Beach Cottage Garden, Lawn and a $150 GIVEAWAY

Wed 22nd, Feb, 2012

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G’day ladies, well we haven’t had a gardening post for a while here at abeachcottage have we?

Apparently out of the 84% of Australians that has a lawn we in this old cottage are one of the third who don’t know how to look after it…

To be honest our lawn was an almighty mess…it’s fairly large and when mowed it looks pretty nice and neat…but within a few days weeds seem to grow like crazy, especially this year with the wet Summer we have had…

…and the few years that we have been in this cottage, the lawn has always been on the list to treat and get looking good again…and oh yes I have quite a few lawn treatments lined up in their bottles sitting on the shelf in the garage

there were a few things that were stopping us I guess

1. time…there never seemed to be enough time in the day to spray the lawn

2. I was concerned that if I did this myself everything would die and we would be left in a worse predicament than we were already in

3. really I wanted nice soft English style grass not buffalo grass and I was worried that buffalo would take over after a treatment

I had  little knowledge about the proper care required for the lawn nor the type of grass variety best suited to my needs…sometimes then, in life, it’s worth calling in the experts and this, it seems, was one of those occasions.

Enter my friends, this lovely lovely guy from Millers Turf…Chris




Chris came around to our old cottage recently to give us a consultation on our turf, what was wrong with it (to me there wasn’t much right with it and I thought this was going to be a huge and costly exercise, I was wrong) and to advise us on a solution to getting it looking good in the future…

Chris is a man who knows his turf...I love that when someone rocks up and they know exactly what they are talking about, and you clock that right away…you feel comfortable leaving yourself in their hands…and more importantly, I love it when you learn something and you are inspired…I certainly was here…I am now a girl who knows a bit about turf and I will soon be beating the neighbours in the annual best turf competition

Chris took one look at our garden and said we had some nice grass growing on there!

Oh right, that’s hopeful!

He started to explain to me, in easy layman’s terms exactly what was happening with the grass and he pointed out the lovely things going on in my lawn, no, all hope was not lost and yes there were lovely things happening there amongst the yucky stuff


He pointed out the blue haze that runs through the grass, I had noticed this as I trudged up and down with the lawnmower and as we bent down to have a closer look, Chris showed me the finer blade grass with the softness I like that reminds me of my English garden and the blue-y green tinge.  That dark green blue-ish haze is Queensland Blue Couch…

I did a bit further investigation on Queensland Blue Couch at the Turf Australia website – if your lawn is in need of help, I encourage you to have a look here, there are some interesting points on lawn care etc that are easy do-able for the average Joe and budget friendly

….so apparently my grass is a hidden gem amongst lawns for the Australian home, it has a lovely soft texture, mows beautifully and will produce a dense mat to resist weed invasion

Chris took me around and showed me a few other things….he could see exactly areas of  trauma to the grass….he knew exactly where the trampoline used to be situated by the state of the ‘grass’, more like weeds, that had grown there as a result of it…and there are a few prevalent weeds…those little horrors are cud weed, oxalis, dandelion and cape weed…but soon they will be no more!




The best bit of news about our lawn was that Chris said it was simple to treat and quick to rectify…you know when you have one of those moments when you think why didn’t we do this sooner?  …like the front door, the bathroom, etc etc…well this was one of those moments only the investment would not break the bank…Chris said that you could easily do this yourself with a treatment if you are on a budget…and his team at Miller’s Turf are more than happy to take a phone call/email to advise you on treating your lawn yourself 

We were lucky enough though that Chris did ours for us…





So after the initial consultation…which was quick and easy and involved Chris walking me through what was going on and what was needed and if I hadn’t kept him chatting with a million questions about grass it would have been quicker, who knew grass could be so very interesting?

…he came back for our first treatment, that being an application of a broad leaf herbicide





…this will be followed up by an additional treatment after about 10 days and then he will come back for another visit to apply a high-analysis fertilizer for improved growth and plant health and to get this grass of mine looking super healthy

This is how it looked after just 24 hours…the weeds will soon be toast…I am so excited about this…!

as you can see this spot by the lounger under the camellia tree was particularly bad…it’s worked very well here already



I am so inspired by this….and I really wish I had done it sooner….I feel like it’s war on the weeds…they have been the bane of my life, if only I had looked into this sooner…if you have the same lawn problems I can highly recommend this and it’s not a big tough job, it’s a small no-brainer one..this is how my weeds look already!



for more information on what Chris and the team at Millers Turf can do for you and your lawn or if you want to go the DIY route and need some advice on what product to buy/ how to do it, they are happy to help, you can find them here, or you can phone this number 0800 044 510…my consultation/treatment/fertilization cost $160.




