Beach Cottage Coastal Bathroom Vanity and Beach Cottage TV

Fri 17th, Feb, 2012

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Morning Beach Cottage ladies, here’s hopefully one of the last ‘updates’ on this coastal bathroom renovation…soon we will have the finished product and one seriously in need of a bathe lady in a named tub. 

So the subway tiles, my friends are with grout…do I need to tell you I am in love with my white subway tiles?…someone said they looked rather ‘Public Conveniences’ …yes exactly the utility look I was after….public toilets on the London Underground with a hit of Sydney coastal / beach decor on the side… sound good to you?  It’s me all over baby.




And then there’s the vanity.

I was hoping for a lovely reveal of this…the beautiful vanity with the marble top sitting there proudly in the new bathroom, surrounded by white…




However there was a problem, when our lovely tradie opened the packaging, it was cracked, not a little chip or a knock, but a dirty great crack right through the centre of the whole thing… and guess who didn’t open all the packages and check them before signing off when they were delivered?



That would be me.


So, we are now again set back a few days with that bit, though I have to say the most important thing now is getting the new lady of the house in place and getting the new toilet functional…I can no longer stand three boys in my bathroom…and Miss Beach Cottage is asking, it seems, hourly, when she will be able to have a bath.

With that I will give you the latest episode of Beach Cottage TV my friends, I hope you enjoy it…someone said to me you are very brave to be doing videos…..hmmm, what you mean brave in a forty-is-the-new-thirty kinda way?  You know what, stuff it, I will never be as young as I am now…and to be honest the videos is a little bit of fun…I mean who would ever of thought one would have their own tv station at the ripe old age of forty huh? ;-)

Bring it on baby, bring it on.

I will see you guys soon….I have some amazing ocean stuff to show you…yes landlocked girls who have emailed me about some Australian coastal photos they are coming, apologies with the bathroom and the de-cluttering I hadn’t noticed that it’s been a while since we had some seaside stuff…

Oh and the Beach Cottage Club newsletter hits in-boxes soon with what’s coming next week on the blog, what you maybe missed and other stuff from me including my first podcast interview, if you haven’t subsribe you can do so right here… 

Cheers Beach Cottage lovelies…what do you think of the bathroom, I hope you like it?





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55 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Bathroom Vanity and Beach Cottage TV”

  1. Susan@Afford Your Passions says:

    Love the vanity! The legs with the “x” remind me of a console table that I have in my living room!

    I like the clean look of subway tiles; yes, they look like public conveniences, but that’s the whole point of the subway tiles, right?

    I’m sorry that your marble was cracked – I hope you are able to get it replaced very quickly!

  2. So nice! Clean, fresh. And AHHHHH subway tile. So sad about your vanity top…hope they make it right for you.

  3. Candy says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the vanity!!! Where oh where did you find it?? The subway tiles are the best, aren’t they? Wouldn’t have anything else in my kitchen or bath. I’ve always liked them, whether in style or not. To me, they never go out of style! Such a shame about the marble top. Sure hope the company makes it good and sends a replacement right away. Mr Beach Cottage has a great accent, too…y’all are so cute!!!

  4. Christine says:

    I, too, am in love with your vanity AND your subway tiles! I love them and that they are beveled is a bonus! Can’t wait for the finished project!

  5. Caz says:

    Love the vanity Sarah – I have been looking at similar in Early Settler and you know what – the one they have on display has a big whopping crack just like yours!! The subway tiles look gorgeous – huge fan :-)))

    Hope the company gives you a replacement vanity top without too much hassle – I had scratches and dings in some sofa legs but as the sofa had been delivered in a huge box and the outsourced delivery drivers won’t help you unpack how are you even meant to check for any issues anyway it was like pulling teeth to get them to replace them – needless to say I wouldn’t ever buy from that company again!!!

