Beach Cottage Best Use for Mason / Jam Jars for Coastal Style Table

Thu 2nd, Feb, 2012

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G’day lovely Beach Cottage ladies, well I am back in the loop, though I am still pretty bruised up in the Spider Biting Arm Department…thanks for ALL your messages….errrm I was too scared to reply to them yesterday in case my lovely hubby thought I was doing too much, haha.

I guess I should do another picture to show you what it looks like now…


How about we talk pretty Beach Cottage Vintage Coastal Style, to get us all back to normal again?  Yeah?  You know you want to.

Now following on from last week’s vlog, (and there will be another vlog on this too, just awaiting the school schedule of the Video Man), I thought we’d talk about another thing I get asked a lot, behind the scenes, in my email inbox.

That would be how to quickly, easily, cheaply and simply brighten up your home with a little bit of beach cottage inspired beach decor?

Hmm,  well first of all, as I said, change out your cushions….not too much investment…but even a couple of cushions these days may not be in the realm of your budget if you are either knuckling down because of the economy and the recession or aiming to make 2012 the year you don’t change out your home & furnishings every five minutes.

One word.

OK, more than one.

Wash out those jam / mason jars baby.

Here’s a very small glimpse into my collection of these things…ahem, on Beach Cottage De-Cluttering Week, which will be hitting this cottage and blog very soon, some of these will be going…




But I gather them because I love the different shapes, I love glass and more I love shoving things in them…

As you can see, it’s doesn’t take much to start a collection and it’s a budget no-brainer for easy coastal decorating…the heart shape one I received as a gift with sweets (you may call those candy or lollies) in them, the vintage bottles I found while treasure hunting, the Elderflower one, whose label I about adore funnily enough had Elderflower drink in it, the little jars with the yummy vintage wire fittings I found while thrifting for the grand sum of 50 cents each and the hexagonal ones are actually jars that jam comes in.

Next up for this budget-defying home beach decor we go for flowers, beach cottage coastal style needs flowers, drugstore flowers, not post fancy ones are all you need…yep those bunches of flowers you see in the supermarket or petrol station….these girls are your coastal house-brightening friends…

20120202-03-IMG_9055 20120202-04-IMG_9059


even better, mucho, mucho, better though are Grow-Your-Own…not so easy if, like me, you are starting off with a very un-established horrid and huge Ugly Concrete and a whole lotta lawn garden…but as I have learnt, fairly easy to rectify by chucking in here and there and whenever you have a moment, the odd bush, flower or shrub that you like the look of on the label, is drought friendly and more importantly, on offer, as you fly through the DIY store.

This bunch of stuff is the case in question.

Cost : 100% free.



But, ladies ask me, how the heaven in heck do you get a stack load of cr*ppy old glass jars & a bunch of flowers to brighten up your home and make it look coastal and beachy and nautical cottage?

Well my Beach Cottage friends.

Firstly, you must strategically place said jars on your table…go for an odd number, and then balance that out in some sort of pattern….I got for 2 and then 1 down the centre of the table…

but I also like clusters all about this old cottage….we’ll talk about those another day ;-)



Secondly you need to get thee self a nautical stripe…this can be a runner, placemats, napkins…but what if you don’t have enough casheroonis for any table niceties?

Then my friends, you need to get crafty…beg, borrow, steal some stripey fabric, pull some out of your fabric stash as I did, or cut up anything that has a stripe on it, including your husband’s shirts / children’s clothes…failing that, get yourself to a thrift store (oh I’ve heard it’s not very Australian to say ‘thrift’ hahaha, roflmao, as if you need to tell me how to be Australian, I ask you!…so for the purposes of this International, bi-lingual, multi-cultural blog, I will add in here for your benefit the terms Charity Shop if you are from the Old Country and Op-Shop if you are living in the Lucky Country)….you knew that already anyway didn’t you?…yeah we are all multi-cultural blog-surfers here…BRING IT ON


OK, so with those above ingredients for your little beach decor, coastal style recipe, you dump them all together in classic Beach Cottage fashion and you have yourself, tada, some Beach Cottaeg brightening

a sprig, a jar, a white flower, and a nautical stripe

Bob, my friend is your little beachy uncle ;-)

