Good Life Weds Beach Cottage Coastal Lavender for Beach Decor

Wed 8th, Feb, 2012

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Oh!  G’day Beach Cottage friends, fancy meeting you here ;-)

I am writing this post from the beach, I am sitting by the ocean, the sky is a white grey, the waves are big and the air is fresh.  I wish you could smell it.

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I am here waiting for one of the Beach Cottage Crew to come out of the surf…this gives a whole other meaning to ferrying kiddos around for their activities, I am not sitting in a rainy grey carpark in the depths of old Blighty while by kiddos run around indoors, I am sitting by the sea listening to the roar of those waves.  Baby.



So thanks to technology I am on my blog too…yep this iPad has about changed my life…we all knew it was going to.

There are few things I like more than doing the blog thing and sitting listening to the sounds of the ocean.

This then really is the ultimate Beach Cottage Blogging By the Sea.

But, it’s not all roses around here at the mo’.



At home this afternoon I took some time to clean in our bedroom, you see we are having a few problems.

For one reason or another we are having a few issues in the sleep department, I tell you what we might as well have a couple of newborns in the house.

And so today, I cleaned, changed the bed and went out in the garden and picked masses of lavender and put it all over the house, in a hope to calm and soothe.



If that doesn’t work, there is a broomstick in the cupboard that is getting a little twitchy.

I have always been a person who needs a shed-load of sleep, I only wish I could be one of those people who gets by on 5 hours, that has never and will never happen to me, I like nine hours to function and ten to feel fantastic…but right now it’s about seven…in broken stints.

Mr Beach Cottage’s snoring is one issue.  I won’t go into it on here.  You might be here for too long.



It was good to foof in here though because it got me thinking of our next projects and what I am going to do…that would be our bedroom, sitting room, breakfast room and driveway…all next on the list for a new look…the driveway is mega-boring, who wants to spend 15,000 on a drive?  Not me.

But the bedroom, a bit more interested in that.  Once the bathroom is finished and the Summer House is painted (more on that to come), we are giving our bedroom some new paint…plus some new furniture…I have been scouring the beaches for old vintage stuff and have found some new paint to try…it’s not Dulux ;-) …I haven’t painted anything for a while…it’s time, I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it and on the lookout for a big old chest of drawers to give a new look to…




So that is it for me this lovely day, I hope you enjoy Good Life Wednesday…apologies for last week, wow that Linky thing was a disaster!  Hopefully all back to good this week, oh and the spider bite?  All healed and done.  Amazing how the human body works isn’t it?

Ladies, if you have any sleep help for me, including but not limited to bashing your husband on the head with a whitewashed vintage oar, I’d love you to leave me some advice in the comments…

Be seeing ya lovely Beach Cottage Ladies.




A Note on Good Life Wednesday  …. I have had some emails from readers re spamming on this linky…please play nicely & do not spam the first few spots if you happen to get here first…it’s cool to let everyone have a fair go…. oh and linking back, yeah you must link back to abeachcottage to take part…that’s playing nice too :-)  un-linked posts will be deleted…thanks so much ladies, enjoy yourself some coastal nautical beachy Good Life at my old place today….xo


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106 Responses to “Good Life Weds Beach Cottage Coastal Lavender for Beach Decor”

  1. Sibylle says:

    lovely pictures again!

  2. Robyn says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Glad to hear the spider bite is all healed – thank goodness it wasn’t more serious!

    WRT the sleep – I once bought my mom some Lavender Linen Water from Charlotte Rhys (SA equivalent of Jo Malone) which she used to mist-spray a little on her pillow at night before bed. Can’t help with the snoring though, sorry.

    Still haven’t found your box #. Pls send it – you need this thing for when the bathroom is finished ;-)

  3. Sibylle says:

    oh and for the sleeping problem: A bottle of wine before you go to sleep will help (for you, not for the hubby;-) )

  4. beachcomber says:

    alcohol keeps me awake..best things i’ve tried are swisse sleep formula and melatonin (compounding pharmacy) script needed. very helpful and calming.
    could be hormonal, my sleep problems started around 40ish. i could go on but i won’t here.
    thanks for hosting!

