Join me for Beach Cottage Coastal De-Clutter Mission with Vintage Pyrex!

Wed 15th, Feb, 2012

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Good moaning Beach Cottage friends, how you cooking?

Righto, seeing as we are halfway through February already and even though I am Down Under, February always feels like Spring Clean Time to me, welcome to the Beach Cottage De-Clutter Challenge!

Are you in a cluttered old mess?  Have you let things build up and get on top of you?  Do you have a vintage treasure hunting habit that has gotten out of hand, ahem?

If so, you are in the right place!  I have just the Beach Cottage Mission for you. 

I must say, it’s been getting that way in this tatty old cottage for a while…with the work we’ve had in here over the last few months I have let things slip and slide… I think with a family of five, if you want things to resemble order, unfortunately it is a true fact of life, that you have to put some effort into that, otherwise there will be chaos.

This is a small old cottage…there is not much storage to speak of and five of us with things…and one of us who likes to add to those things regularly…hence we always need a good ‘editing’ and de-clutter every now and then.

I was though, not looking forward to it this time…really because there seems to be, all of a sudden, too many areas, that well, need help.


So I decided to man up to it, and put it on this here blog…issuing a challenge to myself…blogging it means I have to do it, right?  Hopefully some of you will join me and we can get our mojos going together!

Here’s what I am planning…the first three of these are in view of the fact that these rooms are in need of a freshen up…I don’t know if it is something to do with the fact that this cottage is old, or the fact that these rooms face North and so they are in the sun, but they seem to require paint freshening quite a bit…well it’s nothing to do with the fact that in my head I NEED a feature wall in a different colour to white…I didn’t tell Mr Beach Cottage that bit, I just told him the rooms seem ‘tired’.



So, if you instagram with me, you’ll know that yesterday I started, on the cupboard in the breakfast room.  Gah!!!!!!!!!!

This cupboard has been driving me mad for too long…and I cannot blame it on anyone else, most of this junk, I mean vintage treasure, falls down to one and only one person.




It was amazing though, that actually, it doesn’t take that much time to

1. find out how much stuff you have got

2. discover how much stuff you don’t need and

3. pull it out and send it to Vinnies

This was the Vinnies Pile


It grew larger than that…much larger.

There was a small problem in my de-cluttering Mission…I made that fatal mistake of getting side-tracked while chucking out the chintz….

I kept finding vintage Pyrex, funny that, I have no idea how so many vintage Pyrex dishes got into that cupboard, I mean someone in my family must find them…and as i came across them, I decided it might be nice to take a few photos…

oh yes, while the contents of that cupboard were all over the floor of our breakfast room, and the bathroom tiler was walking in and out of here to his tools, I decided to take photos of dishes

oh no, not only dishes on tables, dishes on the floor

…it was at this point that he asked me ‘do you take photographs of everything’

to which I replied a simple


I couldn’t explain the blog thing to him, I just couldn’t go there with vintage china all over the floor

These are mainly just the shallow Pryex vegetable dishes that I have ….I didn’t even pull the others out…

My fave is the yellow one with the snowflakes…so far I have only found two pieces of this particular pattern…


and a few of the Pyrex bowls I have collected, my favourite is the aqua fluted one, never seen another one like that either, followed by these green ones with the daisies, are they 60′s?  not sure, I don’t really do the whole Retro thing apart from in Pyrex, there is just something about it and it gets some colour in my life!

note to self : I do not need a vintage Pyrex again ever ever ever






So anyway, if you are drowning in stuff too, why not join me for this Beach Cottage De-Clutter Challenge?

I want to power on into this and get some STUFF out of this tatty old cottage. 

So, this is a two week, in your face, hit it with your de-clutter stick, love it or lose it Beach Cottage Mission.

You are welcome to join me…for the next two weeks I will be covering the five rooms that I want to get clear…of course you can substitute any room that you like, do one, three or all of them…or change one of them to a cupboard…

If you are in, leave your name in the comments to that I know if there is anyone willing to join me!

you can join in just by telling me what you’ve done, blogging it or sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc use the hashtag #BCDECLUTTER, I am hoping to be using that a lot over the next 14 days





So that’s it from me and the Beach Cottage Two Week De-Clutter Mission

I am moving on to the open-shelving in the Breakfast Room today (while the bathroom suite goes in, yippee!), yowzas there is so much to photograph on those and I am making over the cupboard you see up there with some new paint

you in for some serious de-cluttering and get some order in your life?