20120202-08-IMG_9069 20120202-09-IMG_9115 20120202-10-IMG_9065

there is one last ingredient to this beachy, coastal, nautical twist

yep, you guessed it, a starfish, a shell or a piece of coral

20120202-11-IMG_9076 20120202-12-IMG_9103 20120202-13-aIMG_9069 20120202-14-IMG_9074


You must add these to your flower, mason jar brightening for a simple, un-themed coastal, nautical look, place them around with abandon, but go easy on the quantity…less, my little beachy lovers is more



That’s it from me and my Spider’s Bite, I have lots for you…lazing around in beds on iPads, if one is a blogger, means one’s brain can spill out with abandon all over WordPress….I have a Beach Cottage Real Girls Blogging Tips post for you on the way…

See you next time Beach Cottage lovelies




oh and btw the lil’ old beach cottage made finalist in one the web’s largest and longest-running blog awards ceremonies last night, the bloggies, errrm that means I am in the big girls playground with people like Ree, yes I mean her of Pioneer Woman fame, haha…now if you call yourself a Beach Cottager you need to click here to vote for me



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35 Responses to “Beach Cottage Best Use for Mason / Jam Jars for Coastal Style Table”

  1. Melinda says:

    Happy to see you are recovering xx

    Love the jars/bottles. If there’s any jam to be had in these parts its Bon Maman all the way coz I adore those jars – lots of uses for those babies!!

    Also a big user of “free” flowers and foliage – it all looks fab once inside. I have a pair of secateurs in my glove box for the very purpose of snipping bits as I drive/ taxi about ( we do live in a rural spot & Im not “snipping” other peoples lovelies that have grown over the fence!!)

    well done on being a finalist – you are doing such a lovely thing here.

    have a great day xx

  2. Kirsty says:

    I love this look too, so easy and simple! Big congrats on the award off to vote for you!! xo K

  3. Pretty, Pretty! So glad that you’re feeling better. That was nasty looking.

    Will vote right away and I’m keeping this idea for a bridal shower I’m soon to throw :-) Should save me a fortune.

  4. That’s awesome, which category?

  5. Jen says:

    Love the pretty freshness and simplicity of the flowers!
    I missed the spider bite saga–will go and look.
    Where do I go to vote?

  6. alison says:


    Congrats. I’m off to vote. Not sure where to go though but I will have a look.


  7. Glennie says:

    Happy recovery! Great jars!! Off to vote!!! x

  8. Janelle says:

    Oh you’re back!! And with another pretty post! Yay!!! Hope the arm is feeling better. xx

  9. Alyson says:

    A Bloggie is a nice counterbalance to the Spider Bite eh? I heard a little tip once, living in Alice Spring many years ago – if you’ve been bitten by a spider (particularly if it is a Redback) eat as many Vitamin C tablets as you can stand. The spiders’ venom depletes your immune system quickly, Vit C will keep you from catching any other annoying ‘bugs’.

    Take care xx

  10. Alice says:

    Love collecting glass bottles… Lol sometimes I find myself looking at a product that I have no idea how to use or incoporate into my everyday cooking but I am still tempteds to buy it just beacuse of the bottle that carries it… lol My husband knows that look in my eye when temptation is calling me to put that gorgeous bottle of I don’t know what into the trolley…. He just grabs me by the shoulders, breaks me eye contact with said bottle and just says “Alice…. No… Don’t do it…. If you really love me and want me to keep my sanity intact you will put that damn bottle back on the shelf…” Sigh… He has only lost that battle once… I love the shape of the XL jam jars… I have quite a few of those…

    Glad that you are on the road to recovery… Voted for you :)

  11. Fleur says:

    Lovely tablescape, So happy to see you have been nominated, how cool is that? ive voted for you of course ;)

  12. Deb says:

    So pretty, I will have to clean out the cupboards in search of pretty jars.

  13. cheryl says:

    Hi Sarah~~
    LOve this post. I love old bottles and jars too. And those flowers are so sweet. Good news, we have them in abundance here. I love them because they last longer than a week. Thanks for always being inspirational.