  5. alison says:

    Hi Sarah

    Mmmm, the sleep issue. Being a woman of a certain age coping with work, family and life issues my sleep patterns have been a REAL concern in recent years. I can go to sleep ok but I very often can’t sleep through. I had a sleep test and I don’t have sleep apnea thankfully. I’ve tried Natures Own “MenoSleep” tablets from chemists or health food shops with some success. They also have other tablet options for people not my age and gender. I do a relaxation tape when I can as well which helps. But I think the bottom line is trying to keep my life on a gentle keel. I stress severely over so much but apparently I look like I am cruising!!!! Sarah, your blog is part of my destress routine. :)

    Now to men. The isssues I have identified with various men and their snoring are being overweight; drinking alcohol; cardiac issues; sinus; breathing issues like chronic bronchitis caused by smoking and ongoing exhaustion caused by work demands.

    Sorry, I don’t have any advice for you specifically but I hope I’ve helped someone else. I can’t come at warm milk before bed. I’ve tried lavender, camomile tea, sleepy time tea, reading, not reading, watching a realaxing movie, not watching TV, all with nil results as a perfect technique to stay asleep through the night. Even after a nightmare day I can sleep like a log then have only 2 hours sleep after a dream day. The only conclusion I have come to is that it appears to be an accumulation of things for me-and I am a stress head even over good things, I know-that create a bad night’s sleep.

    Dr alison

    • sarah says:

      oh Dr Alison, thanks for your comment ;-)

      Mr Beach Cottage thinks that our sleep issues are because I am busy (a lot going on behind the scenes here) and so I am disturbed more easily which in turn leads to disturbing him and it goes on and on…so I think what you say about stress etc is interesting…not that I am in bad stress but I am busy!

      I am going on a long walk this afternoon to help plus I am going to have a go at those tablets you said…to be honest I will try about anything at the moment.


  6. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely beautiful photo ‘s as usual!! Sarah, excuse my ignorance…what does spammng on this linky actually mean?? Is it advertising or something??

  7. Ruth G says:

    It may not be soon, but the new bath tub out to help your evening relaxation. We don’t have a good tub at home, but when traveling, I look for hotel rooms with a great tub. Have been know to take several baths in a day! The point is, baths are relaxing. Hope you get yours soon

    • sarah says:

      yes Ruth, the lack of a tub here could be the key, I am hoping it is….seeing as most evenings I spend at least an hour in it!

      I have been known to take more than one bath a day too xo

      • Ruth G says:

        oh, and chocolate. I have heard the sugar keeps folks up, but spoiling myself just feels too good! At home, I turn on an electric blanket to warm the bed and turn it off before I get in: it relaxes my muscles. I also try really hard to go to sleep before my beloved because he snores :-)

  8. Alice says:

    I love your bedroom… Mine is jammed with furniture (because I need the storage)… I have gone through massive de-cluttering but more needs to be done. My hubby reduced the size of the wardrobe we had in our bedroom from a 3 door to a two door so it looks better now (I just got him to hang the (now) spare mirror door in one of our built ins door – yep 2 wardrobes in one room)… I love that basket holding your books, I need to ask… where you got it from?.. I have been searching for something similar that doesn’t cost me close to 100 bucks!
    Lucky girl, I wish I could get these lungs full of sea air… I have been having problems in the sleep department too I find 8 hours ideal for me, I am lucky to get six hours of broken sleep. My little boy loves to get up in the early morning and then “play” for about 2-3 hours before he will go to sleep… 18 months later and I am a very cranky zombie cradling migranes on a regular basis…So i get how that broomstick would be twitching… I have found however that…ummm(clears throat – then takes a deep breath)… a certain type…. of….ummmm …..loving (sometimes baby making) activity… ummm…that can be lots of fun with patner…. ummm seems to help me get really good quality sleep (even if its a short sleep)…If you get my drift…heee…heee… Whooo is it getting hot in here or what! Some one get me a FAN! Better yet some sea air! lol Changing the subject…
    I am so excited about your new furniture… and all your plans! What an exciting year!!! really I am so pleased to hear! Also, I am so glad your bite has healed :) The body is an amazing creation, I wish people would respect their own more…The way each system works within itself and with each other it is fascinating… If you want to find God just study the human body then move on to other organisms like plants…Everything is linked to perfection…As a teenager I found that really beautiful (and I still do as I learn more and more…)