    • sarah says:

      yes Caz, the delivery of this stuff was a problem in the first place and with delivery guys in a rush and lots of packaging the reality of checking it is non-existent!

      sorry to hear about your sofa…sometimes I wonder if I will ever get good service again! x

  6. Jenna says:

    Love everything about the bath! Don’t let people rain on your choices! Subway tiles are classic and are used in very high end installations, so they aren’t necessarily “public convenience”! Anyway, I love it! I have an icky fiberglass insert (that screams builder basic ick) so I am very jealous!

    • sarah says:

      oh I don’t care what people say anyway Jenna…go run and jump is about my response lol I LOVE MY SUBWAY TILES!! hahaha xoxoox

      hmmm I don’t dig those fibreglass things one bit…x

  7. Liz says:

    Love the vanity! I used the same subway tile in my recent bathroom redo. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  8. Dang! I am sure you said something a little “stronger” when you saw that gaping crack. I hope getting a replacement does not cause you too much trouble. It is a gorgeous choice, however! The veining ties in the gray floor and white subway tile. Does it make you like your floor tile a bit better?

    I absolutely love that vanity. I am actually looking for a free standing shelf for our bath that is similar. I like the cross bracing, I think that looks smart!

    • sarah says:

      yeah, I don’t love the floor, I think I will love how well it works with two boys and a girl who likes to do girl things in here!

      errrm yeah the crack wasn’t a good moment!

  9. rosemary says:

    Morning Sarah, love it, Where did you get that vanity from? We are going to do our bathroom this year, I hope.
    Love the tiles!.You have done it again girl.

  10. Surely Sarah says:

    I really like the tiles. They’re a bit different, but lovely to look at!

  11. Sunny says:

    Ooh, la, la! I can’t wait to see the total reveal! Will you be modeling in the new bath?

  12. Glennie says:

    I don’t think subway tiles look like a public toilet – I mean we have them in our kitchen !@#$% Don’t you just love the way the grout finishes them off! And I just adore that vanity unit. It looks very fresh and beachey and just perfect. Cross fingers the top gets replaced with no hassles. x
    P.S. love the bloopers on this one

  13. Janet says:

    Sarah, you are a woman of impeccable taste. I have that vanity but changed the knobs. Waiting for the bath to arrive, due today.

  14. Neen says:

    Hi Sarah, LUUUUURVE your vanity , we are doing an ensuite this year and would love to know the name of the company AND measurements if possible ? Loving Mr BC’s camera work. My hunky hubby was taking photos at the wedding I was in recently, all blurry, he is sooooo not a photographer. Which is why we have lots of photos without me in them, as I always take them. Good luck with replacement marble HOPE it sorts out easily. Can’t wait for more pics :)

  15. Karlee says:

    looking beautifully fresh! LOVE the vanity a lot! Good luck with the hiccups and finishing products. You’ll be in bath bliss before you know it… chosen a name yet?

  16. Alice says:

    Sarah, it is coming along so nicely!!!! I love your vanity! Such a shame about the crack! I spotted somthing similar from pottery barn website… I am going to see if my hubby can replicate it for a vanity… He is very clever like that…

    I don’t understand the comment on being brave to do the videos… Do they mean it is as scary as public speaking so you are showing some real guts getting on with it?

    I remember the comment about public amenities! I was going to reply that 1 – I think those type of public areas actually look cool (from my point of view, I have always liked that look) and that 2 – it actually reminded me of the change rooms in Petersham/Stanmore pool back in the day when it opened and we used to go there for swimming in my primary school days…So I thought your bathroom had a very coastal/near the water type vibe all over! Sorry a little weird I know but this is how my mind works and I can’t help it…
    I am loving your bath room!