    Glad your arm is feeling better. My inlaws had such fun in Sydney. They have now boarded a cruise ship that will take them to other parts of Australia and New Zealand. I hope they dont find any of those nasty spiders;)
    Fresh Vanilla For C

  14. Surely Sarah says:

    Fantastic tips, when I go home instead of throwing out the old marmelade in the back of the fridge I will clean it and keep the lovely hexagonal bottle!
    Oh, and I already voted ;)

  15. Grace says:

    Congrats on reaching the finalist. What category are you in – it would make it easier to find you to vote for you!!!

  16. I voted! Congratulations! Glad you’re on the mend. LOVE the table!

  17. Beth says:

    Now that’s a bit prettier than the scary spider story and photo!
    The bottom of my pantry is filled with glass bottles and jars….I must show hubby this post to prove I’m not the only one!
    Have just been over to vote – good luck.

  18. Very pretty. Imma gonna copy this! Love x

  19. Amanda says:

    I think my bottle and jar obsession may have got a little out of hand, but like you Sarah, I just love grouping them with bits and pieces in them, and can’t bare to part with a single one. Yours look so pretty. And you’re so right about a bunch of crysanthemums. As a bunch they are so ordinary, but chop them down to individual flowers and they not only look really pretty, but last and last and last! I have a new found appreciation! x

  20. Susan says:

    The cupboard under my sink if full of glass jars – I just can’t bring myself to throw thm away. I just wish some of them were a lovely shad of blue, like yours…

  21. Robynne says:

    Nearly 50 years of living in Oz and I’ve NEVER had a bite from a spider like that…same old story…When I lived in coastal QLD nobody ever got stung by a dangerous tiny jelly fish…except of course that English tourist (the poor man died)…Hope you’re feeling better…did you see the blighter (I mean biter)?? If I had spotted it I probably would have had a bloody heart attack to boot!!Robx
    p.s. I’ll probably come across a huntsman or two whilst cleaning windows in Oz next week…can’t wait!!

  22. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Glad you’re recovering with sense of humor intact. Love the bottles and flowers…Simply fresh and lovely!

  23. Kimberly Buca says:

    thinking the pinky ones are wax flower i used to be a floral designer a while back and that sure looked like the wax flower we used alot lasts pretty long too they are either a pinky color or a pink/purply color! those grow in your yard?
    love the nautical table scape!!!

  24. Sharon Forward says:

    This is the sort of post that made me get hooked in the first place – theres humour, theres thrifting, beautiful photos and inspiring ideas that us gals without loads of cash can copy lolx

  25. Love the post! I too have a thing…for jars. I think I get it from my Dad. It’s hard for me to downsize them at times. So…glad you are recovering no offense Mr. BC. The Pioneer Woman I saw is our Food Network Channel now. I’ll have to check her out, I think they said on Sat. I never would have even taken notice had I not heard of her from you. Thanks! Off to vote for my favorite beach gal Sarah!

  26. Felicity says:

    The clay tags i made this week from your tutorial are now dry. I am looking forward to using them and what a great inspiration seeing how you dress up your glass jars. They look so pretty. Loved your tutorial too so much detail couldn’t go wrong even if i tried. Thanks.

  27. Ingrid says:

    How amazing that a single flower in a jar can bring such beauty to a place. Love it! Lovely pictures, I especially love the close up of the pink and white flower.

  28. Catherine says:

    Glad your arm is better. That was a ‘wicked’ looking bite.
    ‘I love daisies, they’re such happy little flowers’…i think thats from ‘youve got mail’…but they are happy liitle flowers arent they?
    My favorite jar is a funny shaped mustard jar…i think i actually bought the mustard for the jar.
    If i dont pick up flowers from the market, i can always find something in the yard, even if its just greenery. Love the little touches.

  29. Sharon says:

    Glad to see you are feeling better.

    I never used jars as vases before but now I am hooked. I love the look and find myself at the grocery store choosing jam based on how cute the jar is.

  30. Joanne says:

    Wow! The arrangement of a table is a kind of refreshing for me. I’m so excited to discover that place.