Beach Cottage De-Clutter Misison Continues Coastal Sitting Room

Fri 24th, Feb, 2012

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Morning Beach Cottage gals, how you going?  Well all good here, I have had a busy week and I thought Friday was going to be a bit less busy but it’s turned out differently. 

However, I was determined to carry on with the de-cluttering and yesterday, if you Instagram with me, you’ll know that I started on the Sitting Room…this is the tiny room at the front of this old cottage where I collapse on my old white sofa at the end of the day, normally with  a cookery book.



I thought there wasn’t much to de-clutter in here, to be honest it pretty much stays tidy enough in here…I like it that way…

And then I found 16 pillows / cushions in one small room.

I mean come on princess how many pillows does one woman need in one room?  There’s accent cushions and there’s accent cushions.



Plus there are three vintage chairs in here…it’s too small for that…one is a cast-off from the bathroom…it ended up in here while the reno has been going on, one the French bistro chair that is fitting very nicely, thank-you-very-much by the sofa as ‘storage’ for my books and iPad, so that is staying, the other one is a rattan wicker one I whitewashed, that is going down in the garage for now until I find a new home for it…Summer House probably…(more on that soon)


I stripped all the covers off threw them in the machine and got them out in the lovely Aussie sun to give them some natural cleaning power…love that, they smell amazing now!


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After pillows I opened the cupboard by the white IKEA chair and found a stack load of books…you see along with vintage platters, jugs and white things I also like to collect me some vintage books…sometimes it’s the content I like, sometimes, and more likely, the shabbiness of the cover and the faded old patina.

I was ruthless with these….many of them are on the way to Vinnies right now…shame because some of them are nearly 100 yrs old…but they aren’t making this house feel bright and happy so out they went…



I found a lot of accessories, it seems I don’t do too many accessories in the wardrobe department…but in the rest of the cottage I make up for it…this is a small selection of things in cupboards and drawers that I like to foof with..


I stripped the sofa cover off and threw that in the wash too…this was long overdue…I love white fabric slipcovers…soaked it in Napisan in the laundry tub and then put it on a wash and shoved it out in the Aussie sun, too easy…




This room is going blue blue blue today…ummm yeah, shopping the house ladies, shopping the house ;-)




That’s it from me, I am hoping to get back here with the after..not sure if I will make that…I found a few pretty bits that haven’t seen the light of day for a while

Adios then Beach Cottage ladies, I’ll be seeing ya






Want to catch up with what’s been going on all week at my old place?




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37 Responses to “Beach Cottage De-Clutter Misison Continues Coastal Sitting Room”

  1. Janelle says:

    Oh my lord, youre on fire with this de-cluttering Sarah!!!! Seems to be taking me a little longer but I WILL persist!! I must say you have very lovely taste in cushions…I’ve been in love with that turquoisey colored one with the crochet edge for awhile now!! Gorgeous! xx

    • sarah says:

      I am on fire! actually you know what it’s pretty interesting what you can get done when you put your mind to it…instead of ignoring it lol x

  2. Caz says:

    Go girl you are nailing your de-clutter! I also love the smell of sun-dried washing its fab :-) My cushion de-clutter came via one upset German Shepherd who has separation issues I wasn’t given a choice and he was ruthless!

  3. Katherine says:

    You have some lovely cushions – love the blue ones!!

    I love that when I have no-one to talk to I can come here & you can do all the talking for the rest of us! And I love that blogging links us like minded people through chat and words – even when we haven’t even meet!

    Happy clearing!

  4. Alice says:

    I love your cushions! Absolutely gorgeous! I used (being the key word) to collect books too but had to do a massive cull when we bought our place… Donated most to the local library and the rest went to the salvos… I have to keep stopping myself from buying them… Hubby surprised me with a e-book reader (kobo) so now I have over a hundred books in there to keep me entertained. You know it’s not the same… I really miss that book smell… I wish they could bottle it and sell it as a home spray or scented candle! It would be all time favourite scent… I am looking foward to your summer house…Are you thinking of putting a pool next to it? It could be where oyu all chill out when every one is having a swim… ;-) Have you still got your old bath tub? I saw a picture the other day that might be handy for you considering you like bathing under the stars and all :)hee..hee..

    • sarah says:

      no the old bath tub went ;-) but I do have plans for more baths under the stars!~

      hmm I need to get an e-reader but not the same I don’t think

      no we are not putting a pool in, we don’t really like the whole chlorine thing and prefer the ocean… x

      • Alice says:

        Funny that.. I hate chlorine too and I thought that was it with the pool until I found out that my next door neighbour has a salt pool! Meaning salt water. It needs special treatment to stop salt corrosion (so a little more expensive to put in) but apparently it pays itself off soon because it such easy maintenance… So that’s made me more plyable to the idea of a pool (much to hubby’s delight)…

        If you have an i pad (did oyu mention once you were blogging from the beach on your ipad)you will not need an e reader… I think they do something similar… Not too sure….

  5. Christy says:

    I love that you collapse on the sofa with a “cookery” book! I’m assuming that’s what I’d call a cookbook? Hubby makes fun of me b/c I read cookbooks like novels, and at the end of a long day there’s nothing more relaxing to me than savoring a beautiful cookbook and plotting all sorts of fun in the kitchen. Are you going to follow up all this decluttering by showing us the finished rooms? I just *knew* you were going to show us your closet, but maybe that’s too personal? Anyway, I hope we get to see your sitting room after it’s all washed, decluttered and foofed!