…and just to round it off, there’s a GIVEAWAY…

What’s on offer?

$150 Bunnings Gift Voucher!

 Just answer the question below : Best comment wins

What’s your favourite thing to do in the fresh air on some grass?

Do you love to sit out with a book and a few cushions like me?

Do you like getting stuck into the Earth and doing some gardening?

Do you like to snooze under a tree, play with the kiddos or drink tea?

Or of course do you like to fire up the bbq?

Just leave me a comment letting me know for your chance to win…


that’s it from me and my soon to be lawn lovely Beach Cottage ladies, I will see you tomorrow…

…we will either have a bath post (yep ladies she is in and if you Instagam or Twitter with me you’ll know I was in her last night)

…or a forty is the new thirty fashion post…exciting ’round here right?? ;-)






giveaway is a game of skill

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48 Responses to “Beach Cottage Garden, Lawn and a $150 GIVEAWAY”

  1. Kim says:

    Grass love the stuff, if my girl and I find a particularly nice patch we ‘love’ to do handstands and cartwheels. It’s amazing that I can still do them, she is so impressed. We always end up in a giggly mess. :)

  2. Alice says:

    Sarah you are taking the whole de-cluttering mission to a new high lol! De-cluttering your lawn from un-necessary weeds! Genius! lol

    When we fist moved in we (meaning mainly me) spent a year in the sizable (what a waste) front and backyard physically removing weeds and spraying some too… It has been a massive (job!) improvement (as many people who knew the home/garden before we moved in will tell you)… I am so glad you posted this! I didn’t know there were people out there that did this and it’s actually budget friendly! I’ll be putting this info im my special renovations contacts book ;-).

    I answer to your question may I say all of the above! I love to grab an old rug we have… Lay it on the grass, sit with the kids and play tea parties… Other times just laying on the hammock (and many times falling a sleep with the kids in it lol)…Sitting on my cape cod chair (wrapped up in a shawl yesterday – too cold) reading a quick article or two while drinking me coffee or tea (depending on my mood) whilst muttering swear words under my breath at the bloody mozzies eating me alive – note to self must get a citronella candle or ten…
    Loving this give away! Thanks!
    Now back to my nap, still recovering from several nightmares involving me being swallowed up by the earth and turning bright red and bursting into flames and lots, lots of spiders!

  3. the freckled minx says:

    Late on a summer afternoon when the heat is lifting or on one of those beautiful clear winters days, we love to play badminton on our lawn. We have a dreadful old net and a big old metal washing tub that holds the bats and shuttle cox. We plonk oursleves down on the bench seat on the side line, drinks in hand whilst cheering on the fun.

  4. Diane Robertson says:

    All months of the year, the girls and I pack our rickety ol cane picnic basket with freshly baked goodies, china teapot is an essential, a thermos of boiling hot water and cups and saucers together with the old woollen cheque blanket and have a picnic on our grass. Its looking good at the moment, nice length, green and cool to touch, not bad for the end of the Australian summer! Every few weekends all the family enjoys a bash with the crochet set as we are blessed with a nice flat area, loads of fun and laughs! My children are now in their late twenties, still coming home for the picnics and now grandchildren on the way to continue and enjoy our little family fun on the grass.

  5. loulou says:

    Hi Sarah,

    there is a magnetic attraction of freshly cut grass and a deep inhale followed by removing my shoes to feel the newness underfoot.

    You see I love the feeling and tenderness it has to it.
    Fresh cut grass also reminds me of sand underneath my toes and just freshly laid carpet.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  6. christine says:

    love the lawn mowed… and then to sit on it to garden…a very relaxing passtime!

  7. Not sure if I qualify for the Bunnings since I’m not in Australia but just wanted to say I do love the smell of some freshly cut grass. After just mowing I love to lay back in the hammock with a cold beer and watch the clouds go by! :)

  8. Shaz says:

    Love to lie on the grass gazing up at the sky to cloud watch and try and work out what they look like.