    • sarah says:

      Alice, I am about to go on a massive de-clutter too! bring it on especially my wardrobe…it’s bad ;-)

      yes I hear you on the cranky migraines, I have definitely been getting headaches since this non-sleeping phase.

      hmmm Mr Beach Cottage would like to try out your solution to getting better sleep…I hope he doesn’t read this and get any ideas lol

      yes the human body is amazing…apart from when it doesn’t want to stay asleep for more than a few hours


  9. Christy says:

    After I turned 40…*GASP*…I finally gave in and started taking over the counter sleeping pills. They are WONDERFUL. Just let me say it again…WONDERFUL. I take my little blue pill every night and nothing in the world can disturb my sleep, and I sleep all the way until the morning, fully refreshed and recharged! It’s an amazing feeling, you really should give it a go! Good luck and sweet dreams! :)

    • sarah says:

      wow Christy, interesting, would you share the brand you have tried? I am at the stage really where I will about try anything!

      refreshed and recharged is so what I need right now x

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  10. Kat says:

    No real suggestions, as I struggle with this from time to time, so I do sympathise!
    For me it tends to be because after busy days with 4 kiddo’s, my mind just goes into overdrive at night and even if I am asleep I am having all these dreams about things that are bothering me on some level, or I lay awake and think about the things that are worrying me. (been doing this since childhood.)
    I seriously need to take up meditation, but it is so hard to still the mind with young kids.
    Only bit of advice I have is not to over do the lavender, as if you use too much of lavender oil, it can become a stimulant.
    I learnt this the hard way once, by pouring way too much into a bath and then being wide awake half the night!!
    I hope you can find a cure and get a good night’s sleep.
    Maybe once you get your bath back that will help ;)
    Oh and I love the pics of your room. How do you find inspiration for what you want to do with colours and decorating?
    Do you find that easy to decide or hard?

    • sarah says:

      thanks Kat, I will watch out for the lavender I didn’t know that actually

      I just go for what colour I am fancying at the moment…yesterday it was aqua, but for a while it has been VERY white and grey in my bedroom


  11. Jessie says:

    Hello my dear!!! Have I already told you just how much I adore your Beach Cottage?!?! Seriously! Whenever I hop on over here, it is just so bright, cheery & cozy!!! Love all the inspiration here!!! Happy to be able to link up this week with all the other lovely Beach Goers – thank you kindly for hosting!!!


  12. lucky oyu for being able to blog and be at the ocean at the same time!! I love the shots!!

  13. Tammy says:

    Sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping well Sarah, I find a relaxing warm shower or bath before bed really helps me clear my head before bed. I also suggest vanilla candles burning before you go to bed it is such a beautiful calming scent that always helps my girls head off to sleep.Although I must add I am one of those people that exsist on about 5 hours sleep every night bed about 12:30/1:00am and then up with the dear husand at about 6am.
    I look forward to seeing all your new projects coming together, my list gets longer everyday too LOL just wish I wasn’t in a rental so I could make real changes hehehe.
    Have a beautiful day.

  14. Caz says:

    Sounds wonderful to be on the beach and blogging – lucky you :-)

    I seem to cycle very frequently into sleepless patterns. When I can start counting the nights I haven’t slept I get lavender oil and put a few drops on a cloth and place in my pillowslip and usually it seems to break the cycle but if things get chronic and i’m into weeks of little sleep I have tried Unisom Sleep gels with some success (but I do hate to take medications and prefer trying all the natural stuff first like Bach rescue etc.

    Wondering if the lack of bath chill-out time is playing a part?

    • sarah says:

      yes Caz as I have been thinking about it and writing about it it all seems too much of a co-incidence that we are experiencing sleep problems, especially when most nights I spend at least an hour in the bath…that’s seven hours a week normally…big change!

      I will have a look for that brand of sleep gels…to be honest I will try anything right now

      • Caz says:

        Oh Sarah :-( that is definitely a whole lot of relaxation and time out gone for you. Don’t know how much you are into meditation and visualisation but maybe try to visualise that you are running those bath taps, gathering all the bits and pieces you take into the bath with you, the smell, the bubbles and the feeling that it all evokes as you slide into the water, think about and work through each and every body part and what it feels like when you are in the bath, how it clears your head and leaves you refreshed.

