, and a nature walk right at your fingertips!

    I will never understand people who live near the beach and either hate it, or don’t know how to swim. Blows my mind!

    I hope you’re enjoying Melbourne :)

    x Jasmine

  24. Nicola says:

    I love that you will always appreciate how beautiful the beaches are there, it’s amazing how many people take for granted what they are used to!

  25. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I was thinking about the “taking it for granted” comment last night, and I think the same thing could probably be said about most places – for example, I know that some people would kill to be able to live in England, yet you probably took it for granted when you lived there. I know I took Australia for granted when I lived there. It wasn’t until I moved to the US, a country that I had dreamed of living in for years, that I really appreciated where I was living – I loved Chicago, and never took it for granted – I hated winters there, but I knew that it was the most awesome city in the world. My husband reminded me to be grateful for the winters – he said the winters were made to keep the whole world out – if the winters were milder, then the whole world would want to live in Chicago. I think he’s right!

  26. Mandy says:

    Oh! This is just what I needed. Very hard week. Lovely pix to bring me into the weekend.

  27. Sarah says:

    It looks like paradise and makes you feel warm looking at the pictures thanks for the walk. I’m not surprised that children can’t swim or others don’t often appreciate the surroundings around them. It is the same over here , I often talk to friends and colleagues and not many of them go to the beach on a regular basis.

  28. bonitarose says:

    I would love to be your beach cottage assistant.. omg.
    I love the beach, the sea, everything vintage and beachy decor. Right now my hubby and I live in the midwest USA but are planning our move to the beaches of FL later this year/early next year.. we yearn for the sea life.
    pls contact me here bonnieangel1797@gmail.com
    I’d love to hear from you and hear more about this opportunity!

  29. Selby says:

    Beautiful walk thanks Sarah:)
    Ps the blockout blinds worked wonders with the baby- score sleep= happy mummy
    Pps Kmart jeans were a great tip- saved me today from a bad wardrobe malfunction( read my skirt ripped at a community garden launch) $19 jeans to the rescue- priceless!:)

  30. Jacky Bennett says:

    Really lovely pictures and stories.
    I am coming to North Curl Curl from Hitchin Uk next week and am looking forward to seeing these for myself. Cann’t promise I shall do any cooking or cleaning but just looking forward to chilling out in your lovely country.