Come on you know you want to ;-)





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125 Responses to “Join me for Beach Cottage Coastal De-Clutter Mission with Vintage Pyrex!”

  1. I have just been through and done a big chuck out, but I am sure I can find a few more rooms and cupboards to sort through. Sheesh I may even be motivated to tackle that garage of ours……then again. Look at the power you yield over us Sarah – you can even inspire us to think about tackling some of the jobs we normally wouldnt even consider for a minute :)

    • sarah says:

      haha Sonia! I tell you what, I need it SO much…I am over the feeling of stuff in here!

      good luck with the garage…

      power to the de-cluttering!

  2. Amanda says:

    Sarah… I would suggest sharing your treasure trove and make some money in the process – the Narrabeen Sports High School Car Boot Sale is on this month on the 26th… you can offload there! And if I get my act together to join you and clear out my garage (can’t walk in there it is so full) then I might make some progress and money too!

    • Now thats an awesome idea, thats just down the road from me so thanks for the heads up. We would all rock up and take over with a massive BC and Friends sale! :)

    • sarah says:

      great idea Amanda! xx

      • Amanda says:

        • When: Last Sunday of February, May, August and November.
        • Frequency : quarterly
        • Venue: Narrabeen High School
        • Time: 7.30am to 3.30pm (stallholders from 6am)
        • Contact: 0421 810 019 w – if you cannot get an answer from this mobile number please contact Narrabeen Sports High School Office on 9913 7820.

  3. Ellie says:

    Oh yes I want to declutter. But you will need to send strong words my way to keep me going!! :D

  4. Cricket says:

    Excellent idea…but will I follow through? LOL!
    Just wanted to say..Happy V-Day!!

    • sarah says:

      exactly my feelings and why I decided to announce it to the world!

      bring on a de-cluttered Beach Cottage hahaha x

  5. Rob says:

    God Sarah, you have no idea how badly I’m itching to de-clutter here in our home in Melbourne. We left all the old crappy, chipped stuff for the kids to live with and along with a couple of borders that Steph has collected…they now have their own stuff crammed into cupboards…well it needs a good clean out. Trouble is I don’t live here at the moment so..it’s just gotta wait till we move back….and boy will there be the biggest clean out. We also have stacks of room under the house…so of course for the last 18 years we’ve accumulated wood, tools, excess decor, furniture etc…I think sometimes you’re better with no storage options…cause then you simply have to cull regularly! Robx

  6. Rob says:

    p.s. did you get your handbag yesterday?? Robx

  7. Great minds, I tell ya.

    I have been tripping over a box that says “ebay” on it for 6 months. Time to get to work and actually list some crap.. I mean treasures.

    I have a kitchen cupboard that looks very similar to yours. Only mine is loaded with Fiestaware. There ain’t no way I am getting rid of it. I just need to get another cupboard. ;)

    Thanks for the challenge. I am on board.

    • sarah says:

      yay WELCOME Jay

      errrrm I am not even thinking Ebay…not got the time or patience…this stuff is on the way out!


  8. Kerry says:

    Great idea! I have recently finished turning an old junk room into my new walk-in-pantry….feels so good to be organised & decluttered!
    Now I am onto my linen cupboard & wardrobe…..

    xx Kerry

  9. Dawn says:

    I have a green bowl with daisies just like that ! Only min is tiny , like a 2 cupper :)

  10. The vintage Pyrex reminded me of large family gatherings – usually with all my aunts bringing a variety of salads in these – including beetroot in jelly and if course egg mayonnaise sprinkled with paprika!!!

    I could certainly do with a declutter so I’ll tentatively raise my hand …. count me in :)

  11. But I’m not in France! (must have remembered that from last summer!)

  12. I’m in! I’ve been going through all the ugly corners of the house and I’d lovero see everyone else’ dirty laundry :0)

  13. Lots of varied fruits and veg in jelly in N Ireland in the 70′s
    Here are a selection:
    Grated carrot and tinned orange in orange jelly
    Pickled beetroot in raspberry jelly (gross)
    and my mums speciality – cottage cheese, celery and pineapple in lime jelly!