  9. Surely Sarah says:

    My favourite thing to do on grass is simply walk on it barefoot! As long as there’s no fear of prickles of course.

  10. Haley says:

    Laying in the warm summer’s sun dreamy of fun days to come, and the warm breeze swaying the trees back and forth at play, reading wonderous adventures in the book of the day! Oh the memories on fresh cut grass, blonde dogs rolling around in the grass, and coming up green, perfect for saint patty’s day! Cool popsicles, and sprinkling sprinklers, as wet as can be, such imagination at play. As nightfall would set and sun goes down, cooler air rolls in, bundled up outside admiring the millions of stars, a roaring bon fire and smores being made, as giggles and chocolate covered faces, off to bed we go for the end to a perfect backyard day!

  11. sharon says:

    when we lived in the city as young gorgeous newlyweds, we loved nothing more than lying on the lovely lawns of centenniel park with some cushions and a good book…..now we live on the coast, we’ve got our own little lawn, and we still do the same wonderful thing, cept we have to sneak out when the kids are having their afternoon naps.. :) some things never change!!
    never knew grass could be so technical, sarah!! looks like you got the right man for the job…lookin good!! oh yeah, the lawn looks good too ..lol

  12. Jack Johnson on the radio, cossies on, Vodka and Soda on hand, some scatter cushions and a rug, a few of my fave housie mags, ipad to check every now and then, kids and hubby nearby in the pool providing awesome background sounds and me barefoot lounging around.
    Call me when dinners ready guys, I might join you … then again I might not!

  13. I doubt they are wanting to come to Canada but I am literally counting the days until I can be under my pergola with the grape leaves above me :0)

    Saw the instagram preview but can’t wait for the full reveal. Mind you I did just turn 42 so….

  14. Amy S says:

    My favourite thing to do on grass is just have a massive roll around and pretend like I’m 10 again when sitting/lying/playing/rolling on grass was a bit part of my everyday life! Those were the days!!

  15. Wilhelmiina says:

    You have wonderful blog and I love beach house styling.

  16. Jacqui says:

    Today for the first time in aaaages I went outside on my lunch break and sat cross-legged on the grass under the shade of a big tree. The temperature was perfect and it was so nice to be outside! I don’t have any grass in my little courtyard at home (plenty of plants though).

  17. Rukmini Roy says:

    I grew up in the hills Sarah and there is nothing more beautiful than walking on soft grass barefoot. The crispness under your feet, I love feeling it. Then sit on it with a few cushions like you and read a book with a cup of tea. It is pure luxury. There is nothing else in the world that is as tempting to me as this.

  18. Paula says:

    I love to mow……I won’t let anyone else do it. I think I am the only one that does it right. I have a riding mower and then I do all the close work with a power mower and sometimes I trim with scissors….Yep I have a little OCD. Oh I can’t wait for winter to end here in Kansas

  19. Elizabeth (ejay) says:

    My current favourite thing to do on grass is to watch my two young Grandchildren perform in their “Concerts” especially choreographed for Nanny and Papa – the innocence and antics of little ones is both precious and priceless.

  20. I’m always happy if my puppy wee’s on my lawn instead of my carpet! x

  21. Kat says:

    Just stand barefoot on the grass and curl my toes around it and just kind of “earth” myself.
    Does that sound all mung bean and hippy fied?
    Well I am not a hippy, just an earth sign that recognises when I need to reconnect with the earth again.
    Simple and good for the soul :)
    Ps Would LOVE another fashion post!!
    Am also so pleased that you have the bath in!! :)

  22. I love Bunnings! We have a lovely patch of grass in our back yard that I like to lay my blanket on and read my book or build the kiddos a cubby on. I also love finding little black beetles amongst the blades of grass (don’t ask, my dad was an entomologist, relic on my childhood). Finding them can make my day.

  23. Jasmine says:

    That is such a good idea! I wonder if someone in Queensland does the same thing? Our front yard is a crazy mishmash of all kinds of grasses/weeds. I love that he posed for you!

