A Beach Cottage Nautical Bedroom with a Coastal Ruffle

Tue 21st, Feb, 2012

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Good morning lovely Beach Cottage friends, neighbours, anyone who is out there and cares to listen to me rambling on about my love for a white ruffle quilt.

OK, so this my sweets, is the pay-off for missing going down the beach on Saturday and spending one’s day cooped up in a bedroom trying on clothes that never looked good in the first place and pondering why you ever let them into your cottage, let alone hung onto them for 3 years.

But, every cloud has a silver lining right?


(if you need some inspiration to de-clutter come and join in!  it’s free & I am LOVING it)


It sure did on Saturday for me, because stashed in the back of the wardrobe I was decluttering as part of my 2 Week : 5 Rooms : 1 Mission challenge I found this.


And gasped.

In fact I danced.

You see, I purchased this quilt cover a while ago…back in the Winter and there were two reasons I stashed it in the back of the cupboard.

1. it was not a budget purchase for someone who has already, rather a good collection of white linen for one’s bed

2. it was Winter and I felt this quilt had Beach Cottage Summer  written all over it




After I had de-cluttered the life out of everything in my bedroom (except that bedside you see there, that is still to go and scary), I was left with one glaring problem…I needed to get this ruffle quilt on the bed before Summer left again…the problem being getting it on their without Mr Beach Cottage having a coronary.






OMG you ask, your husband is happy to sleep in that??!


I actually am not sure on that one…you see, an additional reason as to why I stashed said quilt in back of said wardrobe was because I thought this white, ruffly affair might just be taking things in the bedroom department a bit too far….






You may have gathered, that in this house there is one person who wears the trousers, that person is not male…but on frilly ruffly beds….not so sure who wears the trousers…




Luckily for moi, said male in this old cottage is

1. extremely laid-back

2. extremely uninterested in home-decor

3. mostly not very observant (except when it’s soccer watching time)



So, I am hoping that one of a few things will happen when we walks in from work and sees this amount of ruffling going on and pink flowers on his side of the bed

1. he will have opened a beer and not give a flying fart what bed he gets in to this evening

2. he will  remain un-interested in home decor, ask me if we have a new white ruffly quilt, upon which I will reply in the negative and say that we’ve had it ages and he will raise his eyebrows and carry on.


3.  soccer will be on or he will be going to soccer and therefore, he won’t notice



The most likely to occur is number three…



If none of the above works, I will just be very nice to him ;-)




So, anyway, now we’ve got that bit over with, what do you think?


You like?





paired up with a few coastal bits for some beach decor


some polka dots and coastal grey



and a couple of whitewashed oars, I love it…


Someone emailed me recently and asked if I really took the pictures on this blog or did I get someone in to do it!

um, yep, this is a one-woman show people…sitting on the floor taking photos of my bedroom is all part of the job spec…yep they let me out every now and then just to do this…



…to sit take close-ups of white ruffles


and beds without males




Sometimes I smile too, mostly I fly around on a stick




and today I am flying through as I have quite a lot to do, including trying to find some bathroom accessories, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know we have the lady in the house and she’s nearly ready to go…hoping for a bath partay tonight ladies


So I’ll be seeing you ladies….let me know what you think of my ruffles…

Would you love this in your bedroom?

Would you get away with it?

If not sweetie, best you start practising being nice…if you need a tutorial on that let me know ;-)





 more pictures of my bedroom when it was around the other way here



 mirror :  IKEA Hemnes

stripe rug :  IKEA

oars : garage sale (whitewashed by me )

quilt : Urban Outfitters 

jug / pitcher  : Wheel & Barrow

coastal fishing float :  Freedom

lamps : IKEA Krosby 

bedside : thrifted

green chair : vintage






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113 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Nautical Bedroom with a Coastal Ruffle”

  1. Thank you for theses wonderful pictures. It feels like a warm summer breeze here into snowcold Germany,


  2. sharon says:



  3. Igor says:

    Give me anything nautical and I am one happy little sailor! Love your blog! Cheers from Germany, Igor // Happy Interior Blog

  4. I love the ruffles. I would definetly use it…….except my doggies would get it dirty. As far as my husband, he wouldn’t notice. They could always sleep in another room, right. Just kidding. Love your bedroom.

