Mr Beach Cottage Does Good Life Wednesdays & Too Much Web Time

Wed 1st, Feb, 2012

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G’day, it’s Mr Beach Cottage here, I’ve been told I have to call you the Beach Cottage Girls and to say Good Life Wednesday to you? 

There are lots of bad things on the web, and I sometimes wondered if any of them would keep Mrs Beach Cottage away from it – whilst in the minority, we have had a few nasty comments, copycats and plenty of assumptive PR agencies here at abeachottage.com.

But none of us expected that what would keep Mrs Beach Cottage away from this blog would be a little bite, a nip from a not so pleasant side of our new Australian life.

Sunday afternoon in the Australian sun, with a mandate to get out in the garden– Sarah is in the garden in her boots, when the web in question, not the technical one, but the one down in the undergrowth must have been occupied with something small and nasty –  with one hell of a bite.

It hurt.

This coming from the lady who had a big baby with no pain relief – So I know it hurt

24 hours later.

Big bruise.

48 hours turning red black & sore.

Doctors appointment.


The end of the beach cottage???

Not quite.

But she won’t be here today.

Today you get me.

Talking about her.

She’s been told to take it easy.

I’m relying on you ladies to help.

She needs some help from you.

As I am sure you may have gathered by now, We all know that Mrs BC listens to no-one, she beats to her very own drum.

She doesn’t like being told what to do, by anyone, especially not doctors or husbands.

So can you have a go for me?

Tell her to sit on her iPad all day & watch cooking shows or read books.

Apparently, she likes you lot.

She might listen to you.


 Mr Beach Cottage


( if you see me on the beach this weekend on a boat, yeah, I’d rather we lost the Mr BC thing)


 So, this is a party then?  Where’s the beer?


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90 Responses to “Mr Beach Cottage Does Good Life Wednesdays & Too Much Web Time”

  1. Oh my, Sarah, please listen to your dr and your mr and rest so you get better! Love Mr BC’s humor–where’s the beer?!

  2. Cassandra says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. bridget says:

    oooh that looks nasty! The bite that is …not you Mr BC. Oh, you don’t like being called that…
    What should we call you then? I mean we’ve seen you in your red shorts, we’ve seen quite a lot of your legs, so I don’t think it should be too formal , do you?

    Sarah, do as the old man or whatever he wants to be called …..and rest! God darling…an excuse to sit on the new deck , relax, and be waited on by the gang…go for it1

    Hope you feel better soon…..

  4. Cheryl says:

    That…. does not look pretty!!!!!! Mr. BC, I am thinking that oodles of TLC, oh wait, maybe just oodles of alone time…. oh wait, maybe time in the bath, oh wait…… never mind. Please tell her to listen to the doctors, spend lots of time on Pinterest, and know that so many of us are wishing her well!

  5. heidi says:

    WoW Sarah! What kind of down under spiders bites like that? Take it easy and get better soon!! Take Good Care of her Mr. BC … xoxoxoxo

  6. beachcomber says:

    oh no! must have been a big spider. hope you feel better soon! having a bit of trouble linking up. could anyone possibly delete my no.3 link?
    take care. xx

  7. kerrie says:

    Spider bites can be very serious….so please rest and do what your told! tee hee Let them fuss all over you :) We don’t want you ended up in the hospital. And if you can drink some beer with Mr. BC. ox

  8. joyce tx says:

    Nasty! You’d best follow the rules… that is one horrifying bite! Seems someone else should be doing the cooking, too…. right? Hope the discomfort doesn’t last too long! Coddle yourself!

  9. Jaime says:

    Sarah we need you back soon! The linky widget Mr. BC set up doesn’t seem to work as well. So sorry to hear about the spider bite, thank goodness it’s not worse.