    • sarah says:

      pickled beetroot in RASPBERRY jelly!!!!!!!!!!! wowzas! as a beetroot lover that does sound gross!!

      haha I love your mum’s speciality….gave me a good old chuckle here on the beaches on the others side of the world this morning Janmary xoxooxoxo

  14. Emma Tandy says:

    the Kids have a two double wardrobes in their playroom with is shelved out and today it all came out and got sorted 4 bin bags later and lots of storage boxes later and a few labels it looks fab and I’m feeling much happier, I’m definitely up for the challenge !!!

    • sarah says:

      yay, come on down Emma!

      sounds like you are off to a good start and very motivating for me to read that…I love that feeling!


  15. Susan says:

    Perfect timing! Right in the middle of a major declutter. Hope you will keep me motivated – I MUST keep focussed !!!!!!!!

  16. Karlee says:

    For months i’ve been telling myself to get in and clean out the pantry and kitchen cupboards, the spare room/just throw it in there room, my wardrobe and the bathroom cupboard.
    Lets do it! you’ve motivated me
    You should definately look into having a market stall or something with your goodies – i had a stall a couple of years ago filled with nik naks, old things and clothes, selling them for ridiculously low prices. Our stall was swarmed with people and we got rid of most of it making an easy $150ish. Was fun too….

    • sarah says:

      wow good takings for your old stuff Karlee

      jump on in, thanks for joining us! I am de-cluttering right this minute…so cleansing !

  17. Deanne says:

    I’m in!
    but I am not starting until next Monday as I have a lovely Birthday Garden Tea Party (lots of vintage tea cups) to get organised for a little girl this Saturday- so the decluttering will have to wait until Monday.
    Hey I just thought- I am actually decluttering because I am getting rid of some of my tea cup sets by giving them as presents to the little girls who come- who needs lolly bags!

  18. Debbie Panton says:

    I’m in!!! I used to be so good at decluttering… but lately just seems to have gotten harder and harder and once you let things go for awhile… seems daunting. I have to 2 boys ( ages 8 and 2). I think ever since my second was born.. I don’t know what to get rid of anymore ( always think I should be saving stuff for the little guy) , so both their rooms are just packed with stuff and it’s hard to use the space at all.. I’ve seriously feeling anxious all day wanting to get going with a project like this. So surprised when I saw your post today…Great minds and all that…or it’s just that time of year ( been stuck in the house a lot this winter… and it feels like the walls are closing in.) When the house is cluttered I feel like my mind is cluttered too… projects I want to do… but than I think ..” well I should clean that space out first” … and you end up not knowing where to start and nothing gets done. Still be quite some time before the weather is good enough for yard sales, so Ill donate what I can.

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I feel like my mind is cluttered Debbie…getting stuck into it right now…amazing how good this feels! and ahem how much stuff I have got!

      enjoy and take small steps…

  19. Tammi says:

    Coming home from holifday last week I saw our home with new eyes….cluttered! The culprit….me and my addiction to thrifting :)
    I half heatedly started sorting and culling on the weekend then grew rather tired if it, don’t blame me the beach was calling.
    I am on this challenge like white on rice….I am sure my home and family will thank me for it :)

    • sarah says:

      yeah me too Tammi…my problem is my vintage treasure hunting too!

      and it’s a gorgeous day here and the beach is so calling me! typical xx

  20. Sarah, oh, Sarah, have we been decluttering over the past 8 years or so, and yes, you read right, about 8 years! Between donating items to our local thrift stores, and selling items on Kijiji (Craigslist), I have been makng a clean sweep of our entire home. It also doesn’t help, or maybe it does?, that we hae had to move 4 times in that 8 year period, for my husband’s job. For now, however, I guess you could count me in for the “games room/basement” space in our house. Whenever you do the part where you are looking for the before and after pictures, at least I have the “before” pictures ready. Soon, the “after” pictures will be made as well! Whoo hoo!

    By the way, I have been checking in for awhile to see what you are up to with your blog, and am now following…yay! Would really appreciate you following me back. Thanks a bunch!

    Happy decluttering!

    • sarah says:

      hey Sue welcome to the challenge, sounds like you know what you are doing!

      bring on the before and afters!


      • Anonymous says:

        I am in “Sarah”. I need it, and i just keep procrastinating. But i need encouragement. Please Please Please. Thanks


  21. Janelle says:

    Oh this is sooo well timed for me. Thank you Sarah!! Just the kick up the you-know-what I need!! I will definately be joining you!!! xx

  22. Super impressed … always feels great to declutter!

  23. Simone says:

    Count me in! My draws and cupboards are bursting at the seams, and well this place needs a beach cottage make-over too. No excuses time to get stuck in.