        It may be clutching at straws but could be next best thing to actually being able to have a soak xx

  15. I’ve tried it all, just go with the oar:-)

  16. diane marie southard says:

    everything looking fresh & lovely around your beach cottage sarah!!

    s.l.e.e.p. is also way up there on my list and i feel your anghst with not getting enough!!
    used to be i’d lay my head down and wake up 8 hours later , simple.
    i struggle with working and surfing on my computer til late at night and it seems that the late night
    brain activity combined with the bright screen affects us from resting well. makes sense, our braind is engaged
    for way too long at that point . i researched some
    and found that we should be turning these screens off hours before bedtime. lower lighting, dimming
    your surroundings, quiet~ness, deep breathing, “sleepy-time” tea( chamomille) , any ritual of calming
    things nightly should help us to slow it down . ( including all those great ideas your followers have posted : ))
    stop caffeine intake earlier , and maybe less caffeine too.
    sWeEt DrEaMs !!!

    • sarah says:

      thanks, I have to say I have been using my iPad more, purely b/c I didn’t have one before…so tonight it won’t be switched on! x

  17. Annie says:

    There are two things that help me when I can’t sleep – and my hubby has a C-Pap machine with extra oxygen, and the whole thing sounds like Darth Vader – but any way…I drink a cup of Chamomile tea sometimes 2 cups. Also Melatonine is a natural ingredient our pediatrician recommended for our kids when they were having trouble sleeping. Have also used Lavender lotion. Meditating/praying works for me two. Good luck!

  18. Anne says:

    Time for my cure! I wasn’t sleeping through the night and it had gone on for at least a year and a half or more. For about a month, I took melatonin that had 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 as an extra perk. That helped immensely & the B12 gave me extra energy during the day. Once my sleep patterns started normalizing I stopped taking the melatonin on a regular basis and now I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea every evening. I’m still not sleeping like I once did (7-8 hours straight with no waking up in the middle of the night umpteen times) but I get much more sleep and I’m rested in the morning.

    ps my internal thermostat is wonky these days which tends to wake me up in the night, so hopefully my “cure” will work wonders for you as you don’t have that to deal with.

    Don’t let the bed bugs bite dear Sarah!!


    • sarah says:

      thanks Anne, a few people have now recommended me B12, very interesting this is, I will be going to the chemist this afternoon armed with a list

      glad to hear yours were sorted out in the end x

  19. Kerry Rossow says:

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again- your photographs are so gorgeous!
    This is a rookie question but what does it mean that the first spots were being “spammed”?
    Good luck with the sleep- if you find a cure, let me know. I haven’t slept since 1998!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

    • sarah says:

      OMG that is like 4 years, yikes, don’t even say that to me!

      it means that the first spots get the same person adding multiple links to their site…

  20. I’m a nine hour girl myself but with a two year old… You’ve been there. Can’t wait to see what you do. I’m going to give things a bit of a primp this weekend :0)

  21. I’m with you, Sarah. I need my 8 hrs of sleep. Luckily, my hubby doesn’t snore…..usually. But he swears by Melatonin. I guess it’s a hormone that naturally produced in the human body. He takes 3mg of it each night and sleeps like a baby. No grogginess or sluggishness in the morning at all. Might be worth a try – before you get out the oar….. :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. Susan says:

    EARPLUGS……..? I even used them when our youngest two were old enough to not require ‘instant’ attention overnight… plus it help with that well known male disease… “male deafness associated with having a newborn”………

    you need that bath… threaten the males with your broomstick!

    love that you are beachside blogging. ultimate beach cottage bliss I think…….

    have a happy day :)

    • sarah says:

      yep I use ear plugs every night Susan! and I can still hear it through that! x

      I need that bath man!

  23. Sheridan says:

    Looks gorgeous Sarah. I love that purple splash against the white – I want your bedroom! Can I ask where you managed to find that gorgeous wire basket with the books in it? I LOVE!

