Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Door Coat Hook Chalkboard Paint Makeover

Thu 1st, Mar, 2012

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G’day lovelies!  Well I have been doing some painting, I haven’t painted anything that is not a bathroom wall or front door for a while…a Beach Cottage Makeover was brewing I do believe.


So this is the old vintage door that I found on the side of the road outside a surf shop when, in fact, I was shopping for a new door for the front of this tatty old cottage on the wrong side of town (you can read about that here if you missed it).

Look at them all lonely and old and vintage and sad there…I mean who could not take them home with them?




I got out of the car and bumped right into these two, phoned Mr Beach Cottage all in a tizzy and not long after, these little beauties had found themselves a new home.  With me.


Since then though they have been just propped up, looking all vintage and pretty with a coastal / beachy touch here and there but every single time I walked past them I knew they were destined for more.  Oh so much more.

When I first found them they got a brief clean and a Dettol ….one sat propped up on the deck and one is in the dining room…they both got the Beach Cottage coastal Christmas treatment and were covered in tiny white lights




but I wanted to do something more with them, plus they were a little too on the grungy side…

So I started painting them, I went for a new paint this time, I needed to replenish my white paint stock and decided to try Taubmans rather than Dulux this time …I think I may have kept a few Dulux employees in work the last few years and I have certainly blogged about it enough…

This is the door cleaned up and painted, the panels left the colour they were…I wanted to preserve some of the natural patina



and I left the hardware all old and weathered



but something was missing and so I painted the inserts with chalkboard paint, plus I added some coathooks, for scarves and caps for when we come in from the beach…






yep chalkboard paint in white…this stuff is fabulous…as you might have gathered by now I love chalkboards, especially old vintage doors made into them, but I already have the one in the breakfast room with black chalkboard paint and also the old vintage bedhead converted to a chalkboard above my Mac for noting things down and Miss Beach Cottage leaving me inspirational quotes

…and there is only so much black paint one can have in one’s life…

shades of white for chalkboard paint, so very up my alley


I wanted this though to be a mix of vintage white with a  more coastal white, if you see what I mean, and then team that with the more intense white from the chair…I love mixing up different shades of white…people have often asked me if I find white boring, I always say no…I love the many hues of it..

You can see what I mean here…all different shades of white…all giving different shades, depths, shadows, warmth and coolness




Oh and you can make your own chalkboard paint…you can find a great tutorial on making your own chalkboard paint over here from my friend Kate at Centsational Girl


What do you think?

I am working on something else now with chalkboard paint, on a roll baby, and it’s turned out amazing!

What have you painted lately, anything interesting?  Or do you just hang out gawking at other people’s stuff on Pinterest, yes I have been so very guilty of  doing that...join me over there if you like…um actually best you don’t do that unless you want to lose a few hours out of your day…



oh and p.s.  ladies get ready Saturday Club, it is very much on this week…get ready for it, it’s a good one


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25 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Door Coat Hook Chalkboard Paint Makeover”

  1. cheryl says:

    I love this!! White chalkboard paint is fabulous. Can you buy it anywhere??? I have never seen this before.
    Have a great Leap Day

  2. Jules says:

    Ohhhhhh, I like! Jules x

  3. Lovely.
    I have a whole bunch of non-sanded grout waiting for the right paint to be mixed in it so that it, too can be chalkboard paint. I am thinking of covering a large stretch of wall with it. I think it is time to get on with that. Always inspiring, Sarah!

    Oh, and it is snowing here, so I think I will browse through some of yer old beach posts. A mini break… perhaps.

  4. Oh, and the handbag, please? You were just going to show us this adorable thing and not give any deets?

  5. Glennie says:

    Reealy love the door and the coat hook …. and yes I agree with Jay – what about that divine bag ??!!

  6. ohhh lovely – I always get sucked in when there is an adirondack chair in view!! xo

  7. Deanne says:

    I love this- looks great, love that handbag too! Too cute for words!

  8. I’m so ready for Saturday C:

    Do you think that my aunt will notice if I pilfer some doors out of the farmhouse and copy your idea?

  9. Sharon says:

    Very pretty! I love the white chalkboard paint idea and that coat hook is adorable. I do like the mix of white on the door.

  10. alison says:

    My dear old dad made me a blackboard for my 7th birthday. It took my breath away. I never tired of it….. I became a teacher.
    Writing on a whiteboard doesn’t hold quite the same magic. In recent years I bought an old school slate in an antique shop. I use it as a mini chalkboard to write a note to the friends and family who sleep in our “guest suite”.

    White chalkboard paint! Wow.


  11. Caz says:

    OMG white chalkboard paint how gorgeous hmmm gunna have to get me some of that!!

    Love your door :-) I just gave one of my spare rooms a mini makeover. The bed was timber and almost same colour as the timber floors and have been dreaming a paintover for ages and so worth it as it looks gorgeous now with its coats of white and I left the top rail just sanded wood and waxed it. Also found a little bedside table on ebay that also got a painting and I used a little duck egg blue on the drawer as I so love your bedside tables with that little hint of blue, throw in a cheap lamp and rug from Ikea and I know have a cute little spare room where I am happy to put a guest rather then the sad room full of abandoned furniture and junk. Sarah do you use rollers or brushes when painting furniture as the only thing with the bed is I can see brush marks in some spots when I look up close!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lovely blog; I’m a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  13. I am so sorry! I completely missed entering my info!

  14. Alice says:

    That looks great, I am glad you kept the old lock. Loving the different tones of white (did you know that you can get different tones of black? You most likely did, I am a bit sheltered over here at the moment but I tell you my eyes bulged in disbelief just like the first time I found out about the existence of different shades of white at work all those years ago… It was a light bulb moment for me lol.). Those hooks are lovely too!

    I have to say though the first thing I noticed was the bag hee..hee… I noticed it in yesterday’s post too sitting next to your hunters (the instagram photo). This bag has been haunting me I think it is a sign… I keep spotting it everywhere I go/look! I wonder if hubby would see it that way.

    Looking foward to Saturday club and that little project of yours… I am sure it will be a ripper!

  15. Selby says:

    Oh hurrah! That looks fantastic:) feeling all inspired to go do something creative.

  16. You are so bloody clever!

  17. Mandy says:

    Love what you’ve done with those doors.

    Am very tempted to keep some of the 1940s doors we’ve had to replace with fire doors and do something similar to you……how to convince the hubby tho?? can’t really stash one in the back of the wardrobe ;)

  18. Kim says:

    G’day! love the door and the hooks and you have to tell me where you got that satchel purse i loooove it!!!! or luurve it as you would say!!!!
    xoxoxo kim

  19. Barefoot Liz says:

    I like the door but what REALLY got my attention is the color of the cushion. It’s my FAVORITE color! I want to put that color in my living room and bedroom. Love it, Love it, Love it!

  20. Meld says:

    Hey Sarah. Just checking out your adirondack chairs and wondering where you got yours. I have seen the ones with only 5 planks at the back but yours are bigger sturdier looking and how much they were if you don’t mind. I’m desperate for a couple but it’s hard only seeing pics online rather than sitting in them. Melx

  21. Poppy says:

    Love that look! White blackboard paint, brilliant!

  22. Nandini b says:

    What a great idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I acquired a door some time ago and if I don’t do something useful with it soon my husband is going to take it for a short drive to the landfill. I’m have some like green chalk paint that I’ll use as a contrast color. Thanks again. I love it!

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  25. Mullan says:

    I am thinking of painting 1 wall in white chalkboard paint but was wondering how does color chalk show up? Love your vintage door by the way, and a fantastic touch w/ the hooks.