  17. Manda says:

    Oh Sarah! It is all looking absolutely fabulous. The tiles are so crisp and clean, they give the space a great sense of light, and that vanity, WOW, I love it.
    We went for a similar vanity in our (only) bathroom when we renovated, which sooo needed doing, as the house was in it’s original state, straight out of the 30′s! But we couldn’t find what we wanted, and could afford, so we went to a specialist timber yard, which supplies woodworkers and cabinet makers and chose some lovely wood and made it ourselves. Kitted it out with a stone top, and a white bowl for the basin, and we were so very happy with the result. And so was the back pocket ;)

    Can’t wait to see the finished result, and see a photo of your toes over the end of your bath.

    xx manda

    • alison says:

      Thank you for that idea Manda. We have a recycled timber and building supplies place nearby. We might try that in my search for our vanity.


  18. Tiff says:

    It’s looking so good! Tell you what – I’ll swap my walk-in robe for your bathroom . . . fair trade me-thinks ;)

  19. Beth says:

    I can’t wait to see the bathroom done, it is going to be so pretty! I have subway tile in my kitchen, I love it so much. Hey, 40 is totally the new 30, I know this, cause I am 33 ;)

  20. Janelle says:

    Love the vanity Sarah, fab choice!! Hope you have some (GOOD) luck with the marble. Tiles look great. We have similar and I never tire of them, a real classic. And you look gorgeous in your vlog!! Keep them coming!! xx

  21. Deb says:

    Ohh nice. I am sure any good company would happily and speedily replace the top. It is going to all look fab.

  22. STUNNING! I love how it is coming along :) That vanity is amazing! We are shopping for one right now..

  23. HRH Sarah says:

    It’s gorgeous, Sarah. I love the subway tile, so clean and timeless. Can’t wait to see your lovely lady in her place of honor, and I’ve really enjoyed the decluttering posts, as well- keep it coming!

  24. Jody Gabara says:

    Love the vanity and all the work you’re doing. Can’t wait to see the finale!


  25. Susan says:

    sad giggly cute couple moment at the end is too cute.

    I like it! The bathroom… I mean. When we renovated our rental up the road we did white subway tiles through the bathroom, kitchen & laundry, they look amazing! I am so happy with them…… and I love that console :) Good luck with the marble replacement….

    I have a marble kitchen bench top which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bits, it’s completely gorgeous but it does chip and is able to be stained but if you are even a tiny bit careful with it all be will be fine. It’s wonderfully durable and if I can I will never have another surface ever……
    My dear husband used to tamp down his coffee directly onto our old bench top…… he chipped it all over the place.. naughty. He got banned from that practise when we replaced it all…….

    can’t wait to see it all finished :)

  26. The subway tiles are great! I love…..them….and the vanity yeah! I can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s like waiting on a baby to arrive. he! he!

  27. alison says:

    Your vlogs will be fabulous to look back on. Life moves forward and so quickly we forget different incidences and events that shape our day to day life. The vlogs may even be studied as a social or historical text by students one day!!

    This bathroom is coming together nicely. I have that vanity on my “Possible” list for our reno. But how on earth will you fit a family of 5′s crapola in those drawers? Even pared down crapola.

    I can’t wait now till we see how you will accessorise. Does anyone else find towel shopping initially exciting …and then plain stressful when you choose the towels but they don’t have the matching washers and/or hand towels and bath mat? Errrrrrrr


  28. the freckled minx says:

    Sarah, Loving the new fab looking bits and bobs but did give a sharp painful gasp when I saw the poor wounded top! Please don’t even consider give up the videoing – I LOVE it as you have a totally different decorating style to me and I am always eager to see exactly what you’re rocking on any given day……B:) PS – Got the door open on the study! ;)

  29. Flirting with your husband, the cameraman ;)

  30. krissie says:

    Blooper why don’t you introduce me…….3…..2……..1……giggle,giggle,giggle! LOL! Sarah i love it! you are totally cute in your vlogs….now getting back to the vlog,
    The bathroom is looking amazing,love the subway tiles and the vanity is lovely,great choices…hope the marble gets sorted what a downer to find it cracked like that,i must say it looks beautiful even cracked.
    Oh and yeah you should totally go for it with your videos and live your life how you want,we get one shot right?
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Krissie x