  24. Christine says:

    Oh, Sarah! I feel your pain..I was on a trip with a girlfriend once and after 4 nights of listening to majorly LOUD snoring, I was exhausted! I remembered something that a girl at youth camp told me…make spit wads, chewed up toilet paper, and use them as ear plugs. They are free, always available and always fit! They worked like magic! We were in an isolated area where there weren’t pharmacies…
    Now, I sometimes resort to Simply Sleep, available here in the US, over-the-counter, no prescription. They are made by Tylenol, with no pain reliever. The dose on the bottle is 2 tablets. I take 1/2 of one,,,1/4 of the suggested dose and it works very well.

    A friend’s husband snored very loudly for many years and after having a sleep study, the physicians said he had sleep apnea and the skipped breaths had led to heart problems, of which he was unaware. He had a small surgery on his palate and voila! No more snoring…it can be life threatening. Best be careful with Mr. BC!
    O, Chris

    • sarah says:

      thanks Christine, Mr Beach Cottage is booked into a sleep clinic, we are both so over it

      I wear ear plugs every night x

  25. Marnie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    thanks for hosting the linky partay today. Wish there was a bar………
    x Marnie

  26. i do hope the lavender brings you some rest…i find that it helps lull me to sleep and calm a headache. i keep some dried lavender in a jar on my bedside table. i, like you, need 9 blissful hours of sleep! i am quite the nigh owl so this is always hard to come by…too busy creating and blog surfing for inspiration when i should be snoozing. happy dreams to you!!

  27. lavender heaven- fingers crossed for you tonight- as a sleep deprived mamma , no matter how old her kiddos are- is not a happy mamma AT ALL!

    keep that broom locked away for one more night & you may wake from 10 hours of perfect slumber!

    love that little iron basket that your book is sitting in – was that a find at some special little shop – or perhaps an ebay find?

    Melissa x

    • PS_ snoring happens in our little house too and we invested in a very unattractive mouth guard looking thingy for the husband…bingo sweet it worked!!

      I must try and find the link for you!

  28. Rukmini Roy says:

    I’m with you on the sleep part. Less sleep makes me very very cranky and pessimistic to some extent. Haha.
    Try a cup of jasmine green tea at bed time or a glass of warm milk. Green tea has really helped me. Also, read a book. Not on your kindler though.

    Unconventional ideas
    If I was in Mexico and my name was Baja, I would tell you a toke of grass. Okay, censor that :)
    Put the TV on and try watching it after dinner. You will definitely fall asleep.

    Rukmini XO

  29. Candylei says:

    I’m hoping you get caught up in the sleep department. Cut out caffeine after 4pm and take a hot bath. Fall into bed. If only it was all this easy. ;-)

  30. bj says:

    hmmm, I must be missing something ’cause I can’t find the linky….?? Am I losin’ it, ya think?

  31. Carin says:

    Sarah, so glad the bite is better and blogging from the beach sounds just devine.

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble sleeping. I’m a 9 hour girl myself, but rarely get it because of the kiddos. Can’t really help you with what to do though cos it sounds like you’ve tried everything I would have suggested, or the others have mentioned them. I just know I need to transition into sleep slowly. I can’t jump from the hustle and bustle of the day straight into sleep, so I always try to get some quiet me time in the bath or bedroom before I turn the lights off. Especailly around the full moon. I’m really affected by the moon for some reason.

    If all else fails maybe you should get your husband to knock YOU out with oar instead lol! ;-) Nice sleep, but you might be sore in the morning!

  32. Neen says:

    In amoungst all of your so-called broomstickness you are sooooo FUNNY, the reference to the oar had me cackling like a hen !!!
    I think you are in need of your bath, if I went without my nightly ritual (cup of tea and choc) I would be using not only the oars but the anchor on anyone that dared to breathe, let alone snore. Good luck with sleeplessness ( is that a word??) no ideas here, sorry. Lavender looks amazing…. great to re-arrange and get a fresh vibe in the house.

  33. Helen T says:

    Hello Sarah
    I really enjoy the link party which is Good Life Wednesday, but I am a little perplexed as I can’t always see the links, today is an example, no links just comments. Does anyone else experience this?

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Sarah, your home in it’s simple, beach cottage decor has been my favorite for so long. I appreciate you hosting this party.
    However, I can’t find the linky this week.

