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Sun 5th, Feb, 2012

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Ahhh, G’day sweet Beach Cottage Lovelies!

How you doin’?

Errrm I heard some of you, who might be reading this blog are a lil’ on the chilly side?  A couple of readers in the Northern Hemisphere have told me they are settling in at -5 in the daytime.  Brrr, I sure don’t remember or want to remember just how cold that is…though I must say I miss those cold crisp mornings when you wake up to a fresh blanket of beautiful white stuff…not that often though ;-)

So, I thought perhaps you might wanna head down the beach with me?

Sound good?


So I am here blogging on a Sunday, which is extremely unusual for me and we are just back from 6 hours on the beach, the Beach Cottage Crew are chilling out and doing their study, the Beach Cottage teenager is still in the surf, it’s huge & brilliant today apparently…and I found myself here in the study with the fan going twenty to the dozen uploading my photos…I have had two Beach Cottage Photo Walks this weekend, and I tell you what the ocean was performing for me…once I get time to go through them I will be posting more of them, I love it when the ocean roars.

But anyway, I was hoping this last few weeks to push my Photo Taking a bit and wanted to bump myself well out of my ocean-taking comfort-zone and shoot some humans.

I am convinced that it is when taking photos is raw and new it is often when it’s at its best…you somehow see something you didn’t see before…and that is one of the reasons I love it…when those eyes open up to a new thing it’s amazing.

…like all of a sudden, body parts start to appear right in front of your very eyes ;-)


Trying to take a photo of something new, for me, is kinda an abomination of a big old learning curve, and a scrambling of learned skills..all going on in the split second of a shutter.

You won’t find me turning my nose up at any photography, though I have to say taking photos of small furry things, or large furry things, will probably never really float my little photographer boat, but I must say having humans in them adds a different dimension…where would I put the focus?  oh darn they moved..  oh hello surfers walking past…


So yeah, that’s about it, human body parts & sunny hot beaches on a Sunday….the way I like it…


Oh and while I am here, the first Beach Cottage Club Newsletter went out yesterday, and I have had such* a positive reponse, thanks so much girls, yes I am hoping to add in there more unseen stuff and behind the scenes things, as fast as I can click my camera lol!  To those of you have emailed me, I am getting back to you slowly, but I will get there….I didn’t expect that response :-)

If you missed it, you can sign up here, yes it’s free ;-)


I’ll be seeing ya tomorrow…with a vlog ;-)

Be there


 (p.s. we have had a strange summer in Sydney…I was trying to capture beach life and this odd weather in this shot…see the black low clouds on the water?  nature rocks)


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25 Responses to “Beach Cottage Daily Seaside Dose & the Beach Cottage Newsletter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sarah I am most impressed by what you are doing with this blog. I first started following you some time ago when it was all beach-cottage related. Don’t get me wrong, that was great too (I wasn’t following for nothing!) but I do really like how you have branched out and started including all matter of other stuff. BTW, I have tried a few of your recipes and must say the banana bread is heavenly and has become a bit of a staple in our household. My 15 month old daughter thinks it’s the ducks nuts. So keep up the great work, I enjoy also the fashion blogs, I can totally relate to your sense of casual style. Cheers from NZ.

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Anonymous!

      the beach shots are nothing new, I have been doing those since the very early days of this blog…the recipes and fashion though are me following what interests me and I am enjoying it much more with a bit more scope to the blob… though I have to say there is a lot of cottage stuff coming up…I have quite a bit of news!

      cheers to NZ xoxox

  2. Alice says:

    Sarah, that photo of the surfers diving into the wave…. Beautiful, I love the textured water… I am so nervous (still) of photographing strangers… Though I seem to over come the nerves when there is gorgeous scenery and people are just doing their thing in the photos… Much like the surfers walking on the beach….I am nusing a migrane at the moment so back to closing my eyes (in a minute more – must kill the boredom builiding in my brain)…

  3. Thanks for sharing summer with us! The ocean is so amazing isn’t it. I miss that most of all since moving to Canada, we are near the ocean but there are no waves! I enjoyed your newsletter, and also wanted to tell you I made your forty garlic chicken and mentioned it on my blog with a link back to your post. Yum!!

  4. Melinda says:

    Sounds like our Sundays might have been very similarly spent on the beach!