    • sarah says:

      I really don’t think this would suit doggies Debby! x

    • Susan says:

      Have two dogs, one including a german shepherd, is part of the reason I don’t have white ruffles on my bed. I guess I could try to banish the dogs from the bedroom, but since they sleep in there (they have their own doggie beds in their crates), I know that having an overly feminine white bedroom is not on the cards for me, either…

  5. Julie says:

    Sarah I lmfao when I read your blog post today! I thought you were talking about my hubby! I can’t tell you the number of times I have bought bits and bobs for this old house and stashed them away until the right time to bring them out and then hoped like crazy that hubby wouldn’t even notice. Mostly he doesn’t!! Or maybe he is just avoiding a showdown! ;-) Although I think even HE would notice white ruffles on the bed ….. don’t think I can chance going there. Or I would have to be VERY VERY nice to him! Doesn’t it just make your heart sing when you have something new for your nest and you love it so much you keep going into the room just to gaze at it. Enjoy Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      yes it does Julie, I love that feeling, especially with all the work I did in that room the other day!

      errrm yes I think husbands sometimes pretend not to notice x

  6. Surely Sarah says:

    I have never seen a bedspread quite like this – it’s amazing! Who could not love ruffles?
    I am unsure if my man would tolerate it. I tend to think of him not liking fancy or frilly things but the last linen party we had he argued quite heatedly for a red satin ruffled quilt set! I had to put my foot down (it looked like it belonged in a bordello!).

  7. Kirsty says:

    Ooh so pretty! I think we have the same husband, mine hardly notices anything, occassionally he’ll say something looks ‘nice’ but otherwise not interested. I think it’s best that way ;-) Just noticed you are a Canon girl too, love it! You take lovely pictures, I’m just learning mine and having so much fun! xo K

    • sarah says:

      yep Canon is pretty good Kirsty..must say though the benefits of Nikon are looking very very interesting to me right now

      yeah lucky you with the hubby x

  8. Caz says:

    I adore the ruffles and point 1 had me in stitches ;-) I think a white ruffle is way less of a sin than these poor men that have to sleep under a floral quilt – keep pushing those boundaries Sarah as you are the trail blazer but I know there would be eyebrows for sure if I put pink flowers on his bedside table and worse that I had dared to move all those rugby books to make room for them!! :-)

  9. cheryl says:

    LOve it all so much. So serene and beautiful. I also love the polka dot pillow cases. So sweet. Where are they from???
    Enjoy your day

  10. Deanne says:

    I think it looks great- not sure if I could have it though – I think it would get too dirty here, I am still so in love with my vintage chenille that I haven’t taken it off my be (except for washing of course) for 18months since I first got it, my other quilts are feeling rather neglected!

  11. bridget says:

    love the ruffles although my old man would have the screaming ad dabs if I put that on the bed. Too ruffly.But I always insist on crisp white bedlinen.

    Surely Sarah…beds in brothels always look so tacky. I’ve been in two …one the sheets werer a revolting crimson in one room and purple in the other…and the second brothel had a sort of turd brown and cream swirling effect going on in all the rooms. DISCLAIMER…I was in said brothels not as a customer or working girl I hasten to add…I’m a journalist – honest!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm Bridget I like your working life lol! particularly interested in the turd brown and cream swirling!!!! really? euuhh xo

  12. Leah says:

    I love your ruffles, and the good thing about these covers is when you wash them, you don’t have to iron them. They look sooo good all squishy and ruffly. If I had this quilt cover, my husband would probably just roll his eyes and not say anything. He’s pretty good like that. He is soooo not into decorating and leaves it all up to me, which suits me just fine. Love your other quilt you usually have on your bed also. Have a lovely day. Leahx

  13. Gorgeous! Absolutely love your bedroom – looks like the perfect little sanctuary.

  14. joyce tx says:

    Love it! Sadly, tho’, my other would notice the ruffly and, with a look of ‘you want that on there, really?’ he would dash my hopes. He has a hard enough time with extra pillows…..

  15. Ev says:

    Absolutely beautiful Sarah!

  16. You could make anything look good…!!!
    Everytime he looks toward the quilt…create a diversion ;o)
    Tania Maree xx

  17. Nadine says:

    I am totally cracking up at the idea of a ‘tutorial’! ;) Go on, share, I dare you! :D

  18. Katherine says:

    Love – and remember – your ruffles Sarah! At worse, you could stow Mr BC away in them – stash the lot back in the cupboard ; )…….so sure that won’t happen though! Silly, silly you – but don’t worry, I’d be the one who put my head up through the man hole this morning lol!! I totally get it Sarah! Have fun X

  19. loulou says:

    Miss Sarah

    who wouldn’t want a ruffle or two.