  10. Manda says:

    Oh Sarah! Love and healing hugs are coming your way. Today is the day to listen to Mr BC, take it easy relax, kick back with your ipad and a cuppa. It is the perfect Sydney day to be cuddled up with your ipad and a bottle of anti-biotics.
    To Mr BC / Sarah’s knight in shining armour, thanks for joining us all today so we could get our BC fix, and for looking after “our Sarah” ;)
    Hope you get to enjoy a beer!
    xx manda

  11. beachcomber says:

    it’s ok my link seems to have worked this time x

  12. Mary Harper says:

    oh wow! Mr Beach Cottage can you please pass onto Sarah my best wishes and I hope the bite heals quickly. I think a couple of days soaking in her lovely tub, reading mags, cooking books etc and lots of TLC from yourself and the BC Kiddos will work wonders. Hopefully by the end of the week Sarah is feeling better. Take care! Mary H

  13. samantha says:

    I knew I was right about the nasty spider thing! Now go put your feet up, take it easy and do NOTHING, you never no when you might get a chance like this again, (and with any luck not one caused by a spider bite again) so make the most of it, and REST!
    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  14. Lynne says:

    Sarah . . .
    Don’t mess around with this . . . do what the doc and hubby say. Feet up, Bon Bons, girly mags or white cottage mags would work too.
    Take it easy . . . please!
    Love, Lynne

  15. Donna says:

    Ouch – that doesn’t look fun! Hope you’re feeling better soon – healthy recovery!

  16. Yikes! Had one on my leg once that did that and thought I’d never walk again (for a few days). Hang in there Mrs.!

  17. lynn denny says:

    Do they have a name for the beast that bit you? We have the brown recluse spider here in Florida that does damage like your wrist…please take care…must really hurt that you turned the keyboard over to the Hubby

  18. Deb says:

    Make the most of it Sarah and do your Saturday things! I had a nasty spider bite on my FOREHEAD…..when I was working on a summercamp in Texas. Apparantly the spider crawled across my face when I was asleep and I woke up with massive TEFAL head (a saucepan advert from Pommie land years ago for those of you who havent a clue!). Doncha just love the big outdoors. Anyway rest up and enjoy the down time and let your lovely family run around after you bringing you cool drinks and cake..lots of cake whilst you rest on your white bed :) Take care and see you here again soon..but no pressure..we aint going anywhere! Love Deb xxx

  19. It will take much more than an incy wincy spider or even a HUGE spider to keep your better half to take it easy. Not sure she will listen to us either!

  20. Kat says:

    Oh what a gem that Mr Beach Cottage is. God love him, I think he deserves a beer after doing that post for you and perhaps playing nursemaid? ;)
    Rest up dear Sarah and do as you are told!!
    That bite looks very nasty and what a perfect excuse to put your feet up, read and surf the net :)
    We hope you are back on deck and feeling better soon in beach cottage land. xx

  21. Liz says:

    Welcome to Australia!

    I mean, rest up, silly! Our spiders don’t do anything by halves ;)

  22. Caz says:

    Ouch that looks seriously nasty! Rest up Sarah and thanks to Mr BC for making sure we didn’t miss out on our regular BC fix :-)

  23. Carla says:

    OMG!!! that looks even worse than the spider bite I had a few weeks back!!!!! Sore hey?
    REST REST REST!!! much love xxx

  24. Here’s wishing you well wishes for a speedy…recovery! So sorry. Listen to the dr. and the hubs and take it easy. You really do have an amazing hubs to take over your spot. Get well soon because we girls can’t get along without you!

  25. sue austin says:

    That looks very painful! You take care of yourself. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider many years ago. It landed me in the hospital.

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Yikes! You get better girl!

  27. Barefoot Liz says:

    Owie! Spider bites can be so very painful. Sarah- Hope you feel better soon. Is there any swelling?

  28. I hope the atibiotics do the trick. I have a sinmilsr bruise, but from a little dog bite, I grabbed the wrong bit in a spat to pull 2 apart. didn’t break the skin but on the forearm it must bruise really easily. Lucky it wasn’t a funnelweb otherwise there’d be no more beach cottage. rest up. try using the voice to text on the Iphone, its good, gotta have a silent background though!

