Beach Cottage All-in-One Chicken, White Wine & Herb Dump & Go Packets

Tue 28th, Feb, 2012

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Good Morning Beach Cottage peeps, how the devil are you?   Well I am all good, we are having lovely weather here in Sydney…the sun is out, the sky is blue and the ocean is very inviting.




So, it’s about time we had a bit of a Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipe, yah?  This has to be the ultimate in Dump & Go all-in-one cooking…you literally shove all this in, scrunch it up and throw it somewhere to get it some heat.



This recipe is in various guises all over the internet..I got it from the budget cooking forum I used to be belong to…it was actually posted in reply to a question from someone on the forum as what to take food-wise for a camping holiday where the budget was low and the food all needed to be catered…this recipe was one of the replies, coming from a lady with an RV who used it all the time around the camp fire…


…you often see this ‘in-a-bag’ recipe without any carb in it, hence you have to bother with cooking rice or some other, what I liked about this one is that if you don’t want to do anything else, you don’t have to


I found this recipe about 12 years ago and I have been using it ever since, indeed I have taken it camping myself and there is nothing like it…we have cooked it all over the place…on one of those disposable barbecues on Tankerton beach in Kent, tucked up behind the breakers, with friends for lunch in the garden of this old place under the fig tree on a warm Australian day and we have taken these Chicken Packets with us on days out to find new beaches and thrown them on the bbq.




The Beach Cottage Crew used to love love love this when they were littlies…I dunno quite what it is about the little packets, I guess it’s like getting a parcel or a present, you are eager to unwrap it….

this though, is a different kind of gift, when you open it you are rewarded with the most amazing herbal fragrance


Now they are older though it’s working equally well, for a few reasons…I make these up in the morning or the night before, stash them in the fridge and then open the oven and throw them in with abandon at various times of the evening when various members of this old cottage are in and out from sport…everything is in the bag, done and very much dusted, all one tired taxi-driver Beach Cottage mum has to do is provide a plate and at a push  open a bag of salad, though even that is not mandatory.



The other great thing about these is said teenagers above can very easily do this themselves, even the male ones…you see the trouble I am finding now as they are growing taller than me, is that because I have always fed them stuff I like and absolutely refused to go down that fussy eater road  (mostly full of garlic, lemon, wine and other various delicious things like that),  it means that now, I do actually, have fussy eaters… shove a frozen pizza in the oven and Make It Yourself?  No thanks.  Baked Beans on Toast?   Purrrrlease.

I think that is the proverbial shooting oneself in the foot.




So making up these if I am actually not going to be around and the Beach Cottage Crew have to fend for themselves, is all so very easy…




As you read through this, you may think that your life is too short to make a bag out of foil.



You would be wrong.  This is hardly taxing and once it is done, that’s it…you just add, dump & go.


Beach Cottage All-in-One Chicken, White Wine & Herb Packets


1 carrot thinly sliced

1 piece chicken

1 small clove garlic finely chopped

1 – 2 tbsp butter

handful mushrooms sliced

3/4 cup white wine

squeeze lemon juice

salt & pepper

herbs (whatever you have works, I like Italian Parsley, a dash of Rosemary and Sage)

1 – 2  potatoes finely sliced


 1. make up your foil bag by taking a piece of foil about 60cm long and folding the top to bottom edges together

now double this up so you have a fold on the ‘bottom’ of the ‘bag’

fold the sides of the foil in to make a tight seal

(you should have a 3 sided foil ‘bag’)

2. now fill your bag with all the ingredients, lastly pouring over the wine

 3. cook in the oven 190C for 30-40 minutes (check your chicken)

4. dump straight on the plate & eat from the bag



serves 1


Beach Cottage Recipe Notes*

ok the combos are endless on this…very finely sliced onion tastes delicious, replace the chicken with fish (& test the cooking time), use different vegetables (just ensure the size you slice them works with the amount of cooking time…)   *use store-cupboard dried herbs / garlic powder if you don’t have fresh herbs  *if your bag looks a bit suspect the first time you make this put a baking dish under it in the oven to catch any wine * you can throw these in the crockpot for a few hours on high  *great for having friends over… a packet each, a bit different but too easy   *make up a larger bag to serve more  *use any combo of herbs



I hope you like it Beach Cottage ladies, it’s so tasty….best thing is it ticks the mummy and the foodie boxes…tasty, easy, simple ingredients that make you look like a Goddess when really you have been doing not much…plus suits a busy lifesytle whether you are out at work or day or a mum-on-the-run just beautifully

and that is the way I like it

It’s the muts nuts, yee will think that too I believe!

What are your Too Easy recipes, I am looking for recipes to try???…comment me

Bye for now






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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage All-in-One Chicken, White Wine & Herb Dump & Go Packets”

  1. I love this! I’m going to add this to my list of quickie recipes. Right now I am hooked on a new one that I made up Thai Meatloaf with peanut sauce. Great leftovers too.