    Hopefully you don’t lose Mr BC under the ruffle every-now-and-then or that may have been the method in your madness.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 

  20. lucy says:

    one of the benefits of divorce…..I can have ruffles anywhere I want them :) The quilt and your bedroom are beautiful!!

  21. Selby says:

    Swoon! I love it: ) wouldn’t get away with it though, he’d notice for sure n bust me for sneaking in his opinion unessary new bedcovers in the house hehe.. Reckon I might need that tutorial on being super nice;)

  22. Alice says:

    hahahaha…. This list of yours to describe your hubby

    “1. extremely laid-back

    2. extremely uninterested in home-decor

    3. mostly not very observant (except when it’s soccer watching time)”

    is describing my hubby…. lol

    I have to admit that is a lot of ruffle…. Even my hubby would notice that and perhaps unlike yours would refuse to sleep on it and tell me to sell it but under no circumstances am I allowed to put it back on the bed(no matter how nice I am to him)! I am in two minds… I like the ruffle and the way it looks but I think I would use it in my daughters bedroom… Like that I get my ruffle fix, daughter will love it because she is really girly when it comes to anything textiles and hubby will be happy because it’s not on the bed he sleeps in…win win in this household…I don’t know if you would be able to use this tactic in your beach cottage…

    Yes soccer… Hubby has been staying up to watch it too… I can’t complain I would say, its one of very few vices he has… Not only that I sometimes like to watch too and yell at the ref through the T.V when he red cards a handsome player ;-)…Ummm…Might have to stay away from my girls soccer match, I might forget myself and yell at the ref from the sidelines – yikes!

    • sarah says:

      yelling at the ref is all the fun Alice…especially when the Red Devils are in town xo

      • Alice says:

        Hold the phone….Are we talking about the same red devils that killed my soccer season? By that I mean the Marrickville red devils who had a striker with a killer boot and fractured my wrist on the (my hubby tells me) 3 consecutive save followed by two more when I finally manage to deflect the damn ball out(mind you still couldn’t get the ball past me – yeah baby, and being clapped off the field was nice too)? My mind is a bit fuzzy and it was a while ago, all I remember was searing pain and almost passing out… They, the not so devilish girls, were good sportswomen though… They even offered me pain relief! Sigh…. There was a lot of screaming on the sidelines during recovery…

        It couldn’t be… I am sure there are other red devils team… Sorry just brought up a whole bunch of memories for me lol! Feels like yesterday…heee..hee… I am a yell at ref professional… lol Almost got me kicked out… Not one of my most proud moments…

  23. HRH Sarah says:


    There ya go, that’s how I feel about the ruffles. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and yes I remember when Urban Outfitters had this online, I wanted it so bad but didn’t buy it. Not even the throw pillow. Grrr… Wish I had invested in some ruffle. Especially as Spring is just around the corner, and a nice bit of lightweight ruffle goodness would help me to forget my sadness at losing my ultra fluffy down duvet.

  24. Angie says:

    so pretty !!!! Im sure my hubs would notice, but would he care? Nope not a bit.

    Glad you didnt have to provide any “favors!”

  25. Cheryl Pieper says:

    Love, love, love the ruffles! I painted our bedroom a very pale pink 3 years ago and my husband hasn’t noticed yet! I just love him!

  26. Molly says:

    I have been wanting and waiting for a white ruffle girly bedspread for some time. Problem is my hubby “doesn’t want to sleep under a dress” and notices EVERYTHING. Someday I will have a beautiful white quilt on my bed! For now I adore looking at yours.

  27. Christy says:

    I absolutely love it! And like you, my hubby is very disinterested in home decor, and as long as he’s happy ;) he won’t say a word about any amount of ruffles or flowers. Darn you though, now I want that quilt…..

  28. Tiff says:

    Thanks for the laugh Sarah. The way you ‘put’ things is unique and very funny. The room looks great and I love the ruffles, but more importantly, I hope you get to christen the bath tonight!!!

  29. Julie says:

    I love the ruffles! I have a white pintucked (so somewhat more gathered rather than ruffled) duvet on the bed and thankfully my husband doesn’t care one way or the other. Or at least he pretends not to. ;)

  30. Kat says:

    White ruffly love!
    I think my hubby would be a resounding no on that one, however like you, I am *very* good at being nice to him. ;)
    Very lovely cheeky pic of you at the end there Sarah. Natural and a beautiful shot!

