Beach Cottage Too Easy Goat’s Cheese, Lentil & Herb Summer Salad

Tue 7th, Feb, 2012

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G’day ladies, let’s have a Too Easy Beach Cottage recipe yeah?  The original place for Too Easy Recipes on the web ;-)

So, after my last salad went down a storm in my inbox, that’s here if you missed it, I had to do this one seeing as I make it most weeks.





There is a problem with this salad and kiddos though…it looks, well, it looks, kinda yucky…but once they try it, they’ll ask if and when they are next having it….at least that’s what happens in this ratty old cottage…but I must interject here that my kiddos are ‘good eaters’? …they didn’t get a choice in that ;-)

Now, stop, don’t start running and hitting that next on your blog reading list, pulses are your best friend in the Too Easy Dump & Go kitchen for the busy mum, or busy anyone for that matter…that reminds me I must blog the garlic canneloni Go To for when you forgot to do dinner, feel like a bath but have three ravenous young Beach Cottage Kiddos on your hands…another day.






I am almost embarrassed to tell you how easy this is, we have it so much that I always have a couple, make that six, cans of lentils around and a jar of goat’s cheese in the fridge…the great thing about this is that it’s all too easy to get ready in just a few minutes, but it looks, tastes and seems like you did oh so very much more than that.

You can obviously too change it up a bit depending on what you have to hand in your kitchen, and I must say that is how I settled on this version…because one day when I made it I didn’t have enough Parsley in the garden and so I chucked in some basil too, and liked the Summer feel it added.

I think of this as being a rather posh salad, not sure why, because it couldn’t really be further from the truth…the great thing is that it works so well for an average run of the mill day, (when I did this for this blog post, it was a hot Sydney Sunday and I did it just simply to go with Rosemary & Garlic stuffed pork, you can see that pork here),

…but just as easily it works on a regular old Wednesday night when you have lost all enthusiasm for rustling up yet another meal, or indeed on Saturday night, when your friends are on their way over for dinner and you my friend, are in your new vintage inspired clawfoot bathtub (that’s me in a few weeks time, k?) without any clothes on, a tipple and no idea what to cook for dinner…

I have a complicated and ever-changing relationship with goat’s cheese…it never fails me in its performance and it never fails to impress me (you can find out a bit more on what I like in food here if you like) and I kinda collect it…because it’s very easy to collect and has a fairly long fridge-life, I love trying out different ones and there’s not many things I love more than goat’s cheese on sourdough…but I think the best thing about it is not thinking about it exclusively in the toast/salad department…I’ve stuffed it in chicken and all sorts of things as a last minute and it’s been fab.




But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this super salad that makes you look like an angel who has been on her knees all day scrubbing the front step when really you are in the digital world and spent most of it on Pinterest looking at pretty images of other people’s clean homes (while we are talking that, join me here on Pinterest if you want to see what I have been lusting after :-) )

This is what you need



don’t gasp, but I use cans of lentils, yep I know the dried are a million times better…you know what though?  these are like a trillion times easier…especially when you are a busy mum



a bunch of fresh herbs, mine are from the garden, the main component here is Italian Parsley, but I throw in basil and mint










goat’s cheese


white onion


olive oil 20120207-10-IMG_9692




Beach Cottage Too Easy Goat’s Cheese, Lentil & Herb Summer Salad


2 cups lentils

1 tbsp finely chopped white onion

8 tbsp olive oil

zest & juice of half to one lemon (see note)

1/2 cup Goat’s cheese

salt & pepper

1 bunch fresh herbs – Parsley, Mint & Basil

1. start with your serving dish like this shallow dish & add your lentils

2. pour on your oil

3. add the lemon juice & zest, garlic & onion

4. add the Goat’s cheese & herbs

5.  season with salt & pepper

6. taste and adjust lemon/garlic/seasoning to your palette


beach cottage recipe notes*  any onion you have will do  * supplement Goat’s for feta   *lose some of the oil if you are counting calories  *test the lemon and garlic for your liking – I have adjusted this for the middle-of-the-road, I like a tad more garlic and lemon  *I go very liberal on the pepper  * I often add fresh chili to mine, but not to my silly kiddos portion  *I get a large bunch of Parsley & Mint from the garden and then supplement it with a small handful of basil for a Summer whiff  * this sits fairly happily in the fridge, but bring it out a bit earlier so it’s not cold  *not digging doing this the night before, it loses something  *if you have marinated goat’s cheese like this one I used shove in some of the oil, but go easy on the amount & taste because sometimes this makes it gloopy 




OK lovelies I am outta here, I am going on an adventure today!  I have been planning this for a while, in fact for ages, it involves vintage things, stashing things in the back of my beach mobile ;-) aka as the Beach Cottage Taxi, coffee, some AMAZING paint I am going to purchase, my camera and my thrifting head…wanna come play?


much love my beach cottage friends


I’ll be reporting back, hopefully with paint, thrifting stories and vintage treasure galore!