    I really like taking photots with humans in the shot so my new challenge is to bring some life to the landscape/nature shot.

    Happy Sunday – do you think a well earned tipple is in order around 5pm?

    ps have somehow not got the BC Newsletter so will go check it out now – just what I feel like!!!

  5. Caz says:

    Totally agree nature rocks! Just been out on a bike ride (motor not push) through Numimbah Valley oohing and ahhing at all nature dishes up from the shape of the rocks, to the colours of the gum trees with their freshly debarked trunks, the colour of the clouds, the rooster in the roadside park – think he’s on to something and must pop over from a neighbouring property for some extra snacks on the weekend ;-) and of course my dose of cows – I just love them.

    Thanks for a little Sunday blogging and your lovin the newsletter!!

  6. Carin says:

    Thank you very much for warming me up this morning, even if it is just visually! The snow has arrived here now, and I know where I’d rather be!

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure Carin, errrm I think I’d rather be here today….we are winding down now with rosemary & garlic pork and my lentil salad yay

  7. How good was the weather today (and yesterday evening). just perfect. the beach looks great. We were harbourside for my mother in law’s 70th and just divine.
    Love your photos.
    cheers Fiona

  8. Pomona x says:

    To make you feel even better: it has snowed overnight here in Kent and is very chilly and grey!! It has warmed me up just looking at those lovely sunny pics – wonderful!

    Pomona x

  9. Deb says:

    Great shots Sarah. I have just subscribed to the newsletter. The link and setup was so easy. Thanks and well done. Now, hope the newsletters as good ;) Just kidding

  10. Susan says:

    we had a nippers carnival early this morning and due to the humidity we had four small boys flake badly at around 11am…… so much of the afternoon was lolling about watching dvd’s and quiet swims in the pool. A late afternoon walk for driftwood {my husband makes the driftwood crosses you might have seen around and about}…… then a lovely bbq to end a long hot day.

    the heat is sapping energy left, right & centre here. It’s the time of year where we all live a slower life……

    the surf here was gooooooood today. Quite the lineup at first point!!

    yours in beach life :)

  11. Jules says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m just looking for the post you did a couple of days ago … Blogging tips. I can”t seem to find it and I haven’t read it yet! I know it was a long one because you issued a ramble alert at the beginning .. Ha! Please tell me where it is .. I need all the tips I can get! Jules x

  12. Nikki says:

    I am in awe of that swimmer in the wave shot!

  13. sue austin says:

    “I love it when the ocean roars.” That is my feeling, also! Since I live in landlocked Missouri, I enjoy hearing and seeing the roar through you and your camera until I can get my next trip to a beach. (Which is Zihuatanejo, Mexico, in two weeks!) Thanks!

    I started following your blog when it was all about your cottage and painting everything white. I immediately identified with that, since I also love white. I have enjoyed your blog expanding into all things in your life. Thanks, again!

  14. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you !My dailey dose of sunshine and blue sky. While the temps aren’t bad her in the midwest , it is still gloomy gray skies and brown ground. How I am longing for green grass and sunshine. The garden catalogs are pouring in and making me long for spring even more.
    My little bit of sunshine – the lemon peels soaking up the vodka on my kitchen cupboard ! One week from today , I will be enjoying a lovely glass of Beach Cottage Lemoncello !
    Thanks Sarah !

  15. Yay! Sun and body parts not covered in wool. Just what I needed.

  16. Thanks Sarah for a little bit of sunshine! It has been rainy here for the last two days, so your blog today has been a welcome change. I enjoyed your newsletter yesterday and look forward to all things Beach Cottage! Oh no snow yet in these neck of the woods! I am so…looking forward to Spring and especially Summer. (beach time for me!)

  17. yeah aren’t Aussie beach summers the best!!! and not too crowded or anything.. have a great time!

  18. Mary K says:

    Well, I know you found the body parts in the wave the interesting bit of that first photo. But, my goodness! That WAVE is spectacular – you captured it’s color and shape so well – I can feel the water and myself moving in it.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    Mary in MN

  19. Katherine says:

    The second picture with the bodies showing through the waves, is the MOST spectucular blue – so stunning! I loved it Sarah! I think you take beautiful pictures.
    : )