  31. ComfyChair says:

    I think you need to get the matching shams.

    Clearly I can’t be trusted!

    But seriously. The ruffles are nice and breezy, perfect for summer nights at the beach cottage.

    • sarah says:

      oh no I don’t do matching shams lol! cannot stand me cookie cutter matching beds! I love to mix it up for my own look and loves xo

  32. Christine says:

    One disinterested hubby here, too. He would notice and maybe grumble…but as long as it is not too hot for him or floral, he’s ok with my choices…otherwise… one of us wouldn’t be here! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I love your choice and I kind of like your bedside cabinet, too….

  33. Rukmini Roy says:

    Can I sit with you and gossip over a cup of coffee in your bedroom? This is so enticing. I can almost hear the sea. I am selling a couple of old furniture today and buying even older ones. My room needs some oldie gold love. The man asked me as to why am I suddenly so geared up..I said, its the bcdeclutter challenge and I have to do it. Hahaha…I dont know if he got it though.

    • sarah says:

      haha men don’t get stuff like that

      rock the bcdeclutter Rukmini and I like the sound of your older furniture ;-) xo

  34. Buffy says:

    I love the quilt! I have the shower curtain, purchased a year or so ago from Urban Outfitters and keep saying I am going to go back and order the quilt…now seeing yours, I know I must!
    I adore your style, and as always, it is an inspiration!

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Buffy….must say I have had my eye on the shower curtain too!

      the quilt is not budget for sure, but I love it x

  35. Manda says:

    Like it? LOVE IT!!! If only my hubby was easily distracted by a beer and soccer. Love your style, you make me chuckle.
    x manda

  36. Tammi says:

    I would most definitely LOVE to have this on my bed! I have seen them floating around blogsphere and had thoughts to make one…I need to put action to that :)
    Loving the book page garland on your mirror too.


    Oh and my man wouldn’t have a say in the matter…I’d be far too nice to him for him to even think about complaining ;)

  37. Rose West says:

    Well, I must say, I absolutely love it! This inspires me… one day I hope to know the art of home decor :)

  38. Becca says:

    Everything looks lovely! I have to say, I’ e newish follower and I had to pin your home tours- everything it just so special looking, You have such an eye for decor. :)
    xo, Becca

  39. alison says:

    P R E T T Y P L E A S E
    can I have your old quilt. I just loved it!


  40. Janelle says:

    Oh yes, I like!!!!! xx

  41. I have the same hubby, he couldn’t care less what’s on the bed -its who and what’s going on in it that he cares about!

    I tested his decorating care factor the other day and asked him if he liked the stiple stiched quilt(white ) on the bed. He asked how long it had been there and I said oh about 6 months. Ha! proven!

    I have all white bed linen( I loove the thick, crisp, Actil first line cotton sheets!) and sometimes the doggies come and lay on it, I have sorted the issue of grubby marks by putting a white cotton throw on the end of the bed (where they like to sleep), easy to whip it off and wash it every couple of days! White linen is just too easy to keep clean in this age of napisan and front loaders that heat the water!

  42. Kate says:

    LOVE IT :)

    You’re lucky that MR BC doesn’t give a hoot. If my husband walked into a room that pretty he’d probably break down and move himself into his masculine black leather media room ;)

    He is off to India tomorrow for 3 weeks for work and I’m going to paint all our bedroom furniture WHITE!! Have been waiting for months for a business trip long enough to get time to do it :)


  43. Bev says:

    Of course I love it…… lucky lady,my husband would say I’m not sleeping with that I would probably toss it at the bottom of my bed when we went to bed and that would probably work. You said where you got most of the things for the bedding but not the polka dot pillow cases…… I love them as much as the ruffles. Where Sarah did the polka dots come from ???

  44. Mandy says:

    Love it! would definately get a raised eyebrow (at best) from the other half tho :)
    Like your plans for dealing with it being noticed by the male – my fallback is also the ‘oh i’ve had it for ages’ line – usually works:)

  45. jennifer says:

    how pretty ! I just love it

  46. Candy says:

    We have the same husband!! Well, you know what I mean… I love, love, love the bed cover and would use it in a heartbeat. I do have a dog and still have a white duvet BUT I put a cover over it at night so doggy dear doesn’t get it dirty! Keep up the good work!!

