Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipe – Layered Raspberry, Cream & Cake Dessert

Wed 7th, Mar, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, howdy, howdy howdy today for a Beach Cottage Too Easy recipe.

If you like cake, cream, sugar and chocolate, make this.

This is, rather than a recipe, a putting it together…as you know I am no dessert maker, but, I do make quite a few sweet things, because, somehow I have ended up with kiddos, who in their roles as offspring, believe that part of the deal, is that not only do I feed them a home-cooked meal with a few homegrown ingredients in there, yes, they also believe that dessert and not the kind that comes out of a packet is included too in this All-Inclusive Deal they call Parenthood.



So, this, for sure, is no culinary masterpiece, but if you are looking for something that is so very easy, dump-able, uses everyday ingredients and at the same time makes you look like you spent hours pulling things together plus tastes good….well, then this is for you.

Best though, you don’t make this for yourself, if you have spent the most part of your week sitting on your derriere reading blogs…this my friend ain’t low in the calories department…if, however, you are treating yourself to a delight in a mason jar, this is so for you.

I first had a version of this when at dinner back in Old Blighty with a girl, I once, in another life, caught the train up from our village to London with…she was a funny thing really…I am not quite sure how we got on…she was kinda prissy and a bit bothered by too much…I would run to the train flustered, having got up late, and she would have a spreadsheet on the train times, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, a few years later when we both had bambinos, I bumped into her again and we met up for playdates and dinner sometimes….this particular night, after a lovely meal she served up little bowls of creamy, cakey fruity stuff topped off with chocolate flake…it was delicious!

She didn’t serve hers in little jars like this, hers were in a champagne glass and not quite so layered as these ones, plus she used tinned fruit not fresh or frozen.




Years later when said offspring kept requesting dessert, one day I wangled together somehow these from what was around in the fridge and they’ve been with us ever since.

Most likely, if you ever come here for dinner, and shock horror, you dont’ bring the dessert with you, this, if you are lucky, will be what you will get.

Throw it all together, sprinkle a lil bit of chocolate on the top and the blog reading past-time you so rudely left in order to make this, is my friend, your oyster.


Beach Cottage Too Easy Layered Raspberry, Cream & Sponge Dessert


1 small maderia or butter cake or a pack of cupcakes (or of course make your own)

1/2 cup whipping cream

1/2 cup cream cheese

1/4 cup sugar

8 tbsp fruit

1 x chocolate Flake or chocolate bar for grating



 1. beat the cream cheese  until it is soft


2.  whip the cream until soft peaks form

3. combine & add the sugar through


4. cut your cake into portions


& layer into the bottom of your jar


5. add a tablespoon of fruit


6. layer on top the cream combo


7. repeat

8. grate chocolate or Flake on top


*Beach Cottage Recipe Notes : this is just a guide really, you can use any cream that you have on hand…I have made this with clotted cream (don’t even go there unless you want to seriously get these babies on your thighs), with double cream and I have even, in desperate times squirted in that, ahem, foamy stuff from the can   *any fruit will do …if you use frozen & there is a lot of water on it / it has freezer bite the sponge may go a bit soggy…this is not a problem, for me, it might be for you :-) …I have used tinned fruit, peaches are nice….but if you are making this for something special I think fresh soft fruit goes down particularly well   * you might want to add more sugar, this is easy on the sugar component, I don’t like it overly sweet…  *you can use any chocolate you have floating around…I have grated all sorts of things over this   *these are really great to take out with you, I have done this a couple of times when we have been out for special picnics…just make them up and then pop the lid on…too easy 





I hope you like it Beach Cottage girls…you said you wanted more recipes… ;-)

….thinking the next one may just have to be a little less heavy on the old forty-is-the-new-thirty backside


nah, stuff that, you only live once right?




you can find more Beach Cottage Too Easy recipes that make you look like a goddess but really you’ve not done much right here 





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49 Responses to “Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipe – Layered Raspberry, Cream & Cake Dessert”

  1. Yummo, I just adore cadbury flake choccies!

  2. Christy says:

    I love the presentation in the canning jars! So cute and easy to make up a whole bunch for a crowd and stick in the fridge to serve later. Looks yummy, thanks for sharing!

    • sarah says:

      yeah if I am organized I make up in the morning and then stick in the fridge for later…x

  3. Cathy says:

    This sounds utterly delish and decadent and perfect in its simplicity. This is a keeper.

    • sarah says:

      this is for sure a real keeper Cathy and a good one to have up your sleeve

      thanks for stopping by x

  4. Candy says:

    No weight problems on this end, so bring it on…YUM!!! Uhhh, is there anything you CAN’T do????

  5. Susan says:

    Love the Flakes! Too bad they’re a “delicacy”, available only at World Market at an exhorbitant price in these parts.

    Your dessert looks delicious – it’s got all my favorite things, especially chocolate and raspberries! :)

    • sarah says:

      yes I thought they might be in some parts of the world but you can use any choc!

      this is Australian flake which tastes a bit different to English flake (Aussie chocolate has a lot of anti-melting stuff in it and has a different flavour)…but it still does the job ok…xx

  6. samantha says:

    Its a shame I can’t just reach into the computer and get this, it would go down a treat, even slipped into something more comfy (jog bottom with a loose waist band) then my skinny jeans with hidden muffin top.
    Looks lovely, a few crushed meringues would, for me finish it off….. :-)

  7. I’ve got whipping cream at home, berries and that cake can be easily made while the rest of dinner is going. I would give my right apendage for this right now C:

    • sarah says:

      yep that is one of the best things about it…you can just make it while all other stuff is going on, it’s not too brain-power heavy!