  35. Michelle says:

    My husband is a horrendous snorer and my solution has been sleeping with ear plugs. Nothing else worked. Hope the lavendar creates a soothing dream space for you.

  36. sonia lidbury says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That’s great that your hubby is booked in for sleep studies – if he ends up being diagnosed with sleep apnoea and needs a machine then the machine noise is a MUCH better noise than snoring. I can testify that a CPAP machine plus the earplugs you already wear (get industrial ones!) make a HUGE difference to sleep – I sleep like a baby now whereas I nearly went insane listening to snoring – even with earplugs it drove me crazy. Hubby greatly refreshed in the morning too.

    Good luck Sarah.

  37. Katherine says:

    Interesting – this lack of sleep in over 40 yr old women – count me in too! I wake 3-4 times in the night, and often find it hard to nod off again. I got so bad I tried prescription sleeping tablets, but they don’t necessarily work either, so I rarely bother taking them. Herbal “Sleep Enhance” by Ethical Nutrients seems to help a bit. Probably better than the prescription for me.

    I would put my lack of sleep down to life changes (a seperation 21 months ago), stress & just playing things through my mind. As I become more contented, & settled, I find it somewhat improves.(A man on the mind doesn’t help, lol!!!). I hope in time I will sleep better again……..but now I’m beginning to worry that it’s because I’m 40 + ?!! lol

    Goodluck! Remember to share your rememdy with us all!

  38. Jules says:

    Hi, me too …. No links, just comments.

  39. Have you tried rescue remedy ? It is homeopathic and they have a sleep remedy too. It is perfectly safe, you can even give it to kids and animals :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG too….btw…Lynne xx

    • sarah says:

      thanks for the blog love Lynne!

      yes I have tried rescue remedy…doesn’t seem to rescue me lol xx

  40. Sharon Forward says:

    Wonderful pics again. Good luck with the sleep issues I am the worst sleeper so I’m afraid no advice. Ever so glad the bite has healedX

  41. Tiff says:

    I love sleep. It’s my gift in life to be able to sleep. If left undisturbed I can sleep-in until 10.30am (or longer)! It is rare that I am able to do that though. So, I feel your pain Sarah. Sleep is a precious thing. As others have suggested, my first thought on the possible cause was the ‘bath deprivation’ you have been experiencing. My second was Mr. BC’s snoring. Glad to hear he is booked in for a sleep study. When my ex-husband got his CPAP machine I was able to sleep deeply for the first time in years. I hadn’t realised just how much his snoring had kept me from sleeping well. We both felt so much better, but it gave him yet another reason to not get up to the babies during the night!!
    Hope you find relief very soon. If you need sleep-in lessons I’m here to help ;)

    • sarah says:

      Tiff, I too can sleep in til 10.30 if I am not disturbed, well I did before…!

      I am hoping the sleep clinic will provide a solution x

  42. Candy says:

    Oooh, nothing makes me crankier than sleep deprivation! Hubby started snoring several years back and after a sleep study was told he needed a T&A and uvula taken out. It was a miracle cure!! I hate to tell you, though, as wonderful as that was, I still have nights of sleeplessness and it happens as we get older. ack! I need at least 8-9 hours to feel good and 10 hours has become an elusive goal. Be careful with certain sleep aids as they can be addicting and less effective over time. Also, no alcohol, especially for hubby…makes snoring even worse!

  43. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Sarah, Great post, and thank you for sharing about the sleep issue. You do have a lot going on, and we only see part of your daily routine. I’ve just gone through this lack of sleep stuff myself. I started exercising more starting last May, taking an evening tub, and shutting down the computer and TV earlier in the evening. It’s helped a lot. I also bought some melatonin, and only take half a pill when everything else doesn’t work…I’m afraid a full pill will cause me to miss the alarm. .About Mr. BC’s snoring, I’m glad that you’re addressing it together. Once they get to the bottom of it, I’m sure there’s a remedy. Have a great day and can’t wait to see the bath reveal, and hear about the plans for the rest of the house.