  47. Like the ruffles? I love…the ruffles! More inspiration as I am decluttering too! Thanks for the boost!

  48. Sharon Forward says:

    Beautiful bedroom with a capital B! Love the grey too!x

  49. Jules says:

    Are those flowers real? They are gorgeous! Jules x

    • sarah says:

      of course! and yes they were soooo perfect I thought they looked unreal too..hence the close-ups of them! lovely

      xo xo

  50. Glennie says:

    Very beautiful but no, I wouldn’t get away with it – he would tolerate the flowers, the extra pillows and the occasional cat on the bed but ruffles? n.o.! However he has no jurisdiction over our spare room which is very, very girly. Loving that grey with the pink gerberas x

  51. Can’t WAIT to see the new lady ensconced in her home. Flying through? I’ve never managed it there.

    What about an old soccer game? PVR’d? Would he notice or just enjoy that it was on? :0)

  52. Liz says:

    This is too funny! I do the same thing with my husband and new purchases. Hide things all the time and then forget all about them. The things we have to do, lol! Love the new quilt!

  53. Alima says:

    Oh I am so jealous. 1 – of the gorgeous ruffle quilt and 2 – that you have a husband who doesnt care about home decor AND who isn’t very observant. My husband does care and IS observant so I can hardly get away with anything!!! And ruffles on the bed? He would go nuts! I have been able to convince him to add a lot more white into our home this last year and he has been agreeable, but it always take me several months to convince him before I can bust out the paint! Ha!
    Anyway, I love how Ive seen your bedroom evolve over the last year – it just keeps getting better!
    Question – I’m loving the little white and blue side table. Do you think that painting style would be too much on a larger dresser? I’m about to paint a large dresser in my bedroom and I was originally thinking all white, but I love hints of blue here and there and wondered if I could make that work. Would love to know your thoughts!
    Thanks Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm Alima I think you would have to go carefully on that incase it looked a bit ‘DIY’ …I would go very watered down to start with and work from there…I just sloshed water and the paint into a plastic container and kept adding paint colour…


  54. LUV LUV LUV it, Sarah! Yeah….you ARE one lucky bird to have a male who doesn’t give a flying fart about interior decor. Unfortunately the male who lives here (and THINKS he wears the trousers) seems to think he should have a say in what decor flies into this old farmhouse (when he REEEEALLY hasn’t a clue about decor). AGH!!! Kinda like banging your head against a wall, ya know? lol! Anyway, your bed is beautiful with all of the summery ruffles and I might have to have one for my bed (w/out my male’s input). hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  55. Okay. I love your purchase logic with your husband and I do the same things…
    This one is a winner. I actually have the same ruffles in a long black cotton skirt and that too is fantastic.

  56. Like a dream, that bed is! So fresh and bright. It reminds me a bit of meringue, with the ruffles. Lovely.

    Nice to see that no matter what side of globe one resides, we all introduce new items into the home in much the same way. I have been known to greet my husband at the door with an open beer and a big smile.

  57. Dana J. says:

    I love it!!!

  58. Jasmine says:

    Love this beyond words! I’m not sure the Mr would let this slide in our house, but I think I might be able to get away with pink flowers and a few ruffle-y pillows … now to find the perfect ones! He actually loves looking at your blog with me because he loves the crisp whites you’ve used … so perhaps now that you’ve endorsed ruffles, that will make it okay for me? :)

    x Jasmine

  59. Ok,

    At this moment I’m laughing a lot about your husband and you. Beside that, I loved your bedroom…so sweetie!! My fiance doesn’t care about home decor, but sometimes he try to give his opinion, I kind of like this, but just when he agrees with me :)

    Thanks Sarah!

    Vitoria Richter – Casa e Décor

  60. Jan says:

    Well, Sarah, I do hope that hubby doesn’t mind your (almost) new bedspread/quilt because it looks like it fits right-in with your white decor. It looks very romantic.

  61. Technically it’s NOT new so I think you can get away with it… and if all else fails, put out ;) LOL

  62. Koryn says:

    Is it a quilt or a duvet cover? I love it. Is it the same exact one that you linked to from urban outfitters?? :)

  63. Danielle says:

    Where did you get those lovely blue pillows!? Both the polka dot ones and the pin tuck round. I love those colors.

  64. Michelle B says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I know this is an old post, but I was just looking at urban outfitters bedding and wondered how you went with quality? Would you recommend?

    Thanks :)