    When we first bought our house we had a jungle for a backyard. We couldn’t see the back fence for all the trees and overgrown weeds. The previous owners loved it, we just wanted fresh grass! It took the Mr months and months of covering the back yard with black tarp (not a good look!) and then pulling up the dead weeds, laying new grass etc etc. My favourite thing to do with our beautiful new backyard is to stand on the back deck and just watch. It is so nice to stand there and see all that all the hard work has paid off.

    Now we just need to re-fence two sides of the backyard. Chicken wire fencing isn’t such a good look, but that’s another story …

    x Jasmine

  24. Neen says:

    I LUUUUURVE mowing our grass, we have a handmower ( no motor ). I love the smell of the freshly mown lawn, our mower cuts like a pair of scissors. I love the satisfaction of neat little clippings falling on the grass. For my 40th birthday, a few years ago, we had a yoga party on the lawn, 20 amazing girlfriends in blissful, serene meditation. A day I shall treasure forever, as I rarely walked barefoot on the grass until then and now I love it.:)

  25. Deanne says:

    Last year we excavated our back yard to finally make it flat – involved a large retaining wall and lots of turf, let alone work and $$$. Then low and behold, a torrential downpour late last year combined with the neighbour’s drain being blocked resulted in collapse of the new wall and most of our grass being ruined!. Just been redone and returfed, so we are enjoying nothing better than having a wine or beer sitting on the lawn watching the kids go mad playing soccer and football!! No weeds yet but my hubby is being totally pedantic with the lawn so far – let’s hope it lasts!!

  26. Catherine says:

    This year we had a Teddy Bears Picnic for my daughters 3rd birthday. Everybody, kids and adults alike, got out there in bare feet and played with the teddies and tea sets for an afternoon – a great day!

  27. Aisling says:

    I am so jealous of your lawn – my beach lawn is sand and holes from the dogs. AND looks really terrible at the moment because the lawn mowing guy has gone awol (my dh is not the lawn mowing type). I was just thinking that a nice tough bit of buffalo grass was what I needed :)).

    My favourite thing to do on the grass (sans dogs) is to lie on it at night and look at the stars – which reminds me I haven’t done that for a long, long time!!!

    Aisling (NZ)

  28. Ellie says:

    Great post and I like the way Chris was such a willing model for your photos!! ;)

    What i like to do on my grass in the sun is:
    Lie down flat on my back, close my eyes and inhale the smell of freshly cut grass. Feel the heat of the sun sink in through my clothes and skin, right in to my bones. Listen to the sounds of the kids playing , birds singing, insects buzzing around and lawnmowers working in neighbouring gardens.
    Oh Lordy, you have we wishing it was summer right now and all I see out my window is grey Irish misty rain.
    But on the bright side, its the grey misty rain that makes the summer all the more welcome.
    Roll on summer!!!!

  29. Nicole McLaughlin says:

    My favourite thing to do – grab some books, some nibblies, my precious boys and sit out there reading, laughing and playing then lay down and watch the clouds go by together! Of course to do that it needs to stop raining in sydney – at the moment my grass doesn’t exist – it’s all mud ;)

  30. Tiff says:

    Nothing better than to lie back on gorgeous grass and watch the clouds or the stars. Stars are my favourite. However, where I am in Qld I need to take care not to plonk myself on an ant nest – those critters are the destroyers of peace and bringers of intense pain!

  31. bj says:

    Hi, Sarah…have you abolished GOOD LIFE WED. ? I’ve linked a couple of times but find it isn’t here.
    If it is NO LONGER, I’ll take it off my Linky list.
    Thanks….and have a great rest of the week.
    xo bj

    • sarah says:

      Hi bj

      I am having a few problems, can’t say too much about it right now

      thanks for the understanding, sorry if you wasted a trip to my blog :-) xxo

  32. I love walking through the feshly cut grass and oh the aroma! Love love love!

  33. Amy says:

    I would love to run naked and lay on the grass. But I’m pretty sure my neighbors would not appreciate it. Or they would, and then that would ruin the fun of it for me!


    And don’t think I’m weird. I live where it rains 9 months out of the year. So sunshine and pretty, non soggy grass just evokes all sorts of unrestrained emotions in me.