  8. Oh my – just beautiful. Could you do GF for me?! Thank-you!

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I could make this gluten free I am sure Nikki…and team it with some of your fave bubbles haha

  9. All I can say is it’s a good thing I’ve just brushed my teeth…. or I’d be down in the pantry this instant trying to find things to make this with. I will be keeping it in the back of my mind though… sounds like the perfect summer treat. ❈

  10. Glenda says:

    What a fabulously easy delicious dessert. Thanks for this one Sarah.

  11. Surely Sarah says:

    Another winner – something even I can make! Thinking of this for the weekend when I’m at my parents…

  12. Sharon says:

    Oh my, this looks so good.

    I’ve never heard of Cadbury Flake before. I’m going to have to see if I can find it here in the US. I know I can find something else to use instead but I like to try new things, especially new kinds of chocolate.

  13. Glennie says:

    All I can say is yum, yum, yum ……

  14. Katherine says:

    Yum – looks exactly what I feel like eating RIGHT now!!

  15. Now to track down a flake…Living in the US has it’s moments xo

  16. alison says:

    Sarah, you HAVE to try trifle which is very similar. The ingredients and method are open to your creativity. Flakes are a suitable additional ingredient.

    packet of red jelly crystals (I’ve seen premade jelly in the supermarket but haven’t tried it)
    packet of jam sponge rollettes OR a jam sponge roll OR a plain bought sponge cut into smallish uniform pieces
    sweet sherry-optional (or substitute if preferred)
    425g can of peach slices, drained (or any fruit to taste)
    600mL carton of custard
    300mL carton of cream, whipped
    1/2 cup toasted almonds

    Set jelly in large clear glass serving bowl in fridge.
    Slice cake. Sprinkle with sherry or substitute if desired.
    Arrange cake slices in a line around the sides of the bowl and on top of the set jelly.
    Add a layer of drained peach slices.
    Pour over custard to taste.
    Decorate with whipped cream.
    Add toasted almonds on top just before serving.

    Serve in glass dessert bowls using normal sized dessert spoons or in cocktail glasses using long handled dessert spoons


    PS KMart Skinny $10 jeans don’t require ironing! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Fleur says:

    Ooh, im all over this! Gotta get myself some pretty mason jars thou. Im thinking Ginger cake and cinnamon cream Mmmmm

  18. Oh that is so lovely and creativity. Kind of creativeness really change the mod in positiveness manners. Thanks

  19. Marnie says:

    I said I wasn’t going to look.
    but I did
    now I want…
    thanks Sarah
    thanks a lot
    x Marnie

  20. Michelle says:

    I think the mason jars are a brilliant idea, especially for those lovely picnics down on the beach that we sea siders are so lucky to have so close. I will definitely be trying this as I’m planning a belated anniversary picnic for me and my hubby in the park where we were married last year.

    And yes you’re right we only live once so why not indulge once in a while :)

  21. Kelly Gabriel says:

    I so very much enjoy your easy, care-free banter!
    No need to respond, just wanted you to know that you add a lovely treat in the day. :]

  22. Ingrid says:

    Love it! Though berries are quite expensive here, but we have plenty of other fruit like passion fruit, guava and papaya. Perfect aftera day at the beach.

  23. SOunds yummy!! And I will have tons of berries in a about 4 months, I could make this every night. My family would not be upset. lol LOVE easy recipes.

    Thanks Sarah!
    God bless, Fi

    • sarah says:

      you are welcome Fiona…best thing is too, that it is very budget friendly if you have a glut of berries around x

  24. Rukmini Roy says:

    I dont know how to put this but at a certain time of the day after something I feel really hungry. I get hungry for sweet. All I need is a quick fix sweet: Nothing else will do. This is so perfect. I’m trying this.

  25. Caz says:

    Yummo love cream, raspberries and chocolate its a winner and love it in the mason jar – just gorgeous :-)

  26. Alice says:

    This looks so good! I love that youput it in the jars and that it is so transportable…. Made the panatonne again (last one in my pantry) especially for my brother…. He gave your recepie an A+++++++++…. He even took the rest home lol… Might try thisone when we go over to his place, I know both he and his wife will love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. Jasmine says:

    This looks amazing! And, the best part about is, you can easily throw it together if you don’t feel like baking. Love it!

    x Jasmine

  28. Debs says:

    Hi Sarah…
    Thanks for that recipe..I MADE IT!!!!
    We had friends over yesterday for a traditional roastie…and whenever we go to them we get home made puddings…where as usually I buy a nice one from Marks and Sparks. Hubby got made redundant 2 weeks ago, so reining in the belt and saw this on your blog (which I read daily by the way!)….and thought Id go with it. Made them in champagne glasses like your travel friend used to….and added some wafers which I found in the cupboard which you serve with posh coffees after dinner. Looked good stuck (sorry….PLACED artistically) on top of the layers….but as I made them early and put in fridge….the wafers started to unravel hahahaha….but I magaged to squeeze them back in shape (but they were soft…so MISTAKE..put the wafers in at the last minute before serving!!!). I dont think anyone noticed despite my hubby saying ‘Whats happened to the wafers?’ and me kicking his shins underneath the table…… anyway all went well and they were DELISH!!!!! I used mixed frozen summer fruits and the cream combo was gorgeous…loved licking out the bowl-…ahem..I mean my 4 year old LOVED licking out the bowl. Thanks for sharing Sarah xxx