  24. Surely Sarah says:

    I am so up for this. Challenge accepted.
    PS I recently developed a love of vintage Pyrex – hoping one day my collection will resemble yours!

  25. Love the fluted blue Pyrex

    You have me wondering if I have a yellow with dark snowflake dish….I kinda feel like I do, but maybe I just fondled one at an antique store…hmmm
    I will run downstairs and check!

  26. Glennie says:

    Mr Glennie Knits made me a rule – for every new (read “and old!”) item that arrives, one must leave !@#$% How mean is that?????
    Now do those vintage pyrex cassrole type dishes come with lids? Because mine do …..

  27. Alice says:

    hee…hee.. Have been on this orad since the new year… Going really slow, my hubby wants to make money out of our stuff… His motto better to get $1 than nothing… Sigh… He isn’t the one doing all the listings and photographing, chasing up payments and dealing with some really rude emails at time! The nerve of some people?! I got so sick of it that just last week I donated 3 bags of clothing (that was too big (hubby)/small(kids)/or just not me(mine) anymore) and shoes… That took care of my summer clothes will be doing another load when I change to my autumn/winter wadrobe… Still need to fo the kitchen but that will happen once we finish the walk in pantry cupboard…Can’t wait for that! My living room/study was done too earlier this year. Next big clean up is the garage!!!! I can’t wait! It is a big double car garage but so loaded with crap that we can’t fit our one and only car in! Will need to organise a big bin for that one…Hoping to get that done next weekend…I love de-cluttering as much as treasure hunting and collecting(a bit of an oxymoron?! perhaps)…lol

    • sarah says:

      yeah I must say I have had my teeth stuck into it this morning and it feels brilliant to organise it all and chuck some of it out…well send it to Vinnies

      hmm your hubby is right, but like you said there is NO WAY i have time for listing, photos etc…and the rudeness with ebay is just not worth it for me…I would actually rather give my money to charity for all the stress it’s worth
      happy de-cluttering Alice

  28. Julia says:

    Hi Sarah, I read you from the other side of the world: Argentina-.
    Is actually funny that I use to read your blog late at night and you’re talking about your fresh morning purpose. ha!
    I’ve read you for a while but never sent a comment before, but this time with the de-clutter plan I said to myself it was time to commit! So I’m up to the plot with my kitchen and wardrove… oh my… I can’t stand the mess any longer :)

    • sarah says:

      OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      G’day Argentina………I think you are my first (that I know of) Argentinian commenter…stoked baby….

      thanks for joining the de-clutter mission…get rid of that mess!!!!!!


  29. ellgee says:

    I need a deep dish for lasagne – if you have one that you are thinking of sending to Vinnies fling it to me first! lg xx

    • sarah says:

      well that is one thing I don’t have…lasagne dishes are all mine

      see you tomorrow…looking forward to it A LOT X

  30. {oc cottage} says:

    ok…am i on candid camera? who put you up to this?! my sister? she thinks i’m a hoarder! i am NOT a hoarder! oh, mercy sakes alive, am i a hoarder? well, the long president’s day weekend is coming up…no better time to put on my hip-waders and not come up for air until i have thinned the herd! thx for the nudge! ;}

    m ^..^

  31. Tiff says:

    Oh O.K. If I must (and I really must!) I shall. I will de-clutter my room, walk in robe and ensuite. They have become the dumping areas as I’ve been de-cluttering the rest of the house! So count me in Sarah, but I expect you’ll hear me groaning with indecisiveness even in Sydney! ;)

    • sarah says:

      you have a walk-in robe???? Tiff I am jealous ;-)

      I don’t care if you groan if you have a walk-in, clean it out baby ;-)

  32. Sandra says:

    Right! I’m in… since it is a short sharp timeline it will be the things that have been bugging me (but not enough to get off my butt and do something about. First, the bags and boxes of stuff stashed in various corners around the house, that I just need to put in the car and take to the salvos. Second, the study, a graveyard to stash clutter from the rest of the house when we have visitors. I don’t even know whats in there. eeek this will be a toughy!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm yes I know that clutter stashing scenario Sandra…

      it can be done…just get stuck in, glad you are in

  33. Heidi Meyer says:

    You must have been reading my mind! Thank you for launching this – I have been itching to grab a bin and start tossing stuff. You that agitation you feel when you open a closet or cupboard and you just want to close it back before something falls out? – yes, that. Let the cleaning begin – love it!! xx Heidi

  34. Peggy says:

    definitely count me in! We have to clear up space as a marimba will be entering our home in a few weeks or so. we’ve been working on it piece meal but i really need to step things up a bit as graduation is in may and we will have family coming in.