  29. Elizabeth (ejay) says:

    Ouch! That is One. Nasty. Bite. I do hope it gets better really soon…..

    Now Sarah, being the lady of intelligence you are, it’s amazes me to think you would even hesitate taking up Mr. BC’s advice to take it easy, what girl wouldn’t want to lounge around and do as her heart desires for a day or two…..as the saying goes “Just Do It”……(and enjoy it).

  30. Alice says:

    Boy that looks nasty, I would take it easy Sarah …Any excuse to take it easy guilt free should be taken girl! What I wouldn’t give to have one..ummm…Perhaps not a nasty bite… Still take it easy… There isn’t much point doing anything else if you really think about it…

    I HATE spiders and my garden and house (inside and out) are filled with them! I am not scared of them I just really hate that they are taking over and I can’t keep up…Time for a spray I think… Thank goodness it wasn’t a funnel web, they love to live in the bushes and the grass – I am sooo paranoid about them and the red backs living in our garage and shed… You should see my “walking though a spider web dance” or even better the “a spider fell down my top and is nestled in my bra dance” that one comes with sound effects too – done that one twice last year! Must get rid of ferns over the entry way…
    Hope you get better soon… Big Hug… I am glad you are on the road to recovery….

  31. loulou says:

    good lord Sarah!

    take it easy girlfriend!

    You know we are always going to be here.

    You go and sit on that iPad as instructed and please be careful.
    I’ll have to go to buntings and get a pair of those sleeve protectors for you to wear (even if you don’t have sleeves) for next time.

    And – next time, can you spray yourself with ‘bush mans’ or aeroguard?

    sending you wellness, take care.

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  32. Susan says:

    Rest up and take it easy, Sarah – no knocking down bathrooms, lugging heavy dressers from side streets, paint stripping, sanding, or painting. Kick your feet up, and just play on your ipad. No heavy lifting!!!!

  33. Shirley says:

    Hang tough, Sarah! That looks like a nasty one.
    You know, I hear the cure for bad spider bites is a delicious cocktail. I would be more than willing to test this theory out for you.
    Take it easy girl.

  34. brandi says:

    Hope you feel better, Sarah!

  35. Tricia Rose says:

    I think champagne cocktails might be therapeutic if you are feeling a bit crook ~ and remember to call the doctor immediately if it darkens!

  36. Alice Hanson says:

    Oh Sarah,
    I am so sorry. Bless your little heart. You just sit and enjoy your time. Mr. Beach can handle for just a bit!
    Smiles, alice

  37. Wow SArah that is one scary looking bite! A good reason to take the docs advice~relax and try not to get a phobia about gardening.

  38. Melanie says:

    Oh dear! Perhaps you had better get yourself a pair of spiffy gardening gloves to match your spiffy wellies, Sarah – there are a lot of nasties in the Aussie garden… Now do as you are told – relax on your deck, put those feet up and ice that bruise against a nice cold beer. And get one for Mr BC, he did a great job on the blog post and was quite witty, too! Take care x

  39. Bev says:

    Sarah that is one big bite. It happened to me several years ago and it painful and spread up my arm. Do what your doctor says and take it easy. !!!

  40. kalanicut says:

    Well done Mr. BC. I promise I won’t call you that ever again. ;) I concur with you that the Mrs. should be resting. So you can tell her I said so. We will all be waiting her for her return in good time. Get well soon, Sarah!

    Oh, when I tried to link up it and then added my photo, it said: Missing Op. But there was no way to know what that mean or do anything about it.

  41. penny says:

    Sounds really nasty! A lesson for everyone in the garden. It happened to my mum when she put a shoe on without checking inside first.
    Hubby is doing a great job!
    Take care xx

    P.s. I linked one post up twice and now can’t change it. Sorry!!