  44. uggh, really feel your pain on the sleep issue, I would LOVE 9 hours but usually get about 7 if i’m lucky due to hubby getting up a 6am and being hopeless at getting to bed early – you must be good at that to have been getting 10? Baths are so relaxing, I really hope your sleep is helped when you get yours plumbed in. Stress plays its part for sure, but caffeine too, I find it harder to nod off if I have coffee or tea after about 5pm. Loads of exercise early on in the day and fresh air always make me sleepier by evening but I am sure you get loads with your lovely coastal life. Fingers crossed it all gets resolved soon, sleep deprivation is the pits, no wonder at all your broom is twitchy!

    p.s. I giggle the way you sometimes make the UK sound so unremittingly grim – I adore it here, I am in love with the English countryside, changing seasons and subtle light, not all rain and greyness!;) I lived in Hong Kong so know the joys of hot weather living, but England is where my heart is. Just saying!

    • sarah says:

      haha Belinda, I don’t mean to make it sound grim ;-) but it’s so very different to the climate & colours here that it does seem very grey to me now…when I went back I couldn’t believe that…but I miss the countryside terribly, especially the woods, I love English woods, I don’t think there is anything like them, even the beach lol!

      thanks for the sleep tips, I hope something works ! x

  45. Sharon says:

    I love the beautiful pictures of your cottage. It looks so welcoming and cozy.

    I have a hubby who snores, too, so I know how hard it is to sleep with all that racket going on beside you. I need about 8 hours of sleep minimum to feel like a human being (10 is true bliss but never happens) and I rarely get 6 anymore, due to hormonal issues and the snoring. Unfortunately, I don’t have any miracle remedies for you but if I am having a particularly hard time getting to sleep, I will try to clear my mind of any racing thoughts and say the alphabet backwards or count by 10′s (10, 20, 30, etc) or think about old houses I lived in, something that won’t make me feel stressed and will help keep the to-do list at bay for awhile. But when that snoring starts, there isn’t much that helps besides a little kick under the blankets to make him roll over.

    A few other things that help me are no caffeine after about 3:00 p.m. and no computer within a couple of hours of bedtime, plus a pretty magazine to look through and dream about.

    Good luck to you. If you do find a cure, let us know. :)

  46. Hi, I am freezing in the South of France as I look at your beautiful images. Crush some of the Lavender or sprinkle on the floor to really get the aroma. Have a wonderful sleepy time

  47. Mandy says:

    gorgeous pictures as usual you have a real eye for making a beautiful setting, good luck with resolving the sleep issues – there is nothing worse than lack of sleep. x

  48. Sarah says:

    Your beach cottage is lovely and I envy you the sitting by the ocean in the warm and picking lavender. It’s freezing in Blighty!


  49. i think when your hit 40 sleeping goes out the door, i am now 70 and havn’t sleep good for 30 years i feel for you . and love your beach photos keep them coming

  50. Cyndia says:

    Hi Sarah,
    At 53, it seems I’ve been going thru menopause about a hundred years, but the sleep problems were the worst. One thing that helped besides melatonin (which may only work in the short-term) is the herb valerian. Valerian puts me right out if I take it an hour before bed. Also read something light, and stay away from the electronics in the evening seem to help.

    As for hubby’s snoring, we’ve got that issue here too. Could your hubby be allergic to anything? The only time there’s snoring here is if the allergies are acting up. Hate to tell you but some folks (like me!) are allergic to lavender, even in small quantities. Chamomile seems to work better then. I bought my hubs a box of those no-snore strips across the nose and they work really well! You might look for those at the pharmacy.
    Hope you get some relief soon!

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Cyndia, I did buy some Valerian yesterday on the advice of the pharmacist, so I am trying that too…hoping something works!

      cheers sarahx

  51. Aww…wish I could join you at the beach!! We spent the last week in Sanibel Island, Florida. Let’s just say I didn’t want to leave (= I have a sneak peak posted on my blog! The oars you have propped against the wall are gorgeous. LOVE them!