  35. Anonymous says:

    You’ve had me puzzled for ages about where you stash all your stuff. Now I know.

    I get a real high out of cleaning out drawers and cupboards. I purchased 10 items yesterday so that means 10 items have to be sent to Vinnies this week.

    I’m with you Sarah because our garage is usually tidy and well organised but there has been a few homeless items gathering on the edges forming their own miscellaneous sections.


  36. Kat says:

    Hm, have kind of started over the school hols, sorting out clothes drawers and baby toys and giving away lots.
    More to be done and as you say in a small house with, in our case six people it doesn’t take long for it too look messy.
    I sooo need more storage, but as hubby said “with more storage, you can just hide more crap!” True.
    I will join you, but as school has only just gone back and I have a 3 year old with me 6 out of 7 days, I am not sure how far I will get.
    You look to be going great guns so far!! :)

  37. i spy some cute Cath Kidston mugs…i just love her things! oh and i do like Pyrex baking and cooking dishes as well…i am just drawn to them. you know, even your clutter looks pretty! ;)
    best wishes to you on your de-cluttering…this is a constant battle in my home!

  38. Gina says:

    I’ve been working on our secretary already so count me in. Really need to work on my creative room though-it’s overflowing with “treasures” and wannabe projects. My son accidently broke the cord on my sewing machine and so my unfinshed projects have been piling up-guess I need to figure out how to fix it soon!

  39. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh Sarah, I am so in. Things have gotten a bit out of hand and I completely believe that the cupboards and rooms need some air. Yes, blame it all on me..and my “collecting”. I have only 3 rooms though to clean but I have a box bed which probably has a tiger in it and I dont know. I’m totally in.

  40. Rukmini Roy says:

    I am actually making a post on it so that I am compelled to do it. Cant thank you enough…. you seriously rock

  41. the freckled minx says:

    As much as I would love to I don’t know if I can! We have a room in our home that we refer to as the “study” although not sure why as Dump would be more appropriate. The door is always shut and nobody ever goes in because you can’t. It’s crammed full of “stuff” that nobody loves anymore. I’m not even sure if the door still opens fully. It makes me frightened just to think of venturing into the darkness full of strange and creepy things that have gone there to die. There’s stacks of old china, piles of clothing and I know there’s a bike in there because I’ve seen the glint of it’s handbar, books and goodness knows what else. I did buy bathroom fittings to renovate our bathrooms a couple of years ago and they’re in there too! Maybe with your continued inspiration I could pluck up enough courage to face this pile of past life things. Good luck with your declutter…..B:)

    • sarah says:

      come on! you have to!!

      start little by little….you have two weeks to get it done…even if you get one bag outta there it’s a good thing right?

      think : BEACH COTTAGE POWER!!!!!

  42. RosieRose says:

    Can’t wait to get into our new place (we r almost finished our new build)…………..I have boxes packed and have sent heaps of boxes to charity infact the boxes are being picked up each week (some charities bring their truck 2 u). I love it when I lay those boxes out on the porch and the truck takes them….it is huge relief…..
    Once I have put my essentials into new house I will take nothing more and have the last visit from Charity truck……I have been recipient of Charity in past so feel great to give back ..especially the stuff that you think is” too good”……pay it forward… If it isn’t useful to you them it will be to someone else…

    • sarah says:

      yes I love the relief feeling too, I have had that today Rosie!

      …it is sooo great to give back, I am totally a believer in pay it forward…

      thanks for stopping by

  43. FLeur says:

    I am so on this with you Sarah.
    I currently have Marsha ( a mannequin) on loan from a friend ready to dress up in all my unwanted clothes and ebay. My laundry cupboards also need a good sort out too.

  44. Great idea! We are in the process of selling our house, so I’ve been de-cluttering recently, but there’s still more to go. It’s so satisfying when it’s finally all done. Feels like your head is lighter and you can properly breathe. Lovely! And good luck x

  45. Mary says:

    Ok I need to start with my hallway which currently has old children’s clothes all over it – they have been in the car and out again – just need to get to St Vincent de Paul’s… (Vinnies is a cool name but I have not heard it called that in NZ…).