  42. Kerry Rossow says:

    Sarah! So sorry to hear about the bite! Take care of yourself- kick your heels up, eat some bon bon’s and have a glass of wine! It sounds like Mr. BC is holding down the fort…err, the cottage!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  43. Deb says:

    Ouch that will seriously mess with bangles and bracelets. Rest up Sarah. In the meantime I am finding Mr BC quite amusing!

  44. Take care Sarah ! I was unable to link up , not sure what I did wrong. I got an error saying my image was too big , I tried again and it said the image was missing. Oh well , maybe next week :)

  45. Kirsty says:

    Take care Sarah, that looks nasty and good on Mr BC for posting here today (oops, are we not meant to call you that anymore?!) ;)

    Look after Mrs BC for us so she can come back soon!!

    xo K

  46. Hey Sarah,
    Hope you are resting up and being cared for by the BC crew! We loved Mr BC’s post – it was ‘to the point’ and had me and my hubby chuckling – he hasn’t reached the rambling stage!
    Anyhoo darlin’ I do hope that nasty bite heals up quickly, and you’re soon up’n’ back out bloggin’ & vloggin’ and inspiring us BC fans with your wonderful and joyous spirit.
    Sending so much love and light your way!
    I have joined in my first linky party today – it’s just a shame the hostess with the mostess is not feeling so good for the ‘party’!
    Take Care xxx

  47. Carol says:

    My wrist looked just about like that oh, a little over 2 years ago; except mine was caused by a corticosteroid injection. I had an inflammatory “flare” and it was painful! Very little room for swelling in the wrist. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THAT SWELLING DOWN IMMEDIATELY. If the tendon sheaths get involved, you can scar and that will impair function. Bribe Mr. BC to keep posting if needed. Rest, rest, rest! It will drive you crazy…have some limoncello.

  48. Pam says:

    Yikes! Enjoy a few days off, maybe it includes some R&R on the beach? Is it warm enough for that yet?! Get better soon!

  49. ComfyChair says:

    De-lurking to say, rest, eat comfort food, watch junk TV, re-read your favorite books and get well soon. These bitey things can be very dangerous long term, so please follow doctor’s directions and chill for the duration.

    While I’m here I’d like to thank you especially for introducing me to Panettone. Yowza, that is good toasted and enjoyed with coffee in the morning. And thanks for all the work you do – I love the BC family and your beach cottage chronicles.

    Re-lurking now. Cheers.

  50. Yikes Sarah, that bite looks nasty!! I hope you recover soon! Thank you Mr. BC (not sure what else to call you, sorry! :)) for stepping in and saving the day on a Beach Cottage!

  51. the freckled minx says:

    Thought you might like an old bush remedy for anything that may bite in the future. Dive into the pantry and grab the honey and slather on. Honey is a super drawing agent and will help draw out the nasties that have just been received and lessen the effect of the bite. We live in the Queensland bush and use it all the time on all kinds of bites. It wont fix it but will help lessen the agro to come although all care should be taken with ALL bites as we do have the nasties from hell in this country. Take care and we look forward to your return soon…..B:) x

  52. sharran miles says:

    Oh Sarah you poor darling !!!It looks so sore ….. please take it easy I loved reading your husbands blog bit he’s so sweet It’s a perfect day to relax have a cuppa put on your beachy slippers ( im sure there white frilly french things ) if not find some on the web and buy them for yourself!!!…..then hop into bed and relax !!!!…xxx Sharran

  53. Stacey says:

    Oh Boy, being an ex pat myself, being bitten by something (being spider or snake) is my worse nightmare! (and I live in the bush!!) Hope you are feeling better soon and that bath gets plumbed in ASAP!!
    Hugs Stacey (harrimar) x

  54. Lucy B says:

    Ouch, you poor thing! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Well done to Mr BC (or Red, as I think he should now be called) for stepping into the bridge. I normally leave your page open for my husband to look at …. I somehow think this particular one could put our relocation plans on hold though! xx

  55. alison says:

    Sarah has now been fully initiated and is a true Ozzie. Get well soon Sarah. We love you and need you back.