  52. Your home and the images are like a fairytale and always make me smile :-)

  53. Jessica Jane says:

    Hi Sarah, my hubby is a pharmacist, I will see if there are any new wonder products out there to help snoring – has Mr BC tried the nasal strips? Not sexy … but hey ho, you might get some sleep! Ahhhhh …. x

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  55. Lassiegirl says:

    Ah, the snoring. The only thing that sort of works for us, as his snoring is the occassional thing so I cannot get accustomed to it, is a nudge with my foot to him and he rolls onto his side and it stops for awhile, if not for the whole rest of the night. We’ve tried other things, but he doesn’t get mad, though a couple of times he has awakened to tell me he was not snoring…yeah, right. Anyway, it is interrupted sleep, but only for a few minutes as I can fall quickly back to sleep most often. Wish I had a better solution, so I will be reading comments in hopes of the “magic cure”, too. I’m like you, I need 7 1/2 hrs. plus – cannot survive on 6 or less and if I go days like that, the broomstick makes an appearance. Hope the sandman visits tonight!

  56. missy says:

    Hi Sara,
    Had to pass on my lifesaving sleep aid- one benadryl taken when I go to sleep, and I stay asleep all night! Waking up at 3am was beginning to be a bad routine, and my one benadryl nipped that right in the bud! Hope it might help you…

  57. Sandra says:

    Snoring – we actually sleep separate because I am SUCH a light sleeper! That’s only SLEEPING of course…heh….

    Seriously, though, I hear you on the sleep deprivation. It’s a killer! I too need at least 8 or 9 hours a night. Is it cool enough in your bedroom? Remove all the electronics and anything with an LED. Sound machine? And how about some mediation or a bit of yoga each day? Cut back on the coffee/caffeine?

  58. Kathy says:

    Sounds familiar here, too. I am a night owl, but I still need the 8 or 9 hours to feel functional. The red LED lights from the alarm clock are a problem, so I put a dark colored cloth over them. It’s easy enough to lift up, if I do need to see the time.

    The snoring used to really bother me, but now, I find such comfort in it. I spent many years alone as a single Mom; and longing to be married again to the right man. Well, I found him! We have been married 9 years now. When I crawled into bed last night, he was snoring. I snuggled down to read my book (till it falls on the floor, and wakes me up, because I dozed off!). But I realized what a comforting sound his snoring was to me, because it was an audible sound that I am no longer alone.

    Our youngest son is leaving home in 3 weeks, so this is a hard transition for me (7 kids between us!), but it will be my first time alone, with no kids in the house, in 36 years! So hearing, and feeling my husband’s presence is something I have really come to treasure. I will pray for you, Sarah, that God will give you a peace about this, so that you no longer hear an irritating noise, but a great comfort, instead. We never know when we will find ourselves alone again. A dear friend got married at the age of 52 for the first time. She was married 4 1/2 years, and he died in a trucking accident at work one day. It was a hard thing for all of us to face, but it really made me look at the things I let irritate me about my husband. Last fall, that same friend lost her younger brother, in a freak accident, as he cleaned the rain gutters after a storm, he was electrocuted by a live wire he didn’t know had fallen. He had been my friend, too, and we had gone to high school together. He left behind a wife and 3 adult children. He was only 54.

    Any way, I didn’t mean to carry on with a lecture. Sometimes we just need a different perspective…..

    Your blog inspires me daily. I thrive on your photos, and writing. You area blessing to me, and to so many others!

  59. Tabby says:

    I use ear plugs for the snoring.

    Wish I was at the beach, Sanibel sounds good to me!
    Or the Florida Keys!

  60. Mummaducka says:

    Gotta say I have the Tv on all night in the bedroom, have done ever since a very stressful time when my mum died, a very good friend was senselessly murdered and we had an attempted robbery(all in a very small period of time), it was the only thing that worked for us both, and we haven’t stopped it. The beauty of it is that you hear nothing else, it drowns it all out, robbers trying to get in, dogs barking and the occasional snoring episode. I’m more than happy to let the German shepherds take care of anyone creeping around and when I do wake up, the shopping network or whatever’s on just lulls me back to sleep. You just have to think really hard about what might work for you both.

  61. judy says:

    mm i have a husband that snores too.i used to kick him but now i just pull the sheet and he turns over lol! then i pretend im asleep if he goes crook hahahaha.

  62. Julie says:

    Try Bach’s Rescue Remedy Night – it’s homeopathic so nothing nasty in it, just a few drops on your tongue and it calms you right down. It works a treat for me when my mind is buzzing or something has woken me up.

    Your bedroom looks gorgeous, so I don’t think you have to worry about that being the cause ;)

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