Beach Cottage Vlog – The One Where Mrs BC Nearly Got Swept Away by a Wave

Thu 8th, Mar, 2012

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G’day, just popping in to show you the wild and weird weather we are having…when I took this this morning it was cold and grey…now we have blue sky and sun…

…in the name of Beach Cottage blogging I give you me on the beach with a coat on over my pj’s, after doing the school run, in my wellies…all courtesy of that lovely little member of the Beach Cottage Crew that lives in my back pocket…the iPhone.

See you tomorrow Beach Cottagers





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41 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vlog – The One Where Mrs BC Nearly Got Swept Away by a Wave”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a dangerous hobby – but spectacular (I mean, I would have done it too lol!) – but BE CAREFUL!

  2. Nicky says:

    Wow… Just stunning! Love it when the beach is crazy rugged and you can feel the sea spray on yr face. Thanks for cool vid! X

    • sarah says:

      you are welcome Nicky, it sure was stunning down there, I love sunny days but I love these days too…good to blow the cobwebs away x

  3. Carin says:

    Even when it’s wet and wild it’s oh so beautiful! You lucky girl!

  4. michele in texas says:

    So beautiful and powerful, thanks for the peep down under style.

  5. Lori says:

    love it!

  6. Wow, that was stunning! I would be drawn to walk out there too…. Is this typical fall weather then?

    • sarah says:

      no not at all Jen…it’s normally sunny and warm!

      this was quite unusual weather, and exhilarating hence taking a video of it x

  7. Made my morning that vlog.

    We visit the Oregon coast a few times a year, and the weather is often times similar. The energy of the waves brings you in, mesmerizes you. I often sit and watch for an hour or more.

    You crack me up with your morning get-up. I am always just a wee bit worried when dropping the kids off at school. Will I run into someone who wants to chat? God forbid that I might have to get out of the car… nightgown over yoga pants with a sweatshirt and sunglasses to hide the fact that I may not have removed all of my mascara from the day before. Classy.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I was a bit worried that someone would see me and then I did a vlog….in no make up!!!! or sunglasses for that matter…hey ho who cares…I am never as young as I am now right?


  8. Mel says:

    I wonder how it’s smelling there, with that weather? Is it compareable to the North Sea? I LOVE that smell!
    Greetings from Switzerland (without Sea, but great mountains for skiing :-) )

    • sarah says:

      well hello Switzerland!

      errrm well no it’s not like the North Sea in smell actually, it’s kinda warmer which I know is not a word for smell…but that’s how I describe it!

  9. cris says:

    I’m an American currently living in the Arizona desert but I have lived on our Atlantic coast, our Gulf coast, our Pacific coast, and even surrounded by the beautiful Pacific ocean in Hawaii. I cannot tell you how much I miss standing in a beach watching the waves roll in. Thanks so much for giving me a taste of it again. Love your blog. Cris

  10. Fantastic! I can’t wait to take small one to the beach for the first time this summer. We’ll just be on the great lakes but you’ll be in my head while we are C:

  11. Liz says:

    Just got back from a walk on the beach. Warm here today for February, but a bit cold and windy by the water. Time for some tea to warm up!

  12. Maria says:

    Ohhh love that photo, so perfectly captured with the surfer staring out at the rough waves and closed beach. I imagine he’s bummed out about being beached :)

    Maria (reformed lurker)

    • sarah says:

      oooh hello reformed Lurker, I like it ;-)

      yeah he was….he struggled to get out and didn’t make it and came back in sooooo forlorn and just sat here…classic moment

      thanks for commenting, I appreciate it x

  13. Barefoot Liz says:

    Those are some HUGE waves! Makes me uneasy watching it (I get nightmares about tidal waves, for some reason.)

    • sarah says:

      yeah they were massive Liz…and amazing! x

    • Alice says:

      Me tooo!!! I have had them since childhood… I don’t know where they come from I have never had a bad experience with the sea….My husband often laughs at me and thinks I am overly paranoid hee…heee..

  14. ComfyChair says:

    My goodness, I could almost smell the ocean. What a great video!

    What I love best about the ocean is that it is constantly changing. Every wave, every hour, every day. Endlessly fascinating.

    • sarah says:

      yes me too and I love how weather makes it change too….beautiful in a dark way here x

  15. Alice says:

    Magnificent Sarah! Reminds me of maroubra when hubby and I used to picninc on the rocks high up the cliff there… Those waves would crash so high, beautiful … Mind you I would not try that on a rainy wild weather day in that paricular spot… I also remember (many years ago back when hubby was my date) standing by the edge of some rocks (by the salt pool there in manly) in a moonlit night just after a big storm had cleared… That was sooo much fun! Very wet (and numbingly cold) but soooo much fun….Very fond memories for me… Loving the sun today!

  16. brissGirl says:

    I have just finished reading your blog from start to finish, it is amazing! I love the photography, have you thought about doing it professionally. I am going to start my own blog soon (I’ve just set up my blog account and am your newest follower), so I found your posts about blogging particularly helpful. I can only hope that when I finally do get around to making mine, it will come out as good as yours and some of the others that I have been reading.
    It will be a while before I start blogging though, I need to get my photography and writing skills up to scratch. Some of you bloggers have fantastic writing and blogging skills.

  17. Candy says:

    There’s nothing like watching the power of the sea…such an awesome sight and sound! My favorite time to be on the beach, as long as there is no hurricane coming, that is…lol!!

  18. Jasmine says:

    Wow, the water was wild! I love watching the waves crash in on wild weather days :)

    x Jasmine

  19. Rob says:

    Thanks for the awesome ocean views! I love it…but unfortunately I live too far from the sea to see it on a daily base…

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    Ps. Yes…also men are reading and following your blog! ;)

    • sarah says:

      well G’day Rob!

      hmmm I may have to start losing the ‘ladies’ bit if a few more of you men lurkers come out of the woodwork ;-)

      hello The Netherlands!

  20. Melissa says:

    I loved watching the vlog and so wish I was standing there with you. I live in Oklahoma so there is no beautiful sea around me. I have always wanted to live on the beach. I tell my husband, when the kids are gone, my vacations will be beach hopping.
    Thank you for showing.