    Now… Mr BC. Excellent job today. Isn’t it time that you get to do a post as well now, every week or so?


  56. Robyn says:

    Sarah! Sit down and play on the iPad! No blogging til you’re better. We will miss you, but we’ll be waiting patiently until you are back to normal, broomstick or not!

    In the meantime, addy pls! This thing has to arrive before the bath is ready for you!

  57. staceypa says:

    oh no that looks nasty you poor thing must rest! I had flu over christmas and was told I must stay in bed and rest which was a nightmare as I can’t stand to sit and do nothing. Take care and I hope you recover soon xx

  58. Julie says:

    On no! That looks nasty. I’m glad Mr BC is making sure you rest and stay away from typing! Enjoy your day off and take care of yourself.

    Nasty little buggers! Won’t be telling my hubby about that as Australia is still in my master plan ;)


  59. Janelle says:

    Horrid little creatures arent they!! Nothing worse than being told to rest is there?!! But take it easy Sarah. x Oh and job well done Mr BC, go grab yourself (and your wife!) a beer!!!

  60. Rebecca says:

    Sarah – hope you get better soon. Lots of TLC and daytime TV should get you back on your feet.

    Mr BC, thanks for posting , it is appreciated…we would be lost without our Wednesday BC post.

  61. Di says:

    Owwwwww! That looks soooo sore. Feel better very soon Sarah…… Perhaps online retail therapy might help….

  62. Beth says:

    Oh yuck, you poor thing Sarah. That’s rather scary. I was reading on FB that you were wearing gloves too- even more scary! I hope you have been listening to Mr BC and everyone else telling you to take it easy.
    (Make the most of the attention girl -they will all soon be looking for their tea to be made soon enough!)
    PS, good job Mr BC holding the good life Wednesday fort.

  63. Susan says:

    OH goodness me!!

    Guess you might be getting some gardening gloves for Valentines day? Hope it heals quickly my dear…… xx

  64. Tiff says:

    Mr BC – I’m impressed with your acknowledgment that Sarah’s pain tolerance would be high due to giving birth with no pain relief, but I’m glad she didn’t try to tough this one out . . . the Dr. was a wise decision. It looks nasty.
    Sarah – hope it eases really fast now. It’s an impressive injury, however you’ve probably just scared away many potential visitors to our land Down Under! ;) (Lots of my American friends are scared of our creepy crawly critters and think it’s dangerous to step foot here!)

  65. Bridget says:

    Ouch! That looks like it’s painful! Take a peek at my blog, Green Gold may be able to help! It’s a botanical salve, I use it for just about everything!

  66. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Ugh! That looks awful! Out here we use baking soda with water on a bite for relief pain and itching…Let the mix dry on the bite….Or honey alone will draw some of the ick out, too. Congrats to Mr. BC for a great post but sorry for the circumstances. Relax and see (read) you soon Sarah.

  67. marcia says:

    Yikes girl! This is one of my BIGGEST FEARS! Last summer while I was weeding, (without gloves on, not smart) my hand was right next to a black widow! Scared the @#%* out of me! Just take it easy, relax! Let your sweet husband pamper you. We’ll see you back when you are able, Marcia in Calif

  68. bj says:

    Oh so sorry for Sarah. Spiders are little devils. I do hope she will be ok.

    I promise if I see you on the beach today, I’ll not call ya MR. BEACH COTTAGE …..hahhhaaa….I laughed out loud !

    Not sure your new linky is working….no thumbnails at all showing up.

  69. Camilla says:

    The smallest spiders are always the worst, because you don’t see them until it is too late. I do hope the swelling will come down soon.

  70. Terry Moore says:

    GET Well, Mr. Beach Cottage is not as adept as you in hosting parties. Prayer going up!

  71. Hope you are feeling better…please do as the doctors and Mr. BC say…sit read, rest, and recover…and let me just say…ouch!