    Then the contents of the hall cupboard which have been in my bedroom for four weeks since a playdate friend managed to get into the said hall cupboard under the stairs, somehow, and break the light fitting – as it was not designed for small boys to play in…. dh said he would fix it which meant emptying the cupboard and fixing the light – not putting the stuff back again of course….. then I decided to de-clutter it …ahem..

  46. Susan says:

    why do you seem to have a telepathic understanding of what I am needing to do next?

    I’m heading overseas for three weeks soon & simply MUST de-clutter all the boys closets……

    I am with you on this one sister.


  47. Tonya in England says:

    Of course decluttering means room for more stuff!

  48. kath says:

    It’s been my New Year’s resolution to declutter my house, but it seems like every time I start to make noticeable progress, my parents come to visit with a carload of “stuff you can use” from them and all of the elderly relatives. I have to graciously accept it and then run it up to the Goodwill when their backs are turned. I also have the disadvantage of having children in their 20s living at home, so we get all of the “donations” to their future apartments. When 2 of them finally moved out, one moved 800 miles away and couldn’t take anything and the other moved into a fully furnished place. Go figure. Plus, my husband is a remodeler and is constantly bringing stuff home that his customers are getting rid of. Some of this stuff is so nice, I would LOVE to find a place to put it all, but this year, I’m going to (try to) be strong! BTW, I have the same light green daisy pyrex bowl. It’s part of a set of 3 – a large blue bowl and a small tan bowl go with it. I believe it’s from the late 50s-early 60s. Good Luck! I’ll try to play along. Just not sure where to start! I’m drowning here…..

  49. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I’m in. I’ve been working on my kitchen cupboards since the turn of the year…And I really need to clear out the home office files, too. I’m in the same place as Kath Says with 1 kid in their 20s bringing home their stuff and promptly moving away and leaving the stuff — 3 really big boxes worth– in my garage….Since it’s been here a good while now, it might be time to go though that, too…Thank you for the motivation, Sarah!!

    And if anyone asks why you cleaned out/sold/donated their stuff, ask them what they’re missing…They won’t be able to name a single thing! It’s worked here!

  50. Oh girl just in the nick of time. Usually after the new year i start that process but alas i did not this year. if i had known how mild our winter was going to be I would be having yard sales left and right. Spring will be here soon so I HAVE been trying to go through and get things ready for a sale. My Mom had those pyrex dishes you have pictured. Amazing as I have gone through her cupboards after her passing how many things I noticed that I wouldn’t have before thanks to you. Have a great day Sarah!

  51. Sarah says:

    I am definitely in on this! I have a larder/pantry that has been used as a junk room for 2 years – it needs a new look.

    Thanks for the push I needed

    S x

  52. Julie Johnson says:

    I’m ahead of you girl. I, too, have the thrifting problem and as a result, I started decluttering in January. It’s amazing what you find that you forgot you had.

  53. I’m in.

    Kitchen (tell me, how exactly a clean silverware drawer gets so dirty?)
    Game cupboard
    Laundry room
    Master bath/wardrobe
    Linen closet

  54. bj says:

    I might haVe missed something….are you no longer having your Wed. meme?

  55. oo I love those green ones with the white flowers!

  56. Bette says:

    There is NOTHING more satisfying than going on a cleaning frenzie and DOWNSIZING your so called ‘treasures’. Sure, at the time you just had to have them and now you think to yourself, ‘what was I thinking? Do I really need this?’ I purdge ALOT throughout the year, with my daughter – she’s great at ‘making me part with items’. Her philosophy is – when was last time you used it? is it a sentimental item? do you really need it? then get rid of it!!! You wouldn’t believe the boxes we’ve given our local Thrift Shops! Feels like a big weight has been lifted when the process is complete. You can do it!!! :o)

  57. DeAna says:

    ok, OK, OKAY…

    I’m in.

    I’m going to blog about it.

    I need to “love it or lose it” in a big way. That really applies to so much more than clutter… ;)

  58. Ingrid says:

    I’m in but sort of forced! I’m moving into my new to me 1946 home. So no storage to speak of and with the renos going on can only take so much.