  34. Jules says:

    When it’s warm enough (which as you know is rare!) we like to do the usual Brit madness …. BBQs, beer, etc, usually followed by rain! Jules x

  35. Glennie says:

    I never thought thinking about and looking at a lawn could be so interesting! When it stops raining here in little old Aukland, NZ (did I mention our non summer !@#$%) I will venture out and have a proper look at ours … thanks Sarah.

    P.S. I’m hanging out for the bathtub blog ….. x

  36. Karlee says:

    My partner has a passion/obesession for GREEEN, weedless, perfect looking grass… takes after his Dad! When we moved in 2 years ago the grass was so-so, very weedy but thick and green. The man of the house who hates any weeds anywhere did just what you were afraid you’d do to your grass, he sprayed all the grass with weed spray, whcih was fine, but then instead of being patient and waiting the 7 days, he decided that after 4 days the weeds werent dying quick enough, so he sprayed it all again…. we then referred to our backyard as the desert! Brown, dry, barren, no lives could be saved! Its was so ugly, but a lesson was learnt. We then started from scratch and grew a beautiful lawn from seed…he did very well I must say =D
    We now love to drink beer, in the sun, barefoot on the grass. We love playing under the sprinkler on a hot afternoon with our friends little 2 year old. We really enjoy watching all the native birds that come into our yard and forage around on the grass for food. Having a bit of a snuggle on the hammock watching the rain fall onto the grass or a storm is great as well ;-)
    good luck with grass!

  37. rosemary says:

    Morning Sarah, and the BC team, you will have a bowling green soon if you keep this up, and leave the rest of us to shame. Way to go.

    Nothing better than the smell of freshly mowed lawn, its clean and tidy, and all you want to do is look at it and enjoy.
    Even the dog agrees, he runs around like a mad thing.

    Ours was mowed yesterday, and then heaps of rain overnight, so she is very green. xx to your lawn.

  38. Christy says:

    Ah well….my hubby and I love to work in the yard on nice spring days, gardening, digging, squirting the water hose at each other :)….and after a long day of that I love to sit on my front porch rockers just after I’ve watered all my new plantings and grass and take in the wonderful smell of wet earth and wet grass, sip sweet tea (I’m a Southern girl) and admire all our handiwork and enjoy the fresh breeze. The girls play outside while we sit and rest and chat with neighbors who are out walking their dogs. It really makes for the most lovely evening!

  39. Nothing better than a freshly mowed, beautifully green grass .. except a freshly mowed, beautifully green grass overlooking a beach! Oh how I miss living on the beach!

  40. Julie says:

    I love to have a weed free lawn but since buying horses two summers ago I love to lounge in the grass while my horses eat it. Cant spray when I know my beuties are eating it. It’s more fun to hang with my horses (2) then cutting the lawn.

    It’s a WIN WIN for all of us.. LOVE GREEN GRASS!!

  41. alison says:

    I love to eat with friends at a table on a lawn at an outdoor cafe like Megalong Valley Tearooms (NSW Blue Mts) overlooking the paddocks or in the beer garden of a country pub like Burrawang Pub in the NSW Southern Highlands overlooking the rolling green hills. Time stands still. BLISS.

  42. Sue says:

    memories of my childhood….laying on the grass peering at the blades as they stood tall and matted attached to the earth and watching the occasional ant crawling past….a micro moment that I love about grass….shame I can’t get down there as easily these days….but a happy memory nonetheless!!!!

    • Ellie says:

      oh I used to be obsessed with finding a four leaf clover. Little did I know that clover in the winter lead to bindi eyes in the summer. Oh to be young again.

  43. kathy h. says:

    That was inspiring. Our grass is pretty much dead and we don’t have the money for it right now. But, you gave me hope!

    My favorite thing to do on the grass is to play with my two kiddos…either a game of catch or tag!!

  44. Ellie says:

    ha ha Mrs BC do you want the G rated version? jokes..

    I myself do not much like to sit on the grass as I get those horrible grass marks that look like cellulite but I do love watching my kids have running races from one fence to the other barefoot. And if it was like it was here this afternoon in the rain after they spent a good hour running around having nerf wars.

    Great post will be getting the Mr to have a quick read of this one tomorrow.

    p.s I did some de cluttering today twice *gasp* my desk and sewing table. Horrible horrible jobs but it did feel good afterwards.

  45. Sharon says:

    Favorites: Listening, Smelling, Dreaming, and looking at the twinkling stars.