  31. Claire says:

    It’s coming along nicely sarah, well done! I checked back to the early posting of your blog when you were posting about revamping this room the first time round and how you probably wouldn’t be staying in the cottage for long before you moved on – funny how things develop and great to see what you’re up to now : )

  32. Sharon Forward says:

    LOVING it so far!x

  33. Very much looking forward to the fun reveal :0) BOOOO! with the vanity. It will be beautiful in the end but the extra expense, not fun.

    Could really use some ocean right now…

  34. annie says:

    Arg! We waited seven years for a new kitchen and the day it was to be completed they cracked the granite right through. The stone man offered to glue it or we could wait a week. We waited although it seemed forever. Not to long now, Missy!

  35. Amber says:

    Hi Sarah, I have been hooked on your blog for a long time now. I absolutely LOVE it! I am an Interior Designer in Ireland and have always dreamt of owning my own beach cottage ever since I lived in Australia six years ago! My life has brought me in a direction however but that doesn’t mean I cant have some beach cottagey touches in my own home! Your blog has inspired me in soo many ways and I always look forward to new posts! I am loving the progress in your bathroom. I share your love of all things vintage, rustic and beachy! I adore subway tile, I used it in my own bathroom. Completely timeless, fresh and bright. I can’t wait to see the bathroom come together. You put such a fantastic finishing touch to your rooms. I have just recently started my own blog http://www.thevintagehome.net and have even included some pics of your beautiful cottage as inspiration. :)
    cant wait til the next post! x

  36. izzie says:

    Great bathroom – Vlogging is great!! You have an Aussie accent now – that inflection at the end of the sentences?? Love your blog xx

  37. Tabby says:

    I LOVE!!! the vanity! Yes with capital LOVE and exclamation points!!
    You are so cute! You are rockin’ the 40 is the new thirty!! Wish I looked so good. Keep up the BCTV.

  38. kathy h. says:

    Girl, I am one of those forty-meets-thirty and I would give anything to have your legs! Gosh, I used to be so skinny and fit and I so wish I hadn’t let myself go. Sadly, I can’t get it going again. May I ask what is your regular diet and fitness routine? I see all these yummy foods you make, but it is apparent you don’t eat any of it yourself! Would love some advice sistah!

    BTW, the bathroom is looking amazing!

  39. rachel says:

    lol…you are too cute! :) love the bath so far! can’t wait to see the final product!

  40. Sharon says:

    The bathroom is looking good. Subway tiles can’t be beat in my opinion. The vanity is really pretty and I think it will all look so nice once it’s done. It sounds like you are on the home stretch now. I bet you are counting the days.

  41. Katherine says:

    You are a dag! Funny video, enjoyed! (it’s hard to type with a dog drapped across your lap! ) You might want to keep your “stand in camera man” lol
    Happy renovating! Looking good. Can’t wait to see the end result!
    PS: Public conveniences is a good look : ) Lovin’ that!

  42. DeAna says:

    accents? what accents? *wink wink*

  43. Christy says:

    I think the vanity is just perfect! And can I just say that you are cute as all get out! Truly, so cute! Love the vlogs, keep ‘em coming!

  44. Karley says:

    Hi Sarah, the bathroom looks great, i am about to do a reno on my kitchen and want subway tiles. i am trying to do some research online as i have a bub which makes it hard to go from shop to shop. Do you mind telling me where you got your tiles from? I am in Melbourne.
    Thanks in advance

  45. I love the vanity and all the white on white too. Will you be adding color to the bathroom at all? Just curious. It’s fun to watch your progress.

    Lesli :)

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  47. Melissa says:

    PLEASE….. I need to know where to get that vanity!

    Everything looks great. Sorry about the marble sink top. Hopefully they will get the new one to you quickly!