  2. Julie says:

    Yum! I am making this tomorrow night for dinner. I have a Fish Fillets, Tomato and Mushroom Packets recipe that is quite similar and always easy and good.

    Thanks, Sarah!

  3. Nadine says:

    Ooooh, ummm . . . think I need more pictures – how do you make the foil bag again?

  4. annie says:

    I have a baked blue tongue on my blog today that yours might be too old for but it is very Australian. I’m going to try yours tonight while the carb kings are away on camp.

    • Erin says:

      Oh my gosh, hehe…I clicked on your link preparing to be horrified as I love blue tongue lizards. I cried when I saw a dog at work having a good old chomp on one that had sadly entered the yard of two staffies :( I reckon any kid would love to make your version.

  5. Glennie says:

    Y.u.m. My Mum used to do a foil thingy with fish, slices of tomato, lots of parsley and toasted breadcrumbs on top and somehow the breadcrumbs stayed crunchy! I just love all in one meals. Even with only the two of us because I work fulltime, the late afternoon and early evening is my knitting time and anything that cuts down on food prep/cooking is wonderful. x

  6. Fleur says:

    Hello Lovely, this looks delicous.
    Ive recently posted my version of a dump and go snack I make on a weekly basis so I have something sweet but healthy to grab from the fridge instead of reaching for cake or bikkies.
    Will def give this a try – love that fact there are no roasting pans to clean up after!
    Love fleur xxx

  7. Wendy says:

    I am sooooo going to try this. You come up with the best ideas. Thanks

  8. Katherine says:

    This will be a great one to remember when I start working until 6pm on a school night – I like the crock pot tip! Perfect : )
    Good one Sarah

  9. tanya says:

    Thanks for the yummy recipe Sarah… We always cook fish like this when we are away camping. Whole fish, lemon, tomatoes, onion, good knob of butter and some mixed herbs.. Never thought to put some potatoes in there!!!!!

  10. Alice says:

    Sarah too easy… I am so desperate for non carb recepies…I have to be on a restrictive diet no carbs or any high GI foods :( I am so limited in what I can eat, very frustating for someone with an appetite (for good and delicious food too) like mine… Will be trying this one…I really like the idea of using it with fish we love fish but don’t have it often enough! Ohhh and about your kids only like good food… Sarah even though it’s a pain in the butt it is also a blessing… It doesn’t ease the pain in the butt but one I would gladly (and I have) endure hee…hee…

    • Karlee says:

      Hi Alice. I noticed above that you have a very restricted diet… geez that must be hard! If you’re able to eat carbs at all than maybe you could give this a go – Spaghetti Squash. Its a yummy low carb vegetable that we use instead of rice or pasta. It tastes like a mix between sweet potato and pumpkin. Cut it in half long ways, drizzle with a very small amount of oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and throw it in the oven on a tray, flesh down. Cook on medium heat (180 degrees Celsius). once cooked, let it cool down a little then scrape the flesh with a fork – it comes away like small strands of spaghetti. Otherwise quinoa, Im told, is also lower carb than rice etc – tastey too, we use it a lot :)

      • Alice says:

        Unfortunately pumpkin/squash is a no no for me (it’s on the not allowed to eat list along side potatoes, bread, rice, pasta etc and practically all fruits known to man except for strawberries/blueberries/passionfruit :-( ). I will try this for the kids though, what a great idea! Yes I have heard of quinoa they even make them in flakes, it’s also high in protein I am told. Hard to find around here I will have to try one of those health/organic food stores. I didn’t know it could be used as you would rice… It’s not on my list though so I will have to be a guinea pig and test to see if it causes me any problems…Thanks for the link.

  11. Karlee says:

    this looks and sounds delicious sarah! healthy, fresh, easy, yummy – ticks all my boxes! ill definately be giving this one a go

  12. Cheryl says:

    I love easy and quick dinners like this. I make a similar thing as a side to grilled steak or fish using vegetables. Just cut up potatoes, carrots, pumpkin ,zucchini, onion and garlic. Plonk in the centre of a sheet of foil. Place a dollop of Philadelphia low fat cooking cream and a smidge of butter, salt and pepper, wrap up and bake until veggies are cooked through. I bake mine in the oven but can also cook on the BBQ.
    Thanks Sarah for your beautiful blog…

  13. Waikiki Meatballs. Google it :-) (And just use Ikea meatballs!) Fast and easy – the whole fam devours it. Serve over rice.

  14. Rukmini Roy says:

    Wow. Unfortunately the man in my house wouldn’t settle for anything mild. Think a bit of cayenne pepper will do the trick?
    Love your recipes Sarah. I’ll copy cat them but give the credit too if it ever comes on my blog.