  6. Deb says:

    I can smell the freshly washed linen smell from here. ….. love that smell.

  7. krissie says:

    Loving these fresh,breezy,bright pictures today Sarah,

    I have been clearing a lot of our stuff out ready for our move this Summer,it feels so good when you find gorgeous things you have forgotten about or stashed in a cupboard for best and even better when you make some cash by putting excess on Ebay.
    Can you peg me out in the Aussie sunshine? half an hour would do :)
    Have a great day x

  8. I went about massive decluttering in january and now have a dining room that is choka block full of gear for ebay selling, and loads of gear to go into storage. I am being ruthless in all areas, but probably not ruthless enough.

    I wish I hadn’t been taught to keep things for maybe one day. I am learning that I want a certain life and clogging up the house with things for ‘free’ time (books and sewing/crafting stuff) is not allowing us that easy care life. I need a small amount but not the quantity I have accumulated, besides clothes are a lot more affordable these days- or I am better at sourcing them. Peter Walsh also talks about keeping stuff for the life you want rather than the life you have. I am too busy for that stuff in my life right now! And have other interests (blogging and reading blogs!)

  9. Ellie says:

    My decluttering is going at a much slower rate than yours – unfortunately.
    I envy your achievements so far!!
    Would you like to hop on a flight for a quick decluttering break in Ireland?
    Pretty whtewashed sunbleached PLEEEASE?!

  10. Jules says:

    Love the French cushions! I have an e-reader, it will never replace a real life book – one of my fave pleasures – but they are great for travelling, or bathing in the garden! Jules x
    ps: thanks for the winter fashion tips ! x

  11. Yay! That Aussie sun did a spectacular job. We’re making our way through the house one ugly corner at a time. I’ve got the kitchen done and now need to REALLY tackle our bedroom closet. I’m afraid that is going to involve building though and I don’t think I want to deal with drywall at the mo. Maybe just a quick fix is in order :0)

  12. Impressive how you have stayed after it. Bravo.
    I have a few of the same IKEA pillow covers, and they come out when I go coastal in the summer. Glad to see you approve. :)

    Question: Your IKEA chair. The armchair: how do you like it? How long have you had it? Does the whole family use it? Is it holding up well? I have been considering, but was not sure of the quality and I value your honesty.

  13. Krisztina says:

    I love the pillows!

    I am also a huge fan of drying sheets, towels, clothes, well really just everything in the sun! Unfortunately our summer is not as long as yours.

  14. Boy oh boy you have been a busy little bee Sarah! I have got to get on the bandwagon and get going. I decide to pull out some blue the other day to decorate with as well. I’ll probably mix it up a bit with some yellows and pinks. Pink is my favorite color it makes me tingle! Spring is back in the air after our short lived snow over the weekend. I hope it’s not a tease, I am so…ready for warm weather. I have a hard time getting rid of books so that is usually my last thing on the list to rid of. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Saturday Club this week?

  15. Sharon Forward says:

    Go Sarah! Go !you are doing some amazing decluttering and the bonus for us…… we get to see ALL your beautiful stuff, god girl you sure do have lovely stuff…. I am so enjoying your blog!x

  16. How awesome are you? Very. Loved the BC TV this week. :-) So, what’s growing in your garden now? Is it all fizzling out or still going strong? -Jen ps – posted a couple more reasonable SC ideas on you FB…

  17. These images are so beautiful and make me want to throw open the windows and start cleaning…
    I’m going to start now before I think about it…Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Tania Maree xx

  18. marcie says:

    I’m only just coping with the Saturday relax advice, got another relaxing coffe date planned in about an hour. Maybe I’ll de clutter next week – I must say, you have very nice clutter. Not that having nice clutter makes de cluttering any easier – you just get a few more pelasant surprises.

  19. carrie says:

    You make de-cluttering look so pretty! ;) So many great colors and fun things in your cottage… even the toss-aways are sort of awesome ;)

  20. alison says:

    As I’ve said before I just LOVE sticky beaking in houses. And I LOVE people watching. Both very relaxing

    You seem very taken with hanging out the cushion covers in our lovely sun. Is that next to impossible with the climate in UK??


  21. Barefoot Liz says:

    There must be something in the air because I’ve been yearning to declutter, too! I’m starting in the kitchen but it’s taking me soooo long.

  22. Jasmine says:

    After seeing this post I’ve decided I need more cushions in my life. We have a lovely white/pale cream couch, but it needs a pop of colour. I think some cushions are in order!

    x Jasmine

  23. AGAIN you have given me the inspiration to start decluttering other areas of my living space. Thank you always Sarah!

  24. Alyson says:

    I haven’t started on my living room, but you did give me the push to finally go through my clothes and remove some much loved and never worn items (Vintage 100% Nylon kaftan anyone?) and you know what? After a brief grieving – I didn’t miss them. Decluttering my op-shoppy kitchen…now that will be the hard one!

    • sarah says:

      oh Alyson, I didn’t even put kitchen on the list because of the same reason, but now I am into it, it will be getting a taste of de-cluttering too! x