  59. Sharon Forward says:

    Go Sarah! Already started on
    too many rooms to list ….
    too much stuff to list….
    but so far so good just never give up and keep going………
    (advice you gave a year or so ago…..xx)

  60. Jody says:

    I am in and so happy you are posting this…you can make any job fun and delightful! Yippee! xo jody

  61. Jules says:

    I am in …. I’ve got masses to sort in this old bungalow and the sun came out today … Yippee it feels like spring in rainy old England. Jules

  62. Cathy says:

    Moving to a smaller place at the end of the month gives me no choice . Glad to have the company though :)

  63. Sally says:

    Okay, I’m in, I don’t want to be, but I need to be….there you have it.

  64. jana says:

    me, too. i have a cabinet FULL of plastic containers..thinking my husband might need more than one a day for lunch!..also need to clean out pantry, and downstairs!

  65. Linda jenkins says:

    I am in also Sarah, I actually have a to do list already written out and I was going to start with my pantry and my wardrobe tomorrow.
    Will review to do pantry and kitchen cupboards. They Are not too bad after a house move last year which resulted in a major declutter.

  66. Nancy says:

    I try to stay in the de-clutter mode. My challenge is: What do I do with it after I have bagged it up and sent it out to the suburban (lots of room and it is out of the house)!

  67. rachel says:

    i do so love me some pyrex! i was given my grandmothers old pyrex..i adore them. :) if you want to unload some of your’s….particularly the aqua one…i wouldn’t mind…lol! :)

  68. Mummaducka says:

    Ooooh yes, I worked at it in January, and have a table full of stuff to sell on ebay( I made $500 in jan) or take to charity(probably more inclined to do this due to recent major floods) I just have waaaay too much stuff lurking in cupboards. Tupperware is my next target! I just don’t use much of it anymore. I now prefer Pyrex and glass lick and lock.

    My biggest problem is removing the stuff from the house once I have made the decision for it to go.

  69. Shirley says:

    Growing up in Corning, NY, home to Pyrex, I still have many wedding presents from the late ’60s from Conring.. A couple of years ago I was doing the declutter thing because we are eventually moving onto a boat, and I sold my husband’s favorite pyrex mixing bowl with the funny little handles. It has been such a joke that my brother-in-law saw one at a yard sale recently and bought it for him. Maybe I am out of the dog house now!

    But I am still decluttering…look out dishes!!

  70. Cyndia says:

    I’m starting to do that as well, but so far I’m still trapped in my closet! I dread getting to the other rooms. Hubby will go thru the bags and boxes saying “are you sure we don’t need that??”, then some things will find their way back to the cupboards. The trick is to do this while he’s at work, then rush the boxes to the thrift store before he gets home! He will never miss anything at all, I am quite sure.
    Love the vintage Pyrex. I’ve never seen some of those patterns! Trying to hold myself back from saying “Sarah, send those to me!”

  71. Meld says:

    Hi Sarah. Wow what a fabulous place you have created. I’m moving up the coast and have a little beach house to do up. Wondering if you or someone else who may know can tell me what white you use. I’ve used antique white USA but I think yours is a little brighter, less creamy. Or maybe it’s just the pics. Because as all white lovers know not all whites are made equal. I have done an antartica ice blue/white on some cane furniture. anyway I have gone thru do many amazing posts and still can’t quite find the name of what u use. Thanks Mel.

  72. Hi Sarah,

    Those green pyrex mixing bowls – I had a set for wedding present, and was married in 1976. Still drawing from the 60′s Flower Power movement, but it had gone mainstream by then. I still love green and flowers. Thanks for the memories.

  73. Liz says:

    I did a big purge last year before moving to my cottage at the beach, but I am loving the vintage pyrex and need to get me some!

  74. I’m in girl!!! I just put a few things into a cupboard and barely got the door shut!! Ughhh This will keep me motivated!

  75. Sarah says:

    I like to join in too! I have just spent the money clearing the garage and then sat down and read your blog! I have other areas that need sorting out to. I love you green pyrex dish.

  76. Carol says:

    We tackled the attic today. Next Saturday a friend is putting down flooring in our attic so we can organize everything that is “up there”. We purged a lot and feel really good. Can’t wait until everything is accessiblein the attic.

  77. [...] (if you need some inspiration to de-clutter c… [...]

  78. Six weeks ago, I downsized to a 540-square-foot artist’s studio I’ve dubbed Wisteria Cottage. I never dreamed of living in such a tiny space that has no kitchen. Or bathroom. Yet here I am, living proof that smaller is better.