    Btw, this blogs become a bad place it seems. spams and copying and backbiting. All for an online journal- unless its paying your bills.

  15. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh and I really wanted you to ask about the white glasses in your kitchen. They look fantastic. Are they stoneware/porcelain or glass?

    • Christy says:

      Hi, obviously not Sarah here, but I adored those white glasses too – the ones on the counter holding silverware? I saw them recently at Ikea! I don’t know if that’s where Sarah got hers but the ones at Ikea are so cute and CHEAP! :)

  16. Nathalie says:

    I make a somewhat similar recipe with fish in a foil bag :
    Make a foil bag, put in some bread crumbs, put in the fish and spread some mustard on it.
    Add red onion rings, tomato slices, mushrooms, red apple slices. (all very fine sliced)
    Pour a little cream over it and season with salt and pepper.
    Close the foil bag and put in the oven for 30 à 40 minutes.

    You can add white wine if you like (omit the bread crumbs then). I have tried it with and without whine and it’s both very nice!
    You can add potatoes in the foil bag or serve with rice.
    My kids love it and they are only 2y and 5y old. But I do use very little mustard on their fish.

    Do you have any other slow cooker recipe ideas?

  17. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This sounds great and the perfect solution for my late work evening on Thursday…Thanks Sarah, and thanks to your followers for other ideas and suggestions, too. Luv them all!

  18. melissa says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I’ve loved all of your recipes that I’ve tried so far! Following is a “Dump and Go” in our household! I use the crock pot for this, but an oven would work, as long as you had a deep enough dish. I took it from my sister and I believe that she calls it Coconut Curry Chicken.
    You HAVE to try this; it is so simple, but everyone who has ever taken this recipe from me, raves about it!

    Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
    1-2 cans coconut milk
    1 jar of salsa
    1Tb (or so) of curry powder
    Ha! That’s it! Dump it in a crock pot and you’re good to go and it is amazingly good! We serve it over rice, but it would work over noodles, too. I recommend some type of grain/pasta, though, because the coconut milk and salsa creates so much sauce. If you want something fresh, you could also add some fresh cilantro. This is just so “Dump and Go” for me, that I’ve rarely had the fresh herbs on hand! Let me know if you ever try it out!

  19. Jules says:

    I actually love anything ‘dump and go’ my le creuset dish is probably my most used pot in the house! I love nothing more than languishing in my bath while dinner’s cooking! Cheers, Jules x

  20. Cas says:

    Sarah, you are legendary! Going to make this tonight :)
    Cas x

  21. Jen ( SE Qld) says:

    Yummmm Sarah.The chicken parcels sound delish and are definitely on our menu plan for March and I might even try them with some nice flathead fillets as well and see how that goes. Thanks for another fabulous recipe.

    Our favourite dinner atm is Barramundi with a Pineapple Salsa. I use Julie Goodwin’s delicious recipe usually from her new book, but I have noticed noosafoodie.com.au has an equally delicious version ( I hope I can say that?) .Very simple, very quick, oh so tasty and so good for this hot humid weather as you can throw the fish on the barbie and make the salsa in the cool of the day.
    I am also intrigued by Jen’s Waikiki meatballs ( more pineapple..yum!) and will be trying that as well. Kinda like Sweet and Sour meatballs..yum!

    • sarah says:

      you are welcome I think flathead would be lovely!

      I will have a look at the Julie Goodwin book…I have wondered if it was any good?

  22. I llike easy and quick dinners like this, I am planning to coock it this evening. It looks and sounds delicious sarah! healthy, fresh, easy, yummy

  23. Bev says:

    We do this similar on the BBQ…. make packets of veggies and add herbs and all . Delish !!!! I will try yours. Sarah your killing me
    again , the blue tea towel….. where did you get it ? Love it !!!!

  24. Karen says:

    My husband and two boys and I like tent camping over here in the States. We make these many times, usually with many additional family members involved! My Mom-In-Law and I tear off large sheets of heavy duty foil, about 12-18 at a time. Now the key here is HEAVY DUTY foil! Once, we made 18 of these and put them under the coals of the campfire and when we came back an hour later, there was NO evidence of them to be found!
    Then we make a log of ground meat and lay it on the top piece of foil, then the next person puts a handful of baby carrots on it and then slides it to the next in our little assembly line, they put a handful of potato wedges, another does onions, some do a small handful of corn, one sprinkles with salt and pepper or any other liked seasonings and then we fold all of them up! If there are some that are “custom made” for one individual, we mark it with a permanent marker and then put them all on the grill or in the oven.

    We call these “Hobo Pies”! There are so many ways to make these and, of course, cleanup is a breeze!

    Really enjoy your site-I’m new and found you from Between Naps on the Porch! Have a great day on your side of the world!