What are your ways with lentils?  Got any nifty tricks and things up your sleeve to do with lentils, canned or not?  I’d love to know..


p.s. if you’ve missed any of the Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipes or you like to Dump & Go ;-) then you might like a little peruse through here with your coffee…most popular with Beach Cottagers are the Garlic Chicken and the Chorizo Stew




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23 Responses to “Beach Cottage Too Easy Goat’s Cheese, Lentil & Herb Summer Salad”

  1. Easy if far from a dirty word when it is as spectacular as this.

    The recipe is spectacular alone but your photos just take my breath away.

  2. Lemon and feta… does it get any better? How about some olive oil? Well why don’t we then.
    Sarah, this dish sounds like summer…

    I am really enjoying living vicariously through your stripy- cushions, new sunnies and maxi dress to boot! We are in the dead middle of winter here in the Pacific Northwest!

    I had been staring down a jar of lentils just the other day… instead of stew I will make salad. Bless your cotton socks for this one.

  3. Christine says:

    It’s what’s for dinner TONIGHT! Thank you!
    …and goat cheese on sourdough! OMG! Tomorrow!
    xo, Chris

  4. Sounds delish! I love lentil salads and goat cheese is one of my favorite “fancy” go to items too! I’ll for sure be giving this salad a try! I hope you’ll post the garlic cannelloni recipe soon too ;) Thanks for sharing and g’day :))

  5. Liz Sullivan says:

    This sounds delish and I am so going to make this! Just wondering how much garlic you use? Thanks!

  6. Caz says:

    Yummo – I love lentils and I think the organic canned ones are just perfect. I use them heaps, a fav is to make a warm salad. Dice some haloumi and fry until golden remove from pan, then saute some sliced onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil, add some grape tomatoes, cut them in half lengthwise if they are a little big, cook them for a min until they soften and get a little caramalised then throw in the lentils to just warm, put the haloumi back in, add parsley before serving and a squeeze of lemon.
    Goes really well with lamb cutlets that have been marinated in garlic, rosemary and fennel seeds. You can also ditch the haloumi and use feta or goats cheese added at end. Its my go-to when I want a one pan simple side dish.

    Sounds like you have a great day planned – enjoy :-)

  7. Surely Sarah says:

    Making my mouth water, and I’ve never even eaten lentils :p Now on my must-try list!

  8. Alice says:

    Sarah this is fantastic! I have trouble finding recipies with lentils that are time friendly so this gets a tick from me…This actually reminds me of a salad my mum would make us eat whenever she made it only it was just the parsley, black eye bean instead of the lentils and no goats cheese… My brother and I used to turn our noses simply because it looked yuck just like you said but once we forced ourselves to eat it, well it went down a treat (it may have gone down better if it had had the cheese for me). I really like the lentil version and I am with you – canned all the way… I will try this one (since all ingridients are listed in my “diet” – not loosing weight but my everyday eating so I don’t become a diabetic diet )…Thanks!

  9. Fleur says:

    Looks like a keeper recipe to me. Might try it with a different cheese… haven’t found a goats cheese I like here yet.
    And why, yes that is the link to my blog above! Thank you – I couldn’t of done it without the help of your bloggy course xx
    Fleur x

  10. the freckled minx says:

    You had me at goats cheese – marvelously fabulous stuff that it is. I will definitely be trying this one……B:)

  11. Yum! I’m so making that!

  12. Rukmini Roy says:

    A post I love. With valentines day round the corner, all I see in blogland are cake pops and cherry topped brownies..Sometimes I close the page and sometimes I look at them so long, you’d think I am a voyeur. Finally a food post that I can use and with very little time in hand. Best part is I am suppose to include it in my diet plus I love herbed lentils Plus, its really easy. You win and you rock.

  13. I have been an instagram buddy for a while but am new to your blog. What a wholesome collection of yummy goodness.

  14. Jules says:

    I’ve just been looking for a Cannelloni recipe …. I’m going to wait for yours instead! PS: I never heard back from you yesterday about the long blogging tips post … I so wanted to read it (am I looking in the wrong place?!) Jules x

  15. Absolutely going to try this one. I love easy and this is right up my alley! Thanks and happy thrifting. Sure wish I lived closer to you because I’d be right there with you. By now I’m sure every room in my house would be Beach Cottage friendly! he! he!

  16. Canned lentils would be brilliant. Sadly I’ve never in my life seen any. Annoying when the rest of the world has something you don’t. But the salad does look delish!

  17. carrie says:

    this looks fantastic! :) Great photos, too…

  18. This looks so tasty! and the photos are just delicious looking!

  19. mari says:

    Mmmmm…looks delish!
    Your day today sounds like a fun adventure!
    Seeing that your claw tub isn’t installed yet and you will be yearning for a bath upon your outing, I wish more than ever we lived in the same corner of the globe so I could draw you hot water for a nice long soak. That’s what friends are for, right?
    The white ceramic cups holding your utensils – love them! Do you have a source that ships to the US? Thanks!

  20. Allison says:

    This is exactly what I would love to have for lunch. I’e never tried canned lentils (but I am now) so I’ll go on the hunt for them this week. Just lovely photos too!

    • sarah says:

      they are a lifesaver Allison, truly I use them all the time, all sorts of canned pulses actually. I hope you find some, I didn’t realise that they weren’t readily available to some people. xo

  21. sonya vidic says:

    just wonderful, love lentils and goats cheese,

  22. Carport says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. It looks wonderful. Great job!