  72. Sharon Forward says:

    Oh Sarah, get well soon as an ex Aus with a few nasty experiences on this front I wish for the pain to be over soon for you. Please take it easy and Mr BC will take care of you but us ladies must remember to LET THEM!xx

  73. Lassiegirl says:

    Sarah, you must rest as your husband and doctor have advised. I’d say enjoy it, but kinda hard with that nasty bite. Looks a lot like bites here in OK we get from brown recluse or fiddleback spiders. I about died of anxiety when my older son, who was 7 at the time, got bit by one and we had to make the rounds of doctor’s visits. Then, we had to find out what would kill these things and we had to fog the house, attic, and garage. We found several dead after the fogging…and that created more anxiety, but at least we had killed them and future fiddleback children. Hope you are feeling better soon! Will pray for healing. Well done, Mr. BC, good hearing from you. My Mr. will enjoy reading your post as he hears about Mrs. BC’s frequently :)

  74. Sharon says:

    Oh my! I do hope you feel better soon, Sarah. Definitely take some time to heal and try to relax with a good book and a cup of tea or your ipad. Sometimes it is good to just let your family take care of you for a change.

    Thanks to Mr. BC for letting us know what’s happened.

  75. Lisa says:

    Sarah, I hope you feel 100% better very soon!
    Take all the time you need & we look forward to your return :)

    BTW… I added my link to the linky party but I didn’t think the first one took & now there’s two titled “Thrift Trip”.
    So sorry about that..I only meant to add it once and I can’t see the option to delete.

  76. Ingrid says:

    Ouch! I always fear centipedes here . Not only do they look nasty but their bite packs a punch. Take care and keep smiling. Oh yeah, wanted to thank you for the info about instantgram , love it, I’m under Tigerhuey ( the names of my two dogs). Mahalo!

  77. Ewwwww! Ewwwww! Ewwwwww! I HATE spiders! I sure hope that you are taking it easy today, Sarah, and taking your antibiotics and letting the BC Crew cater to you hand and foot! :) Get well soon, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  78. Caron says:

    Sarah, please just do nothing today but surf pinterest and be inspired. HATE bugs, sorry that you had to run in to a nasty one.

  79. Caron says:

    PS I don’t think the linky thing is working……

  80. Glennie says:

    Ow, that looks very nasty. I know it will be impossible for you to sit/lie still and relax but it looks like you might have to!! What a pity that bath isn’t ready ……….. get better soon! xxx

  81. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    Ouch!!! that doesn’t look very nice. Hope you get well soon. Take it easy, take a break and, the bath not ready yet?, hell of an excuse to get yourself into a spa or a hotel room with a hot tub.
    Let yourself be pampered by all the BC family and all of us, your virtual blogger friends.
    Love from Buenos Aires.

  82. Kylee says:

    Ooooohhhhhhh! That looks really sore. I’m thinking of you and hope you listen to that wise husband of yours and rest up. Perfect time to curl up with a good book and a caramelo koala. lots of love. xoxo

  83. Oh my…that looks dreadful. Hope you are better and got plenty of relaxing down time. Mr. BC seems downright charming! Congrats on the award too:)

  84. Sarah, Take it easy, girl! What a mess that bite looks. Think of kicking back and watching the home/garden/cooking shows as research for A Beach Cottage.

  85. Cricket says:

    Holy Heavens! Yuck.. I do not like the ‘bite’ thing… cause you just never know..and I guess you do now! I hope you are feeling better..and what a nice surprise to see Mr. BC do some ‘blogging’ YIPPEE!!
    Smiles girl…..

  86. Peggy says:

    Oh you poor dear! I’ve been rather busy and haven’t checked in lately only to just now find out about your nasty bite. I hope you are doing so much better now. Did you take it easy? I sure hope so! And your husband is such a dear… “guest” posting for you and all! Take care now! (oh and this is so sad but I just noticed the bead board background on your blog! I love it!!! now maybe I really ought to go find my glasses…. its amazing the details one sees when one is wearing their readers. Ha ha!)

    Toodles and please do take care!!!